I was still shaking, Jack's words rang in my head. I got up and paced to the bathroom, I opened the small cabinet and nervously unscrewed the cap of the small bottle "Fuck" I realied it was empty. I had no pills left. There was a loud bang at the door. I jumped and dropped the pill container.

I slowly walked to the door, I was about a meter away when it banged again. I undid the clock and opened the door. I opened it and stood motionless in disbelief. Alex was stood there, his bag lay on the floor, his eyes were red and swollen from crying "Can I come in?" he whispered." I threw myself at him and wrapped my arms around him, pulling his body against mine.

His arms automatically found their way around my body and we just stood there, embracing each other. "I'm so sorry" I sobbed into his shoulder, I'd missed his smell, the feel of his body, the way my head could rest perfectly on his broad shoulder. "I know I've only been gone just over an hour, but I couldn't stay away, I missed you." I pulled so close to him we were practically one person. "I missed you too, I shouldn't have been angry." I let go of him and he picked up his bag, I led him into the apartment by his hand.

I pulled him to the bed room, my fingers interlocked with his. When we arrived in the bedroom I let go of him and pulled him down onto the bed. He lay opposite me, our legs entangled and holding hands. We just looked into each other's eyes, he lay there with a little smile on his face. "Danny, I realized something tonight. I can't be away from you. I don't feel right without you."

Alex tightened his grip on my hands, and gently rubbed them with his thumbs. "Never, ever leave me Danny, I don't want to feel like that again. I don't want to have to leave like that again." Alex started to cry again. It was strange, seeing my strong man with tears running down his cheeks. I did this to him. I shifted across the bed until our whole bodies were touching, I rubbed his arm gently, then kissed him on the lips. "I promise this won't happen again. You're everything to me."

We didn't have make up sex that night, we didn't fuck or anything like that. Alex made love to me. It wasn't rough like the stuff you see in porn, he was gentle, small thrusts all night, I don't think there's one part of my upper body that he didn't kiss.

I woke up the next day happy and satisfied. Alex had his arm draped over me, I could feel his body heat behind me. I rolled over and he opened his eyes. I thought I'd never wake up to this again. "I love you" I said dreamily. He stroked my face lightly "good morning to you too". I could just lie there with him like that forever. "We should go away." Alex said out of the blue." I sat up a little. "What?" I asked.

"You heard me." He grinned. "We could do with a break, we'll go away some place sunny, just for a week or two. How does Spanish sound?" I simply smiled at him. "With you, anything sounds perfect." I threw myself on top of him and he pulled me in close, playfully ruffling my hair.

A week later, we'd found flights, a nice hotel and we were there, in Zaragoza, in the North East of Spain. It had been a long, painful flight and the coach journey to the hotel wasn't much better. Turns out "Javier" was a pretty reckless driver, and I was absolutely exhausted. I was resting my head on Alex's shoulder, he gave me a tap on the arm.

"We're here" he said excitedly. We lifted our cases of the bus and carried them inside. I collapsed into the first seat I saw under the air conditioning. I watched Alex as he went up to the front desk. "Hola, we have a reservation here". I simply watched in amazement.

The man behind reception smiled and handed Alex a key. Alex returned to me and picked up his bags, "You ready?" I just sat there looking at him. "Wait, you speak Spanish, why didn't you tell me?" He just smiled and signaled for me to follow him. "There's a lot you don't know about me Danny" He turned and began walking away I got up and grabbed by things. "Mysterious" I said with a mischievous grin.

We arrived at the room and took a look around, "Wow very nice" I exclaimed. The far wall was completely glass, leading to a balcony which looked down on the pool. The best part was definitely the gigantic bed. "First things first" Alex said from behind me, he pulled me round by my arm and swept me of my feet, I felt like a child in his strong arms, I just laughed.

Alex looked down at me with a massive smile on his face, he carried me to the bed and set me down before pulling of his shirt. I never got tired of seeing his perfect body. I just lay there, I didn't even notice by cock beginning to harden in my shorts. Alex crawled onto the bed and eventually we were face to face. He hovered over me, just smiling. I pulled his head down and our lips touched.

His velvet soft lips glided over mine like they were meant for each other. He broke the kiss, leaving me begging for more. He pulled me up and pulled of my shirt in one swift motion, then he pushed me bag down just with one finger on my forehead. He followed me down planting one quick kiss on my lips before tucking my hands behind my back so I was lying on them.

"What's this?" I asked, I was confused with this mysterious side of Alex. He just kept smiling, God, I loved that smile. "Just stay like that and Don't move. We were both still in our shorts and Alex lay on top of me. He began to gently grind his hips in small motions so my cock and his were rubbing against each other. He sucked and nibbled at my neck. I ran my fingers through his soft blonde hair.

I waited for his wet lips to move further down my body but they never did, he just kept kissing at my neck, like a hungry vampire. I was in a state of ecstasy. My cock was throbbing, desperately in need of those big pink lips. I arched my back to free my hands but Alex pinned me down. He moaned but couldn't say much with his mouth wrapped around my collar bone.

