So we got to school on time he kissed me and we headed to our different classes it was still kinda hard to wrap my mind around him being a vampire but it was ok cause he was different he was a good one if u could call him.

So as I was exiting my first class I noticed someone he was steering at me like he new me but I didn't give him much thought the day ended and i didn't get to see him all day but as soon as i walked out there he was waiting on me "hey babe how was your day" he kissed my cheek people were steering but for the first time i didn't care he made me feel safe.

At my old school people would mock me for being different they would bully me because I was Gay so I had no friends and it was hard being alone all the time I use to cry a lot and I was cutting myself to feel better someday he's gonna see the scars on my shoulders where it began and he's going to want to know but I'm prepared to tell him whatever he wants to know.

Here was different they didn't care what u like as long as u don't mess with them we got to his car and there was the guy again watching me no watching us like he was making sure of what he saw Ven saw him and I spotted there horror in his eyes "what is it babe" he just shook it off and started the care "it's nothing so I'm gonna take u home and head back to my place and I'll pick u up a lil later ok babe" I nodded we got to my place he drooped me off kissed me good bye and was on his way I went straight to my room no one was home yet mom and dad were at work I did my home work and dosed off.

He called me "babe I'm out here waiting on u where u at" "I just woke up what are we doing tonight do I have to get dressed?" he was silent for a bit "yep wear something casual" I got off the bed took a quick show and headed down stairs mom had left a letter "El dad and I have been sent on a emergency business trip we will be back in a few days so be safe love mom and dad" so I had the place to myself for a few days I walked out the front door and there he was dressed in black pants white t and black high top shoes he looked sexy standing there "so where are we going babe" he just smirked "you'll see" he opened my door kissed me and got in the drivers side we drove in silence for bit and I we held hands the whole way to wherever he was taking me we got there and it was a bar and restaurant "our proper first date" we got out and walked into the place it wasn't as full as I thought they seated us and brought us drinks and menus we ordered and waited "u are so sweet" I leaned over the table and kissed him we talked and laughed and the food came it was good we ate and I felt His eyes on me I looked up in to his eyes they seem to change colours "what colour is your eyes?" he looked at me with a devious smile "what colour do u want them to be" I just giggled he was so sweet "I want then to be there own colour the one u were born with" he looked at me and his eyes change to on colour that is in human "my eyes are the colour violet" they were perfect beautiful they were endless like steering into a see of lavender fields he smiled and he new I loved them "so what do u think" "they tell the truth" he looked confused "how so?" "they show your Pain, your sadness, the love, the loneliness, they tell me your scared like I said they show the truth" he looked impressed "u are truly different from my ex" he kissed me and we continued talking he watched his watch "it's time to get out of here I believe" he called for the check payed it and as we were about to get in the car they guy from today showed up "so this is the guy you've been spending all your time with a human" he said those words like they were a curse "what do u want" he looked at me Ven was getting angry I could feel The waves of rage coming off him "Ven don't do it he isn't worth it let's just go" Ven looked at me he opened the car for me and we got I'm I thought it was over but I was wrong he pulled my door off its hinges and dragged me out off the car I was terrified "let him go now" Ven was pissed his eyes turned black his fangs were out and he was going to kill this guy he was about to come at him but the guy was inches from my neck "u male the wrong move and i will drain him dry Ven and i know u don't want that do u" I was afraid the Ven would do something to hurt himself I didn't care what happened to me as long as he's safe as long as I could protect him that's when it all change but it was the same Ven was ready to kill the guy was going to kill me but I wasn't scared of him I wanted to kill him myself my blood ran hot I saw red and then I heard my voice but it didn't sound like me "listen u weak perthtic creature if u don't release me I'm going to kill u" he laughed "u your human u can do anything to someone like me" I smiled "wrong answer" he started to burn his skin sounding like pop corn I burned his arm that was around me "see that's where your wrong I'm not human I'm different stronger than your kind and much more powerful so listen to me if u ever come around here and try to touch my boyfriend again there will be nothing left of u on this planet" and left and I passed out.


