Random Moments part #2

By : A. Williams

    I watched Grant confidently walking to the front door to confront my ex, Greg. I smiled knowing Greg didn’t have a shot in hell at winning a fight with him. I secretly wanted that ass-hole beat to a pulp for cheating on me, in our own bed no less. I heard Grant open the door:

“Hey Man ease up on my door. What do you want?” Grant said with some irritation.

“I need to see MY boyfriend. I know he’s in there. We need to talk.” Greg said sounding desperate.

“No can do Pal, You need to back the fuck up and go back where you came from.” Grant stated.

“I’m NOT going anywhere damn where until I see Miles.” Greg boldly said.

“Really, Miles you want to see this loser?” Grant asked over his shoulder.

“HELL NO!” I yelled.

“You best be leaving asshole.”

        As Grant started closing the door, Greg pushed it back open and tried to shove Grant out from in front of the door. I ran to the door to see what was going on and from the look on Grants face I could tell that was all he intended to take. The fight was on!

Grant pushed Greg backwards and he stumbled back and fell off the porch landing on his back.

“I said you need to leave asshole. Be smart, leave before you get hurt.” Grant said calmly.

“You son of a bitch,” Greg yelled getting up. Grant was off the porch and in front of Greg in the blink of an eye.

Greg threw a punch with his right hand, Grant grabbed his wrist with his left and pivots his body and lands a straight right into Greg’s stomach.

As his body bent forward, his chin met Grants rising knee, with his mouth now bloody, he falls back to the ground.

Greg groggily stands back up and clumsily throws a John Wayne round house right, you know one of those punches that you can see coming a mile away.

Grant waits until the last minute before bring his right arm across his body and blocking the right punch with his right forearm.

Grant shoots his right fist up Greg’s right arm and hits him on the jaw with a powerful back-fist.

Greg drops like a rock, this time he doesn't get up.

It all happened so fast and so smoothly, I could tell Grant wasn't even breathing hard. Wow.

“That’ll teach you, asshole.” Grant said.

    He walked slowly back up on the porch, “Come on Miles, we have business to attend to. Let’s get back to where we were before we so rudely interrupted.” He slid an arm around my waist and walked us back into the house, closing the door behind us. He grabbed the open wine and I grabbed the glasses and with his arm still around me he led me to his bedroom.

    “Are you sure you are ok Grant?” I asked worried. “Never better.” He said pouring us wine. “Nothing like a good old fight to get the hormones flowing.” He handed me my glass, wiggling his eyebrows a couple of times. God he was sexy.

    He drank his glass and poured another, “I don’t think he will be bothering us again,” he said as he took a seat in an old leather chair. “I hope not.” I said pouring myself another glass and sitting on the bed.

    “You want to tell me what happened between you two, other than you shot at him.” Greg chuckled.

    “We had been together 3 years. Man I was so blind, looking back now I can see he was probably cheating on me the whole time. I came home early from work, our first night here and found him with some guy in our bed. I’m sure you heard the fight and I know you heard the gun go off. I took his key back, through his shit out the window and done.”

    I watched Grant down glass wondering what he was thinking. He probably thought I was a loser too, just like Gregory. He stood from his chair and laid down in the bed beside me, “Finish your wine, then come here and lay beside me.” He patted the bed next to him.

   I sat down my empty glass and snuggled up to him, my head on his firm chest. I could hear his strong heartbeat as he rubbed my back. “Miles not all guys are cheaters, I know you know that but it’s hard to trust after you’ve been burned. I myself am a one man guy. I don’t want to be your rebound relationship, I was feeling we had a connection and the sexual heat was certainly there,” he said so gently, taking a pause as if to think of what to say next.

    Grant played with my hair, “Maybe we should take a step back from sex…” he started to say. I pressed my lips to his with urgency. I wanted him and I wanted him now. I rolled on top of him and pressed my tongue to his lips. He opened and our tongues rolled around together, hot, wet and hard. I could feel his cock growing under me, yes he was getting there.

    I removed his shirt and shimmed his pajama bottoms off along with mine. Naked together at last, “Damn how big you are, said little red riding hood,” he joked. “All the better to fuck you with my Dear,” I shot back.

    “I want you so fucking bad, please.” I breathed. I started licking and nibbling his throat. He moaned under me, “Yes…don’t stop.” He moaned.

    I went lower to his hard pecs and large nipples, licking and sucking… one then the other. Grant pushed my head lower toward his big hard cock and thick bush. I licked and kissed a trail down his hard 6 pack, to my prize. Once again I buried my face in his pubes and inhaled his unique odor... I love a man’s smell and Grant smelled amazing.

     I begin to lick his cock all over, it was beautiful, “Yes Babe, suck me.” His cockhead slipped through my wanting lips, so soft and supple. I rotated my wet tongue all around the edge and brought a deep moan from Grant. I looked at him as his eyes closed, “Uumm, feels so good.”

    I slowly moved my mouth down his pulsing shaft and applied a small amount of suction. His cock fit perfectly in my mouth, like it was meant to be there. I relaxed my throat and his head slide in, I keep going until my face rested in his manly scented bush. “Yes…swallow my cock,” Grant whispered.

    I held there with his cock in my throat and messaged his balls while I squeezed his cock with my throat muscles.”Ooohh… Babe, that’s nice…yyeess,” he purred.

    I started bobbing my head, up and down using my tongue on the underside of his dick, licking around the head when I reached it. I varied the pressure of my sucking wanting to give Grant my best blowjob ever.

    He allowed me to do what I wanted, how I wanted and I loved that and the power to make him cum. O, I desperately wanted to taste his sweet cum.

    I picked up my speed to Grants pleasure, “Yes…yes make me cum in your hot mouth… yeah do me,” he said louder.

    I was so into his perfect cock, I made love to it all the while messaging those big hairy balls. I felt him swell and I stayed one the head jacking him with my hand. He tensed and unloaded on my tongue, over and over. I had to swallow several times to keep up. I held him, licking slowly until he was soft.

    I crawled up and kissed his sweet mouth, staring the last taste of his cum. “Damn Babe that was the most intense blowjob I’ve ever had. Now it’s your turn. What’s your pleasure my talented Miles.”…………….

Part #3 soon……………………………Thanks for reading and posting….A..


A. Williams

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