Finally he took of my shorts, but he went straight back to sucking my neck, it was starting to hurt. I looked down but could only see the top of his head, he seemed to be really getting into this though. "Alex what are you doing." I looked down at my cock and realized it was covered in pre cum. Suddenly he moved down and put his lips onto my cock, instantly his lips traveled down to the base until his face was buried in my pubes, it was over like that.

I gripped the bed sheets, and let out a mighty moan, "FUCK" I thrust myself further into his mouth until I felt like my dick hit the back of his throat. I felt myself cumming thick and fast into his mouth and watched as he swallowed all the juice I gave him. When I was finally done unloading into his hungry mouth he came up and smiled at me, he had a little drop of cum running down his cheek, I wiped it of with my thumb and he stuck out his tongue, for me to give him that one last drop.

We both froze as we heard the door opening, we just lay there, both of us too scared to move. A young Spanish mean walked in, he couldn't have been older than 18. We said nothing as he entered, he stood there shocked. "Fuck, we're in trouble I thought." Then I noticed his tan hand rubbing at his crotch through his trousers. "Alex turned to face him properly, then he got up and walked to the Spanish teen, he took the towels of him and threw them down.

Then he reached over his shoulder and closed the door. "Te gusta lo que ves?" Alex said, I had no idea what he meant, or how he acted so calm in this situation. The Spanish boy swallowed, wiped the sweat from his forehead and said yes, in a shaky voice. He was obviously nervous. "Good" Said Alex. He took the Spanish boy by the wrist and lead him to the bed, I think I understood now. "No way" I thought. Alex turned his attention to me.

"What do you think Danny? Spanish boys are hot aren't they?" I couldn't believe this was happening. "Well yeah, but are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?" Alex smiled at me and sat on the bed next to the Spanish boy "Yes I am." "Cómo te llamas?" Marco replied the nervous intruder. "I'm Alex, and this is my boyfriend Danny, would you like to stay here for a little while?" Alex placed his hand on Marcos lap and rubbed it, a little too close to the bulge where his erection poked up in his trousers. "I would like it very much." Alex laughed "Good."

My cock was beginning to rise again and before I knew it Marco was leaning over, his warm mouth slipped over my cock, I lay back and enjoyed the hot Spaniard's mouth. "This is so hot" Said Alex who was taking of his shorts and boxers. He began pumping his fist up and down his hard cock. "Come here babe." I commanded Alex. He was on his knees next to my face. I pushed down on Marco's head, forcing him down my cock, he struggled a little at first but quickly realised how good it felt to have a cock fill your throat, he seemed to take it like a pro.

I took Alex in my mouth, that taste is the best thing I could ever try. The mix of manliness, salt and cum was intoxicating. Alex placed his hand on my head and thrust in and out of my mouth. We stayed in this position for a while. It felt like heaved giving and getting a blowjob at the same time.

"Fuck Danny stop or I'm gonna cum now and I don't want that." Alex pulled out of my mouth. Marco instinctively stopped sucking me and looked up at us. "Time to step it up a gear." He looked down at Marco. "Marco, you ever been fucked?" He sat up, taking things very serious all of a sudden. "No sir, I am a... virgin." Alex grinned.

 I wasn't sure I liked where this was going. "How the fuck has a beautiful boy like you not been fucked. Would you like to be fucked right here and now?" Marco sat in silence for a moment before finally answering. "I would...but please, be gentle. I've heard it hurts." Alex got up and came back with lube and condoms. "It might hurt at first, but I'll be gentle, and trust me it wont take long to feel good. I just lay there in silence.

I watched as Alex began to rim Marco, he must have been doing a good job because Marco couldn't control his face or the moans that escaped his mouth. Instinct took over, it became a competition of who could pleasure the Spanish virgin more. I moved in front of him, took his face in my hands and began to kiss him, forcing my tongue around his mouth, enjoying a new taste.

Alex looked up and smiled before shoving his tongue back inside Marco, causing him to moan into my mouth. I was so hypnotized by the taste of Marco's mouth I didn't even notice Alex entering him. Marco pulled away from me and let out a gasp, his eyes were watering and he was biting his lip. I held up his head so his eyes looked into mine and gave him an encouraging smile. He half smiled back. "Can I suck you?" Marco asked politely as if he was speaking to his teacher. I didn't need to say anything, I got on my knees, my cock stood fully erect, I slapped it of Marco's cheek and he flashed me a cheeky smile before taking me into his hungry mouth.

I looked up at Alex who was pounding mercilessly at Marcos ass, taking his virginity from him with every powerful thrust. Alex banging into Marco's ass forced him to lean forward, sucking further and further down my shaft. Alex felt my gaze on him and looked at me, sweat running down his forehead. Simultaneously we leaned forward and kissed. We defiled Marco from both ends, "Alex pulled me close and whispered in my ear. "I hope you're enjoying this babe, I can almost feel our cocks touching inside him. Listen I wanna cum at the same time, we're gonna fill him with our hot, sticky juice, okay babe?"

