Ken had been a beat cop for 8 years in a small Midwest town. Still in his twenties, he was in good shape and looked good in his uniform. He was good at his job and well liked by his superiors, peers and the public. He'd gotten several commendations over the years for capturing robbery suspects, apprehending a murderer and for finding a bomb in a department store during a bomb threat. All in all, he was a good cop who was happy with his working life.

The department was understaffed so there was always opportunity for overtime. In addition, many businesses and construction crews came to the police department to hire off-duty cops for security jobs. Ken was no stranger to the overtime. His job did not pay all that well so he worked as much overtime and part-time as he could. He wanted to get a house of his own but he needed to put money away to do it. He'd lost his first house to his wife when that marriage ended 6 years ago. Cheryl and Ken were high school sweet hearts but she soon decided that a beat cop could not help her rise where she wanted to go in society. The relationship grew strained and with Ken working all the part-time jobs, he was never home. Ultimately, Cheryl wanted a divorce. In a seemingly insane court ruling, the house was granted to Cheryl for no apparent reason and Ken got his wide-screen TV and some furniture. With the bang of the Judge's gavel, the marriage was dissolved. He last saw her on the arm of a rich business man who owns a string of restaurants throughout the state. He was sure she'd be in socialite columns and amongst the movers and shakers. He'd never had any interest in that.

Ken found a small run-down house in the country just outside town. The owner was more than happy to rent to him at a good price just to help out a cop. In his off time, Ken cleaned up the yard and did minor repairs to the house to make it livable for him. It was just a square box with a eat-in kitchen and one bedroom and bath. There had been a chimney in the center at one time but now only an empty boxed-in area remained where the decaying bricks had been removed. The house now had in-wall electric units to heat and cool. The cost of electricity was high so Ken kept it very cool in Winter and opened the windows in Summer. Round holes through the sheet rock where stove pipes once connected to the chimney were the only reminders that a chimney had been there. Ken had stuffed pink insulation into these holes when he moved in.

As a patrol cop, he knew his beat. He knew the store owners, the shop-keepers, the waitresses and the home owners. He was visible and vigilant in keeping his turf crime free. If a burglary occurred, he took it personally and usually would work out who had done it before the detectives could. A cop's cop and all around nice guy, he never suspected that he might become a target himself. A target for purposes he would never have even imagined.

He stood about five foot nine and weighed about 170 solid pounds. His short, dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes complimented his oval face. He was not what anyone would consider to be an overly handsome man but he was in good physical shape, had washboard abs, great buns and kept himself in meticulously clean and good condition. He was a country boy working in a small city. Down to earth, friendly and open, he looked for the best in people but was not naïve enough not to expect some 'bad apples' in the world. His great personality and kindness did not go unnoticed. Many appreciated it but one particular person found it unbearably alluring.

In the years since his divorce, Ken had not dated much. His heart hurt from being rejected by his wife. He tried to be a good boy friend but never felt right having sex with other women. His guilt prevented it. Over time, his only sexual release was found with his hand in the moments he was emerging from sleep.

In those moments between unconsciousness and full awareness, he could forget the world and give in to his sexual need to release his seed. He sometimes had strange dreams leading into his jack-off session but the details faded soon and were forgotten. Sometimes, those dreams were of him being captured and abused by one or more criminals. Other times, he would be pulling over a very macho guy and end up raping him. Sometimes, he was tied up and a beautiful woman would be sucking his cock. Sometimes, he'd remember high-school sex in his car with his former wife. His dreams were vivid only for a moment and then his physical manipulation of his cock would block out all else. At first, the dreams of losing control or having gay sex had alarmed him, but over time, he began to accept them as natural.

Chapter One - The Watcher

Ken usually patrolled on the evening shift which ran from 3pm to 11pm. In the mornings, he often worked security at a bank or sat in his patrol car while construction crews placed or removed cones and barrels from the US highway in his town.

