This story is inspired by [email protected] , however the story is a compilation of both of our lives and our fantasies.

"What the fuck man?" Chris wiped Ryan's cum from his face. "Did you like having this asshole's cock up your ass? I thought you were my bro, but now I find out you aren't anything but another fucking faggot." Chris stormed out of his and Ryan's room. Mark laughed and then got up, straightened his clothes and left Ryan and Chris' room.

Ryan didn't know what do to. Should he follow Chris and try to explain? Should he follow Mark and beat the shit out of him? Should he find Tim and fuck him so he felt like he was the alpha that he was? Instead he just pulled his pants up, sat on the floor, and knocked back the remaining beers that Tim had gotten them.

When Chris got back, Ryan was still sitting on the floor. Chris didn't say anything. He took off all his clothes and crawled into his bed. After he had settled in Chris turned to Ryan and asked "hey faggot, you want to watch me beat off? Or maybe you'd like to give me a blow job."


"I think you're the asshole and that you like to have something shoved up it." With that Chris rolled over and faced the wall without another word.

Over the next few weeks Ryan and Chris didn't exchange more than a few words, usually about Chris wanting the room for the night and that Ryan needed to find someplace else to stay. Chris never asked Ryan if he wanted the room.

Ryan kept fucking Tim every couple of days just to make himself feel good about himself but it wasn't helping much. He kept having dreams about having a big dick up his ass. It was freaking Ryan out. There were even times when Ryan caught himself fingering his asshole while he beat off.

His relationship with Chris kept getting worse. One day Ryan came back to their room and found a 12" black dildo lying on his bed with a note from Chris saying "I thought you might like this." Ryan started thinking that he needed to change rooms but that would mean going to talk to Mark and he didn't want to see that little fucker again.

Ryan decided he needed to go out and fuck some new ass. He had heard about new bar that had opened near campus where a lot of the gay kids went. Ryan wasn't really into the bar scene or dance music but he thought he might try to bag an ass or two.

He showed up to the bar at about 11, paid the cover and went in. The music was loud and the drinks overpriced but he bought himself a Coors Light and started to walk around the bar. As he had hoped, as soon as he walked in, eyes were eating him up. He had been sure to wear a pair of jeans that not only showed off his muscles but also his package. He was going commando so that the outline of his cock was obvious. It was warm in the bar so he unbuttoned his shirt so that everyone could check out his abs and pecs. He also rolled his sleeves up high so that they made his biceps pop. Almost every guy he walked by would do a double take and then let their eyes wander over his body. They would then turn to whatever friends they were with and talk while they stared at him. This was just what he needed.

As he walked around, drinking his beer, the attention started to make his dick harden which caused even more attention. After walking for a while he stopped and leaned against the wall and surveyed the crowd. The bar was filled with twinks and poseurs. While he did enjoy fucking Tim and his nerd friends he wasn't interested in hooking up with some young asshole that would want to talk all night before getting down to business, he wanted someone like him, muscled and with swagger, but who liked to suck cock and get fucked and fucked hard.

The line of queens kept swishing past him but finally his eye caught a good looking guy on the other side of the bar. He looked to be about 6' with a solid body. He wasn't wearing anything too sparkly or shiny, just jeans and a tight t-shirt. He was surrounded by twinks that obviously wanted to service him but Ryan hoped that he might be the kind of guy that also liked to get fucked.

Ryan made his way around the bar and worked his way close to the guy. When he caught his attention, Ryan said "can I get you a beer?" He was glad to see that the guy wasn't drinking a Cosmo or some other type of girly drink. The guy let his eyes move up Ryan's body stopping for a beat at the outline of his cock. "Sure."

Some of the queens that had been circling the guy turned their attention to Ryan but soon saw that he was interested and turned their attention back to the guy. The bartender brought over two beers. Ryan handed one to the guy. "Names Ryan."

"I'm Terry."

Ryan stuck out his hand and was greeted with a hand that was as large and strong as his own. They stood sipping their beers. As they started making small talk the gaggle of guys started to get impatient and began to turn their attention to other guys.

"So what are you looking for?" Ryan asked.

"Someone like you."

"Then let's get the fuck out of here." The two men put down their bottles and walked out of the bar leaving a lot of disappointed faces.

