Chapter 6 - More Possibilities

Despite enjoying the pleasure of Ken sleeping in his lap, the man felt pressure building in his bladder. He thought about peeing into Ken's mouth but there would be some training needed before that could be attempted. He shook Ken awake and said 'I need to go pee. Just sit there and don't do anything.'

The man zipped himself back up in the uniform pants and got out of the car. He straightened out the uniform and pulled out the flashlight so he could find his way to the Porta-Potties. No sooner had the man left than one of the road crew walked up to the patrol car and rapped on the window. Ken nodded to the man, who opened the patrol car door and stuck his head in the car. The worker said, 'Where's officer Ken? I need to talk with him.' Ken fought with himself and gave into his programming and just said 'He needed to pee. He's over at the johns.' The worker said 'Thanks. Tell him that Jamie stopped by in case I don't catch him.' and slammed the door. Ken could see him making his way to the johns. Jamie was a worker who'd gotten friendly with Ken from previous nights on the job. He'd stand by the car and smoke and joke with Ken. Many hours had been spent discussing the job Ken did as a cop and whether he thought Jamie could be a cop. Ken could not believe that Jamie did not even recognize him, that the uniform was all he was watching. He knew his identity was in peril.

AS the man emerged from the Porta-Potty, the construction worker was standing there. He said 'Hey Ken. I was looking for you. I came back to smoke and shoot the shit but some guy was sitting in the car.' Trying to match Ken's flat Midwestern speech pattern, the man replied, 'He's a buddy who hangs out with me from time to time but he's OK. So what's up?'

Jamie didn't seem to notice this wasn't Ken standing there. By the light of the flashlight, the man noticed the guy was poured into his Wranglers and his butt was very shapely. His flannel shirt fit very nicely across his pecs. His baseball cap had a perfectly curved bill and the guy seemed very clean and clean cut to be with the road crew. Jamie said, 'I just wanted to talk to you some more about becoming a cop. I'm in great shape so I don't think I'd have trouble with the physical. I just wondered if I could come by sometime after work and we could sit down and discuss it some more. You know I live two towns over so I'd rather just come after work one night if you'd let me.'

The man raised an eyebrow hearing this. Jamie was coming on to him. He said 'I'm sure we can work something out. You could follow me over to my house maybe and we could have a beer and talk about it.' Jamie said, 'I'd sure like that. I'm really sick of driving these truck loads of asphalt around. I think I'd look really good as a cop and I think I'd do a good job.' The man said 'Well, this uniform gets to be a pain in the ass. This gun belt gets heavy, this vest is hot and wearing this stupid hat gets old. I'm not sure you'd enjoy it that much.' Jamie replied, 'Oh man, the uniform is the hottest part of the job. Look at you man, you're such a stud in that uniform. You probably have to beat chicks off with a stick. I'd love to be in uniform and drive around a muscle car like yours. What I'd give just to try on the whole uniform and sit in the cruiser to see how it all feels. I loved it the time you let me walk back to the job site wearing your police hat. They all started calling me 'cop' after that. Hell, I'd do just about anything to try it on a uniform before I apply for the job.'

The man could not believe what he was hearing. His dick was instantly hard. Maybe Ken had been working on this guy to get him into the sack. His body was as good as Ken's and he sure was being friendly. He said to Jamie, 'Well this might be a good night to do that. I don't work tomorrow so you could follow me back to my place when we finish up. Now the sooner you get all the asphalt here so they can spread it out, the sooner we can go.' Jamie beamed and said 'As soon as we're done, I'll park the dump truck in construction parking and drive my pickup down here. I can't wait man!' At that he bounded off, heading back to the job site. The man walked back to the cruiser and got in.

As he sat down behind the wheel, Ken said 'Jamie the construction worker came by. He and I have been talking for a while. He's thinking about being a cop for some time but he didn't even realize it was me sitting here. Did he find you?' The man said, 'Jamie is it? Hmmmm. He sure was putting on the pressure to talk with 'Ken' in private. I've invited him to your house for a beer when the job is over tonight.' Ken was astounded and almost shouted 'Why did you do that? I was just being friendly with him.' The man looked over at Ken and said, 'Yeah, his dick was hard the whole time he was talking to me. He wants to be friendly and I think he has a uniform fetish too. We'll be having some extra fun tonight.'

After that, Ken sat in silence until the man said, 'How do you know when they're done?' Ken said, 'Jamie usually comes down and tells me I'm clear to leave.' For a couple of hours, Ken was interrogated about many aspects of his daily routines: Where he works out, who he knows well, what sort of interactions he has with other officers, what other part-time jobs he works, and many, many more details of his life. Many such sessions would be needed for the man to be able to effectively impersonate Ken. While the uniform was all many saw, some people actually knew Ken and they would be more of a challenge.

