When I woke up it was still night time and silence surrounded me, my head was spinning and everything was a blur, I could hear nothing from the building behind me which used to be my home and assumed my parents were in bed. I had nothing, no keys, no phone, all I had was the clothes on my back. So I did the only thing I could do, I slowly made my way to my feet and like an infant learning to walk, I used anything I could find to hold onto as I started to make my way towards Alex's house.



I remembered watching Dan walk away, I felt nothing but love and excitement. I went back inside and talked about Dan to my mum and dad. It had gone better then I could have hoped actually.

I decided to go upstairs and wait for Danny to come back. It had been over an hour since Dan left and I was starting to get worried. What if his parents didn't take it well? Maybe I should go and check on him, but that could make it worse. He's probably just talking the whole thing over with them. I lay back on my bed and closed my eyes. All I could think about was Danny. I couldn't wait for him to come back so I could have him in my arms again. I thought about every part of his body I had ever seen, smelt, touched or tasted. I wanted to run my fingers through his hair and all over his body, I wanted to breathe in his sweet smell, and most of all I wanted to taste him, to kiss his lips and all over his body. While I was thinking of all the things I wanted to do to Danny, I slowly lost sight of the things around me, my senses shut down and I drifted to sleep.

Suddenly something startled me and I was awakened from my sleep abruptly, I looked around and there was nothing there. I guessed I had been having a nightmare, there was shouting and screaming but I didn't know what about. I rubbed my eyes and threw my head back on the soft pillow, then the shouting started again, I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs worrying about what was going on. All sorts of horrible situations ran through my mind about why everyone was so upset. I considered every possible horror except the one my eyes were actually seeing, there was a trail of blood leading from my open front door, it lead through the living room and into the kitchen and stopped at a battered, bruised and unconscious Danny. 'Oh my God' I gasped at the site of my blood stained boyfriend. My dad was trying to get him to wake up and my mum was busy looking through the first aid box, it seemed like she was trying to find something to stop the bleeding. I had been standing in the doorway of the kitchen, just staring in disbelief at what I was seeing. Then my instincts kicked in and I quickly made my way across the kitchen to where Danny was sitting, I tried shaking him gently telling him to wake up, but nothing. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him towards me so his head was resting on my shoulder and his body found comfort against mine. 'What happened?' I was in desperate need of answers and clearly Danny was in no state to give them to me. 'We were just watching TV when we heard something bang against the door, your father went and found leaning against the wall trying to support himself, I have some bandages here, they should stop the bleeding.' 'I got him through the door and then he passed out' my father added.

My mum and dad cleaned him up while I just held him. I felt useless, powerless, the guy I loved was in this state and there was nothing I could do to help him. Once he was cleaned up I decided that now wasn't the time to feel sorry for myself, I took his lifeless body into my arms and carried him upstairs, I set him on my bed and went downstairs to get something to drink for when he woke up.