I was so turned on right now I felt like there was a sea of cum swashing around in my balls and the bounced of Marcos chin. Alex began to really pick up a pace, I wondered did he look like this when he was fucking me. His muscles rippled as he held onto Marco my his waist, slamming his eight inch cock into the boy, slamming against his prostate. He was grunting and his abs were glistening with sweat. "Alex, I'm going to cum." He kept slamming into Marco "Me too baby, you ready Marco?"

Marco just grunted and kept sucking me off. I felt like we were drowning Marco, I heard him swallow rapidly as I unloaded into his mouth. "Agh fuck" Alex gave one last thrust and pulled Marco back by his shoulders, slamming him back onto Alex's cock. Alex's mouth fell open as the cum shot from his dick, filling Marco's ass. Alex pulled out and collapsed next to Marco who was still on his knees in front of me.

Strands of my cum ran down his chin. I got under him and shuffled down until we were in a 69 position. I spread his ass cheeks with my hands and lapped at my boyfriend's cum from the Spanish boy's now non virgin ass. I heard Alex giggle.

We all lay there exhausted until Alex spoke. He was laying there, covered in sweat, his hair messy, he had one hand resting on his stomach and the other was rubbing his now soft cock. "Well, I hope you boys are rested, cause I'm still horny." His statement caused both Marco and I to sit up in shock. Alex just kept smiling at us and rubbing his cock, it looked so beautiful when soft and so sexy when hard.

"Your ass is amazing Marco, but I feel like I need to fuck my boyfriend, I want to remind him how much I love him. This cock is his." I watched as Alex's cock began to grow again, It was red and probably ached from all the attention it had received recently. I silently moved towards him and he smiled. I climbed on top of him and began to position my ass over his cock.

It grew to it's full size, sticking straight up, the veins looked like they were about to explode and the thick purple head was bulging. I moaned as I felt it entering me, pushing my ass apart so it could fit in. I swear his cock felt bigger every time. I slowly slid down onto him until I felt his pubes against my ass. I felt complete with him inside me. It wasn't just sex with him, it was like we combined, we knew how to please each other, like our minds and bodies connected.

I was part of Alex and he was part of me. I watched his face as I began bouncing up and down on him. His eyes were closed and he looked so happy. I arched my back a little so his cock was hitting me at a different angle, I could tell he felt good because a little smile spread across his face. Then I tried bouncing while moving my hips in small circles, trying to grind against his cock as much as possible.

I was pushing him over the edge. I stopped moving, causing Alex to look up at me with worry on his face, "What's wrong Dan, are you hurt?" I smiled at him "I'm fine, but do you remember the first time we fucked? It was like this, in this position." Alex smiled back at me and his eyes lit up.

"Of course I remember, I still have dreams about it." Without any hesitation Alex lifted me up with his arms until only the tip of his dick was inside me. He began to thrust up and down. It was like he was possessed, all he was focussed on was fucking me as hard as he could." Then he stopped, and pulled his cock right out of me.

"Dan, I want to try something, but if you don't want to it's fine."

"I'd do anything for you, you know that."

"Well, you love getting fucked right? Well imagine how good two cocks would feel."

I turned To Marco who was just lying there watching, he seemed fascinated by the whole thing. I turned back to Alex, a little nervous.

"You mean, get fucked by both of you? Fuck it why not? I want you guys to make me scream. I can take it." I was turned on more than ever but I was terrified at the same time. Before I knew it I could feel the tip of Alex's monster cock at my ready hole, then I felt something else against my ass. Alex and Marco both lay under me, head to toe with each other. Alex spread his legs over Marco's chest and Marco's feet were next to Alex's head.

They shuffled close to each other so their asses touched and their cocks stood up together, they both held their cock's close to each others to make it easier for me to sit down on them. I was still facing Alex and he now held my hands. "If it's too much don't do it." Alex warned me, his voice full of compassion. I wasn't listening, I slowly squatted down until I felt the two cocks squeeze into my hole.

A sharp pain raced through my body. "Ohhh shit." I closed my eyes to fight back the tears. "Alex I know this is going to feel amazing but right now it hurts so much, I think I am going to pass out." Alex sat up a little. "You're ok, you can do it. I'm here." He held my hands tighter. When I was ready I lowered myself down further onto the two rock hard cocks, it was starting to feel good.

Alex and Marco were both breathing heavily, I could tell they were going to enjoy this. I slowly went up and down, I felt like my ass was completely stretched by the two cocks that where buried so deep inside me. Then without warning, Alex and Marco took turns to thrust, they went faster than one man ever could, like machine pistons firing into me. Their cocks rubbed against each other's and against the battered walls of my anus.

Suddenly they both came inside me, two volcanoes erupting warm cum into me. I collapsed onto Alex's chest and felt relieved as their cocks began to soften, I could relax now. The three of us fell asleep, I lay in the middle of Alex and Marco was snuggled against my back with his arms around me and I was cuddled into Alex's chest. It had been an amazing experience, one I definitely wouldn't forget. I fell asleep with the biggest smile on my face, enjoying the warmth and safety of these two men.


Jason Smyth

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