Random  Moments part #1


    “Get the fuck out,” I screamed throwing the $1,500 dollar  Ming vase we’d bought on our first anniversary within inches of his ego swollen  head. “God damn Miles, you trying to kill me?” Gregory yelled ducking behind  the large leather couch as the vase shattered on the hardwood floor.  “If I  wanted you dead I would have my Beretta in my hand, you Bastard,” I yelled back  continuing to throw his shit at his head. “He meant nothing to me Miles…. It  was only sex. I love you, only you Baby,” Greg tried to convince me. 

    I always hated being called Baby. “Shut the fuck up, no  talking your way out of this one,” I screamed as I stomped off to the bedroom.  I tossed the unpacked boxes of his clothes out the opened window as I said  firmly but not yelling any longer, “Get out now Gregory, this is my place now,  not ours. Give me your key… I will send all your shit to your Mothers in the  morning.” 

    Three years I had wasted on this cheating asshole and I  wasn’t giving him another minute of my time. I pulled out my Beretta from the  draw of the night stand and clicked off the safety. I slowly pointed it at him  and said calmly, “Get out and don’t come back or you will be shot.” Greg  pleaded, “Miles Baby please, it was only sex, I’m sorry. I love you, only you.  Please forgive me.” I squeezed the trigger and the 9mm bullet grazed his cheek.  “Next time I won’t miss. Go to hell Greg” I yelled as he threw the keys to me  and ran away like the coward he always was. 

    I am so deaf.. dumb.. and blind. He had played me for a fool.  How many times had he fucked another man? 2 - 4 - 6 times? Who knew? Goith  Lange knew, Greg’s best buddy in the world. Note to self… ask Goith about  Greg’s cheating ways.   I had to know the  truth and I would not get it from the cheater himself.

    Things looked better in the bright sunlight of the early  morning hours. We literally bumped into each as we hunted for our Sunday  newspapers. Mine in the rose bushes, his in the birdbath. We laughed out loud  together. “Hello my name is Grant Walker, you are?” he asked raising an eyebrow  and flashing me a sexy smile. “Miles… Miles Morgan, nice to meet you.” I  laughed again at his dripping wet newspaper. “Guess we are new neighbors. Hope  I didn’t cause you any worry last night.” I said blushing at the thought he had  heard Greg and I fighting.

    “Don’t worry, Smiles. I unfortunately know all too well about  man troubles,” Grant said winking at me. He must be gay too I thought as he  knew remembered man-troubles of his own. “Names Miles, M- i- l- e- s,” I  corrected him. “I know, I heard you the first time but I love your friendly  smile and those sweet dimples. Mind if I nick – name you Smiles, just for me?”  he asked blushing. How wonderfully cute he was with red cheeks, “Of course, I  would be deeply honored Grant” I said bowing and gesturing as if to tip my hat  to him.

    Grant laughed hard and deep. It was a very hearty laugh that  I wanted to hear again. “Grant, maybe you could join me. I have fresh brewed  coffee and a dry newspaper we can share. You can even have the sports section  first,” I asked, hoping Mr. Grant Gorgeous would take me up on my offer. “I  would love to Smiles, lead the way friend.” Grant said in a low sexy voice.

    I entered my townhouse with Grant close on my heels. As he  walked past me and I closed the door, I noticed the difference in our bodies. He  was six foot five or six, me just barely six feet. He was close to 250 pounds  of muscle if not more, me 170 pounds soaking wet. “Please have a seat.” I said  pointing to the kitchen table. “Thanks Smiles,” he said turning the chair  backwards and straddling it like a horse. I snickered, a full-fledged macho gay  man. “What?” he questioned me a big smile on his handsome face.

    I noticed his eyes were a deep emerald green and they were  set off by his black curly hair. “How do you take your coffee?” I asked already  knowing the answer… black. “Black please and very hot” he answered smiling a  killer smile at me. “I bet you, my Smiles take yours with cream… correct?” he  asked sure of himself. “And not just any cream, flavored cream. I’m guessing vanilla…  right?” he snickered.

    I walked our cups to the table and handed Grant his as I sat  down across from him. “You are correct Sir, vanilla it is. Tell me, what you do  for a living Mr. Smarty Pants?” We laughed together which was refreshing for me  after being with Greg. “Smart yes, I own the “Baron and the Beef” restaurant on  Maple Drive,” he told me, his chest puffing up with pride and rightfully so. 

     The Baron and the Beef was the only 5 star restaurant for 60 miles. It had been  in business for 10 years and had a fantastic reputation, I had eaten there many  times. It was always packed and the customers didn’t mind standing in line for  an hour or more to get in. “Wow Grant… I’m impressed. You are indeed a very  smart man.” I told him sincerely. “Please tell me all about you, other than you  make a perfect cup of coffee,” he asked seeming truly interested. “Well… I’m 35  years old and single as you know. I’m the President and C.E.O. of the Farmers  and Merchants bank, the south-east region,” I too fluffed up with pride. “Alright  ! A money man !” Grant said happily. “I could learn to be a kept man, yes I  could.” He cheered and we both busted up laughing.

     Our easy conversation continued and before we knew it lunch  time rolled around. “Miles do me the honor of being my guest for lunch. I see  most of your stuff is still packed up and I love to cook,” he looked at me  expectantly. “Let me return the favor for the coffee and newspaper, no need to  dress or shave,” I realized we were still in wearing what we had slept in,  T-shirts and pajama bottoms. He looked at me, his green eyes full of hope. “How  can I refuse, lead the way friend,” I said as I took his offered hand. Grant  seemed delighted, his face lite up and his smile said what no words could.