I woke in a dark room, I sat up to look around trying to figure out where I was and was shocked to feel blinding pain running through my entire body, every inch of me was in excruciating pain. Then I remember what had happened, how I had came out to my parents and then been kicked out. I scanned the room and quickly realised I was in Alex's room. Somehow I must have managed to drag myself here. I heard footsteps coming towards the room and started trembling, I gripped the sheets on Alex's bed feeling like something awful was about to happen, then the bedroom door opened and Alex stood with two glasses. He set them down and instantly jumped on the bed and pulled me close to him. The only thing I could do was sob into his chest. 'It's ok Dan, you're with me now, you're ok nobody can hurt you, take as long as you need but when you've calmed down you need to tell me what happened'. The sound of Alex's loving voice brought a sense of calmness and relieved me slightly. I must have cried into his chest for at least ten minutes while he just kissed every now and again on the head and whispered that everything was ok now. Then I finally gathered the courage to tell him what happened. 'I told them Alex, I told them about us and how much we loved each other, my mum seemed ok with it, then I looked at my dad, he looked so angry Alex, I had never seen him so angry, and then, he, he just' It killed me inside to say the next part out loud 'He started hitting me Alex, my own dad, but the worst part of tonight, he threw me out the door and to the ground. I don't care about the fact he hurt me physically, my cuts will heal, but emotionally, I don't think I'll ever be the same Alex, throwing me out was like his way of telling me I wasn't his son anymore'. Alex just kept holding me, he said nothing, but his actions said it all. He was there for me when I needed him, and that's all the matters. I decided I'd had enough of being the victim, I pulled away from Alex and pushed him so he was lying on his back, I lay down beside him before leaning in close to him and penetrating his mouth with my tongue, after a couple of seconds I felt him kiss back and his tongue explore my open mouth. I kissed him more passionately than ever, I didn't want air I wanted Alex's mouth and he wanted mine. After a few minutes I broke away from the kiss and started sucking at his neck. Alex let out moans regularly and just lay there running his fingers through my hair gently. Then I slowly unbuttoned Alex's shirt kissing and licking his chest as I made my way South. I swirled my tongue around his nipples and nibbled at them gently. Alex's moans just kept coming faster and louder. Next I reached his naval, still using my tongue to pleasure the man I loved I started running one of my hands up and down his inner thigh while using the other one to unbutton his trousers, desperate to reach what was hidden underneath. Then Alex pulled my head up from his crotch, locked his eyes with mine and whispered 'You don't have to do this babe'. I chuckled at the fact he called me babe and then went back to work on his delicious body. He just kept running his hands through my hair and gently touching my face. By now he was wearing nothing but his boxers, I ran my hands directly over his cock for the first time and he gasped in pleasure already. Slowly, I started to run my fingers under the waistband of his boxers and began to pull them down as slowly as I could. At last his boxers reached his knees and he kicked them off himself, what was left was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. It looked like seven or eight inches, cut and the head was swollen and red. I took a minute to take in the beauty of his manhood before lowering my head and placing my tongue on the tip, I used my tongue to circle his head before placing my lips on it and sucking gently at his swollen head, when I got used to the feeling of having him in my mouth I started pushing my head down further, I started to feel like I was going to choke and that I was running out of air but I didn't care, I needed to show Alex how grateful I was, By the look of things it was working, I looked up at him and he had his head tilted to one side with his eyes closed and his mouth wide open letting out frequent moans of absolute pleasure. I was almost at his balls now and with one last push I deepthroated him. He was completely inside of me now and he tasted incredible. 'Ahh fuck Dan, you're incredible'. I felt his trimmed pubes tickle my face and his balls on my chin, it was amazing, then slowly I came back up and took my hungry mouth of his cock quickly for a breath of air. Pre cum was running down my chin and short strands of clear, sticky liquid hung from Alex's cock. Alex was still lying with his eyes closed but had now started panting. I put my lips back onto him and immediately tasted that familiar salty, sweet taste. As I picked up my pace and began sucking harder and faster my mouth got sweeter and saltier.