What the hell just happened my boyfriend just almost kill my ex what the hell is going on around here he came to on the way to his house "what happened" I couldn't make words come out so I just drove in silence we got to his house but his parents weren't suppose to be home "what happened" his mother looked at me like I did something wrong "mom is not his fault but I don't think I'm human" She let out a heavy sigh "your a nephilim your father and i were once human in order to protect u we used the last of our power to seal away your abilities so we became human what we didn't prepare for was u find a demon to fall in love with it seem being around him weakened the seal and him or u being in danger broke the seal u are half Demon that's from me and half Angle that's your father we didn't think u would break it so u would have lived a normal human life" he looked at me in shock he could talk he wasn't sure what would happen now I wasn't sure what would happen all I knew was I love him even if he isn't human "so we're does this leave me and Ven?" She looked at me and was deep in thought but it was his father that spoke "he is unsafe with u the other demons now know of your existence he won't be safe with u they will use him as your weakness" I looked at him he doesn't know me "I am the future king of the vampire kind I am one of the most powerful creatures on this planet no demon or vampire can touch me i can bring this world to its knees" his father just smiled "even so these demons are stronger than u the will live forever u will die if they know how to kill u listen boy run while u can cause when it gets hard and u wanna go who's gonna keep my son safe" he didn't understand did he "I love him I don't like him or just want to fuck him I love him more than u would understand even though u should cause look at your wife u would die for her like I would die for him so don't think for one second I will run I would rather die than leave him" his father searched for unsureness in my words and on my face "well be prepared for that cause they will be coming for him and they will show no mercy for u or him" he watched me and ensured that i understood him El and i left for my place he kissed me in the car and said "I love u no matter what happens know that" we got to my place and I got my stuff on a order for what I was about to do "what are those things" I had the crystals out and ready "they are binding crystals they will hide us from the outside world I will activate them and bind us with in they will hide us even when we leave the house they won't be able to find us with out the proper skills to find your trail" he looked worried and i hugged him close and kissed his head "everything is gonna be fine ok babe don't worry i will do everything in my power to protect u" he kissed me i put up the binding and we cuddled and watched a movie.

I didn't realise he fell asleep I lifted him and took him to our bed I was about to leave him when he held onto me in his sleep and I just got next to him and he held on to me by my waist and continued sleeping I love him and I'm willing to die for him this is the first time I've felt this real love not be used not being miss treated but pure love.

He woke up "I really don't want to go to class today can we just sleep in" he put on his pouting face and i couldn't help but say yes I nodded and he just pushed up closer to me he kissed me so deep so long he just kept going he was turning me on he felt my cock rising "oh wow that's a big one let me help u with that" he took off my shirt and started kissing my neck licking my chest making me moan he sucked on my Nipples making them hard licked his way down my body till he reached my cock it was Standing at 9.5 inches and it felt like I was about to burst "please stop teasing me babe" he smirked and started lickIng it and sucking it he was good real good I was so close I had to stop him "wait my turn" I turned him over and kissed him took off all his clothes leaving him in his briefs he just blushed he was sexy well built I was loving the view "what?" he was steering back at me "u are perfection" I kissed him bit his chest (be careful not to draw blood) and left marks all over his body he was moaning and clawing at the sheets I went down on him his duck was normal like 7. 5 incher I loved the taste of him he tasted good "babe I want u to fuck me please I'm begging u" I took two finger and lubed it up and placed at the entrance of his hole it was so pink and looked sweet I couldn't help myself I licked at it he gasped in pleasure I tough fucked him and he moaned in pleasure he scrapped me and the smell of my blood made me feel hot like I was burning up he was causing all this pleasure with all this pain i place a finger in him then two to get him ready "babe this is gonna hurt at first u ready" he just nodded so I lined up with his hole and started to push in he gasped and dug his nails in me i moaned in pleasure with the pain my head popped in and i started to enter him inch by inch till it was to my balls I stopped and waited for him to get use to me being in him it tight his ass was throbbing It felt like a volcano in him he was so hot "u ready" he looked at me "yeah babe fuck me hard!!!!!" I started I pulled all the way out he gasped and i went back in i repeated this a few times and then started to fuck him he moaned and scratch at my arm he kept moaning louder and louder I lifted him and sat and placed him down on me without ever leave his glory hole it was so hot he bounced up and down on my cock never getting tired never having to stop but with him I was close "I'm close babe" he said in between moans oh shit me to "I'm gonna cum oh here it ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!" he came and so did I long ropes of cum shooting into him he just kept moaning he collapsed next to me while my cum ran out off him it looked like it would never end this is the first time someone made me cum so hard "babe what did u do to me" he looked back at me "was it not good" he looked hurt "no it was the best I ever had u made me cum with out me having to try to hard u are amazing how did u do that" he just shrugged "maybe it's a demon thing" he just smiled we got up showered and changed the sheets and he went to bed I lay there next to him and all I could think of how hot he makes me and my cock began to tent my briefs he was so hot I slipped my dock into him he woke up kissed me and went right back to bed with me in him I just lay there in complete bliss he was mine forever and this pain and pleasure would never end.



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