When they got outside Ryan groped Terry's ass. Terry turned to Ryan and said "no way man, if anyone is going to get some ass tonight it's going to me." Ryan pushed Terry against the wall of the building and put his lips against Terry's ear. Terry struggled at first but Ryan whispered, "I think you've got that wrong dude", and had his hands on Terry's pecs and pinched at his nipples while he groped his ass again. Ryan pushed his crotch against Terry and moved it seductively. After a while Terry pressed his crotch against back Ryan's.

Ryan asked, "You got someplace we can go?"

"I guess we could go back to my apartment."

"Let's roll."

The apartment was in walking distance of the bar. Typical college student off-campus apartment. Mismatched furniture but with a large TV monitor.

"Get us a couple more beers."

Terry went into the kitchen and returned with a couple of cans. Ryan looked around the living room and saw a bottle of Glide and what looked like some poppers on one of the side tables against the couch. "Looks like you've been busy in here." Terry looked at Ryan and said that he had fucked a guy last night that he had met at the bar.

"But tonight you're going to be the one that gets fucked."

"Really man, I don't get fucked, maybe we can just suck each other off and call it a night."

"No way man, I've wanted a piece of your ass since I saw you in the bar." Ryan grabbed one of Terry's hands and brought it to the bulge in his jeans. "Doesn't that feel good? Don't you want to release it?" Terry started to move his hand over the bulge. "I thought so." Ryan pushed Terry's hand away and unbuttoned the top of his jeans and then opened the rest. He pushed them down a bit so that his cock popped out. Ryan wrapped his fingers around his cock and began to slowly stroke it. Terry watched transfixed. After a moment Terry leaned over to take Ryan into his mouth, Ryan pushed him back. "Get between my legs."

Terry slide off the couch and moved between Ryan's legs and took the mushroom head of Ryan's dick between his lips. Ryan moaned and raised his hips driving more of his cock into Terry's mouth. Terry kept working the head but Ryan wanted more, he put his hand on the back of Terry's head and pushed him farther down his cock. Ryan was surprised that Terry had taken as much cock as he had without gagging, he obviously had some practice in eating some big cocks. Ryan leaned his head back and closed his eyes as Terry picked up the pace on his dick. After a few minutes of enjoying Terry's mouth, Ryan was close to shooting so he pushed Terry off his cock and aimed his cock at Terry's face. String after string of Ryan's spunk landed on Terry's face, it made quite a sight. "Now you can eat it." Using his fingers, Terry slide the gobs of cum toward his mouth and used his tongue to lap it in. Ryan watched as Terry did swallow after swallow to get all that he could. "Yeah man, that's the way to treat a real man's cock."

When Terry had finished licking his fingers, Ryan stood up. "Get up." Terry got up from his knees. "Take your clothes off, all of them." Nervously, Terry took off his shirt showing his defined upper body. "Your pants too." Terry slide his jeans down revealing a jock. Ryan could tell by how far the jock was distended that Terry was as hard as a rock. Looking into Ryan's eyes, Terry started to remove the jock. "No, leave it on and get over here." Ryan shoved his own jeans down and pulled off his shirt.

Terry moved closer to Ryan. Ryan moved them both to the side of the couch and then spun Terry around and pushed his back so that he was bent over the arm. With his free hand Ryan grabbed the bottle of Glide and squeezed some onto his cock and on the crack of Terry's ass. Placing the bottle down, Ryan began to cover his cock with the lube. When he finished he started rubbing the Glide into Terry's ass crack. When he finally reached Terry's hole, Ryan moved the jock strap and started to finger his ass. Terry squirmed as Ryan started to slip his finger into his hot hole. "You don't seem to be too concerned about being fucked now." Ryan stuck a second finger into Terry's hole which elicited a moan. Ryan turned his fingers. "I can tell you haven't been fucked much, your hole is tight."

"I've only been fucked once, it was my freshman year and I didn't like it."

"You're going to like it with my cock inside you."

Ryan removed his fingers and grabbed his cock. With the rigid head he moved the jock strap again and put it against Terry's slick hole. "You ready?" Ryan didn't wait for an answer, he shoved his cock into the waiting hole with just one thrust. Terry bucked but Ryan kept him pushed against the couch arm. "You're going to love this." Ryan slide his dick all the way out except for the head which he twisted a bit and then he shoved it all the way back in. "Going to breed you buddy."