I felt Alex's hand putting slightly more pressure on my head whilst still being incredibly gentle, he couldn't help it, he was going to cum. I just kept going until Alex tried to pull out of my mouth, 'Dan I'm gonna cum, babe I don't wanna make you swallow' but it was too late, I grabbed him by the waste and pulled him into my mouth fully, what I felt next was totally different than the precum in my mouth before, long, thick strands of cum shot into my mouth and seemed to just keep cumming, I swallowed willingly until I had literally sucked my boyfriend dry. I climbed up the bed until we were face to face and the rolled onto my back breathing heavily. Danny said nothing but he lay with a smile on his face just looking into my eyes. After catching my breath I laid my hand on his chest and whispered words to him which I had wanted to say since the moment I laid eyes on him, 'Fuck me Alex'. 'Only if you're sure babe' I just had to nod at him and that was enough. I stayed on my back while he leaned over me, he did exactly what I had done to him and started my kissing my neck, I had never felt anything like this before, he sucked at my neck from every angle then licked and kissed down my chest and stomach, he unbuttoned my jeans and slid them halfway down my legs like I had done for him. Then running his hands all over my legs he gradually started to pull down my boxers with his teeth. I was practically begging for him just to fuck me already. Instead of giving me head he took my balls into his mouth and sucked on them with a new found hunger. It felt better than anything I had ever felt and when he had finished sucking my balls he ran his tongue from the back of my balls to my tight, pink hole. He licked around the outside at first and gently massaged my ass cheeks, spreading them apart. He ran his tongue over the opening before pushing his tongue as far inside me as he could and started eating my ass. I threw my head back and my eyes rolled to the back of my head, it felt like he was fucking me already. Despite my moans he just kept going licking and penetrating my with his hot, wet tongue. Alex must have noticed that my rock hard cock was leaking A LOT of precum by this point because he suddenly took his tongue out of me and started licking the cum from the tip of my cock and anywhere it had dripped onto, but he didn't swallow it, instead he kept it in his mouth and used it to lube up my asshole. 'You sure about this?' I loved it when Alex was sincere like this, I knew he would never to anything to hurt me but it was still nice to be reminded every now and again. 'Go for it' I smiled at him then laid back trying to relax. I felt something start to push its way inside me, I let out a groan and tried to enjoy what Alex was doing to me. 'Let me know if you change your mind Dan, I'll stop if you say so'. I just kept moaning as Alex pushed what I think was his finger deeper inside of me, it touched something inside me that sent waves of pleasure throughout me, when Alex hit it, he slowly pulled his finger halfway out and pushed it back in slightly faster than before, he gradually built up his speed and found a steady rhythm and after a few minutes of this I was ready for two fingers. I felt my ass stretch out a little to allow for more of Alex to enter me, I couldn't wait for him to stop fingering me and give me the real thing. Alex fingered me for about fifteen minutes before he decided it was time. He decided I should be on top so we could go at my own pace. Alex lay on his back with his hands behind his head, he watched me carefully as I positioned my now loosened hole over his eight inch monster. Alex took one hand away from behind his head and used it to guide his cock into a position which made it easier for me to lower myself onto it, I felt his swollen head press against the opening of my ass, there was precum leaking from him which made it slightly easier to bring myself down on top of him. I started to lower my body down and before long his head was inside me stretching me open already, I took a moment to compose myself before continuing on my downward journey, inch by inch Alex watched in amazement as his dick disappeared inside me, I wished I could see it but feeling him inside me was enough. About half of him was inside me when I winced in pain, I clenched my eyes closed and tried to push myself down further. 'Stop it Dan, this is too much for you we can wait, we don't hav...' before Alex could finish his sentence I gathered up what strength I had left and plunged my self down taking the rest of his cock inside me at once, the room started to spin and I felt nothing but Alex, a rush of adrenalin shot through my system. Alex let out a loud groan followed by 'Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, this is amazing'. I was breathing heavily as I started to grind my ass against his rock hard body feeling his dick rub against my prostate. I kept grinding against him letting his rock hard cock explore inside my body. Alex had his eyes closed and his mouth open the same way he had done all night. I wanted to laugh but the only thing I could do was moan. After a little while I got used to having Alex inside me and I started to lift myself up of Alex, I hated losing contact with him and not feeling his hot body against mine but it was worth it because the feeling of his cock sliding out of my hole then straight back in was pure ecstasy. I felt the familiar rush of adrenalin shoot through me again willing me to go faster and harder, so I did. It didn't take long for me to be riding Alex properly, raising myself up to the very tip of his manhood and then plunging back down slamming into his body causing him to groan everytime. Alex placed his soft, warm hands on my waist and guided me up and down the length of his cock, every now and again he would use his strength to pull me down with great force which really hit the spot. Then out of nowhere, he used his strong arms to lift me up to the top of his monster, but didn't allow me to slide back down, only his swollen head was left inside of me, I looked at Alex confused, he simply winked at me before thrusting himself inside me, he held me up and slid himself in and out of my hole, he pulled out as far as he could each time before slamming his cock back into me, he was pounding me fast and hard and his balls made a clapping sound when he fucked me. Each time I felt him hit my prostate I got a little bit closer to cumming until eventually he was just going so fast and so hard I couldn't hold myself anymore, without even touching myself once I shot my load all over Alex's smooth chest and abs. Alex kept going after his though, he was sweating furiously and I felt his rhythm increase to a new high, his mouth was open wider then before and now his eyes were locked with mine, he looked me straight in the eye and reached up behind my head to pull my upper body towards his, my face was only inches away from his. His hot body glistened with sweat, he whispered in my ear softly that he loved me before giving one last thrust and cumming deep inside of me. Then he pulled my lips close to his and kissed me gently. His hot, wet tongue filled my mouth and his strong, masculine scent flooded my nose and mouth with each small breath I took between kisses. Then I laid my head on his smooth, hairless chest and drifted to sleep with a smile on my face. Regardless of the fact that my face was also covered with bruises and cuts inflicted on me by the other man in my life just a couple of hours earlier.



