Chapter Four - The Awakening

The man said a phrase to capture the subconscious of Ken once more. Ken was instructed to become fully awake with a count of ten. Once awake, he was not to be able to hurt or kill the man. He could not hurt or kill himself. He was not to be able to tell anyone or write anything about what was happening to him. He was not able to lie to the man when asked any questions. He had to obey all commands from the man no matter what his feelings about them. The man was now his master and he must obey. Ken recited the commands back along with a set of control words the man would use to take control and guide any responses. He was told that each time the man took him into trance, that he would fall deeper and deeper under control. His inner desire to be controlled by the man would become stronger and more consuming. The man would be his best and only true friend in the world.

Ready for more action, the man counted down from ten to one and brought Ken fully awake. Ken blinked a few times and then began to take in his surroundings. He saw a man in front of him wearing a police it was HIS police uniform. He started to talk and realized he was gagged with something. He tried to walk and found his legs attached to a bar. He tried to pull out his hands and realized they were gloved and restrained as well. Shouting into the gag, the man before him just laughed.

The man then spoke, 'Shut up and relax Ken. Your world has just changed. You and I are beginning a long journey together.' The man walked over and stroked Ken's hair with one hand and tweaked his nipples with the other hand. Ken tried to back away and fell backwards onto the bed. The man then straddled Ken's waist and leaned in to lick and kiss his neck, chest, face, and hair. Ken squirmed and thrashed around trying to get away. but his mobility was too limited to make any progress. The man's dick leaked precum into the briefs in such quantity that a wet spot was forming in the crotch of the stolen uniform pants he wore. His dick needed release. It needed it now!

The man got off Ken and roughly pulled him to his feet; swinging him around to face the bed. He was then bent at the waist and forced down on the bed. The man reached into the drawer of the nightstand where Ken keeps his lube and pulled out the tube. Hardly able to control himself, the man unzipped the uniform pants and pulled out his dick and balls. He got a hand full of lube and smoothed it onto his dick. He got another glob of lube and put it in Ken's ass crack. Then he worked the lube into Ken's asshole with one and then two fingers. Ken squirmed and shouted into the gag but the man kept his foot on the spreader bar so Ken could not move away.

Unable to restrain himself any longer, the man aimed his throbbing dick at the tight virgin cop hole and began to shove his dick into Ken. Ken screamed and did everything possible to move away but had no leverage and could do little more than bounce. This actually aided the man in sliding more of his dick into Ken. Inch by inch, very slowly, the man pushed until his balls were against Ken's ass cheeks. This done, he nearly shot his load and needed to slow it down. He let his uniformed chest rest on Ken's back and put his arms around Ken's chest and just held him for a minute. Then he pulled out just a little and slid back in. Slowly, he increased the depth that he'd pull out and slide back in. Ever so slowly he picked up the pace and noted a surprised moan from Ken when his cock slid over the prostate. Using the leather leash, the man began to ride Ken like a stallion. He slammed in and out of the virgin ass and told Ken he was going to be a great pussy boy. He worked up a sweat in the uniform and his scent mingled with Ken's inside. Smelling the combined scents while feeling a complete physical and psychological domination of Ken, the man ejaculated the biggest load of his life into Ken's ass. Totally spent, he collapsed back on Ken's back and both men breathed heavily. Ken continued to moan into the gag as his breathing grew less ragged. The man stroked Ken's hair and kissed his neck and shoulders until his dick softened and slipped out of the ravaged asshole.

Reaching around to Ken's mouth, the man removed the dildo insert from the gag. Ken began to scream obscenities at the man but the man paid no attention. The man took the dildo gag insert and jammed it into Ken's freshly fucked asshole, adjusting it to stay in place between the cheeks. The man noticed he had a little shit on his dick so he roughly pulled Ken to an upright position and then forced him to his knees. 'Clean off my dick, you dirty bastard. ' Ken had no ability to resist and allowed the softened dick to slide into his mouth through the hole in the gag. He wanted to bite the dick off but he could do no harm. He was immediately nauseous at the taste of his own shit but could do nothing about it. He sucked the dick until it was clean and had no odor of shit left. The man pulled his dick from Ken's mouth and zipped it back in the uniform pants.

