This story is inspired by [email protected] , however the story is a compilation of both of our lives and our fantasies.

Over the next hour the three football players pounded Ryan's ass. When the first player pushed his cock into Ryan's ass he had screamed with pain but the players just laughed at his pain. "Get used to it newbie, you should expect a lot of pain both on and off the field."

After Ryan had received three loads of cum deep inside, the player that hadn't filled Ryan's mouth with his cock and cum did just that. After a couple more beers and another joint the three players went off to their respective beds and told Ryan he could sleep on their couch. 

Ryan couldn't sleep, a million thoughts were going through his mind. One of his main thoughts was that he now knew what it felt like to the theater and band geeks when he feed them his cock and fucked their asses. Another thought was that after the initial pain, he had actually enjoyed having his ass pounded by cocks of guys who were as masculine and muscled as him. However, he also felt that if he was the person who sucked cocks and took it up the ass that that made him a faggot which disturbed him. As the sun started peeking through the windows of the apartment, Ryan could feel the dried cum on his ass and could still taste the saltiness of the spunk that he had been forced to eat.

A bedroom door opened and the big guy came into the living room sporting an impressive morning wood. He walked to the couch, "time for breakfast newbie." Ryan was conflicted so feigned disinterest. "Come on fucker, I know you want it again, you took such good care of it last night."

Ryan sat up on the couch, feeling some cum slide from his ass onto the couch, and grabbed the big guy's cock and brought it to his mouth. Ryan ran his tongue around the head of the cock and could taste the dried cum and lube that was still on the cock. The big guy hadn't showered so his balls smelled of the sweat from last night's suck and fuck session.

"Stop fucking around, take it." The big guy put his hand on the back of his head and shoved his cock all the way in. "Doesn't take me long to cum in the morning, just need to get the morning wood under control." He battered the back of Ryan's throat and then shot a large load of cum. Ryan remembered how the big guy's cum tasted and it was just as good the second time. When Ryan thought that he scared himself because he liked the taste of cum.

When the big guy pulled his cock out of his mouth, Ryan saw that the other two players had been watching and beating their cocks. "Guys, shoot your cum on him. Let's mark our territory showing that he's ours. We can then decide if we want to pimp him out to any of the other players when he comes back for the start of training. The two other players did just that. Large loads of cum splattered against Ryan's chest. He started to wipe it off but the big guy said to not touch it, that he wanted Ryan to smell them for the rest of the day. The big guy picked up Ryan's clothes and threw them at him. "Now get the fuck out of here, we'll see you in a couple of months." Ryan pulled his t-shirt on and felt the cum soak into the shirt leaving large wet marks. He left and had to walk back to where he had parked his car the day before. He felt like everyone he passed knew the wet stains on this t-shirt were cum.

When he made it home he jumped into the shower before he talked to his parents. He wanted to get the smell of sex off before he saw them. He wondered if Ricky and the other guys he fucked also did the same or if they liked the smell of Ryan's cum on them.

After his shower, Ryan stood in front of the full length mirror in the bathroom and checked out his body. He kept his 220 pound body fit. Though that may seem like a lot of weight for someone 6'2" it was pure muscle. He ran his hand over his pecs. He had started growing hair on his chest when he was about 13 but he trimmed it often because he wanted to make sure everyone could see his pecs clearly. Ryan flexed his arms and watched as his biceps become the size of grapefruits. He ran his fingers through his head of brown hair and looked into his own piercing blue eyes. He was a stud, so why had those guys treated him like he was some sort of cheerleading slut.

During the last couple of months of high school Ryan continued to fuck the occasional girl to keep up his persona of a macho stud, but more often than not he was fucking Ricky or another one of the theater geeks. He really enjoyed how their asses felt smooth and tight on his cock. He also liked to be blown by a guy. No girl had been able to take his whole cock and they just didn't know how to make him feel good.

After graduation his parents told him he would have to get a job. What the fuck? They had always given him everything he wanted, why were the changing now? All he wanted to do was to work on his tan and fuck and now they were fucking that plan up.

His dad got him a job at a distribution center, loading and unloading trucks. The job sucked, but it gave him some pocket money. There was this kid who was an office boy in the office. He did things like making copies, helping with invoices and running errands. One of those errands was taking messages out to the foreman on the dock several times a day. Ryan noticed that kid, who he came to find out was Michael, seemed to always check him out when he walked through the dock area. Michael was smaller than Ryan, maybe 5'10" and couldn't weigh more than 160-165 pounds. Since Michael worked in the office he got to wear regular clothes and not the work outfits that Ryan and the other guys had to wear.