With each thrust Ryan pushed harder and went deeper. Pretty soon Ryan's balls were bouncing off of Terry's ass and Ryan was like a pile driver, ramming his cock in and out of Terry's ass. At some point Terry reached over, grabbed the bottle of poppers and placed it under his nose. Almost immediately he started pushing back against Ryan's thrusts.

Even though, just minutes ago, he had cum all over Terry's face, Ryan felt another load building in his groin. He grabbed Terry's hips and tried to ram a bit more of his cock into Terry's hot, tight hole. With a roar, Ryan filled Terry with his second load of seed but just kept pumping.

Terry's back was covered in sweat as was Ryan's chest. The sweat slide down to the still connected cock and ass adding to the heat from the friction. Ryan finally slowed his thrusts, "now you know what it feels like to be fucked by a man." Ryan pulled his cock out and wiped it on Terry's ass. As Terry lay exhausted and spent over the arm of the couch, Ryan pulled on his jeans, grabbed his shirt and walked toward the door. As he opened the door and walked though Ryan said, "Like I said before, nice ass buddy."

The cooler air on the street quickly dried the sweat off of Ryan's chest. As he walked toward his dorm shirtless both men and women were checking him out. Ryan felt better about himself than he had in weeks. He was back to the guy that dominated other guys before Mark had fucked him in front of Chris. He would push back all the thoughts he had about getting fucked and resolved that it would never happen again.

When Ryan got closer to his dorm room he noticed that the door was open which meant Chris must be there. He was trying to figure out how he could tell Chris what he had done tonight so that Chris would know what had happened with Mark was just a fluke.

As he entered the room, Chris was surprised to see two guys, drinking his beer, in the room, neither of them Chris. "Who the fuck are you guys?"

"We're friends of Chris."

"Where is he?"

"He went out but he told us we should stick around, have a couple of your beers and wait for you."

"What for?"

"He told us you liked to have fun."

"What kind of fun."

"He said you got off having things up your ass."

"Get the fuck out of here."

One of the guys went over to the door and locked it.

The other guy held up the black dildo that Chris had left on his bed a few days before. "Chris thought we should help you try this out."

Ryan started to check these two guys out. While Ryan was 6'2" and built, both of these guys were taller and had a few pounds on him. In fact, Ryan thought these two guys were pretty hot. Both were wearing workout gear but it didn't hide the fact that they both were muscle heads. Chris must have met them at the gym.

"We've been hanging out with Chris. The three of us have gotten pretty good at getting guys that like to be banged by all of us. We've been having a good time. Chris told us a story about how you liked to get banged too, he told us that you would probably like getting fucked by us after we ram this up your ass."

Ryan started wondering what it would be like to get fucked by two guys this big, since the time with the football players, only Mark had fucked him. He started to remember what it felt like to have the big football players' cocks up his ass. These thoughts frustrated Ryan, it was just minutes ago he told himself this was never going to happen again and yet here he was wondering what these two guys' cocks would be like.

"Guys, no fucking way. Chris must have just been joking around, I don't get fucked, I fuck."

"Chris told us that he watched some little guy fuck you and that you came all over yourself." Chris must have left out how Ryan's cum had also hit Chris' face.

Ryan got more conflicted as he saw the outline of both men's cocks start to expand in their workout shorts. In fact, it was apparent that they both were pretty well hung and in proportion to their bodies. Ryan started to wonder what they would look like out of their shorts.

"So what are we going to do? Should we let Chris know that you called him a liar or are we going to have some fun?"

Ryan's mind was spinning. If he did let these guys fuck him and they told Chris it would just reinforce what Chris already believed. If he made them leave they would tell Chris that he was wrong. It was a no win situation. And the more Ryan looked at these guys' crotches the more he wanted to see what was behind the nylon.

Neither guy had told Ryan their names. One of the guys was just a bit bigger than the other and he said "Let's do this. You already have your shirt off, why don't you drop the jeans and crawl up here on your bed and get on your back." It was at that moment that Ryan decided he would see where this went, he thought he could always shut it down if he didn't like being fucked.