Today, he awoke at 5:30am for a part-time job at a road construction site until noon. He showered, shaved and dressed. He was very particular about his uniform when he wore it. It had to be crisply pressed with absolutely no lint on it. He dressed and examined himself in the bathroom mirror to insure his uniform was perfect. He got his hat and brushed it off to insure no dust or lint lingered. Placing the hat on his head, he viewed himself and was pleased that he looked military regulation and authoritative. In fact, gazing from the top of his grey felt 'Smokey the Bear' hat down his French blue uniform shirt, sweeping down his midnight blue uniform trousers, to his polished Magnum boots, he looked with a critical eye. He turned to the side to see that his tie was not sticking out, his French blue stripe down the side of his pants was straight and that his hat was at the correct angle with gold cord and tassels perfectly placed. He faced forward to the mirror again, saluted himself and left the house. Outside, he got into his cruiser and drove to the construction site to sit, like a mannequin, for the next four hours.

Unknown to Ken, someone was watching him the whole time he performed his morning routine. Inside the cavity where the chimney once stood, the pink insulation had been parted to allow view through the former stove-pipe openings into the rooms. That central chimney core allowed full view of the whole house through each of those holes.

The person watching Ken would stroke his hard meat while he drank in the site of Ken in bed, in the shower and Ken getting into uniform. The wonderful uniform. The icon of authority. The one thing that made Ken stand out among others. He lusted for Ken. He wanted to control Ken. He wanted to have sex with Ken. He wanted to own Ken. He waited and continued surveillance.

After Ken drove away, a trap door covering the hole where the floor furnace once lay slid out of the way. A man crawled into the living room and drank in the smell and feel of the place. Once again, he was inside the house of the one he wanted to possess. The one he wanted to be.

He walked into the kitchen and found the coffee mug left by Ken this morning. He touched it and found it still warm from its former contents. He licked the edges to see if he could taste the saliva of his prey. He left the kitchen and made his way to the bedroom. In the closet, he inhaled the smell of the uniforms and other clothing belonging to Ken. The smell of dry cleaning on the uniforms and the smell of Ken in the dirty clothes in the hamper below was overwhelming.

He knew that Ken had enjoyed a particularly noisy jack off session that morning. Kneeling down to the hamper, it did not take long to find the discarded briefs still wet with a large load of Ken's cum. He brought the briefs to his nose and inhaled just before he took the pouch of the briefs and began to suck on them. The taste of Ken's jizz was amazing. Soon, it would all be his.

He stripped out of his clothing while continuing to suck on the pouch of Ken's briefs. He found the black socks Ken had worn yesterday and slid them onto his feet. Next, he retrieved the white t-shirt. It smelled so good as he pulled it over his chest. He took the still slimy briefs from his mouth and slid them up his legs. Adjusting his balls and hard cock into the pouch where Ken had left his load only minutes before. He stroked his meat feeling the sweet slime Ken had left inside the underwear.

He found the discarded uniform shirt from the previous day and slid it over his shoulders. He zipped it shut and buttoned the sleeve buttons. He found the uniform pants and slid into those as well; zipping the fly over the slimy crotch of the underwear. When he'd targeted Ken originally, it was because they appeared to be the same size. Visits to Ken's house and stealthy use of Ken's clothing had proven that they were exactly the same size. First, it was just a desire to wear the uniform but later the obsession became that of taking over Ken and using him as he pleased.

Looking at himself in the mirror, he wished he had the badge and name plate on the shirt but Ken was wearing those for now. Back at the closet, he pulled out another pair of uniform shoes and tied those onto his feet. He pulled a tie from the back of the closet door and snapped it onto his collar. Finally, he pulled Ken's spare hat from a box on the top shelf. This was the new hat that Ken only wore when he served on an Honor Guard at the police department. Ken had used Elmer's glue to hold the cord and acorns in exactly the correct location on the brim. The chin strap was placed with precision to keep the hat at the correct angle on the head. The badge on the hat was bright, shiny and flawless. The intruder walked into the bathroom and stood before the mirror while placing the hat on his own head. Like the rest of Ken's uniform, this fit him perfectly. He mimicked Ken's routine of looking at his front, his back and his side in the mirror. Everything looked good. He was missing the gun belt and the badge but otherwise, it looked perfect. Walking to the hall closet, Ken's winter uniform jacket was located and slipped on. Turning up the collar around his neck, he felt he was enclosed in Ken. He was surrounded by the one he would own. The one he would control.

