This story is inspired by [email protected] , however the story is a compilation of both of our lives and our fantasies.

Following the experience at his job, Ryan found that he was annoyed with himself for cumming while he was being fucked and being fed at the same time. He viewed himself as the fucker when he was with a guy, just like he was the fucker when he was with a girl. However, he couldn't get it out of his mind that he actually liked the feel of a big, hard cock deep inside both his ass and his mouth. He was conflicted. He was considered a stud among his high school friends and he had no desire to give them any idea that he was anything but.

He was heading for college in just a few weeks. He was going on a football scholarship and had already been fucked and fed by some of the team who had told that he would have to service the rest of the team. While he didn't want to be known as a cocksucker, if his fellow teammates were fucking other guys, than why shouldn't he be able to do the same thing? Just like he had done in his senior year in high school, he should be able to find a bunch of nerds and geeks that would like nothing better than to be fucked by a stud like him. Who knows, he might even be able to find some hot guys who liked to eat cock and get plowed. College would be a whole new adventure. As far as knew, no one from his high school were going to attend the same college so he could be much more open in his search to find guys that wanted to suck his cock or get fucked by him.

Over the next few weeks, Ryan went out with some of the cheerleaders that were leaving for other colleges and gave them a goodbye fuck. He also got together with Ricky and some of his friends and let them worship his cock, as it should be. As he was loading up his car to head to college, Ryan realized he would miss Ricky and his friends but could care less about the cheerleaders and the other girls he had fucked while in high school.

When he arrived on campus, he pulled up to the dorm he had been assigned to. A bunch of move-in volunteers, both male and female, rushed to help him. He noticed that they weren't helping some of the other new students moving in, which gave him a rush. As they helped him carry his belongings up to his third floor room he couldn't help but notice that they all seemed to be checking him out. He pushed his chest out a bit farther in his tight t-shirt and made sure he flexed his muscles as he picked up or laid down his stuff. All the attention was getting him hard, he noticed that both sexes were checking out the bulge that was growing in his jeans.

After they had gotten all of Ryan's stuff to his room some of them hung around making small talk and helping him put stuff away. He noticed that one of the guys seemed to be enjoying putting Ryan's jocks in one of the dresser drawers. The guy was about the same height as Ryan but about 30 pounds less. He had the body of a swimmer or a gymnast. He, too, was wearing a tight t-shirt that showed off a well-developed upper body and arms and his tight jeans showed off a nice ass. Ryan wondered if this guy might want to get into his pants. "Hey Dude, what's your name?"


"Well, Tim, thanks for the helping me put my stuff away." Ryan made sure to look at his jocks and then up into Tim's eyes.

Tim stammered a bit when he said "no problem, as volunteers were supposed to help the freshmen get settled." As Ryan and Tim had their conversation the other volunteers had left the room. Tim told Ryan that he lived right down the hall and told Ryan that he was welcome to stop by whenever he wanted to.

Taking a chance, Ryan asked Tim how he could score some beer and pot. Tim pushed the door almost shut. "I can get you some of both for now then I can hook you up with one of the guys on the floor that can get both for you."

"Sounds like you're a good person to know around here."

Tim stammered again, "Is there anything else I can do to help you get settled?"

Ryan locked his eyes on Tim's and rubbed the bulge in his jeans, "maybe." In a more powerful voice Ryan said "come over here."

Tim looked unsure but stepped closer to Ryan.

"Come on man, I know you want it, you've been staring at it or my jocks since I got here." Ryan unzipped his jeans and pulled his 8" cock out. Ryan stroked it while Tim watched. Ryan stepped closer to Tim. He put his hand on Tim's shoulders and pushed down. Tim lowered himself to his knees with his eyes locked on the pulsing piece of flesh that Ryan held in his hand. He then turned his eyes up into Ryan's eyes. "Go ahead, suck my cock."

Tim locked his lips around the head of Ryan's cut cock and began to suckle it like a baby suckles a mother's breast. He started to rub Ryan's balls with his right hand.

"Yeah Tim, show me what a good cocksucker you are." Ryan pushed more of his veined cock into Tim's mouth. Tim kept his lips tight so that Ryan had to push his cock through onto Tim's waiting tongue. When Ryan looked down he saw Tim's eyes closed in pleasure as he sucked in the rest of Ryan's cock. Ryan thought that Tim might be as good as Ricky and his friends at worshipping his cock. Ryan knew who he could go to whenever he needed to blow a load. Ryan started swaying his hips and pulling his cock back and forth between Tim's soft lips. Fuck, it felt good.