One day, when Ryan caught Michael looking at him, Ryan reached down and adjusted himself, making sure that Michael got an idea about what he was packing. After that happened, Michael seemed to come out on the dock more often and always seemed to appear wherever Ryan was working. One day Ryan waved Michael over and asked him to get him something to drink. Michael immediately ran off and brought back both a bottle of water and a Coke. "I didn't know which you preferred so I brought both."

"Good thinking."

From then on whenever Ryan saw Michael he would ask him to do something. Get a drink, go buy him some lunch, let him borrow his phone, whatever he could think of. Michael always obliged. Ryan would be sure to get a little too close to Michael, adjust himself, or run a hand over his pecs. Michael always looked like a puppy dog trying to please his master.

Ryan hadn't been getting a lot of ass lately so one day he decided to press his luck with Michael. One day as Michael was passing by, Ryan asked if Michael could meet him on the dock about 15 minutes after the work day was over, that he wanted to ask him something. Michael's eyes lit up, Ryan wanted to talk to him.

By 5:15 everyone had left the office and the dock except for a security guard that walked the dock, the warehouse, the office area and the parking lot. Michael was right on time. He glanced around to see if they really were alone. He stepped closer to Ryan.

"Why don't you come over here?" Michael stepped closer to Ryan. Ryan grabbed Michael's hand and placed it on the bulge in his work pants and then moved it around so that Michael could feel the full size of Ryan's flaccid dick. "This is what you wanted, right?" Ryan let go of Michael's hand but it stayed where it was.


"What do you want?"

"I want your cock Ryan."

"Why do you want my cock?"

"I want to feel it."

"Then feel it, open my pants."

Michael unzipped Ryan's work pants and then unsnapped the waist band. He slowly pushed Ryan's pants down revealing a pair of black boxer briefs. Ryan's dick was starting to grow in his briefs.

"Come on man, shove my underwear down and get to what you want so badly."

Michael pulled Ryan's underwear down releasing the expanding piece of man meat. It wasn't fully engorged but was slowly beginning to rise up.

"Go ahead, touch it."

Michael reached with his hand and grasped Ryan's cock, his fingers barely fit around it.

"That feels good...does it feel good to you?"

"Yeah, it feels hot and soft at the same time."

"It won't be soft much longer."

Michael looked into Ryan's eyes. "What do you want me to do?"

"What do you want to do now?"

"I don't know, I've never done anything like this before."

"Get on your knees." Ryan loved breaking a guy in, just like the theater geeks.

Michael got down on his knees. His eyes alternated between Ryan's eyes and the cock that was continuing to grow in front of him.

"Taste it."

Michael looked unsure for a moment but finally stuck his tongue out, leaned in, and touched it to the tip of Ryan's cock.

"That's good. Lick it some more."

Michael slowly started to lick around the head of Ryan's cock. With each lick he got more into it and soon moved from the head of the cock to the veiny shaft.

"Yeah, that's it Mikey, show me how much you like my cock. Treat it special like it deserves. Come on, take it in your mouth, I know you want to." Michael tentatively took the head of Ryan's cock into his mouth. "Fuck yeah."

Michael started getting into it and began to eat more of Ryan's cock.

"I knew you'd like it. You've been watching me for a long time just waiting to get a taste of my cock." Ryan started to moan as Michael worked his mouth almost to the base of Ryan's dick. "Shit Mikey, you aren't even gagging, you're a natural born cocksucker."

Ryan started slowly sliding his cock between Michael's lips. When he felt the tip of his cock hit the back of Michael's throat he began to pick up the pace. As he picked up the pace he needed to grab a hold of Michael's head to keep his mouth in place.

"You liking this Mikey? You like my stud cock deep in your mouth?" All Michael could do was to moan what sounded like an affirmation.

Since Ryan hadn't gotten off without his hand for a while he was close to busting a nut. "Mikey, do you want to taste my cum?" Again, what sounded like an affirmation. "You sure Mikey, I could pull out?" Michael shook his head. With a grunt Ryan filled Michael's mouth with his spunk with such force that some flew out of the corners of Michael's mouth. "You going to swallow it Mikey?" Michael response was to swallow and then wipe some of the cum from his face and then lick his fingers. "Finger licking good huh Mikey?"

Michael slid off of Ryan's cock and then slowly stood up, he locked his eyes with Ryan in a way that looked like he was asking a question. "You want some more cock?"

"Yes, please." Michael started to get back down on his knees.

"Not your mouth this time Mikey. I want to feel my cock inside of you just as much as you want to feel it."