Overwhelmed by what had just happened to him, Ken began to shudder and cry. He had lost control to a stranger. The man had taken his uniform and looked good in it. He had been raped. He now had no control at all and had to do what this stranger told him to do. He could only think of his future with dread as he collapsed to the floor crying in shame and at the enormity of the situation.

The man pulled Ken to his feet and put his arm around his shoulder. 'Don't worry buddy. It's going to be OK. I'm the only one you can trust and I'll take care of you now. I'll take a lot of the load off you by making most of your decisions. Your life is permanently changed so just accept it and we'll move on.' The man unbuckled the gag from Ken's head and took it off. He then looked into Ken's eyes and kissed him full on the mouth. Ken tried to pull away but the man pulled him back and kissed him in the most invasive way possible. Ken was simultaneously repulsed and turned on by this man who was wearing his uniform but he was also strangely stimulated. If not for the chastity device, his dick would be hard.

The man pulled away and looked Ken in the eye. He asked 'What is your work schedule for today and tomorrow?'

Ken tried to lie but found he was unable. 'I am off tonight from the police department but I am working a job on the highway from 10pm until 2pm, sitting by the road with my blue lights on. I am off tomorrow all day.'

The man asked 'Who will be working the police department tonight?'

Ken replied, 'The chief and one officer are on call if there are any dispatches but we almost never have any dispatches or issues on Wednesday nights.'

Hearing the news, another fantasy began to form in the man's mind. Plans began to swirl and form into possible actions. Ken was in for an interesting two days. There were so many possibilities and ways to enjoy Ken, his uniform and his authority.

The man's thoughts were interrupted by Ken asking him 'Why are you doing this to me? What do you want? I'm a cop and you can't get away with this. Just let me go and we'll forget this has happened.'

Ken laughed and said, 'Oh you'll forget about it alright. Every time I want you to forget about it, you will. But every time we're together, you'll remember everything that has happened. In time, you will accept me as your Master.'

Hearing that, Ken managed to get to his feet and began to squirm around trying to move away from the bed. Before he could gain any momentum, the man uttered a phrase and Ken froze. He man told Ken to get on the bed and lie face up. Struggling to control himself, Ken could not resist. With very stiff movements, his body did what it was told as Ken mentally tried to fight the command. Ken continued to thrash around, flexing his muscles and twisting his legs until the man uttered another phrase and Ken dropped into a deep sleep.

The intruder mulled over the information he had received from Ken. Part-time job on the side of a dark road tonight. No one around as the road crew would be well forward of the location of the cruiser. No other cops on duty. Ken off all day tomorrow. A new fantasy of humiliation and domination formed and, emboldened by his total success so far, the man decided to take a few risks.

Leaving Ken in a deep trance-induced sleep, the man strode out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. He picked up Ken's police car keys, locked the door, and walked out of the house. He walked over to the police cruiser and unlocked it. He sat in the driver's seat and looked at himself in the mirror. He tilted his head forward, backward, left and right so he could take in his face wearing the hat and uniform. He was in uniform and he looked the part of the cop. Unless someone was very close and knew Ken personally, they'd never tell the difference. People always saw the uniform and not the person wearing it.

He looked around the interior of the car. Then he experimented with the blue lights and chirped the siren a couple of times. Looking at the passenger side, he saw Ken's sunglasses and a pair of leather gloves. He put on the sunglasses and admired himself in the mirror again. Next he slide into the leather gloves and enjoyed the way they felt on his own hands. He exited the car and went to the trunk. Inside the trunk, there were some leg irons, transport chains, flares, a high visibility 'POLICE' vest, another hat with a rain cover on it Ken used in foul weather, a rain coat, and a light weight police jacket. There was also a satchel that contained military BDU's, some black boots, a baseball cap, and a jock and some dirty underwear. Taking mental inventory of the contents of the trunk, the man intended to try out all the items during his adventures with Ken.

