Chapter - 3


I finally got home and all I could think about was him his face his lips his smile his voice he was all I thought about I wanted him more than I wanted air he was intoxicating he left me at my door I kissed him he left me breathless why was he able to do this to me why did I even pretend I didn't want to have sex with him.

I got up at my normal time got ready for class and was walking out the door and there he was waiting for me in font my house i just smiled and walked up to his car "are u stalking me now" he just smiled "get in you're gonna make up late" I got in and we were off to school I got out of his car and the eyes were directly on us it was uncomfortable but he didn't seem to notice so I walked up closer to him "there steering at u" he just smiled leaned down to so we were face to face "it's not me there steering at" he was right it was like the spot light was falling me everywhere I went it was annoying he just locked his car and we walked to our first class together we sat in our normal seats and listened to the lecture he was watching me I felt his eyes on me he made me blush I looked up and saw his smile. We met up after class and head to grab some lunch we got our stuff and sat on the grass "so what do u wanna do late go to my place and do what we did yesterday?" I thought about it I know if we do that later I would end up having sex with him but not yet and he isn't rushing me into it so I had a better idea "how about u come to my place for dinner is that cool?" he thought it over "sure why not what time?" "around 8" he nodded and kissed me and was off to his next class and so was I.

So get to his place for him to change and get ready we went to dance class and he insisted that he change so we ended up at his place he walked me to his room and I sat on his bed "just let me take a quick shower" he walked out of his clothes right in front me he only had on his boxer briefs and entered the bathroom he was smoking hot his body was well kept maybe not even a ounce of fat anywhere he showered and walked out in his towel I bite lips and he saw me looking "take care u draw blood the way your biting them so hard" I blushed and he chuckled he walked over to me and toke my hand pulled me up and kissed me hard my hards started roaming he just smiled he was making it hard to resist him on purpose he bit my lip and i moaned he whispered "we need to stop before we do something we may regret" I just nodded but he didn't stop kissing me "s-stop" and he did even though we were both pitching some tents "ok I'm gonna get dressed" he walked away and came back a few minutes later well dressed for dinner mom is gonna like him.

We get to my place and I now remember I didn't tell mom or dad that a friend was coming over "mom I'm home and we have a guest so plea. se control yourselves" we walked in and mom saw me and was smiling "hi hunni who's your friend?" he walked up to my mom and stretched out his hand "my name is Ven Bishop" my mom shook his hand and spoke here name "nice to meet u I'm Seara Cross my husband his running late again so I will just be us three" we sat for dinner talked and laughed and the time just flew it seems is like this all the time when your with Ven "it's getting late so I best be on my way thank u for the lovely dinner Mrs. Cross and El I will see u tomorrow" I walked him to the door kissed him good night and as he was about to turn to leave dad was walking in he looked scared "hey dad what's up" "nun much this the new boyfriend" He was shocked Ven stock out his hand and spoke my dad's hand "the names Ven sir" "u got a strong grip there son my name Elise Cross so u had a good time" Ven just nodded and dad pat Me on the back and entered the house "I didn't know your parents knew u were Gay" I just giggled "I tell them everything the minute I new I was Gay I told them they accepted me no matter what or who I like they love me" He kissed me one more time hard and long we ended up siting on the steps talking till 3am he made me smile and giggle all the while "so we are not making it to any classes tomorrow" he was right so I got up gave him my hand "come on your sleeping over not gonna let u go home until u have rested" I kiss him and we head up stairs into my bedroom he takes off most of his clothes and stay in his underwear I do the same we crawl into bed and he cuddles with me and we dose off to sleep.


I pretended to sleep until he fell asleep I watched him dream all night he was so cute I tried to move but he held on to my arm for dear life so I just lay there and let him sleep.

I was thinking is this a dream am I really meant to be happy after all the things I've done after all the lives I've taken the Kingdoms I have destroyed people I've hurt why should I be happy and then I heard him say "Ven don't leave me" in his sleep as if he can read my mind I kissed his forehead he was so sweet I would try to be good for him If not for any other reason.

