Random Moments part #3

By : A. Williams

From part #2 : I crawled up and kissed his sweet mouth, staring the last taste of his cum. “Damn Babe that was the most intense blowjob I’ve ever had. Now it’s your turn. What’s your pleasure my talented Miles.”…………….

          “I want inside you, I want that sweet hole of yours Grant,” I answered honestly.

     “Take me, do with me what you want. I’m all yours Smiles,” he said giving himself to me totally.

     I crawled back down between his muscled legs and pushed them over his head, bending him in half with his feet near his ears. His hole was covered with black hair and I moaned out at the sight of it as he squeezed and released his ass muscles making his hole twitch.

     I smelled him before I tasted him and my hard cock pulsed from his aroma as I groaned low in my chest with satisfaction. “You smell divine, I have never smelled a man so sweet,” I said looking through his legs over his again hard cock and deeply into his eyes. He smiled wickedly back at me, what a wonderful sight he was in this position.

      I dove in to dine on his pussy and his taste did not disappoint me. Strong, musky and powerful. I kissed and licked gently at first but his taste and smell soon filled me with lust and I wanted him ready for my cock. As before, his dirty words encouraged me to continue, “Yes Babe, eat me good. Feels amazing… you like my ass… you want my hole?”  I moaned loud and shook my head, my mouth never leaving his perfect ass.

     I licked from the start of his crack over his twitching hole and all around his hairy balls. I continued along his thick shaft, finishing my lick by circling around his head and tonguing his piss slit. Then I reversed my trial all the way back to his crack. I could tell he loved the way I worshiped his body by the whimpers and sighs he made.

     His whimpers made my cock leak and his asshole made my mouth water. I focused on that tasty hole and plunge my dripping tongue in as far as I could go, over and over. I had him begging now, “Please Babe … come inside me … fuck me hard.”

     He was ready and I didn’t need to be asked twice. I released his legs and watched him unfold, God he was stunning. “Turn over,” I said lustfully.

     I moaned out as I feasted my eyes on his wide back and hairy ass. He was all firm muscle. Knowing he could support me, I laid down on top of his hard back with all my weight. I started running my leaking cock up and down his wet crack as I pushed his arms above his head and laced our fingers together.

     “You are so beautiful Grant.” I whispered licking on his ear. I moved ever so slightly and my wet cock slid in his ready asshole. We both moaned and clutched each other’s hands, he moved under me and made my cock go deeper. “Please Stud….fuck me and breed me,” he begged.

     We moved together like rolling waves, so in tune with each other’s wants and needs. I was close…but I wanted this to last.

     I pulled him up with me, him on all fours and started pounding him deep and hard, biting his back and neck. “Ooooo….Uuummmmm….Aaaahhhh.”

     I had reduced him to only sounds of pleasure….Yes! As a smaller man I felt so powerful taking this muscle man and making him moan and beg me.  I was so fucking turned on by this man below me…I could not hold back, “I am going to breed you, deep and full. You are so tight,” I warned him.

     I was slamming his ass with full hard strokes, harder and harder. I felt my balls boil and allowed this building pleasure to take over. When my orgasm hit me, it consumed me. I froze and all over my body I felt electric shocks. “Fffuuucckkk…. Uuuggg…. Aaaahhhh,” I moaned out, shooting in Grant’s ass over and over. I finally collapsed on his back gasping for breath as my cock continued to jerk and spasm in his full ass.

     I rolled off him, my cock leaving his ass with a loud pop. I laid back in total satisfaction and bliss, smiling.

     Grant was breathing hard… “My turn Babe. I want to see, taste and fill that pussy of yours, no time to relax, you stud.”

     He surprised me by swallowing my cum covered cock whole, cleaning me totally. “We taste good together Babe… my ass juices and your cum… a wonderful mix.”

     He raised my weak legs and looked at me with deep desire, “Your ass is so sexy, push it out for me Babe, I want my tongue deep in you.” I pushed and my ass opened for him, “Yes…Oooohhhh yes, beautiful.” He went to work on my ass with his talented mouth. Licking, sucking and shoving his thick hot tongue in me.

     In no time he had my cock hard again and me begging for his cock, “God…I need your cock Grant…. shove it in me all the way and fuck me raw. Don’t hold back”

     He rolled me to my side, slung my leg over his shoulder and rammed me full in one sweet stroke. We both yelled out in unbridled passion. We grunted and moaned as he rammed his hard cock in me over and over. Faster and faster he worked bring us both to the edge and then slowing down, teasing me…not allowing us to cum.

     He had reduced me to a mumbling fool, all I could do was grunt and growl but it was so damn good. He started to build up the pleasure by rotating his hips with every thrust and I exploded, cum shooting everywhere as my cock jerked with his strokes. My ass clamped his dick hard and I felt him unloaded in me.

     I think I passed out, next thing I knew he was lightly kissing my ear and whispering, “Babe can you hear me?”

     “Yes Honey, I’m here,” He laughed, kissing my lips sweetly as he stroked my cheek.

     “You passed out on me, I’ve never seen anyone cum so much,” he said pleased with himself.

     “No one has ever so completely satisfied me before. I’m exhausted but so happy,” I admitted.

     “So am I, happy, satisfied and exhausted. Let’s sleep. Come and snuggle babe,” Grant said softly…….

The end………..Thanks for reading and posting…….don’t forget to vote…..A…..


A. Williams

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