Satisfied that no one would be around for the short distance down the county road to his own house, the man closed the trunk and got back into the cruiser. He closed the door, started the car and drove away from Ken's house. Being in uniform and driving a real police cruiser kept the man's dick hard and leaking. The underwear was wet and slimy and the uniform pants had a spreading wet stain in the crotch.

The man parked the cruiser behind his own house and walked inside. There were things he would need inside. He went to his closet and removed a form-fitting Under Armor black shirt, a pair of sweat pants, a pair of running shoes, some socks, and a baseball cap. He bundled up the clothing inside the shirt and took it back out to the cruiser. Getting inside the cruiser again, the man drove back to Ken's house. No one had seen him. Even if they had, they'd think it was Ken in the cruiser.

Back at Ken's house, the man went inside to check on Ken in the bedroom. He was still asleep. The man undressed, carefully placing the uniform on the chair for later. He took the spreader bar off Ken's legs and then turned Ken on his side. The man pulled the dildo from Ken's ass and replaced it with his own cock. He spooned with Ken, his dick in Ken's ass and slept for a few hours. He wanted to be well rested for tonight.-

Chapter 5 - Working a New Job

Around 6:00 pm, the man woke up and realized he was in Ken's bed with his still hard dick in Ken's ass. He continued to be amazed at how well this entire scenario had played out. Wanting Ken to know what was happening to him, the man whispered words to Ken that would bring him slowly out of his sleeping trance.

As Ken awoke, he felt arms around him and a fullness in his ass. Not fully awake yet, he imagined it was a dream and this was more intense than what he had experienced in the past. The dick in his ass was sliding in and out in a slow, sensuous fashion. Ken wanted to stroke his dick and found he could not move. As his frustration grew, he became more awake. Finally, the current situation came back to him. He'd somehow been mind controlled and a man was using him. He began to struggle and the man just tightened his arms around Ken and told him to relax and enjoy the moment.

To his own surprise, Ken was enjoying the moment. It felt great having someone in his ass. He never would have thought it could feel so great. Moans began to escape from Ken's mouth. The man said, 'I knew you wanted this.' Ken just groaned. Finally Ken said, 'Please let me touch my dick.' The man said 'First, you will always address me as 'SIR.'' Secondly, that dick is mine now. If you're a good boy, I'll work it for you.' Ken lay silent for a minute and responded 'Please Sir, can you work my dick for me. I need to get off really bad, Sir.' The man chuckled inwardly and reached over to the night stand for the key was to the lock on Ken's CB Curve. Without removing his dick from Ken, the man reached around and unlocked the device and pulled it from Ken's dick. His dick was dripping precum and a glob of it ran out of the CB Curve onto the bed. Ken's dick instantly sprang to life. It was so hard that it hurt. The man whispered in his ear, 'You like this don't you boy. You want me to control your life, your dick, your world, don't you?' Ken responded, 'Please Sir, I want you to control my dick now. Stroke it for me, I need to get off.'

The man picked up the pace of his fucking but began to stroke Ken's dick for him. It was very slick with Ken's precum and soon Ken was writhing and moaning more loudly. Ken said 'Please Sir, I want to stroke my dick. Please Sir, Please!' The man told him 'You are no longer allowed to touch your dick without my permission boy. Do you understand me?' Ken said in a disappointed tone, 'Yes, Sir. Then please get me off. PLEASE SIR!' Hearing this from Ken nearly caused the man to shoot again but he stroked Ken more vigorously to get him off. Ken began to howl and his dick began dumping volley after volley of cum into the man's hand. The man, responding to Ken clamping down hard on his dick, shot another load into Ken's bowels. After the man came down from the high, he smeared some of the cum onto Ken's face and hair and told him to lick the rest off his hand. With the palm over his mouth, Ken experimentally tasted his own cum. It was gooey, warm, a little salty and not altogether bad tasting. He took a full swag of the palm with his tongue and was soon sucking and licking all the cum off the man's palm.

