No Nut November

by Baltcumcump

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After Diego and his boys pissed and shot their loads all over me, I had a very hard time sleeping that night. Of course, I had reported the details of what occurred with Jace via text. He called me a “cumdump” and said I was a “dirty whore”. 

The following morning, he asked me to send him a pic of my caged cock. I took a selfie in the bathroom mirror and fired it off. Jace then said he was going to show his buddy, the married one who lived in Atlanta that he asked me suck off a few months ago. He said he’s been showing pics of my “worthless cock” to all his friends to prove that he “owned” me. I’ll admit I find that very hot.

So let’s fast forward to the present. The days and nights are becoming increasingly difficult. My balls are swelling from their fullness. I am leaking like a faulty pipe in my briefs. My shaft attempts erection almost nightly and I begin to sweat in my sleep. Yet, despite the physical and mental anguish, I have never asked Jace, not even once, to set my cock free. I’ve been so good about following his golden rule of not shooting off for this entire month, I’m not about to take any chances. Additionally, any sex I’ve had had been approved and sanctioned by him.

So, the other night, when Diego texted me once again seeking my services, I explained to Jace that it was Diego’s last night in the area before he was heading home to the west coast. I promised Jace I wouldn’t cum, I promised Jace I wouldn’t get fucked. I promised Jace I’d give up only my throat, nothing more.

Jace said I was a “needy cocksucker” and assured me there would be a high price to pay if I deviated from the script. He was becoming more threatening as we inch closer to December, many times reminding me he had no problem keeping the key to my metal trap until next year. I always remind Jace that isn’t necessary since I’ve been nothing but obedient this entire month. He said I still had plenty of time to fuck up and that with my poor track record he was convinced I wouldn’t make it. I am disheartened by his lack of faith in me.

After securing Jace’s lukewarm approval to suck Diego’s cock, I was provided the hotel name of where Diego was staying. It wasn’t too far from my office so we decided I’d go there during my lunch hour.   I’d not really used my lunch hour for sex before, but I never turn down the opportunity to suck dick, especially Diego’s huge Black monster. What kind of faggot turns a cock down, ever?!

My cock ached between my legs under my desk as I counted down the minutes until lunchtime. I’d gone to the urinal a few times to piss and saw remnants of pre-cum staining my blue Seperatec briefs. 

At 10 minutes til noon, I rose from my desk, put on my jacket and began the short  walk to the hotel. Diego had texted me his room number and said he’d have the door unlocked. 

It was a smoking room, the stench of pot was in the air. The smoke sort of thick and lingering. There was Diego, naked, sprawling on the king bed with his lubed dick in his hand fondling himself to some porn playing on his laptop. 

Diego looked over to me with his usual disregard. A look of utmost disgust, which always turns me on. I hesitated a moment to long.

”Get ya mouth on this dick, faggot. Come on, hurry up, I ain’t got all day!”

I took off my jacket and threw it on the floor. I didn’t waste time to take off my dress shirt, but I did slip off my shoes. Diego held his hard 9 in his hand, shaking it in my face. Then I took it from him with my left hand and placed the head in my mouth, rolling my tongue around it, getting it nice and wet. 

Diego isn’t about slow and nice, he’s more about the aggression and dominance of using his cock as a weapon to completely annihilate my throat. Placing his large palm over my bald head like a basketball, he pushed my head down until my nose was in his dark pubes, the pressure was hard and his shaft plunged down my open throat. I felt my throat expand and constrict around it, I began to breathe through my nose, hard, the sudden move caught me off-guard but it shouldn’t have.

“Fuck yeah, cocksucker. That’s it. Eat my dick!” 

I flailed my arms to signal I couldn’t breathe. Diego let me struggle for just a little longer before releasing me. When I lifted off my eyes were watering, red, and strings of clear fluid were dripping down my chin and my shirt had stains. I was too cock-obsessed to worry about how I was going to explain that when I returned to work.