Just as Ryan blasted his load deep into Tim's mouth, the door to the room was pushed open and a guy standing at the door looked from Ryan to Tim. Tim jumped up, wiping his mouth, and tried to leave the room but the new guy was blocking the door. "Which one of you faggots is my roommate."

Ryan stood tall with his dick hanging out dripping the last few drops of cum. "That would be me. You got a problem with me feeding this cocksucker."

"Hell no man, I wouldn't mind getting some of that mouth for myself. By the way, I'm Chris." He stuck out his hand and shook Ryan's hand. With his other hand he reached behind himself and closed and locked the door.

Chris was an inch shorted than Ryan but looked like he carried about the same amount of weight. He looked like he was a body builder based on the way his polo shirt fit his body. Without another word Chris pulled out a cock that was maybe two inches shorter that Ryan's but was almost twice as thick with dark blue veins.

He starred at Tim until Tim got back on his knees and tried to swallow Chris' cock. As hard as he tried to open his mouth, it was more than he could take in. "What kind of cocksucker are you if you can't get your lips around my cock dude?"

Ryan watched as Tim moved his jaw around until he could get the girth of Chris' dick into his mouth. Since it was shorter and now that Tim had his jaw open, Chris rammed his cock into Tim's hungry mouth. While watching, Ryan started to stroke his cock back to its full size. Chris said "nice cock man, bring it closer to this faggot's face." Ryan moved closer and Chris pulled Tim's off of his cock and turned his mouth toward Ryan's meat.

"I think we are going to be great roommates and have a lot of fun this semester." Chris stated as he shot a load all over Tim's face.


Later that afternoon, after Tim left to go get them beer and weed, and when Ryan and Chris had put away all their stuff and decided who was going to have which bed, they started talking about how they would make a great team finding cocksuckers and having some fun. Ryan asked Chris if he also liked to fuck guys and Chris affirmed that he did. "Shit maybe we can get a guy who sucks one of us off while the other fucks the shit out of him." That image brought back the feelings Ryan had when the same thing had been done to him by the football players and then again by Michael and the security guard.

There was a knock at the door and Chris opened it.

"Hi, I'm Mark, your RA. Which one of you is Chris and which is Ryan." Ryan and Chris introduced themselves. Mark was a small guy, maybe only 5'7" and 150 pounds of pretty solid muscle. He was wearing a pair of gym shorts and a school t-shirt without sleeves. "Welcome to Jackson Hall. Just wanted to let you know if you need help with anything I'm right down the hall." Ryan and Chris looked at each other both wondering if this guy wanted to help them the same way that Tim did. "I also wanted to tell you that if you follow all the rules we shouldn't have any problems. See you around." Mark walked out of the room and they heard him knock on the next door down the hallway.


While some of the guys on the floor didn't like it, both Ryan and Chris enjoyed the gang shower that Jackson Hall had. It was a square, tiled room with nine shower heads, three each on three of the walls with a bunch of hooks on the fourth wall.

Some of the guys must be so shy that they only showered late at night because Ryan and Chris never saw them in the shower. Whenever either of them used the shower they always made sure that if anyone else was in the shower that they got to see all they had to offer. They would slowly wash their arms, pecs, abs and cocks even letting their cocks start to grow. Some of the guys hurriedly finished their showers and left quickly while others kept sneaking looks at their bodies while some others would brazenly check out both of their cocks. This made both Ryan and Chris even cockier on the floor. Since they were on a men's only floor, they started walking down to the showers with only a towel over their shoulders. They even stopped in the doorways of the guys who had checked them out in the shower just to make sure they had a chance to drool over the two studliest guys on the floor. It became more and more common that some of the guys would suck them off in one of the bathroom stalls or would invite them back to their rooms. There were even a few guys, like Tim, that would take on both of their cocks at the same time.

Ryan and Chris were becoming the best of friends.


