No Nut November

by Baltcumcump

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Jace has me on a tight leash these days. I’m trying my best to get this metal cage off my dick in 20 days. I haven’t had an erection in over six weeks. My useless cock doesn’t even try to harden any longer. 

I’m determined to not fuck up. Jace has been very unpredictable lately. Some days he asks for a dick pic when I wake up or before going to bed, those are easy to produce. Then there are other days where he makes it more challenging. Taking a pic of my locked dick in a Home Depot aisle or taking a dick pic while I’m pumping gas into my car, or taking a dick pic in the cafeteria while eating lunch. There’s always a time limit to meet. I think that I’m so focused on setting my dick free at this point I’d do anything he asks no matter how humiliating or degrading. 

With my dick completely out of commission, sexual pleasure has been achieved by way of my asshole. I was able to orgasm several times in October which is what caused my No Nut November predicament. I have been trying to steer clear of any anal activity in the past couple of days to avoid an accidental orgasm. I came very close to exploding a load last weekend with Sir Angelo, and I can’t take any more risks.

Yesterday, I’m minding my own business and doing some work when I get a text from an old fuck bud of mine named Diego. I’ve written many stories about him in the past. He had moved away and since I’d been spending more time with Jace in recent years, haven’t even thought about him too much. 

“Sup man”, his text said.

I was truly taken aback by this text from out of the blue. I hesitated before responding.

”Hey, nm. How r u?”

”Good, back in town visiting friends. U free tonight?”


I knew better than to ask too many questions, Diego never liked that. I think one of the reasons he’s kept me in his stable for so long is because I did what I was told, did it well, and without question. 

“Need a good cocksucker.”

”Where and what time?” 

Those questions were only to convey I’d be there on time and to convey I’d do it.

He replied with the address and time. No other information was provided. 

Immediately, I texted Jace to ask if it was permissible for me to cocksuck Diego and his friends. Jace asked if I knew how many would be there. I said I didn’t know. He called me a stupid whore and told me not to cum tonight. I took that as permission. I was too afraid to upset him by asking for absolute approval. 

I decided to wear a shitty pair of jeans and a sweater as it was getting colder outside. I drove over to where Diego was staying and it began to look familiar. Diego was famous for sending me to other places to service his buddies with or without him. I remembered the neighborhood, but honestly didn’t remember the person I’d met. In my defense, there were many times I was blindfolded so I wouldn’t ever see who I was blowing or whose dick was mounting my pig hole. 

I nervously parked my car out front and walked toward the foyer of the small apartment building, walked up to the 3rd floor and knocked on the door. 

When Diego opened it, I barely recognized him. His hair greyed significantly, as did his scruffy beard. He was still thin as a rail, although more toned than I remembered. He had a patch of grey chest hair between his pecs. Yes, he answered the door shirtless, wearing only a pair of red basketball shorts. He smirked when he saw me. He was never overly friendly towards me, actually treated me more like scum than an actual person, and I liked it. 

As I entered the room, there were 3 other tall Black men in the room. One was sitting in a black lounger chair, the other two were sitting at each end of a matching sofa. Diego remained standing. They were all shirtless, watching interracial straight porn. The room smelled like weed. Beer bottles were everywhere. I’m sorry if this sounds stereotypical, it’s not my intent, I’m only writing what I saw.

The two guys on the sofa were built exactly like Diego, tall and lanky. One with facial hair the other without. The lounger guy was fairly jacked like a football player, smooth all over but a dark beard on his face. 

”This is my cocksucker”, Diego said.  

I swear no other words were said the entire time I was there. Diego stood off to the side of the lounger chair and pulled his shorts down to his ankles. His hard 9 sprang straight up. I knew what I was there to do, I kneeled on my haunches and took that dick into my hand and then into my mouth. I missed that majestic dick so much. Every ridge that I’d sucked hundreds of times before came back to me. I lost myself in the bliss of a cocksucking high when I felt the back of my shirt suddenly feel wet and warm. 

Diego held my head down tightly as I attempted to see what was happening behind me. I was choking on his cock pretty badly but he didn’t let me move until it stopped. Then he turned my head around and I opened my eyes to see it was the guy from the chair who had pissed all over me. Diego placed my head onto that big dick. His dick was as beefy as he was, a good eight and quite plump. Very hairy, it was tickling my nose and hair was in my mouth. Diego held my head tightly as the big man fucked my face until I was red and breathless.

The other two guys came closer to where we were standing. Diego planted my head back onto his dick. I could hear a woman moaning on the TV screen as she was getting railed in the background.  Then another piss stream hit the front of my sweater and began to soak my jeans. When that stream ceased, my head was turned again to suck it. This guy still had some piss left to feed me, his 7 inches fit perfectly down my throat and he unleashed his piss before hardening up and fucking my face. He and Diego pushed my head down so I couldn’t move anywhere.

The last guy pissed on my head and it dripped and splashed all over me. When he finished, I had to suck him, too. So now the four of them stood around me in a circle and I was just taking turns rotating from one hard Black cock to the other. Besides some grunting and moaning, nothing was said by any of us. I was there for a purpose. A means to their orgasmic end. A mouth to fuck.

In the background I heard the Black men on TV fucking the white chick scream out their orgasms. This triggered one of these four men surrounding me to stroke his load all over my face. In turn, all of these guys stroked while I squatted down with an open mouth and tongue extended. One by one the other two guys splashed cum all over my face and into my beard. I felt some land on my head, into my mouth and chin. They were heavy cummers. 

That left only Diego. He used his hard cock to scoop all that cum into my piggy mouth and then he grabbed onto my head with both hands and relentlessly fucked my skull until emptying his nut down my gullet. 

I was a complete mess. Piss soaked clothes, cum drenched face, my eyes were red and burning from cum in the eye. I was there maybe 20 minutes at most and was dumped on like a true whore. I’d call that a resounding success. And, I didn’t cum!

I used a napkin in my car to clear my eyes out so I could drive home. When I got home, I took a pic of my face and sent it to Jace. I told him there were four guys there. They pissed on me and came on me. I told him I did not cum. He responded once again saying I was a slut and I should send him a pic of my caged cock in the morning. He said he wanted a close up this time. I’m not sure why?

I was contemplating taking a shower, but instead I did take the sweater and jeans off and threw them in the washer and then went to bed with all that drying cum all over my face and beard. 

This morning, when I awoke, I felt sticky. I also smelled real bad. I went to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror hanging behind the door. I zoomed in on the metal cage, snapped a pic and sent it to Jace. Then I finally brushed my teeth and showered. I even shampooed my beard just to be sure I’d cleaned off all the cum.

As I was making coffee Jace replied.

“Thx, sending to a friend.”

I was waiting for more, but nothing has come as of 3:30pm today. 

Until next time…

by Baltcumcump

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