Corey drove his old car along the two lane highway making his way toward Glenn's General Store. The air conditioning was on high to keep the interior cool for it was in the nineties with a bright hot sun. He drove along, not listening to the music playing on the radio, his mind lost in thought, anxious thoughts of his future, of the possibilities and the pitfalls that may await him. He had just finished high school and he was set up to take classes at the community college. His family, struggling to keep the farm going, couldn't afford a major university and Corey knew it was best to get his prerequisites out of the way at the much cheaper community college over in Evergreen, only 40 minutes away. Then he'd transfer and take on a student loan.

As his mind wandered he thought of graduation, of how the forty two of them were now making the decisions that would establish the kind of life they would live. Most seemed content to try farming, get a job at one of the local manufacturing plants in one of the small towns nearby, but several were going into the military, an means of escape, and a few were going to college. Several already had wedding plans to get married and the thought of that troubled and amused Corey.

He turned off Highway 97 on to Highway 6 and accelerated back up to speed, his destination only another five miles away where the old general store was situated at the crossroad of 6 and 93 and when he passed the small county school he had just finished attending he began to think of Luke. He had thought of Luke a lot in the last three years, ever since his family moved to the community, for no one moved here; they all left when they got the chance. But Luke's family had moved here. Luke's father took the jobs for football coach and history teacher at their school. Luke came in and was immediately popular, made all the right friends and since his dad was the football coach, and Luke was a good wide receiver, the community welcomed them as if they were royalty.

Corey was friendly with everyone in his class, but he had no real close friends, not since Robbie's parents divorced and Robbie and his mother moved to Atlanta during the summer prior to nineth grade. Corey still felt the loneliness at times, the way Robbie had called one day and said they were leaving and just like that he was gone. Corey tried to get closer to some of the others but the pecking order had been set and since he wasn't athletic, didn't want to play any sports and his family's farm kept him busy, he was basically alone. When the other boys started to talk about girls, flirted with them Corey realized something else. He realized he wasn't attracted to the girls, but his attractions lay elsewhere, for he found himself watching the other boys in school, especially the older ones, two or three years older, the way they were maturing, starting to look like men in his eyes. Then in the tenth grade he began to look at the boys in his own class, especially one in particular; the new boy, Luke.

Luke was tall, lean, his long legs muscular, and he had a baby face, his cheeks always having a rosy tone. He had worn his hair longer than most, the long dirty blonde hair always hanging down over his forehead and into his eyes. He was immediately popular with everyone, and the girls flirted with him shamelessly. Corey had watched from a distance, envied his casual friendly manner, felt desires and lusts that shamed him, made him anxious to the point he avoided Luke.

Corey pulled into the gravel parking lot and under the shade of the solitary old oak on the edge of the property and made his way inside. There were several farmers standing around, sodas in hand, talking about their crops, the weather and the best fishing spots. They all greeted Corey when he came in, asked about his family and continued their casual banter among themselves. Corey went to the drink case and when he turned around he saw Luke pull up outside. Corey went down the aisle of chips and candy, his eyes bouncing around looking at the selections before him and glancing up to watch Luke come in. Corey could see Luke was in a muscle shirt, his bare arms revealed, showing their muscular form. Corey tried not to look, wanted to avoid Luke, and as he made his way down the aisle he couldn't but sense Luke was behind him. He turned, pretending to consider some candy on the top shelf, and he cut his eyes hard left looking back at Luke. Luke was standing sideways to him, his bare arms moving gracefully in front of him as he pointed along the candy selections he was looking at and Corey watched him. As he looked at Luke he noticed the jeans he wore were low on his waist, so low he could see a thin ribbon of skin around his waist. The knees were blown out and his bare right knee was visible, the skin looking so smooth Corey just stared at it. When he brought his eyes up he saw Luke looking back at him, smiling.

Corey quickly tried to bluff it off, his staring and he nodded at Luke as a way of greeting. Luke turned toward him and he could see how tight the muscle shirt was on his upper body by the way his pecs strained the fabric. Corey glanced down and saw how worn and bleached out the jeans were, how worn through till they were white at the crotch and Corey swore he could make out Luke's cock, see how it lay to the side, and he caught his breath, tried not to look, and when Luke was up near him he made himself look into Luke's face, look up into his blue eyes, and he saw he was smiling at him like he knew Corey's secret.

"So what are you up to now that we are finished with high school?" Luke asked Corey.

"Not much, helping dad on the farm for the summer, then I'm going to take classes at the community college this fall."