Unbeknownst to Chris, Ryan was servicing a few football players after every practice. Once practice was over, a couple of players would have Ryan stick around until the rest of the team had left. Each time Ryan had to suck all of their cocks and get fucked multiple times. Sometimes it was in the shower, other times it was on a bench in the locker room, sometimes it even happened in the training room. They made Ryan get on all fours or lay on his back and hold his legs back. Occasionally one of the players would fuck Ryan against a wall.

While Ryan never voiced it, nor act like it, he was enjoying feeling the big cocks of the players deep in his throat or his ass. He loved the way they slide in and out. Sometimes he would gag on a cock but the player just kept pushing in until Ryan's nose was against the player's pubes. The players laughed about how they were using Ryan but also told him that next year he would have the chance to feed and fuck one of the new recruits.

There was one player, the Center, that Ryan really enjoyed taking him. His cock was thick and long. Ryan enjoyed getting his cock down deep into his throat. The guy blew larger loads than any of the other players and he found he loved drinking all his cum. He also enjoyed the Center's cock deep in his ass. The guy knew just how to make Ryan feel every inch of his cock as it moved back and forth in has man hole. He had to hold back yelling in pleasure as the Center hit his prostate over and over and then dump a huge load of his cum deep in Ryan's bowels.


Each time that practice and the fucking ended, Ryan believed that the football players might be thinking of him as nothing but a faggot cocksucking bitch so he tried even harder to prove he was a stud and he and Chris were good at making that happen.

Both Ryan and Chris decided that they wanted more than the blow jobs that they were getting from the guys on the floor, they wanted to fuck someone. They both were interested in finding a muscled guy like themselves to fuck. None of the guys on the floor met that criteria so they decided to scope out the rec center. While there were lots of guys in the gym most were using the weight machines and didn't have the kind of muscled body they were looking for. It was easy to determine that what they wanted was one of the guys that worked out in the free weight room. Chris and Ryan started working out in the free weight room almost every day of the week. They both made sure that whatever shorts they were wearing, that they showed off the bulges they both sported.

After a few weeks they started to notice that several guys always seemed to be around them whenever they worked out. One in particular had a great body, it was obvious that he had worked hard to develop his defined body. Both guys started to notice that the guy was wearing shorts that were a little too tight and really showed off his hard, tight ass.

One day the guy asked Ryan to spot him as he worked his chest. Before he stepped up to the rack, Ryan pulled his jock to the side so that his cock would show as he stood over the guy's head making sure that he didn't drop the bar and weights as he worked his chest. Ryan could tell that the guy was focused on his cock as he did his reps. That made Ryan's cock start to harden. Pretty soon the head of his cock was sticking below the leg opening so Ryan had to adjust his shorts so that others wouldn't see his cock head. Chris was watching all of this happen and had to adjust his crotch several times as his cock started filling out his jock.

As the guy lowered the bar onto the rack he made sure his hand rubbed lightly across Ryan's dick. Ryan knew that he had him. Ryan asked "where can we go?"

"There's an aerobics room on the second floor that is probably free now."

Nodding his head toward Chris, "do you mind if my friend joins us."

The guy checked out Chris, licked his lips, "I don't mind at all."

The three men headed up the stairs to the aerobics room. The sign by the door said the next class wasn't scheduled for a couple of hours. The guys went into the room and locked the door then moved to corner that couldn't be seen from the hallway.

Without saying anything the guy grabbed both Ryan's and Chris' cocks and started to squeeze. "Yeah man, that's what we want." The guy pulled their shorts and jocks down so that both men's cocks were sticking straight out. The guy pulled both heads toward his mouth and started to lick both. He started working both cocks by alternately taking the heads in his mouth and using his lips and tongue to get both of their cocks ultra-hard. His next move was to take Ryan's cock all the way to the base and squeeze his throat around it. Then he moved to Chris. This back and forth went on until both Ryan and Chris were crazed and ready to drop their loads. The guy put the heads of both cocks at his open mouth and stuck out his tongue. He stroked both cocks until they both shot their loads over his tongue, lips and face. The guy swallowed and then wiped his face with his workout towel.

"Ok Dude, get on your hands and knees, it's time to give you a good fucking."

"Wait guys, I don't think I can handle either of your cocks, they're too big."

"We'll never know unless we try."

Looking at both of the men and the renewed stiffness of their cocks the guy did what they requested. Before he was all the way down, he slide off his gym shorts but kept his jock on.