He woke up and I was heading to the bathroom he saw me taking my t-shirt off "u gonna shower?" I just nodded "u wanna come" I looked at him from over my shoulder and gave him my evil grin he got up and started striping "hunni time for breakfast" his mom was calling from downstairs he was about to take off his pants when we heard here voice "shit I for got to tell them your here I'll be back" he left and went down stairs I got into the shower I started sing my fave song and i heard him sneak into the bathroom and closed the door he walked into the shower naked and pressed himself to my back I turned around and kissed him deeply he pushed me against the wall and was kissing me forcefully he was good but I was stronger I gently eased him away "I not ready for this trust me I want to so fuckin bad but we can't do this not yet" he nodded and we went back to actual showering we finished dried off and changed and went down stairs for breakfast "good morning boys how did ya'll sleep?" his dad just had a smirk on his face it was fun to watch is parents play dumb he just blushed "dad please behave we have a guest" his mom just giggled I wish my parents were like his loving and caring oh well we can never always have what we want "I slept well" we got done with breakfast we had some laughs and we were off to my place "mom I'm going to Ven's house won't be back till later bye" "ok bye hunni be safe and have fun" we got in my car and we were off "so what are we like a couple now?" he was nervous about that question but I knew it was coming eventually "El there is something I have to tell u but when we get to my place ok" he looked confused but he just nodded we rode in silence.

We get to my place and I'm not sure how to start to explain this to him "do u remember the first time we met" he was about to speak but I cut him off "I mean the real first time we met u were about to be raped by some guys and I stopped them" he looked at me confused so I walk over to him and kiss him releasing him from my spell and he was a little fuzzy at first and then he really looked at me "your not human your a vampire aren't u?" I was about to step up to him but he backed away and it felt like he ripped my heart out why did I do this it was stupid to think that he would accept me for who or what I am all of them are the same "u saved me" and that was it he stopped my thoughts at that moment "why didn't u just let me remember why go through all of this why put me through all of this" I didn't think he would cry but he started to "I didn't know what u would think of me i wanted to be sure that u would expect me" he whipped his eyes and walked over to me "even if u turned into a bat I wouldn't care" he kissed me long and deep I pulled back "we don't turn into bats" I just chuckled and he kissed me some more he didn't care that i was a monster and he wasn't going to run I was his he owned me even though he didn't know it yet "so what does this mean am I your bitch" I just laughed and he blushed "nope in lack of a better word I'm your bitch I will love u as long as u live and will try my hardest to never break your heart" he kissed me one last time and headed straight to my bedroom "so I'm thinking I'm gonna stay the night so let me call home" he called spoke to his mom and hung up "so u have to get me home in time for classes tomorrow or else mom is gonna be pissed ok" I just nodded we got ready for bed and went straight to it "so u drink blood and all that" I nodded "I'm different from other vamps I can go days without blood and i can eat human food most of our kind can't do that" he smiled "so what else can u do besides erase people's memories" "I can read minds and make u do things if I want u to" he just looked at me "so can u do that to me" I shook my head "for some strange reason no but I like that i can't do that to u" he looked worried "is there something wrong with me" "maybe it's because your crazy enough to want to be with me" he just giggle we talked all night about my past my life and a few other things "so what about your family" I knew this was coming "my parents are the first generation of vamps in the world they made me like humans do I'm one of the only original children I'm the one of the only ones that can stand day light and live without blood I left them because they couldn't expect that i refuse to drink blood they wanted me to be like my ex boyfriend but I couldn't just keep killing people for food" he hugged me "I'm sorry babe that it happened to u" I kissed him and ended that convo "time for bed we got class tomorrow so night night" he looked at me "don't u sleep" "no I don't I just pretend to so u wouldn't suspect a thing or get worried" we got ready for bed he curled up in his lil space close to my neck "Ven I think I love u" he drifted off to sleep and then I whispered in his ear "I think I love u to El" I rest my arm over him and watched him sleep.



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