"No shit, I didn't realize you were going to college...I mean, I figured you'd farm with your dad."

"No, I'm going to study civil engineering" Corey replied and he looked away all nervous and worried Luke could see it in his eyes, the way he made him feel.

"I'm going to the university this fall, got a scholarship which made it doable, and honestly" and he leaned close to Corey as if telling a great secret, "I can't wait to leave this place. You know what I mean?"

Corey nodded for he knew exactly what Luke meant.

"I always wondered why you were so standoffish in school and I think..." and Luke hesitated, just gave Corey a smile nodding his head then he looked at Corey all serious. "This just isn't the place for some of us, you know?"

"Yeah, I..." and Corey was still tongue tied, couldn't stop looking at Luke's body when he tried to speak to him, but he took a breath and finally began to talk. "I want to get out of here too. I want to live in Atlanta, or Dallas, or..." and he hesitated a moment then looked Luke in the eye and lowered his voice "New York."

Luke raised his eyebrows and smiled at Corey, slapping his hand down on Corey's shoulder. "Now that is what I'm talking about. Hey, I've got to run, but maybe I'll see you around this summer" and he turned and walked toward the front of the store to pay and Corey watched him walk away, watched how his ass moved in his jeans, thinking, no he didn't need to run into Luke, instead he needed to avoid him, for if he didn't his secret would come out and that couldn't happen, not yet.

The next Saturday Corey had helped his dad all morning with some fence work and by lunch they were complete. Corey sat in the swing hanging from an oak tree in the back yard reading for a while, just letting the swing move slowly back and forth until the heat and the rocking began to make him sleepy and he couldn't concentrate. He wondered if the fish would bite in this heat and decided to go give it a try, heading to the barn to get poles and the tackle box. He took down his favorite cane pole, with the fishing line wound tightly around its end and secured with black electrical tape. The only tackle was two lead weights and a hook. The tackle box sat on the shelf below and he grabbed it up and headed to the pond. Their property was over three hundred acres and the highway cut across it splitting it nearly in half. The pond was across the road and Corey walked that way down the drive, out toward the highway to cross over and down the lane that cut through the pasture and down to the pond. Cars rarely came by, so he was surprised to see one coming, and he waited at the end of the drive for it to pass. He soon realized it was slowing down and then he really took notice, realizing he recognized the car, for it belonged to Luke.

Luke rolled down the passenger side window and leaned over so he could see Corey.

"Hey Corey, where are you going fishing?"

"We have a pond just down the hill over there" he replied as he pointed to the property across the road.

"Is it good fishing?"

"Sometimes...well most of the time we can catch enough to eat, but sometimes they just don't bite." Corey wondered why Luke was so friendly all of a sudden, stopping to speak to him, then he thought why not be friendly, for school was over and they would soon be gone, each his own. "You like to fish too?"

"Yeah, but since moving here I haven't been able to do much. Dad has a boat but he hasn't used it since we moved and most of the other guys seem to prefer hunting over fishing."

"I know, but I never cared for hunting that much" and Corey glanced up, looked across the road, thinking this was ridiculous, this casual conversation and the way Luke in their last two encounters had been suddenly so friendly, but he liked it, deep down wished it had happened three years ago. He took a deep breath and leaned down resting one arm on the window sill, so he could see Luke clearly. He immediately saw Luke had his shirt unbuttoned all the way, his smooth lean chest and stomach partially exposed, tantalizingly so the way the shirt hung open and Corey swallowed hard and tried not to stare, especially at the one nipple he could see. He looked up at Luke seeing him giving him an odd look, and Corey tried to act casual, not stammer his words out or sound flustered.

"If you want you can come along and fish with me."

"Really?" and Luke smiled large and friendly, then he looked down the road and thought for a moment and turned back to Corey.

"I have to run an errand for dad. How long will you be down at your pond?"

"I can spend all afternoon down there sometimes."

"Can I come back in about an hour?"

"Sure, just pull around behind the house and walk back over" Corey told Luke, and he pointed toward the lane that cut through the pasture. "Just go through that gate and follow the lane down the hill. You can't miss it. I'll go back and get an extra pole and will be down there to see how they are biting today."