There was a crate not far from where they were standing and Ryan pushed Michael in that direction. He put his still hard cock against the ass of Michael's pants and rubbed it seductively. Ryan reached around Michael's waist and undid and unzipped Michael's pants and yanked them and Michael's underwear down around his knees. He put his hand on Michael's back and pushed gently so that Michael was leaning over the crate. "You ready for my cock up your ass Mikey?"

"Yes, I want it, I want to know what it feels like to have a man's cock up my ass."

"You sure Mikey?" Ryan was rubbing his cum covered cock against the crack of Michael's ass.

"Fuck yeah, fuck me Ryan, I want to know how it feels."

Ryan put the head of his cock against Michael's hole. He moved the head around covering Michael's hole with some of the cum still on his cock. "It might hurt, but just relax and it will start feeling really good."

Ryan slowly started pushing his cock into Michael's waiting ass. Ryan moaned, it felt good to have his cock enveloped in a nice, warm piece of ass. Michael tightened up. "Breathe Mikey, breathe." Michael took a couple of deep breaths and then began to push back against Ryan's cock. "Oh yeah, that's it, show me how much you want my cock."

For the next ten minutes Ryan worked his cock in and out of Michael's ass. Virgin holes were always the best. Ryan was sweating by the time he felt that he couldn't hold out any longer. Without any warning to Michael, Ryan gave Michael his second load and then collapsed on Michael's back. "Jesus Christ Mikey, you have one hell of an ass." Ryan pulled his cock out and wiped it on Michael's ass. Ryan gave Michael a soft slap on his ass and said "Thanks Mikey, that was awesome."

From the side of the dock they heard "Looks like you boys were having fun." It was the security guard who must have been watching for a while because he had his cock out and was stroking it. Both Ryan and Michael swung around, Michael with his pants around his ankles and Ryan with his dick hanging out of his work pants.

The security guard was a short, thin man. Maybe 5'7" and no more than 140 pounds with dark hair and dark skin. "Looks like you took this kid's cherry, huh big guy?" Ryan didn't respond. "I think the kid should have a complete experience for his first time."

Ryan and Michael stared at the security guard as he got closer. The guards cock looked out of proportion with his body, it was thick and long with a big head. "Kid, wouldn't you like to know what it feels like to have your cock sucked?"

"Well, yeah."

Ryan thought that the guard was saying that he was going to suck Michael's cock but the guard had other ideas. "Get on your knees big guy, show him how it feels to have his cock in someone's mouth."

"No fucking way, I'm not a cocksucker."

"You are tonight big guy.....ON YOUR KNEES."

"Or what?"

"You don't have a job tomorrow. I think I might have seen you trying to steal some stuff. The boss man won't like that." Ryan looked from the guard to Michael and then back to the guard. Ryan's father would be pissed if he lost this job and would make his life miserable so he started to get down on his knees."

"Wait, maybe not your knees. Come over here by this crate." The guard pushed Ryan down on the crate so his head was level with Michael's cock. "Suck his cock big guy." Ryan tentatively sucked Michael's cock into his mouth. "Looks like you've done this before big guy. How do you like it kid?" All Michael could do was moan as he started to slide his cock deeper into Ryan's mouth.

All of a sudden Michael felt a finger on his asshole. "Big guy, you ever been fucked before? Your ass seems nice and tight." Ryan couldn't respond with a cock in his mouth. Ryan thought back to when the football players at the university fucked him and he thought how much he might like to be fucked again. "Well I'm ready to have my cock up some tight white boy ass." Ryan could feel the big head of the security guard's dick against his hole and with one strong push it popped through his ass ring. When the guard pushed forward it caused all of Michael's cock to push into Ryan's mouth. Ryan gagged but there was nothing he could do. The security guard's meat kept going deeper and deeper and it felt so good. Ryan started sucking harder on Michael's cock while the guard kept pushing all the way in. All Ryan could remember was how it had felt when he was fucked that last time and he realized that he enjoyed being used like this, a cock in his mouth and another in his ass. Both men started speeding up there thrusts and used Ryan like he was just a pair of holes for their pleasure. With a yell, Michael filled Ryan's mouth with his load of virgin cum and seconds later Ryan could feel the guard's seed coat his ass walls. When that happened Ryan shot a load all over the side of the crate.

When the cocks slide out of Ryan's ass and mouth he started to stand up. "Not yet big guy, I think the kid here should feel what it's like to fuck a stud like you." Michael and the guard changed places and forced Ryan to take two more loads. Ryan was embarrassed that he also blew another load.

After everyone's cocks and asses were back in their pants the guard said "Come on guys, I've got some beers in the back."


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