Ryan and Chris did rock, paper, scissors to find out who would get to stuff the guy first. Chris won and got in position behind the guy. He spit on his hand and lubed up both his cock and the guy's waiting hole. He pushed the head of his cock against the hole and felt the heat. He pushed the head of his cock past the guy's ass ring and slowly eased his cock in. The guy at first grunted as he was assaulted with Chris' thick cock but soon was pushing his ass back against each of Chris' thrusts. Ryan watched and slowly stroked his cock. Ryan wished that it was his ass that Chris was filling. He was imaging what it would feel like to have his friend's thick cock sliding against the walls of his ass so that he could feel every vein. He wanted to feel Chris's weight against him and how it would fell to push back showing Chris how much he wanted to have his cock. As he thought of how good it would feel, Ryan let loose with his second load of cum for the day.

"Dude, what the hell, couldn't you wait to get a piece of this ass?"


All the way back to the dorm, Chris was giving Ryan shit about cumming before he even had his dick up the guy's tight ass.

"Fuck you man."

"That ain't ever going to happen Ryan, my ass is off limits."

"Mine too."

When they got to the floor they ran into Tim. They told Tim to get them some beer and weed and that he could have both of their cocks later that night after they had some time to relax after a hard workout. Tim was almost vibrating with excitement as he went on his errand.

Both men took off their work out clothes and went down the hall to get a quick shower. As usual they walked down the hall naked enjoying the feeling of eyes checking them out. Just the thought made both of their cocks get semi-hard. No one was in the shower so it ended up being a quick trip. After drying off they returned to their room and slipped on other pairs of gym shorts with nothing beneath them.

It wasn't long before Tim returned with a six pack and two joints. It looked like Tim wanted to stay but the guys told him to come back later and they would have some loads for him. They both kicked back and cracked open a couple of beers. As they sipped their cans they talked about how hot it was the guy at the gym. Chris gave Ryan some more shit about not fucking him.

Just as they finished smoking the first joint there was a knock at the door. "Open up, it's Mark."

"Shit", Ryan got up and answered the door.

"Are you guys smoking dope in here? I don't even need to ask the smoke is so thick and I see the joint in Chris' hand. I told you guys that you needed to follow the rules. I'm going to have to file an incident report."

While it wouldn't be that big of a deal for Chris, Ryan knew that it could fuck up his scholarship. "Bro, couldn't you let it slide this time. We won't smoke in the dorm again."

"Yeah, the two of you would expect that. You two walk around here like you own the place. Don't you think I know that there's a bunch of guys who suck your cocks, makes you think like you're some kind of studs, well I think that's bullshit."

"Man, please, I don't want to jeopardize my scholarship."

"Isn't that sad, you should have thought about that before you lit up."

"C'mon on man, isn't there something we can work out."

"Like I said, I'm sick of you guys. You act like you're the kings around here, well guess what, I'm the RA and I'm the king." Looking at Ryan, "maybe I just need to put you in your place."

Chris and Ryan looked at each other.

"Ryan, take off your fucking shorts and get down on the floor on your back." Ryan knew what was coming, while it made him excited, he couldn't let Chris know. "Now asshole." Ryan pulled off his shorts and got down on the cold vinyl floor. Mark undid his pants and shoved them and his boxers down below his knees. To Chris, Mark ordered "hold his legs back."

Chris held Ryan's legs back and watched in amazement as Mark put the head of his cock against Ryan's hole. To keep up the sham, Ryan struggled against both the cock trying to enter him and Chris holding him down. "Stop struggling asshole. I'm going to fuck you and you're going to beg me for more. Maybe then I won't turn in the incident report."

Mark shoved his cock into Ryan with one quick movement. The little guy's cock was out of proportion with the rest of his body, it was as big as Ryan's. Mark had no mercy, he kept driving his cock in and out of Ryan's hole. Just like Chris and Ryan, this guy just wanted to get his rocks off and could give a shit about who he was giving it to.

Ryan had worked so long keeping up the pretext that he was the stud and not a faggot, he was embarrassed that his cock grew each time that Mark hit his prostate. As Mark grunted and filled Ryan's ass with his hot, sticky cum, Ryan's cock shot out several strings of his own cum hitting his chest and face but also hitting Chris' face.

"What the fuck man?"


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