Diego was especially impatient with me. I needed a few seconds to regain my composure. That wasn’t in his plans. His other palm grasped the back of my head and once again it was pushed down the root all the way to the base. I felt his balls on my chin. Then he grabbed each side of my head and began to lift my head up and down, up and down, short fast strokes. The phlegm production was lubricating my esophagus for easier passage. Again I felt my eyes bulge, water, and this time tears dripped down my cheeks. Perhaps tears of joy having my skull ravaged by such a hot Alpha man. 

I had tuned out the porn playing on his laptop. I was focusing on my job, to be the best cocksucker I could be, to let Diego take my throat and make it his. 

“Get up!” Diego shouted.

“On your back, fucker!”

”Open that filthy mouth!”

I was laying flat on my back now, head hanging off the bed. Diego grabbed my head into his hands again and used my throat like a pocket pussy. I thought my jaw would become unhinged! He thrashed his shlong over and over again into my oral cavity. I grabbed onto his bare butt to feel his ass flex as he overpowered my gullet. 

He shoved my hands away, “Don’t touch me, asshole!  Did I tell you you could do that, faggot!”

He paused only to slap my cheek with his open hand and my ears rang before he thrusted his cock right back down my throat.

“I don’t know who you think you is, cocksucker!” He was now angry and he took it out on my mouth, a couple of times pulling his cock all the way out to slap my face and put me in my place. I actually like a good face slap, I like an Alpha top to show me his physical superiority every once in a while. 

I thought Diego was gonna shoot down my throat, but he wasn’t ready yet.

He had me sit on the carpeted floor with the back of my head flush to the mattress. My head couldn’t move away, which was the point. I felt like he was fucking my face like a glory hole. Deep, long strokes. My shirt was completely soaked from my own throat goo. Every time his balls slapped my chin more fluid was flying everywhere. 

“Tighten your throat, faggot. I’m gonna nut. Take my fucking load, bitch!  Fuck, fuck! Ahhh fuck! 

I felt Diego’s body orgasm. His muscles had tightened and flexed as he sent jets of hot seed flying down my mouth and into my stomach.  Seven or eight pulses of his cock spasming in my clasped throat. I was indeed having a high protein lunch!

When Diego’s pulse had calmed he pulled his still hard cock from my throat. Years ago, Diego was good to cum at least two, three, or four more times. He would fuck my ass and mouth repeatedly until he grew bored of me or when he had completely emptied his bull balls. But something was different now. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew I wasn’t going to get any more of Diego’s cock or seed that day.   

“Get the fuck out!  Get out bitch!”

Diego was raging. I grabbed my shoes and jacket and waited until I was in the hallway to put them on. 

On the walk back, I realized that would likely be the very last time I’d see Diego. I missed his aggression. I missed the challenge of his impressive cock. I was not ever going to submit to him again. I was saddened by that. 
Also on the walk back to work I’d worked out an excuse for my wet shirt. I was going to simply say I spilled water on myself. It was an act I could surely pull off. 

Lastly, I texted Jace and let him know I was done servicing Diego. It was more of me just reporting back, not that he asked. But since I was still outdoors he used that as an opportunity for a challenging cock cage check pic. He dared me to walk to the bus depot on the corner, sit on the bench, pull down my dress slacks and get a photo of the metal cage covering my dick. 

I knew if I didn’t do it, I wasn’t going to be unlocked so I walked to the bus depot. There were just three people waiting on the bus. They were standing outside of the depot as it was a nice day. I tried to be subtle and sat down. I waited a few minutes, and when I was convinced none of them were turned their heads back to look at me, I undid my belt, I fished my cock out of my briefs, I held my cage in my hand with one hand and snapped the pic with the other. Then, I quickly zipped up and sent the pic. I still had over 2 minutes to spare. I had done it!

Jace replied, “good job” and then he told me to meet him and his boyfriend for a drink tonight at the bar. 

by Baltcumcump

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