He strutted around the house imagining himself as Ken. He sat on the couch, he leaned back in the easy-chair, he laid on the bed. All while wearing Ken's uniform and feeling his hard cock ready to explode. Finally, he returned to the mirror in the bathroom to view himself. He stroked himself through the trousers and the previously lubed underwear. Unable to stand the stimulation any longer, he grunted and added his own sizable load of jizz to the one Ken had left in the briefs.

Chapter Two - Discrete Induction

Knowing he had a few hours, the man continued to wear Ken's uniform and savor the feeling of his softening dick inside the wet briefs he was wearing. He had some work to do and intended to wear the uniform while he did it. He walked over to the desk in the bedroom and sat in front of Ken's laptop.

As he raised the lid, the laptop turned on and the desktop soon appeared. The intruder knew there was no password to crack and the laptop booted up to the main desktop. Soon, the Internet browser was opened and the history files examined.

Earlier in the month, the intruder had installed a subliminal program onto the machine. Ken's subconscious was slowly being altered so that he began to find the idea of sex with men to be OK. He would begin to want to give up control to someone else. He had to be in charge all the time, so Ken would begin to feel the need to let someone else take over for him. Every time he used his computer, the subliminal messages assailed his eyes and ears. While he was not consciously aware of the process, his subconscious mind took it all in.

Studying the history file in the browser, the man saw that Ken had been doing some browsing of porn on the Internet. It was apparent that his viewing of porn was shifting more towards S&M with men. There had been frequent visits to a picture of a naked, clean-cut young man with very short hair and wearing a collar. The young man was kneeling before a man in a police uniform. The man in the uniform was clearly not a policeman because he had many piercings of his eyebrows, his ears, his nose and his lip. He had tattoos all over his face. His full beard would not have been allowed in a police department. Yet the man wore the police uniform from hat to boots, and was forcing the naked man to look at a spinning spiral on a computer screen.

That was the first picture Ken had been directed to by a Trojan email. The man had sent that to begin Ken's induction into mind control. Each time he saw the picture, his subconscious moved him to desire being controlled. The frequency of visits told the intruder that Ken was ready for the next step.

A program was added to the computer's auto start up sequence that would display a spinning spiral on the screen upon opening the lid. Many images would be flashed too quickly to see and sound would come from the speakers to put Ken in a hypnotic trance. Ken would be open to programming from the man. The man could then begin to act out his fantasies.

Shortly after noon, Ken parked his cruiser outside his home and walked inside. He dropped his keys on the kitchen table and grabbed a soda out of the refrigerator and walked into the bedroom. He took off his hat and inspected it for any lint and laid it on the desk next to his laptop. He sat down at the desk and opened the laptop to check his email.

The man watched from within the chimney cavity. He still wore the stolen police uniform and cum filled briefs. He knew Ken would not notice them missing. He looked on the scene and stroked his dick in anticipation.

As the laptop came up, Ken was initially surprised to see a spiral on the screen. As he reached for the enter key to try to clear the screen, his eyes were drawn into the spiral. He heard whisperings from the speakers. Before he knew it, his mind went blank and he just sat in front of the computer, transfixed and staring at the screen. After a few minutes, the man entered the house through the trap door. He adjusted his stolen uniform and made sure his hat was on straight. He also carried a satchel with him.

The man walked over to Ken and put his hand in front of his eyes. Ken did not respond. The man began to speak to Ken in low, measured tones. He spoke phrases over and over. He gave Ken commands and suggestions. After about 10 minutes, he gave Ken a trigger phrase and some final instructions. The man closed the lid on the laptop and began to rouse Ken from the trance. With a final command of 'Wide awake!' Ken turned and looked at the man who stood before him. Ken said 'Yes Sir.'

Almost in disbelief that his programming had worked, the man told Ken to put on his police hat. Ken did it. He told Ken to get out of the chair and kneel in front of him. Ken replied 'Yes Sir' and did it. The man now pulled his very hard cock out of the stolen uniform pants and presented it to Ken. He told Ken to take the dick in his mouth and suck it. Wordlessly, Ken did as told. The man became more and more aroused and pushed Ken's hat back on his head and crushed as he face fucked Ken with more force. Finally, the man could hold back no longer and shot bolt after bolt of cum down Ken's throat.

After a moment to recover, the man pulled his dick partially out and told Ken to clean it off. Once the dick was cleaned, the man tucked it away again and told Ken he was a good boy. Ken said 'Thank you Sir' and remained on his knees before the man. The induction was complete and the man could now begin living more of his fantasies.

