Corey led Luke back across the road to his home, the two of them sweaty, cum making Corey's t-shirt stick to his chest as it dried. Corey knew no one was home, wouldn't be for some time and he led Luke into the house, through the laundry room, the kitchen and up the narrow stairs to where there were two bedrooms and a bath, one of which was used for guest, his parents having a bedroom downstairs. The bathroom was small, a wall hung lavatory, a watercloset and an old enameled tub, its sides high, sat at the exterior wall. Luke had suggested they shower off and Corey liked the idea of getting in the shower with Luke, bathing his body, of touching it everywhere, and they pulled off their clothes, bumping into each in the confined space, sniggering, being silly with each other, Luke popping Corey on the ass, telling him how nice it was. Corey turned red with embarrassment, never imagining someone saying something like that to him; much less Luke and he turned to the tub and turned on the water.

Luke came up behind him and pressed his cock into Corey's ass, held him by the hips as he ground his cock against him.

"Damn I want to fuck this ass" Luke said and Corey gave image to the thought, imagined Luke putting his cock in him and he subconsciously pushed back against Luke. "Yeah, that's the way" Luke whispered as he felt Corey press against him. Corey turned the shower on and they climbed in, Luke pulling the curtain closed. The water was cool, refreshing and Luke grabbed up the soap, rubbed it in his hands and then began to soap up Corey's chest, his stomach, back over his shoulders, down his arms. The feel of Luke's hands on him were electric, the way they glided over his slick skin pushing the suds along, letting thick rivulets of them cascade down his body. Luke leaned forward and kissed Corey, gently at first, then more urgently, his tongue snaking into Corey's mouth, his soapy hands wrapping around Corey's body, pulling them together.

Luke pulled back and grasped Corey's growing erection, his dark skinned cock rising up hard, the arrow shaped head flaring out. Luke's soapy hand stroked it, gently at first, his fingers barely touching it, then he grasped it firmly, his fist tight around the shaft and he stroked Corey making him cry out as he pushed his hips forward into the tight fist in which Luke held him. Luke eased down on his knees, the spray of the shower blocked by Corey's body and he slide his hand to the base of Corey's erection, watched the soap drip off the head as it bobbed up and down and he moved forward letting Corey's erection slide through his lips as they pushed the soap back and off. Luke took Corey's cock all the way, felt the head push into his throat gagging him slightly and he pulled back, feeling the vein lined shaft slide back through his lips. Corey held himself steady on Luke's shoulders, broad and muscular. He held on to them firmly as Luke sucked his cock eagerly, working his mouth along its shaft till Corey thought he was going to cum, then Luke pulled off, looked up at Corey, his face serious, wanting and Corey saw the need in his eyes.

"Turn around Corey" Luke asked, his voice hoarse, low in the noise of the running water, and Corey knew this was going to be something new for him, what Luke wanted, and he turned slowly in the confined tub, the water hitting him in the chest washing the soap down his body. Luke's hand touched him in the middle of his back, pushed forward gently and Corey leaned forward, hands on the wall, till the shower was hitting him over his head. Water cascaded down his back and over his ass, ran around his torso and dripped to the floor, ran in steady streams down his stomach, over his cock and down his legs.

Corey expected to feel Luke's fingers, to feel them probe him, breach his hole for the first time. He expected Luke to stand up and press his cock to his hole, penetrate him, stretching him open. He wasn't expecting Luke to lean forward, his hands spreading Corey's ass cheeks as he buried his face in the crevice between. Corey bucked forward and Luke followed him, his tongue snaking up and down, touching him, probing him down there and Corey found himself pushing back, felt Luke spread him open more and soon Corey felt Luke's tongue touch him there, rub over it, touch him with the tip and Corey rose his face up into the spray of water and cried out. Luke tongued his hole, worked against the tight ring till Corey opened up, let him snake in a little. Corey looked down, the water cascading over his head and saw his cock, untouched, bouncing up and down, it so hard, so achingly hard he wanted to reach down and stroke it, but he held steady to the wall, braced himself as Luke worked him over.

He felt one of Luke's hands as it moved around his waist, when both let go of his cheeks and Luke's tongue was suddenly gone from his hole. He felt the hand grasp his cock, stroke it slowly as he sensed Luke standing up behind him, the other hand on his back, rubbing up and down along his spine, the water splashing around it.

"Can I fuck you, Corey? Can I put my cock in you?" Luke asked, his voice pleading.

Corey held still, the feel of Luke's hands on his body making him burn for it, want it more than anything and he leaned his head up, turning to look at Luke, nodding yes.

Luke took Corey by the waist, held him steady and he rubbed his cock along the smooth crevice between Corey's cheeks. He pushed against Corey's hole, felt the blunt head of his cock squeeze down as it tried to penetrate the tightness.

"Fuck, you're tight" Luke whispered and he pressed forward again and this time Corey pushed back, suddenly relaxing his body to Luke, allowing him entry, and Luke sank the head of his cock into Corey feeling the ring of Corey's opening squeeze down tight. Luke held still, let Corey adjust to the penetration, feeling the water splash off Corey's back, hitting him on the stomach. Corey had frozen under the initial pain, the shock of it as his hole opened to Luke's cock, but as they held still, let Luke's cock sit at his opening he felt it loosen, the pain give way to pleasure and he eased his hips back, pushed his ass down on Luke's cock taking another inch. Luke ran his hand up Corey's back and into the edge of his hair, feeling the wet hair slide over his fingers. He felt Corey push back, take more of his cock and he knew the pain of entry had subsided and he pushed forward, sank his cock slowly into the tight hole, inch by inch, as he pushed into Corey.

Luke got all of his cock in, his hips pressed up tightly to Corey's ass and he wrapped his arms around Corey's chest, pulled him up against his own as he began to fuck, driving his cock into the tight hole, stretching it loose, plunging into the virginal depths. Corey cried out, moaned and grunted obscenely with every stroke of Luke's cock. Luke grabbed Corey's cock, stroked it with his own rhythm, hard and fast. The water began to cool further, the hot water running low and Luke fucked faster. He pushed Corey back over, Corey bracing his hands on the wall, letting the shower hit him over the head. Luke ran his hand up Corey's back and into his hair once again, only this time he took it in his fist, held Corey's head up as he drove his cock into Corey's tight hole, over and over and over, pumping his cock deep into him. The water hit Corey in the face, washed over him as Luke fucked him. Luke's hand on his cock and the way his cock pumped through his hole found Corey ready to cum again, and his cock swelled up harder, the head flared out wider and he came, pumping his cum out, wad after wad, and Luke felt it, the way Corey's cock flexed in his hand and they way his hole milked his cock. He couldn't take it, this much stimulation, and he pushed in all the way and came, pumping his cock in short stabbing thrusts deep inside Corey, as he filled Corey's tunnel with his second load.

They dried off, and Corey found some shorts of his that Luke could fit into and the two of them lounged on his bed, bodies intertwined, all legs and arms and naked torsos. The sun filtered through the blinds, casting its lines of light over them as they settled down, talking quietly, sniggering, making comments so obscene Corey would blush, and eventually they settled down, lying side by side, arms and legs draped over the other and they drifted off into sleep.



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