I lay in bed breathing quietly, just staring at the beauty sleeping peacefully on my chest, he was so beautiful even after all he had been through tonight. I kissed him on the head gently trying not to wake him, whispered 'goodnight gorgeous', then turned my head to one side and fell asleep, holding my lover, keeping him safe. I didn't know that Dan would never be the same after tonight, things were about to change, and our lives would never be the same again.

I woke the next morning with Alex's arms wrapped tightly around me and my head on his chest. I could feel his chest rise and fall slightly with each breath he took. I still found it all hard to believe, I had been beaten up and thrown out by my dad, and then I came here and lost my virginity. I had lost one man from my life but gained an even better one. When I thought about that way Alex had fucked me it brought a smile to my face. I felt slight movement above my head followed by the beautiful sound of Alex's voice. 'Morning beautiful.' He had a sleepy tone to his voice but he sounded happy at the same time. 'Good morning yourself'. I would have given anything just to lie there with him forever, unfortunately we had to get up. We went downstairs and ate breakfast, I wasn't really hungry but eventually I agreed to let his mum make me a slice of toast, most of which I didn't eat actually. I could tell his parents were trying to make small talk, trying to act like last night hadn't happened, like I hadn't turned up at their house beaten and hurt. But I had, and nothing could change that now. His parents left the house not long after we came down, they said they had to go see relatives or something, honestly I was glad to have some time alone with Alex. Alex sat opposite me at the other side of the table, every so often he would look up at me and jut smile, then out of nowhere 'You should stay here, with me' Alex said casually like it was no big deal, 'What? Alex, I don't know about this, I mean, what would your parents say?' 'It was their idea Dan, they brought it up last night before you woke up while I was down here getting drinks'. 'Well, ok then, I guess I don't have any other choice do I, thanks Alex, I know this isn't easy for either of us but It means a lot how much you've done for me' I was close to crying at how nice Alex was being, I tried to be grateful for his generosity but the truth is I was hurt, the fact that I was moving in here made the whole thing more real, I put it to the back of my mind and smiled. 'Don't worry about it babe, you know I would do anything for you, and yeah, its going to be difficult but we'll get through it, together'. Alex didn't flash that killer smile which made me want to rip of his clothes there and then, instead he gave me a cute smile quickly. After breakfast we went upstairs to get dressed.