The man and Ken were identical in build. The both had thick, dark brown hair in a military cut. The man had already altered much of his appearance to mirror Ken's. Ken had more of a baby face than the man, whose face was angular and sunken in the cheeks. Their eye color was the same hazel. Their brow lines were similar. Their heads had the same shape. Their noses were both average and straight. Most of the facial characteristics were very close indeed. The man might be able to pull off some cosmetic changes to actually look just like Ken.

Shortly after 01:30am, Jamie drove up in his red pickup and rolled down the window. The man rolled down the cruiser window. Jamie said 'I broke a few records tonight getting more asphalt here quicker than ever before. We got done 30 minutes early. You still game for a beer at your place?' 'Sure! Follow me. I live about 10 minutes from here' replied the man. He cut off the blue lights and dropped the cruiser into gear. Jamie did a u-turn and came back around behind the cruiser. A few minutes later, they were at Ken's house.

They all walked inside together with light banter between Jamie and the man. Ken just walked and said nothing. Jamie commented, 'Your buddy doesn't say much' and stuck his hand out at Ken. 'Hi. I'm Jamie. Jamie Ransom.' Before Ken could say anything, the man said 'And this is Pete, a buddy of mine.' 'Glad to meet you Pete' said Jamie as he pumped 'Pete's' hand. They all walked inside Ken's kitchen and the man told Jamie to grab some beers and sit on the sofa. He was going to show 'Pete' where he'd be sleeping because 'Pete' was bushed and needed to rest. The man dropped his uniform hat on the kitchen table and escorted the real Ken back to the bedroom. Within minutes, Ken was stripped and in a deep sleep on the bed.

The man walked out to find Jamie on the couch, drinking a beer and wearing the police hat. 'You sure like my hat, don't you buddy' said the man. Laughing, he picked up Jamie's 'CAT' baseball cap and put it on and sat down next to Jamie on the sofa. 'This baseball cap is a lot more comfortable than that uniform hat.' Jamie replied, 'No man. The hat makes the uniform. It tops off the authoritative image. I like it a lot.' Jamie took the hat off and looked at it closely, admiring the badge and the acorns and chinstrap on it before placing it carefully back on his head. He also had a big bulge in his crotch and his dick was visible snaking down his right jeans leg. The man said, 'So what all do you want to talk about buddy? You keep talking about wanting to be a cop and tonight you said you'd do just about anything to try on a uniform and sit in a cruiser. You generally have to be a cop to wear the uniform and drive the cruiser. Just what are you getting at?' At that, the man suggestively rubbed his crotch.

Jamie turned a little red and looked at the man. He said 'I'm not queer or anything, and I know you're not either, but I'd do just about anything to see myself in uniform. I'm serious as a heart attack. Hell, I'd give you and your buddy a blow job if I thought you'd let me try on the whole uniform and drive that cruiser.' The man winked at him and said, 'Well I'm not queer either but a mouth on a dick is a mouth on a dick. I'm working all the time and horny as Hell. I won't tell anyone if you don't.' Jamie brightened and beamed a huge smile at the man. 'Really?? Right now???' he said. The man looked at him and nodded and then looked down at his own crotch.

Jamie didn't have to be told anything else. In seconds, he was on his knees in front of the man, unzipping the uniform pants and pulling out the man's dick. In no time at all, he was giving a blow job that proved he was no stranger to it. Jamie was a pro dick sucker. The man was really enjoying the scenery too. Jamie was hot, had a great body, blue eyes looking up at him from under the hat, and a high-vacuum mouth on him. After a couple of minutes, the man pushed Jamie away and said, 'Before you make me spew a load all over this uniform, you'd better see how you'll look in it.' Jamie's face lit up and watched in awe as the man went through the process of completely undressing. Before he was through, Jamie was butt naked too. The man noted that Jamie had not been wearing any underwear.

Jamie stood there with a hard dick and a hungry look on his face as he looked at the pile of uniform on the couch. He looked at the man for permission and the man nodded his approval. Jamie was so hot to get into the uniform that he didn't really think about how he should get dressed. He put the hat back on and then pulled on socks and the boots. When he went to put the t-shirt on, he had to take the hat back off. Then he figured out he couldn't get the briefs or pants up without taking the shoes back off. Finally, he managed to get fully into the uniform. It didn't fit him as well as it did the man, but he was passable. He practically ran over to the mirror on the back of the kitchen door so he could see himself. He pulled the Glock out of the holster and held it as if drawing down on someone. He liked how he looked.

By now, the man was quite aroused as well. He stood there, stark naked except for the 'CAT' baseball cap with a big boner sticking straight out from his body. Jamie shouted 'Oh fuck this is hot. I need pictures. Ken, will you shoot some photos of me? I've got a camera in the truck.' The man chuckled and said, 'I'm not going out there naked. You go get the camera.' Jamie raced out the door and was back in a flash. The man snapped dozens of pictures of Jamie from all angles. Jamie looked very, very good in uniform. Suddenly, he remembered the cruiser outside. 'Shit man, I need to sit in the cruiser and get some pictures. Would you let me drive it too?' The man replied, 'I'm naked here Jamie. I'm not going back in there and waking up Pete so I can get my clothes.' Jamie said 'Dude, I'm wearing your uniform, just put on my clothes.' The man shook his head as if in disbelief and pulled on Jamie's jeans, socks, and work boots. He put on the grey t-shirt and flannel shirt and kept on the baseball cap. 'Alright 'officer.' Let's go out to the car.'