"Sounds like a plan; I'll be back in about an hour" Luke replied and as Corey stood up Luke pulled away and accelerated down the road. Corey watched him drive away and when he disappeared around the curve Corey ambled back to the barn, got another pole and headed back and down the lane to the pond, his mind all scrambled, confused, wondering why Luke was suddenly so nice to him and letting the idea form, the notion that maybe Luke would want to do something with him, but he quickly tried to kill the thought, knowing it was his imagination running away with him, a fantasy he longed for but knew he couldn't have, not here in this place.

Corey worked his way around the pond, slowing working his baited hook along the edge of the pond, just out from the grass growing in the swallow edge, the area where the fish would normally feed. He wound his way all the way around and back to his starting point and only had a couple of decent bites at the bait, but no catch. He made his way out on to the pier, the old rough wood structure sitting a couple of feet out of the water as it extended out nearly twenty feet from the bank. Corey had lost track of time, had no idea how long he had been fishing, his mind going from concentrating on his line, the tension he maintained to feel the nibble, to thinking about Luke and his attraction to him, how he found him desirable, had for the last three years and wished he had been Luke's friend, a friend who was willing to do more than just hang out in the nearby town, or play ball together, but a friend who was willing to do things, things most other boys wouldn't understand. He eased his bait out and let it drop down in a particular spot, holding the pole to keep the line taut as he sat with his legs dangling over the side of the pier, his toes able to graze the surface of the water.

A heavy foot fall on the other end of the pier startled Corey, made him jump and he quickly turned to see Luke ambling down the pier, stooping to pick up the other pole and begin to unwind the line from around its length. Corey watched him approach, looked at his naked upper body, the shirt cast off, the smooth tanned skin, glistening in the sunlight, the beads of sweat beginning to run downward. Corey tried hard not to stare, tried to keep his emotions in check, his desires masked by his seemingly indifference.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. Any luck?"

"I've had a few bites but no, no luck."

"That's okay, sometimes I just like to relax on the water, ya know?"

"Yeah" and Corey turned back to his line, avoided looking at Luke, looking at his upper body, so lean, smooth and masculine. Luke sat down near him, close enough he could see the fine light brown hairs on his legs, see the shape of his knees, the way his old shorts rode up his thighs when he sat, the skin lighter along the hem and he tried desperately to keep his eyes on his line. He saw the movement of Luke's arms as he baited his hook, cast his line out and let the bait sink from view in the calm still waters of the pond. Corey pulled his line up, checked the bait and with a simple swing of his pole arced the line back out into a new spot, holding the pole up to keep the line taut.

"This is really nice" Luke whispered.

"Yeah, my great-grandfather built it back in the fifties. We caught a lot of fish out of this old pond over the years."

"I bet" Luke replied, as he pulled his line up, caught the bait with his free hand, holding it as he turned to Corey. "Why did you seem to not like me in school?"

The question caught Corey by surprise, shocked him, and he looked at Luke with his mouth hung open, not knowing what to say at first. He pulled his own line up and held it as he turned to Luke.

"What do you mean? I never disliked you...I...always thought..." and he stumbled, not sure what to admit, not sure how to tell Luke he intimidated him, made him feel things he knew Luke wouldn't like and he looked back out over the water, at the calm still surface, the afternoon hot, humid and breezeless. "I just assumed you, playing sports and all, preferred to hang out with Billy and those guys" he said in a low whisper, not looking at Luke.

"Yeah, I guess I can see how you thought that, and those guys are alright, fun to hang with, but sometimes they are a bit much and sometimes I just..." and he just stopped, and Corey wondered what he was going to say, but his own nervousness wouldn't let him focus on what Luke was saying. He couldn't look at him, not at this moment.

"You ever feel like you don't fit in?" Luke asked after a moment's silence.

Corey cast his line out and kept his eyes on the place where the line disappeared in the water. "All the time" he whispered, his tone flat not sure if he was addressing Luke or just saying it out loud so he could hear the words spoken. He saw Luke shift next to him, moving closer, and Corey turned and watched as Luke eased down next to him, pointing out over the water to the far side. Luke had settled close to Corey, so close that Luke's legs tickle the hairs on his own legs, and he could sense the heat of Luke's body, catch the sweet scent of his sweat that beaded up on it and ran down in rivulets and as his eyes followed down Luke's arm to look at where he was pointing he saw the smooth tanned arm, the way the muscle defined its shape, showed Luke's strength. When he finally could focus on where Luke was pointing he saw a large crane slowly stepping along the edge of the pond, walking the grass that grew in the swallow edge hunting for something to eat.

"A blue heron" Corey stated, "they come here all the time."