Alex went to get a shower leaving me alone in his room. It gave me some time to think about all that was happening, the thoughts raced through my head so fast I barely had time to think, I found my head bouncing from thought to thought with no real thinking. Before I knew it Alex was back in the room with me, his tanned body was wet and only a towel was wrapped round his waist. He sat down on his bed and began to fix his hair. Out of nowhere I just threw myself at him forcing him back on the bed. Without giving him time to say anything I thrust my tongue into his mouth and kissed him violently. I shut my eyes tight and focussed on pushing my tongue further down his throat, I felt his hands pushing me away so I broke our kiss leaving him gasping for air looking shocked. He looked at me with confusion etched on his face. 'What the hell was that about Dan?' His eyes were fixed on mine and he was starting to look worried, I just stared back at him with a blank expression on my face. 'I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself babe, you just looked, well, hot sitting there in nothing but your towel, I'm sorry Alex, I didn't mean to.' I tried to find some sort of explanation in my head but there wasn't one, I just... threw myself at him for no reason I guess. The shock and anger faded from his face and only his beautiful smile remained. 'I'm sorry Dan, I shouldn't have snapped like that, you shocked me that's all, let me make it up to you'. With that Alex unfolded the towel and threw it to the floor, his limp cock lay flat against his leg, he lay back on the bed and smiled at me with one hand behind his head and the other lying on his perfectly defined abs. I felt a twitch in my groin signalling my immediate excitement, I lifted my head from looking at my own cock and feasted my eyes on Alex's body, his legs were slightly hairy but in a hot way, not too much hair but not bare. His thighs were pure muscle without an inch of fat, he had short, trimmed pubes around the base of his cock but nowhere else, his toned stomach and chest had no hair, leaving his tanned skin totally smooth, droplets of water glistened all over his upper body. After gazing at every inch of his body I looked at his beautiful face. His blue eyes were looking straight at me and his cute pink lips were closed tight. I breathed a slight sigh of relief before lifting my t shirt over my head in one quick motion revealing my slim body, I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down my hairless legs before finally kicking them off, I stood at the foot of the bed wearing nothing but boxer briefs which were tight enough to show the outline of my bulging package.

I allowed my body to brush against Alex's as I joined him on his bed, I climbed up beside him with my leg draped across his body. He brushed his hand through my blonde hair and then smiled at me before pulling my head towards his, as I leaned into kiss him his smell filled my airways the same way is always did, he hadn't put on aftershave or deodorant yet so all I could smell was his natural masculine, musky scent. At first he pressed his lips against mine gently, giving me just a small taste of what was to come, he kissed my lips without using his tongue and still I felt dizzy, after he was through with my lips, he ran his hand down my body and over the waistband of my boxers, he started rubbing my crotch teasingly running his hand over my waiting cock. I felt his tongue push past my lips and greet my tongue which had been eagerly waiting. I closed my eyes tight enjoying tasting him and having him run his hands all over my body. Alex pulled his tongue from my mouth kissing my top lip as he moved away from me leaving me disappointed. Then he leaned towards me again but he buried his face in my neck and sucked at my neck viciously. He sucked as hard as he could at my smooth skin planting kisses continually. His hand still glided over my cock which had soaked itself in pre cum, Alex didn't tease me anymore as he lifted his head from my neck and pulled my boxers down before swirling his tongue around my swollen head, I watched Alex lick the leakage from my cock as he kissed and licked my dick, then without warning he took me into his mouth and began sucking like a pro, now I knew why he had moaned so much while I sucked him off last night, frequent moans escaped my mouth uncontrollably. He kept pushing his head further down my tool to my amazement, it was like he had no gag reflex at all, eventually he took all of me into his hot, wet mouth and deep throated me, when he did this I felt his lips touch my balls and his nose bury itself into my groin. 'Ahhh fuck'. Without giving him any warning I erupted violently inside his mouth while he deepthroated me, I held his head in place, making sure he swallowed every drop of my thick, white, sticky cum. This felt like the longest orgasm I had ever had and I felt streams of Juice shoot from my dick. I let go of Alex's head once I had finished spilling into his mouth. Alex quickly pulled his head from away from my limp cock and began choking, he struggled to catch his breath before looking up at me with his eyes watering, his usually tanned face was red and he continued to choke for a few minutes before finally breathing normally. 'Sorry, I got a bit carried away, it just felt so good Alex, you suck dick too well for your own good' I giggled. Alex didn't laugh he just looked at me upset before getting up and continuing to get dressed. I felt guilty about making him swallow my cum now, especially considering how understanding he had been with me last night when I sucked him. 'I'm sorry Alex, I didn't mean to...' 'It's ok, you lost control it's fine, we should go and get your stuff I guess'. He looked upset but I didn't know what to say to him, I got dressed quickly and we left. As we left his house he didn't hold my hand the way he normally did, he walked with his head down and his hands in his pockets. It sounds selfish but I didn't have time to think of him right now, I hoped my parents weren't home, they should both be at work but I was worried that I would have to see them. We went around to the back of the house were I knew there would be a spare key hidden, quietly we entered the house from the back and quickly checked to make sure no one was home. We went upstairs and gathered my clothes and some of my things in silence, I couldn't tell if he was angry or upset, he had every right to be pissed off at me but I really hoped he wasn't. When we had put everything we found in some bags. Alex stood by the door while I took one last look around before leaving the room where I had spent the last eighteen years of life. I sat on the bed and thought about all the memories I had here with Kevin and Olivia. Finally, I gathered up the courage to get up and leave, sadly knowing I would never return.