Ryan slide his jeans off and laid down on his bed. He watched as both of the men removed their workout clothes. Ryan had been right, their cocks were immense and they were only half hard. He was then surprised that the slightly smaller guy jumped on the bed and straddled his chest. Ryan couldn't move and they guy was rubbing his dick against his chin. It was then that he noticed that the bigger guy had the dildo in his hand again and was rubbing it with some lube that Chris must have left out. "Chris was surprised that you hadn't tried your new toy yet so I thought we could start with that."

With his massive arm, the big guy pushed Ryan's legs back, fully exposing his asshole to the man while the smaller guy grabbed a pillow and put it under Ryan's head bringing his mouth close enough so that the guy could rub his cock against Ryan's lips.

The big guy started to tease Ryan's hole with the end of the dildo. Ryan writhed but the two guys were going to have none of that. Their strong arms and bodies held Ryan in place. The head of the dildo popped through Ryan's ring. Ryan pushed back but that just made the big guy push more of the dildo in. The dildo was covered in little bumps so it was like a bunch of tiny fingers scraping Ryan's channel.

While this was happening, the guy on Ryan's chest leaned forward and tried to push the head of his cock into Ryan's mouth. Ryan pursed his lips but the guy didn't give up. "Take the damn cock asshole". Ryan opened his lips and the guy took advantage of the moment and shoved the whole head of his dick into Ryan's mouth. The head was so thick that Ryan's jaws hurt but in a good way. Ryan's mind went back to the football players that had used him almost the same way.

Slowly the dildo went deeper and deeper into Ryan. The pain was immense but with the cock in his mouth he couldn't make a sound. To Ryan's continuing surprise the toy rammed up his ass started to feel good. The big man would turn it making the bumps send chills through Ryan's body. The smaller man took hold of the back of Ryan's head and pushed more of his cock into Ryan's moist mouth. The smaller man turned his head toward his friend and said "this fucker has a really hot mouth, you're going to love it."

The bigger man started pushing and pulling the dildo until Ryan could feel the man's knuckles hit his ass. "Man, this guy is going to be able to take our dicks no problem, his ass is swallowing this fucking piece of rubber. You should see his hole twitch each time I slide it."

The bigger man abruptly pulled the dildo from Ryan's ass. Ryan realized that he felt empty, empty in a way he had never felt before. "I think it's time for him to feel my cock now" the big man said. The bigger man got between Ryan's legs, pushed them back until they were on either side of his friend straddling Ryan's chest and put the head of his cock against Ryan's asshole. "Pull out of his mouth for a second. I want to hear him ask for my cock." The smaller guy pulled his cock back but left it just millimeters from Ryan's mouth.

The bigger man demanded "tell me you want my cock fucker, tell me how badly you want to feel me all the way up to your stomach." Ryan pushed his ass against the bigger man's dick. "Don't just show me, tell me asshole."

"Yes, yes...I want your cock. I want to feel you inside of me."

The bigger man teased Ryan's hole some more.

"Please fuck me, FUCK ME."

In one swift movement the bigger man slide his cock in to the hilt. As Ryan started to yell the smaller man plunged his cock back into Ryan's mouth. The two began pumping in unison bringing sensations to Ryan that he never had before. Although he could hardly breathe he didn't want either cock to leave where they were.

The bigger man said "remember to pull out before you cum, we can't forget to do what Chris told us to do." Both men pumped their respective cocks for a few more minutes before the smaller man said he was close and pulled his cock out of Ryan's mouth. The bigger man did the same. Ryan felt completely empty again, he was starting to realize that he liked nothing better than to be filled to the brim with cock.

The bigger man came around to the side of the bed and started stroking his cock near Ryan's face. The man on Ryan's chest did the same. Both men started to breath harder and soon they both shot streams of cum all over Ryan's face then they pushed the cum around with the heads of their cocks. "You like that asshole, you like cum on your face like you did to our friend." Uncontrollably, Ryan opened his lips and stuck out his tongue to taste the loads from both men.

For the next hour Ryan was fucked on his back, on his stomach and on his knees. The two guys were insatiable. If one cock wasn't in his ass it was in his mouth. When the guys needed to take a break the dildo was shoved back in.

Ryan's mind went to another place, the sensations, the lack of control, the taste and feeling of cum, all overwhelmed him but not in a bad way. He knew he would want to be filled with cock again and again. As he dreamt of other men and other cocks he didn't hear the door open. When he opened his eyes he saw Chris standing their watching.

"My turn."


Be Well,


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