'Alright boy, tell me the truth. Did you like getting fucked?' said the man. Ken paused but his programming compelled him to answer truthfully. 'At first Sir, when you first took me, it was very painful. This time, you were gentler and took your time plus you helped me get off too. Yes, I enjoyed it this time. I've never had sex with a man, but this felt good.' The man pulled his dick out of Ken and rolled him onto his back. He laid on top of Ken and kissed him deeply. Ken was soon opening up his mouth and responding to the kiss. His dick grew hard again. The man knew he had the upper hand now.

After a few minutes of making out, the man got off the bed and pulled Ken off as well. He put the dildo back in Ken's ass and turned Ken to face him. 'Remember that you cannot hurt or kill me. You cannot hurt or kill yourself. You must do what you are told and tell no one about what is happening to you. Do you understand boy?' Ken was silent and then spoke, 'Sir, I am unable to resist you so the answer is 'Yes' I understand you.'

The man pulled the mitts off each of Ken's hands and then unlocked the handcuffs. There were angry red marks where the cuffs had been and with his new mobility, Ken rubbed his wrists to sooth them. Ken unsnapped the leash from the collar but left the collar in place. Ken had tears in his eyes but his dick was still so hard, it was locked against his stomach. The man reached over and stroked the dick a couple of times and said, 'No, you wanted this. You're going to enjoy letting someone else be in charge. OK, now go to the kitchen and fix something for us to eat for supper.' Ken began to reach for his underwear on the chair, but the man intervened with 'No clothes unless I tell you what to wear. Now go to the kitchen.' Ken walked out of the room and into the kitchen.

Ken rarely cooked for himself so he had only frozen dinners on hand. He took two of them from the freezer and put them in the microwave. He then sat at the kitchen table and waited. His mind was swimming with feelings, questions and fear. He did not know what he was feeling or what was going to happen to him. As he mulled over his thoughts, the man walked into the kitchen and sat down next to him. Ken said 'Sir, I have to go to my highway job tonight or I'll be missed. Please Sir, let me go and just walk out of here. No one has to know.'

The man said, 'When you get to that job, tell me what you do from start to finish.' A struggle was apparent in Ken's mind but he had to answer. 'Sir, I check in with the construction foreman who tells me where he wants me to park and how long he thinks the job will take. He usually tells me where the portable toilets are for the night so I can find them if I need to go. After that, I park at the leading edge of construction at enough distance so that my blue lights alerts motorists of construction ahead. I usually just sit there and read or work on paperwork. Sometimes, I just take a nap because I'm not doing anything anyway.' Ken said, 'Don't worry boy, you'll be at work tonight.'

At that, the microwave beeped and Ken got up to pull the meals out. They sat at the table and ate. Ken asked 'What are your plans for me, Sir? Are you going to let me go? Are you going to kill me? Why are you doing this?' The man looked Ken squarely in the face and told him 'Boy, my plans are my own business and you don't need to know them or worry about them. I'll be making the decisions for you now. I won't hurt or kill you. I'm doing this because I can. I like cops and wanted to be a cop but a little incident in my past has kept me from being a cop. I spent years mastering subliminal messaging, hypnosis, mind control and computer science. You are my first fully controlled subject. The fact you are a cop who is my size and build just makes this better. You're going to teach me about being a cop and I'm going to be you any time I like.' Ken was totally shocked and spoke again 'Sir, this can't work. I have years of training as a cop. People know me. They'd know you aren't me.' The man said 'Boy, I told you that I make the decisions now. You just sit back and enjoy the ride.'