"It's beautiful, isn't it" Luke said in a low soft voice and when he brought his arm down he rested his hand on Corey's thigh, as he turned to face him. "It is really nice out here Corey, at your pond...with you."

Corey looked at Luke, his mind a swirl of emotions, confusions, and his anxieties of so many years made him freeze, unable to reply and he looked down, turned his eyes down on Luke's hand, looked at the way the broad wide hand with its long delicate fingers lay on his thigh, the tough hot, electric and he saw the hand move till only a couple of fingers touched him, ran up over the skin, raking through the fine brown hair. Corey swallowed and holding his pole tightly, unable to move except for his eyes which followed Luke's fingers, watched as they moved back and forth over his thigh.

"I don't know why you're so shy. I mean, you are so cute, you know that?" Luke whispered, not breaking the spell he had on Corey and he moved his fingers up over Corey's naked thigh till his fingers worked along the hem of Corey's shorts and he ran his fingers over the fabric moving upward, knowing Corey could feel his touch through the fabric. Luke turned and moved closer, his head only an inch from Corey's, his mouth up to Corey's ear, so close Corey could feel his breath blow over his own skin.

"You want me to stop?" Luke whispered so softly, so quietly and Corey nodded his head no and after a minute he finally turned, knew this was real, knew Luke was touching him, making his emotions rise up, and he felt Luke doing those things he wanted to do, and Corey turned toward Luke and quickly, carelessly, brought his lips to Luke's and kissed him. He pulled back as soon as he had done it, looked to see how Luke was going to react, see if Luke was just playing him, teasing him, but Luke smiled back at him and as Luke ran a hand upward and fondled and squeezed his crotch, manipulated the hardening cock confined in his shorts, Luke reached up with his other hand and took Corey by the neck and pulled them back together, lips pressing together, tongues dueling, and Corey released his desires, relaxed into Luke, felt Luke's tongue in his mouth and Luke's hand on his cock.

For Corey everything stopped, nothing, not even the sound of his pole hitting the water broke into his bliss, the feel of Luke kissing him, the feel of Luke's hand on his cock, feeling it swell, getting hard and Corey slowly, tentatively, reached up and touched Luke's chest, felt the heat of his skin, wet and slick with sweat, he felt the sweat roll over his fingers as he traced them over Luke's skin, felt the contours of his pecs, the soft nipple and the hard center as his fingers grazed over it. He ran his fingers downward, over the lean stomach, sliding them over the hot slick flesh. Luke moved his lips along Corey's jaw, roughly, passionately, lips and tongue touching Corey's skin, feeling the roughness of him not having shaved for a couple of days, his beard scraggly, not yet full and Luke brushed his soft lips over it, the smooth spots and the rough and he moved to Corey's neck. Corey brought his hand down to Luke's crotch, let his fingers roam over the soft fabric of his shorts, squeeze and grope the growing erection confined in them. He felt how Luke responded to his touch.

Luke shifted up on his knees beside Corey, placed his hand on Corey's chest and got him to ease down till he was lying on his back. Corey looked up at Luke as he shifted around, felt Luke undo his shorts, tug them open and for a moment he wondered if he was good enough, was his cock big enough, but he couldn't maintain this anxiety, these foolish thoughts for he felt Luke's mouth moving over his briefs, touching him through them, the warm breath, the pressure of Luke's tongue and lips moving along his cock making if feel harder, throbbing in its confinement within his briefs. Corey opened his eyes and saw Luke was shifted around to where he could reach his lower body and he reached out tentatively, his hand shaking, and he rubbed it over Luke's ass, squeezed one cheek, then the other, and the ran his hand down between Luke's legs till he could reach the button and zipper of Luke's shorts and he tugged on the button popping it free and as he fumbled for the zipper, tried to grasp it with his fingers he felt Luke pull off his cock and push his briefs and shorts down. The bright sun beat down on his exposed cock and balls and he could feel his nakedness, the way the sun warmed his body and then he felt Luke take his cock, hold it up and then he felt the warmth, the wetness as Luke slid his mouth down over his cock, sucked on the head, licked it, tongue prodding the slit in the head and then he felt his cock sink into Luke's mouth.