     I was happy too, I was getting some good vibrations from him  and we were at ease around each other. Comfortable, like we had known each  other for years. Something I had never had with another man. Grant led me  inside his townhouse next to mine and again I was impressed, this time by his  sense of style in decorating. His place was done in shades of blue, tan and  green and accent colors of red and yellow brought attention to key areas or  items. “Did you do the decorating Grant?” I asked. “Who else ? I’m a regular  Martha Stewart,” he joked. “Miles help me please. Be my Sous-chef and help with  our lunch?” he asked smoothly. 

     I walked into the kitchen and Grant’s head was buried in the  fridge. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking how delicious he looked bent over,  his firm ass on display for me to undress. A small moan escaped my lips and I  swear I thought I saw him clench and unclench his sweet ass cheeks or was that  wishful thinking on my part? “Help me choose Sous-chef, seared flounder in a  lemon sauce or citrus chicken?” he asked. “Flounder for sure,” I answered. He  started throwing produce over his head for me to catch. “In coming!” he  shouted, laughing. “Smiles make us a salad and butter the bread for baking,  please.”

    “Of course Master chef, no problem!” I jabbed at him. Grant  moaned loudly and stopped cutting lemons. He walked to me slowly, “I love the  Master idea, my Miles. Is that a suggestion or a promise?” he asked in a deep  gravelly voice. I froze watching this hunk of a man approaching me. 

    My heartrate increased and my breathing became labored. He  stopped just shy of touching me, I could feel his body heat and feel his breath  in my hair. My lips were only inches from his neck and I took all of my  self-control not to lick him, taste him and suck those sweet spots. 

    “Miles,” he said breathless “I have never been this  comfortable with another man before. I don’t want to mess-up what we have happening  between us by moving too fast but God help me, I need to kiss you,” he said in  a sultry voice. All I could do was nod a yes. My heart pounding in my ears as  he slowly wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to his quivering body. My  bones seemed to liquefy and I grabbed him around his back before I melted to  the floor from his touch. 

    God he was all muscle, hard and firm all over and I loved the  feel of him. “I love your 5 o’clock shadow. You are so handsome,” he whispered  in my ear giving me chills. You could hear the crackling of the electricity  between us and when he pressed his soft, wet lips to mine, I could feel the  sparks all over my body. I pushed into his body and lips harder and that’s all  Grant needed. 

    He pressed his tongue urgently against my crease and I  allowed him to enter my hungry mouth. We both moaned loudly and our hands were  all over each other’s backs, in each other’s hair and holding each other’s faces.  Our sweet kiss continued with our tongues dancing in passion, lips were softly  bitten and we moaned together in pleasure.

    Grant pulled away from me and pressed his forehead to mine,  “Miles if I don’t stop now, I may go too far too soon. I adore your lips, I  love your taste. I could kiss you all night,” he said smiling. “I feel the same  way Grant.” I whispered. “I am so happy to hear that, so happy,” he said giving  me a quick peck and releasing me. He went back to the kitchen, “Let’s get back  to fixing lunch, okay? I’m starving,” he laughed.

    Salad made and table set, I opened the wine to breathe. “What  more can I do to help Grant?” He was washing up a few dishes, looking up he  said softly “I could use another kiss.” I walked over to him as he licked his  lips, God he was so sexy and my body had not forgotten our first touch. “Hurry,”  He whispered.

    I let my body rest on his back and snaked my hands under his  arms and let myself feel his hard abs. “Uuummm you feel so good,” he moaned. I  could not resist, I pressed my body hard into his knowing he could feel my long  thick erection low on his ass.  “You feel  good too.” I whispered in his ear. Grant groaned as he ground his hips into me,  “Miles, yum…yum, you are packing some serious meat.” We both knew there would  be no stopping this time.

    “You know it. God, I want inside of you so damn bad,” I told  him pressing harder. I had him forced against the sink with no hope of escape as  I worked both our t-shirts over our heads. My bare hairy chest met his broad naked  back, skin against skin. That feeling always drives me wild and I nibbled and  kissed his neck. Grant moaned as I licked and kissed his shoulders. Our sexual  chemistry was undeniable, we were both feeling it and trying not to cave into  it in the kitchen.

    I wanted this man like no other and I was willing to do  anything…say anything to have my way with him. “Grant,” I said between licks  and kisses. “I want you. I want your cock in my mouth… my cock in your ass. I  want you right here right now,” I begged. “Yes… take me. All of me now,” he purred.  I turned him around and feel to my knees. I quickly lower his pajama bottoms exposing  his 8 inch thick cock, large hairy balls and big black hairy bush. I looked up  at him, “I love an all-natural hairy man.”  I buried my face in his wiry bush and breathed  deep. His smell made me dizzy with desire, “Honey I love your smell so musky  and manly. Aaahh… yes, so sweet.” I confessed, my voice muffled as my face was still  in his bush. 

     He pressed my head harder into his mound and said “I love a  man who likes a hairy man. Yes… you have me so horny, taste me… lick me.” He released  my head and I went to work licking the pre-cum from his beautiful cock. He was  indeed ready, I messaged his balls as I licked his cock all over. I took it  into my mouth slowly running my tongue around the head.

     Bang…. bang….bang. What the hell I thought. I stood and Grant  pulled up his pants and grabbed his shirt. BAM… BAM…BAM… someone was hitting  the front door hard. “Miles I know you’re in there. Goith saw you go in, we are  not done. Come out Baby so we can talk,” Gregory yelled while still banging on  the door. Grant looked at me, “Your ex… the one you shot at?” I nodded, “Sorry  Grant, I thought he got the message.” He smiled and gave me a kiss, “Don’t you  worry my Smiles, I’ll take care of him”……….

Part #2 coming soon…………….thanks for reading and posting….A.   


A. Williams

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