The meal now finished, the man took his tray and Ken's and put them in the trash can. He ordered Ken back to the bedroom and told him to lie on the bed. Once on the bed, the man refitted the CB Curve onto Ken's dick and balls and put the lock back in place. The then took Ken to the shower and started the water. They both entered the stall and into the warm stream of water. First the man held Ken close and soaped up the chest and arms before sensually rubbing him with a wash cloth. The man worked down to Ken's crotch and carefully cleaned it before working into the ass crack. This he paid special attention and pulled the dildo out. A gush of cum ran out and the man then cleaned the ass more completely, sticking soapy fingers inside to clean it. The man then kneeled and finished washing Ken's legs. Standing again, Ken's head was pushed under the water and the soaped up with Shampoo, massaged thoroughly and then rinsed. Finally, using the wash cloth, the man washed Ken's face and then his back. Satisfied that his boy was clean, the man told Ken, 'Wash me now. Be thorough and gentle.' Before he even thought about it, Ken took the washcloth and began to soap it up. He faced the man and washed his shoulders and chest, his arms, his underarms. He began to work on the man's dick and balls and the dick grew hard again. Ken washed the legs and feet before returning to a standing position. The man turned so that Ken could wash his back and ass. 'Remember, you cannot hurt me,' he said but Ken was not thinking of hurting him. Ken was admiring the man's physique. Lastly, Ken lathered the man's hair. Hair that was so much like his own in color, thickness and haircut. He thought more about the man impersonating him and was strangely aroused by the idea. The water stopped and the man handed a towel to Ken. Ken began to wipe himself off when the man struck him across the face. 'No! You idiot, your Master must be dried first.' Ken flashed in anger but could do no harm. He said 'Sorry, Sir' and began to dry off the man. After the man was dry, Ken was allowed to use the damp towel on himself.

They moved to the bathroom sink and Ken was instructed to shave. He did so and without permission, also brushed his teeth. The man noticed that some things Ken did were from habit. Habits that would need to be broken down so that each action could be properly controlled. Ken was told to sit on the toilet and do his business. He did so while the man used Ken's razor to shave himself. He used Ken's toothbrush and toothpaste as well. They both returned to the bedroom.

'Get into your uniform but don't put the vest on' said the man. Ken walked over to the chair and did as told. Underwear, long sleeve shirt, socks, pants, shoes, gun belt all went on. The shirt collar was buttoned over the collar and the tie put in place. The collar was no longer visible. The CB Curve left a bit of a mound in the uniform pants but it was not noticeable. The man walked over to Ken and unzipped the shirt. The perky nipples were showing through his white cotton t-shirt. The man held a pair of tit clamps with a chain between them. With no further explanation, he attached the first clamp to Ken's nipple, right over the t-shirt. Ken cried in pain and the man slapped him. 'Shut up you pussy!' The second clip was attached to his second nipple and he tensed up in pain but, other than a sharp intake of breath, made no noise. The man pulled on the chain a little which made Ken whimper again in pain. Then he zipped Ken's shirt back up and made sure all was nice and tidy and that the tie was properly tacked in place with the tie bar. The man looked at his (formerly Ken's watch) and said, we need to get going soon. Ken looked at him curiously, noting the 'We' in the last statement.

The man got the clothes he'd brought from home. He got into the tight Under Armor shirt. He went commando as the sweat pants were pulled onto his waist. He put on his socks, tied on his running shoes and put on the baseball cap. He picked up Ken's uniform hat and looked at it appreciatively then said 'I'll wear this later but you need it right now.' He placed the hat on Ken's head and adjusted it just as Ken would have. He walked around Ken making a final inspection then said 'Let's go.' The man got the keys from the table, ushered Ken out and locked the door behind them. 'You drive,' he told Ken and then got into the passenger side of the cruiser.

It was now nearly 9:45pm and Ken needed to be on the job shortly. The man asked 'Do you do anything on the radio when you go on this job?' Ken replied, 'I notify dispatch that I'm on a detail until 0200, Sir.' 'OK then, tell them now' said the man. Ken contacted his dispatcher who took the information and said 'Good sleeping' with a chuckle. A few minutes later, they were at the job site. Ken parked at the edge of the construction area and the man said 'Go check in. Be sure to find out where the Porta-Potties are. Remember, you cannot tell anyone about what is happening to you and you cannot hurt or kill yourself.' Ken answered 'Yes, Sir' in a dejected tone and got out of the car. He adjusted his hat and walked up to the construction trailer. Within moments, trucks of paving material were arriving and the machinery went into action. Ken returned to the car and got in. He flipped on his blue lights and sat there in silence.