They walked out to the cruiser and Jamie sat in the driver's seat looking at everything. His dick was still hard in the uniform pants. 'Get pictures of me in the car and then pictures of me standing by the car' he ordered. They snapped picture after picture but the man was getting a little bit perturbed at this over-exuberant man. After pictures had been taken at every possible angle, Jamie said, 'OK, now I want to pat you down like a real cop.' The man said 'OK, but then you have to finish up the blow job.'

Jamie pushed 'Ken' up against the car and told him to assume the position. He went to great pains to do a thorough pat down but suddenly grabbed the man's arm and pulled it behind his back. Before the man could adequately react, Jamie cuffed both hands behind his back. The man was FURIOUS and began cussing and kicking at Jamie. Jamie shoved him in the back seat and said, 'Hey, I have to have a prisoner while I drive around the cruiser. I'll let you out in a minute.' At that, he jumped in, fired up the engine and spun gravel as he gunned the car up the driveway. The idiot drove all the way back to the construction site but the workers were all gone. The man was yelling at him to get the Hell back to the house. Jamie finally figured out he had really overstepped his bounds and went back to Ken's house. He parked the cruiser and opened the back door. The man got his feet out the door and sat there. He shouted 'Get these fucking cuffs off me asshole.' Jamie said, 'I still have to finish up with you' and went for the zipper on the jeans the man wore. He pulled the jeans down around the man's knees and then pushed him back on the seat. Although, the man's dick had gone soft in anger at what had happened, Jamie's expert mouth soon had him hard and dripping again. Jamie worked the nuts as he sucked the dick and just as the man was ready to spew his load, Jamie pulled off the dick. The cum shot out of the man's dick and landed on the uniform hat, the shirt, the badge and on Jamie's face. He stroked the dick until all the dribbles worked out. Then he thoughtlessly wiped the cum off his hands onto the shirt.

Coming down from his orgasm, the man grew deathly quiet with anger. He saw cum on the uniform and hat. Jamie pulled him out of the car and 'escorted' him back inside the house. The handcuff key was found on the key ring and soon the man was free. The man was ready to kill Jamie but restrained himself and said 'Had enough fun for one night, Jamie?' Jamie answered 'Man, this has been way too much. I guess I got a little crazy. Please don't be angry with me Ken.' The man just growled and walked towards the bedroom saying 'Let me get the laptop and we'll check out the pictures.' He reentered the room and handed the laptop to Jamie saying, 'Fire this up while I get a beer.' By the time the man came back into the room, Jamie was sitting on the couch staring at the spiral on the screen with a blank look on his face. In short order, the man programmed Jamie to forget the evening's events after work.

For one last photo session, Ken was brought out of trance and into the living room. He kneeled before the uniformed Jamie and was ordered to commit various sex acts. Pictures were taken of him sucking Jamie. Pictures were taken of Jamie with his dick in Ken's ass. Pictures were taken of the two kissing. Pictures were taken of the naked Ken being fucked in the back seat of his cruiser. The man would be keeping the pictures.

Afterwards, Jamie's programming was completed. He'd still have the same feelings and desires for Ken. He wouldn't remember where his clothing, boots and 'CAT' baseball cap had gone once he woke up the next day. He would respond to certain trigger words the man had planted in his subconscious. He would do whatever the man told him to do. He was ordered to strip out of the police uniform, drive home naked, and go to bed. He'd wake up the next day well refreshed and horny. He'd have no idea that he'd lived out his fantasy the night before. The man then sent him on his way home.

Once Jamie was gone, the man told Ken he was not worthy to wear the uniform. Every other man who had worn it was more of a man than him. He would be a cocksucker and cum repository for the rest of his life. Ken tried to talk back but a phrase stopped him cold and he was ordered back onto the bed and put to sleep.

The man returned to the living room and surveyed the damage to the uniform. He got a wet sponge and got the cum stains out of the hat. He wiped off what was on the shirt but knew it would wash out anyway. He put the uniform on the bedroom chair and stopped to check himself out in the bathroom mirror. He looked like a hard working man in Jamie's clothes. He'd think of something to do with them later. At that, he stripped and got into bed with Ken. He was drained of cum and they all needed a good night's sleep.

As he settled down to fall asleep, his mind reviewed that day's events. He'd actually taken total control of Ken. Ken was on his way to being an obedient sex slave who would be willing to do anything for the man. Ken had been egging on a construction worker, perhaps unconsciously, and was going to help him be a cop. The construction worked turned out to be hot and was into uniforms as much as the man. The man now had the cop and the construction worker at his command. It had been a very good day. Tomorrow would bring so many more adventures. He spooned against Ken and put his arm around him. Soon the man also was in a deep sleep.



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