As we made our way back Alex finally spoke to me. He seemed excited about moving my things in, he talked about where they would go and made plans. He was treating this like we were a happy couple moving in together madly in love, did he even care that my parents had disowned me? 'Why the fuck are you so happy about this? I mean come on Alex do you even care that I just left the place where I grew up? The place where all my memories are? Why the hell are you so happy about this? Alex had a mix of fear and sympathy on his face. 'I'm sorry Dan, I didn't mean to, I was just trying to make things better. Listen, I know this is hard, but just try to look on the bright side, you get to live with me'. I felt bad for turning on Alex now, I don't really know why I did it, he smiled half heartedly at me before saying 'I love you more than anyone in the world Dan'. I broke down after that and started crying uncontrollably, Alex dropped everything and took me into his arms holding my head close to his chest. All I could do was bury my face into Alex's hard chest and sob. I looked like a complete idiot doing this in public but I didn't care, there was nothing I could do.

Alex carried most of my stuff and still somehow managed to hold my hand on the way back. Things brightened up a little when we got to his house and started unpacking my stuff, I started to feel excited at the thought of falling asleep in Alex's arms every night and waking up with Alex every morning. I decided to lie down for a while after the day I had gone through so far, I stripped and climbed into Alex's, no... our bed and drifted away from reality.



Fuck this had been a hard day, I was still pretty pissed at Dan for making me swallow his cum earlier, why did he do that? I guess it doesn't matter now anyway, and well, it actually tasted pretty good, sweet and salty at the same time. I was starting to worry about him, the way he kept randomly snapping, throwing himself at me and then forcing me to swallow when he came. I guess he's just been through a lot recently.

It had been a crazy three months for both of us. I mean, not that long ago I thought I was just an average straight guy who was kinda confused over his sexuality. I tried jacking off to girls but, it never really turned me on. Then I bumped into Dan that day, and everything changed, he made being gay ok. All the confusion, all the hiding, he made everything better I guess.

I sat downstairs just thinking while he slept upstairs, I sat with him for a while before I came down, watching him sleep, he looked so peaceful, so cute, his chest moved up and down gently. It's funny how even the way he breathes can be sexy. I noticed he seemed kinda obsessed with New York, probably best not to mention it at the minute though. I didn't mean to upset him earlier, I just wanted to cheer him up, he looked distraught, I hated seeing him like that.

All this thinking about Dan had done something to me, gotten me hard. I realised I was so hard that my dick needed so much attention it actually hurt. I arched my back slightly giving myself room to slide down my trousers a little before taking my 8 inch, uncut cock firmly in my hand, pre cum was leaking from the tip but I just let it go, Dan wasn't here to lick it for me. I jacked off thinking about Dan lying upstairs, sleeping peacefully in our bed. The thought of that alone was enough to make me pump harder. Furiously I jerked my hand up and down my shaft feeling the pressure gradually building. 'You really shouldn't be doing that here'. 'Fuck' I tried desperately to cover myself up before turning around to see Danny standing by the door wearing a pair of my boxers. 'Dan, you scared me' I laughed, it was so hot seeing him wearing my boxers. 'I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep, anyway, come to bed, let me help you out with your little, problem' Danny chuckled at finding me jacking off. 'I guess I could do with a hand' Dan held out his hand and led me upstairs do our bedroom, I closed the door behind me, looking forward to what was in store.



I could hear Alex laughing as I lead him up the stairs and into our room. He fell back onto the bed together without breaking contact, we kissed for a few minutes before moving on to what we both really wanted. It didn't take long for us both to be naked, although having said that Alex said he really liked the sight of me in his boxers, I thought he might.