The man said 'Where are the bathrooms?' Ken said 'About 30 feet off the road over at the edge of those trees.' The man looked and could just make them out. The work was just beginning so no one should be using them for awhile. He told Ken, 'Good. We're going over there. Come on boy.' Ken exited the car and walked that direction as the man followed. With discrete flashes of his flashlight, they found the door to one of the two Porta-Potties and the man shoved Ken inside. Fortunately, these were freshly delivered and still clean inside with no odors.

'Strip completely' said man to the cop. Ken hesitated and then did as told. This time he just handed his hat to the man and then began to remove his clothing. He got his uniform shirt off and stopped, looking at the tit clamps. The man laughed and released them. Ken nearly cried out in pain as the blood rushed back into his nipples but recovered quickly and continued to undress. In the tight quarters, they rubbed against each other and both seemed to grow stimulated by it. Finally, the man was holding all of Ken's uniform and told him to step outside the door. 'Sir, please! Someone could see me.' The man replied angrily, 'Don't question me boy. It won't take long. Get out.' Dressed only in the collar, the cop stepped out of the door with his hands over his genitals.

The man then stripped out of his clothes and put on every piece of Ken's clothing. After he slid on the boots, he tightened the gun belt and put on the hat. He was now fully uniformed. He handed the cap, shirt, pants and running shoes to Ken and said 'Get dressed in these.' Ken happily got into the clothing as the man stepped out of the Porta-Potty. Once dressed, the man gave Ken a shove towards the car and said 'I will be the cop tonight.' They walked back to the cruiser and the man got into the driver's seat. He ordered Ken into the passenger side.

As they sat there, Ken realized this guy could be the cop tonight. No one would see him up close. They'd see a uniformed guy in a patrol car and nothing else. He suddenly felt very lost and alone. He began to shiver. The man saw him shaking and asked what was wrong. Ken said 'I guess I got a chill, Sir.' The man said, 'Then lie down across my lap boy. Put your head right in my lap.' Ken did as told and was somewhat comforted as the man turned the ball cap backwards on his head and put his arm over his back. The man stroked his back until he calmed down and quit shivering. He felt safe and secure with the man right now. He didn't have any worries. Maybe things could work out.

Then the man said, 'Open my fly and pull my dick and balls out. Then get busy making me feel good.' Ken did not even fight the thought of the action, he did as told. Gently sliding his hand into the fly and then slowly pulling the dick and balls out of the underwear and outside the uniform. The man's dick was instantly hard as he said 'Oh yeah boy. Suck that dick and lick those balls. Show me how you please a man.' Ken wasn't sure how to please a man but he knew blow jobs felt good. His ex-wife used to give them to him and he liked how it felt. He replicated her actions as he caressed the man's balls with his hands. He could smell his own scent in the uniform along with the man's and it turned him on. He began to show better ability and the man began to moan and push Ken's head up and down on his dick. With a loud groan, the man unloaded another hot load of cum into Ken's mouth. Ken began to choke but the man pushed him down on the dick and said 'Don't spill a drop you bastard!' so Ken did his best not to choke or spit out any cum. He finally managed to swallow it, noting that it tasted different from his own.

The man lay back in the seat and moaned in satisfaction. 'That was very good boy. Just clean off my dick and keep lying there.' At that, the man pushed the uniform hat down over his eyes and took a nap. A few minutes later, he awoke to find Ken asleep in his lap with the dick still in his mouth. The man knew that Ken was going to be his now. Ken liked dick. Ken put up little fight when giving up control. There would be so much more fun in store for them. The man fell back into sleep and dreamed of things he would do with Ken and as Ken.



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