Chapter Three - The Journey Begins

The first fantasy the man intended to make good on was to wear every piece of clothing Ken had on now. He quickly stripped out of the stolen clothing he wore and told Ken to stand up. He admired Ken from hat to boots and how he looked in his uniform. He leaned in and kissed Ken gently on the mouth and then forced his tongue inside. Soon he was hugging Ken and pulling him into a very passionate kiss. He broke the kiss and moved to the badge on Ken's shirt. He licked the badge and then sucked on it. He moved to the name plate and did the same. He ran his hands over the gun belt, feeling Ken's waist and admiring the look of the gear around it. He walked behind Ken and admired the tight pants on his ass. After running his hands over the perfect globes of Ken's butt, the man hugged Ken from behind and dry humped that beautiful ass. He nibbled on Ken's ears and licked his neck, taking in all the smells and flavors he could. He was on a massive high knowing he now could do anything he wanted.

He ordered Ken to sit on the bed and then removed the Magnum boots and black socks from each foot. Next, He had Ken stand and he removed the gun belt from around the perfect waist. The pants were unbuckled and pushed to the floor with the underwear. The tie was unsnapped and set aside. The shirt was unbuttoned and unzipped and pulled from Ken's arms. Next the Velcro straps on the ballistic vest were pulled off and the vest removed. The man removed Ken's hat and sat it on the bed. The crisp, white T-shirt was pulled over Ken's head but this was pulled immediately onto the man's own torso. He felt the warmth and savored Ken's aroma as he put it on. He took the watch off Ken's arm and put it on himself. He took Ken's wedding ring off his right hand and put it on his own. He held his hands out to admire his newly acquired jewelry. The bullet-proof vest went on next. The man picked up the uniform shirt and admired the collar emblems, the badge, the marksmanship award, and the name plate. He held the shirt up to his face and took a deep sniff, enjoying the smell of a real cop. The bullet-proof vest was layered on next, with the straps adjusted tight so the vest hugged him closely. Unable to wait, he donned the uniform shirt and quickly zipped it up, buttoned the collar and attached the clip-on tie. He picked up Ken's briefs and slid them up his legs, adjusting his package to fit where Ken's had been only moments before. His dick grew instantly hard. Next the uniform pants were slid up his legs and belted. Then came the socks, still warm and damp. The boots were slid on and zipped shut. Then the man stood up and picked up the gun belt. He belted it around his waist, taking a minute to insure that all the accessories were in the correct place. Finally, Ken's duty hat was placed on the man's head.

Everything was perfect. The uniform was now complete. It fit perfectly, as he knew it would. His physique, his hair, his size were all the same as Ken's.

The man had taken everything Ken has been wearing and put it on himself. As Ken stood there in trance, the man strutted around the room feeling and smelling Ken's whole uniform on his body. He walked to the bathroom and inspected himself in the mirror, mimicking Ken's daily routine. He straightened the tie, smoothed out the shirt, set the hat at just the perfect angle on his head. He was one hot looking policeman now. The first part of his fantasy was in full play. But there was so much more to come.

The man unzipped the satchel he had brought and took out some items; placing them on the bed next to Ken. First was a telescoping spreader bar with leather cuffs attached. Another was a leather dog collar with a locking latch. There was a CB Curve chastity device. There was a pair of leather mitts to cover Ken's hands. There was a dildo gag. Finally, there were several pairs of handcuffs.

The collar was placed around Ken's neck and the lock put in place. Ken, in his trance, paid no attention and just stood there with a blank look on his face. Next, the spreader bar was expanded to about three feet and the cuffs fastened around Ken's ankles. The man leaned into Ken and passionately kissed him, raping the mouth with his tongue. After a few moments of heavy kissing, the man withdrew and placed the dildo gag in Ken's mouth, buckling it behind his head. Next, the CB Curve was secured over Ken's dick and around his balls and the lock put in place to keep it secure. After that, the man turned Ken towards the bed and then placed the leather mitts over his hands. Finally, a pair of handcuffs was used to secure Ken's hands behind his back. The man checked all his handiwork to insure that everything was nice and secure before taking a leather leash of about four feet and snapping it onto the collar. It was now time for Ken to wake up.



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