'Dan, make love to me' Alex wasn't smiling now and I could tell he was deadly serious and he wanted this as much as I did. 'Ok babe, if you want it', I kissed and licked all over his chest and navel the same way we always did to each other before moving on past his beautiful cock, I sucked at his balls taking them in my mouth one at a time, but what I knew would really get him going was I ate his ass out, its hard to describe how good it feels until you've had it done, it felt amazing when he did it to me last night, I couldn't wait to taste him. I started running my tongue around his tight hole, just swiping my tongue across it trying to tease him before I gave in to his moans. I took a deep breath before burying my face into his ass and pushing my tongue inside him. 'Ahhhh holy fuck.... that feels ......awesome' Alex could barely manage to get his words out and with what I was doing there was little chance of me talking. I tried pushing my tongue deeper but I couldn't. I slowly withdrew my tongue and seen the immediate look of disappointment on Alex's face, he tried to make a sad puppy dog face. I giggled, 'Don't act all innocent Alex, besides you're to like what's coming next'. I messaged his ass cheeks and pressed my middle finger against the opening to the inside of his hot body. Slowly I pushed my finger into his slippery hole, it went in quite easily but Alex still gasped in pleasure. I pushed it in as far as I could before I started fingering him properly, gradually I picked up pace before putting in two fingers getting him ready to be fucked properly, he lay on the bed with his head to one side panting like a dog, his eyes were closed tight and his hand was sliding up and down the length of his huge red monster. By the look on his face he was close to cumming so I withdrew my fingers and backed away from him. I went to his top drawer, I noticed earlier that this is where he kept his lube, there was a pack of condoms there but I decided against it, that really wasn't like me, I always told myself that when I was ready for sex I would use protection, but right now I couldn't give a fuck, I just wanted Alex. I squirted some lube onto my hand before jerking my dick until it was slippery and wet, ready to be inside Alex. I pressed the swollen head against his waiting hole, I watched in amazement as I pushed that head inside of him and it slowly disappeared while his ass stretched to allow me to be inside him. Alex moaned loudly. I pulled back slightly and watched the tip of my cock re-emerge, then seeing Alex's ass close again I pushed my cock back in but a little further this time, I repeated this withdrawal technique, putting in a little more each time until about half of my cock was inside him. I could tell he was enjoying it. But then I couldn't take it anymore, that waiting, the build up, I needed to enter him completely, to feel my crotch touch his body and to have my balls touch his ass. He was lying on his back and he opened his eyes to look up at me when he noticed I had stopped sliding in and out of him. Then suddenly, with one sharp movement, I thrust the rest of my cock inside him, my balls clapped against his ass and he shot forward letting out a quick scream of pain, 'FUCK DAN, slow down'. I ignored him and pulled my cock out of him before slamming it back into him, I loved watching my cock disappear and reappear from his hole, it was so tight and hot. Alex just kept moaning, but different than he was before, these moans were more like he was in pain, I wanted to stop but I couldn't. I kept pounding his ass with as much force as I could and slowly Alex showed signs of enjoyment, he was finally getting pleasure from having me slam my dick into him. I kept until I felt myself climax and with one last powerful thrust I came, strand after strand of hot cum shot from me into him. I collapsed next to him with a huge smile on my face, but there was no smile on his face, he just lay there panting, trying to catch his breath. I rested my head on his chest and fell asleep.



Dan fell asleep straight away, I guess fucking me took it outta him in more ways than one. My ass hurt really badly from how hard he had fucked me, it felt amazing at first but then he was just too rough, why was he doing this? The more I thought about it the more upset I got, a tear fell from my eye and rolled down my cheek, a symbol of the pain I was in. Was he trying to hurt me? Throwing himself at me, making me swallow his cum and now practically raping me? Your first time with the man you love is supposed to be amazing and romantic, you're supposed to be gentle until your partner is ready, well I wasn't ready and he wasn't gentle, but that's not like him, he's the most caring and loving guy there could be, something was wrong with him, and I was going to find out what.


Jason Smyth

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