Corey cried out, never having felt anything so good, something that brought pleasurable sensations through his entire body and for a moment he was lost in this pleasure and he stretched out letting the hot sun beat down on him as Luke's mouth worked up and down on his cock. He finally resumed trying to get Luke's zipper down and when he was able to open up Luke's shorts he pushed them down as far as he could. Luke's boxers tented obscenely with his hard cock and Corey took a hold of it, felt its hardness through the fabric, felt it flex and throb. He tried to tug the boxers down but suddenly he felt his own cock come free of Luke's mouth and Luke moved up on his knees, tugged his boxers and shorts down and worked them off till he was naked. Corey looked at his body, the way his cock curved upward, it so hard it was flexing up and down, looked at the way his torso narrowed to his waist and he looked at the determination and desire on Luke's face, this focus on getting his clothes off and now he was moving over Corey and Corey watched how Luke pushed his shorts and briefs as far as he dared with Corey's legs still dangling over the side of the pier, Corey watched Luke straddled his hips, take his cock in hand, holding it up and rubbed his own ass over its head, stroking up Corey's lust, making his want more. Corey watched Luke move his ass back and forth and Corey felt Luke suddenly center his hole over the head of his cock, press down on it slightly letting Corey feel it tightness.

"Goddamn I want you in me" Luke cried out as he eased down letting Corey's cock penetrate his tight hole. Luke threw his head back, his body stretched out lean and tight and Corey ran his hands up Luke's stomach and over his chest, feeling the taut muscles, the shivering under the skin as Luke eased his body downward, taking Corey's cock inch by inch. Corey watched his cock disappear in Luke, watched as it penetrated through the tight ring of Luke's ass and pushed into the soft warm tunnel of his ass. Luke moved back up, grabbed Corey's t-shirt by the tail taking a wad of fabric in each hand and pushed it up till it was gathered up under Corey's arms leaving his chest exposed, the sun hot on his skin, and Luke ran his hands over his chest, massaged them roughly as Luke sat with Corey's cock buried in his ass. Luke pinched Corey's nipples and Corey had never felt such pain and pleasure so intertwined, felt the way it seemed to make his cock harder, make it flex in the tight confines of Luke's hole and Luke pulled up, brought his ass up till Corey could see most of his cock shaft. Luke didn't hesitate as he brought his ass back down, and he pulled up again and when Corey felt his cock head about to slip free Luke dropped back down, slamming his ass down on Corey's hips.

Luke fucked himself on Corey's cock, rode it hard, slamming down over and over and over, letting it sink all the way inside his hole and Corey felt the way Luke's hole milked his cock, every move up and down squeezing the shaft, making him feel the need to cum build up and he began to push up with his hips when Luke came down, letting their bodies slap together and Luke cried out each time. Corey saw how exhausting Luke's exertions were for him, saw how his body was sweating profusely, rivulets of sweat streaking his body and Corey reached up and pulled Luke down, hugged their bodies together and pumped his hips harder, working his cock in short stabbing thrusts into Luke's body as he kissed Luke along his neck tasting the saltiness of his skin. Luke wrapped his arms and held tightly to Corey as he worked his hips with Corey's thrust and far too soon Corey couldn't hold back any longer and he pumped upward hard, slammed his cock into Luke and he came, shooting his load deep into Luke.

They lay still for a moment, both breathing hard, then Luke sat up and Corey saw him take his cock in hand, stroking it hard, and he began to rock his hips making Corey's sensitive cock remain hard while it was still in Luke's hole and Luke began to stroke his cock faster and faster.

"Shoot, come on shoot" Corey began to whisper, his voice getting louder and louder, almost demanding as he begged Luke to cum and Luke rocked his hips harder, his breathing more ragged and suddenly Corey felt Luke's hole spasm on his cock, milk the last of his load out as wad after wad of cum hit him in the face. Luke shot large wads of thick white cum and it dripped down Corey's face, ran down over his mouth and dripped off his chin as he watched Luke continue to pump out cum, the last dribbling over his cock head and smeared along his cock by his hand strokes.

When Luke was finally spent, he leaned over and kissed Corey, letting his cum mix between them as it wet their lips. Corey ran his hands up and down Luke's back, feeling them slide through the sweat as Luke laid on top of him.

"Are your parents around?" Luke finally said after a long silence.

"Mom is gone to the church for some wedding and dad is checking his soybean fields and won't be back for awhile."

"Good, let's go shower off" and Luke eased up, picking up his shorts and putting them on. Corey pulled his shirt down and then worked his briefs and shorts back up. When Corey stood up Luke grabbed him by the neck and pulled them together, kissing Corey gently. Corey let his hands lightly hold Luke by the waist, the naked skin hot to the touch. Luke broke their kiss and pulled back, smiling.

"We have some catching up to do."



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