I saved him why did I do that? I've watched so many people die why was it so hard to let him die? He Smelled different his mind was unreadable what is going on with me why do I feel like this?

So I got home to the big empty house and went straight to my books not sleeping is so hard when your alone then I heard him coming why was he here always thinking I will change "what do u want Xen u are wasting your time I'm not coming back home" he just walked over to me and kissed me he was always the one to make me feel better but after what he did I didn't want to see his face. "can u please just leave" he looked at me like he was hurt but I knew better he was a monster he as he pleased never caring about the consequences of what he does and the hard part I loved him "act as though u didn't love me that I didn't give u this life now all u do is run from me and hide in these hell holes but as always I find u" he was making my anger spike "listen u fool as u already know u are stronger than me because your older but u forgot one thing I have an extra ability and I will make u believe that u are a Fuck rat for a week so u have two choices get the Fuck out or I will fuck u for fun and invite a few friends and u know how u don't like to be shared" he just smiled and kissed me one more time "poor Ven to bad u left u will come back one way or another cause u are mine and no one else may have u" he left and I went back to reading my books.

Next morning I got up and got ready for class (yep I go to school what else am I gonna do) so got to class and I saw him getting out of his usual car he doesn't even look at me cause he no longer knows I exist so I finally stop steering and head to my first lecture he was in my class he was one of the smart ones always to the front of the class taking note he ask the most questions he answered the most of them to it ended and he was on his way out I was gonna speak to him but another guy beat me to it I walked away and listened in on his the mind convo "so what's up I've been watching u awhile now and I'd like to take u out if u don't Mind" he blushed a little and nodded I still couldn't get in his head it was bothering me a little but not much the guy talking to him was just thinking about fucking him and leaving like he always does it made me angry to read his mind but I don't know why cause El was just another human just food to me but I wanted him to be mine and no one else's. School ended and he was leaving to head to his after class activities and so I swallowed my pride and decided to talk to him "hey my names Ven I was wondering if u would go out with me tonight" he raised a eye brow "ain't u a little confident um u look like a nice guy but I have classes until 8 if u sure u wanna take me out how about u come to the class with me" I thought about it and nodded we walked in silence for a bit "so how come u just wanna take me out" I looked at him I really didn't know what to say so I told him what came to mind "your different from all the others I've seen your smart and handsome" he smiled "but how did u know I was Gay" I smiled "I saw a dush bag of a guy talking to u today he fuck's all the nice guys and leave them after trust me" he just looked surprised "did he do that to u" I shook my head "he did it to my ex after he left me for the guy" we got to the class and went into the change room "here" he handed me some tights it was a dance class I watched as he took off his clothes he was sexy not built for football but his legs where beautiful his arms his chest his abs he was well made he saw me steering and blushed "now my turn for a show" with a big smirk on his face I took off my shit with only my vest on i wasn't built either but I had broad shoulders a big chest great legs and a well defined 6pack he bit his lip he looked down when I took off my pants I had a great Cock (no exaggeration needed) 7 when soft and 10 when hard and thick he watched as I put on my tights "so what are we doing when we're done here" he stop steering and answered "what u wanna do" I thought about it "how about we go to my place and just lay around for a bit have some wine and dinner?" he just nodded and we went into the studio he was great I was ok the girls couldn't help but steer at me it was like they saw a god it was a good first time we finished changed and left he called his dad and told him he got a ride all ready we got my car and he was drooling over it "is this a Austin Martin I so want one how do u afford it" I open the door for him and get in "I have many different businesses around the world my father left me a lot of money" he just smiled and sat in the car we got to my place parked in the garage he walked around the car and I led him inside we took the elevator to the top floor and started talking we talked all night he laughed and giggled I was about to kiss him when he stopped me "wait I like u but if u feel is because u have all this money I'm gonna give u me just like that Your just as bad as the other guy" I shook my head "I like u and i didn't bring u here for sex I brought u here because I wanted to get to know u" he blushed and started talking again and I realised it was late "hey is time to get u home so let's go" we got in the car and was on our way to his place I pulled up in front his house and said good night "I had really good time with u u wanna do it again tomorrow" I nodded and as he was about to exit the care he kissed me and it felt like an electrical current ran through my body the kiss ended and he went into his house.

Tomorrow I get to see him again and whatever it is about him that makes me feel like this I love it.



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