I went upstairs and joined Diane in the shower.

Steve, that was the hottest thing I've ever seen.  I can't believe he could take your cock in his mouth and even deepthroated you And then to swallow your cum. I've never cum so hard in my life.  Would it be weird if I want to watch you two all the time ?

It was pretty hot, I've never felt anything that good ever.  Jerking off, is nothing in comparison.  How he does it is amazing.  And no, if you can cum with your dildo and you want more, then I'll see what mike says, and see if he's up for it.  But I just feel bad that he's gonna go home and jerk off alone.  It's like I'm just using him for sex, which is what we talked about, but it doesn't seem right.

I understand Steve.  Maybe next time you can jerk him off or something.  

Ok, let's get out of here, you're starting to prune up.

We got out, and I dried her off.  We crawled into bed and fell asleep.I got up the next day and started feelin guilty that mike was just a sex toy.  He has feeling and I'm sure he gets horny too. Maybe I need to jerk him off and me not being so selfish.  

I got to work and started working away. Mid morning I got a text from mike saying how hot it was to suck my cock in front of Diane and how quickly she was having orgasms.

Can I ask you a question mike

Sure, whats up ?

Well, I feel kinda guilty that I'm using you as a human sex toy. I feel selfish, I get to cum and you don't.  

Actually, last night I shot my load as you came in my mouth.  I just didn't say anything.

You came without touching your cock??

Yep, when I'm really horny and I'm sucking uncut cock, I cum with just a slight touch or not at all.

Wow, that's hot.  But I still feel bad that your by yourself when you get off.

It's no big deal. At least we are both getting off and feel great afterwards

Well, next time we meet, I want to stroke your cock to get you off.  I'd be hot to see your cock and make you cum.

Up to you Steve, either way works for me.

Ok, are you free tonight ? Maybe come over for dinner ?  Just have to check with Diane .  

That sounds great, check with her and let me know.

Ok, will do.

I texted Diane and she loved the idea.  I let mike know what time to come by and we'd have a great dinner.

Finally the work day away over and I was home.  Diane was in the kitchen making the final touches to dinner.  I went upstairs and changed into some comfy clothes.Mike would be here soon.  

Diane, I chatted with mike today and he says he's cool with just the blo n go and he gets off at home.  I. Fact when I shot in his mouth, he said that he shot his load at the same time.  Bu ti still feel bad.  For a guy our age, it seems kinda sad.  Tonight if he blows me after dinner, I'm gonna jerk him off.  I think he'd like that. I understand , hun.  It's just how you are, you always think of other people.  If it makes you happy, to jerk him off, then go for it.  It'll be hot to see you make him cum.

Suddenly the bell rang and I knew It was mike.  I went to the door and let him in.  We sat in the family room and chatted for a few minutes, then Diane said dinner was done.  We moved to the dinning room and enjoyed a great dinner.  Diane broke out some white wine, and mime and I were feeling good.  Diane just had water.  Didn't need our baby coming out drunk.  We finished dinner and moved back to the family room and talked about work and things I'd like to do in the house.I noticed mike kept looking at my crotch.  I was wearing some old work out shorts and didn't bother putting on any underwear.  And I think mike was wanting my cock again.  I looked at his crotch and saw a noticeable bulge.  I think  he is horny and wants my cock again.

Diane went upstairs and brought her didlo with her.  She set it down and went and brought me and I a glass of wine.  

Mike, I'm guessing by the bulge in your pants, that your horny.Yep, your cock bouncing around did it.  I'd love to suck you again, but I don't want to be sucki g you off every time I come over.

Well, that is why we met.  But I understand.  How abut something different ?

What do you have in mind Steve ?

Well, something I've thought of doing in my life. I told him

Diane, you want want to get ready for this one.

She looked at me with a puzzled face and grabbed her dildo.

I got off the sofa and was on my knees and moved between mikes legs.  I leaned in and started kissing him.  It was exciting kissing him.  And he kissed back, slipping his tongue into my mouth. I was half hard, just kissing him.  I kissed his neck and started to pinch his nips to get him more excited.  

Damn, that was hot Steve.  You can do that anytime you like.

Ok, i said as I leaned in and kissed him more.

Diane was using he fingers to stimulate to clit and was moaning like crazy watching me kiss mike.

Mike, take off your shirt. He took off his shirt, and he chest was like mine.  I leaned in and sucked and nibbled his nipples.  Damn, it felt so normal to Be doing this to him.I ran my hands over his chest doing my best to turn him on more and more. I noticed a wet spot on his pants and knee he was dripping with excitement.

Mike , stand up. 

He stood up, the bulge in his pants was huge.  I ran my hands on his chest again and went down to his pants and undid the button and unzipped his pants.  Slowly pulling them down.  He didn't wear any underear.  His cock was big and thick.  Not like mine, but something that would make the average guy jealous.  

I leaned in and kissed one side of his crotch, then the other.  I grabbed his thick cock and licked the tip and tasted his precum.  It was actually sweet.  I licked more and made sure Diane could have a good view.  I opened my mouth and slid my mouth over his cock head and went down farther.

Suck his cock Steve, oh fuck , suck his cock you sexy fucker, Diane yelled

I started sucking mikes cock.  It felt amazing.  He was rock hard but the silky smooth skin covering it was hot. I just did what he did to me.  I felt like I had been doing this for ages.  I tried to take him down my throat, but it didn't work so well, I gagged a bit, so I just stuck to sucking as good as I could.  I looked up to his face and saw him with his eyes closed.  I hope he was enjoying it, I know I was and I knew Diane was getting off on seeing her straight husband sucking a guys cock.Mike looked down at me and said, " I'm getting close"I just kept on sucking his thick cock. I felt it get a little thicker and harder between my lips.

" just like that, keep sucking, I'm gonna cum, uuuggghhhnnnn, "

Suck his cock honey, suck him make him cum, she screamed as she fucked herself with her dildo.

His cum started to shoot out from his cock, I took a huge step and started to swallow his cum. I was so fucking  tasty, I wanted to swallow it all.  I let some escape from my mouth for Diane to see it. 

Once she saw mikes cum dripping from my mouth, she rammed the dildo in her twat and screamed in orgasm.  My cock was dripping with precum the whole time.  Once he started to shoot his load, I shot my load in my shorts.  I didn't think it was possible to do, but it happened.  I Reached down and scooped up what cum of mine I could and sucked it off my finger.  I was so wrapped up into sucking mikes cock, I didn't even hear Diane having another orgasm.  

Wow, that was incredible, I didn't even think I'd suck a guys cock but I did it and I can see why guys love sucking cock.  How'd i do mike, keep in mind, it's my first time giving a bj to someone.

Well, as a beginner, you did damn good.  It got all three of us off it seems.

Steve, that was the fucking hottest thing I've ever seen.  What made you suck his cock ??  I just thought you wanted to stroke him til he shot his load?

Well, yes, I was just gonna stroke him, but then figured what the hell, I'll try it and baby, I like it.  Can't wait til I can suck him again.

I'm not sure I can take all this pleasure from coming every time you guys get together.  I'm not gonna be able to walk for a while now.

Well Diane, if anything, sliding that dildo in and out of your twat, should help when the baby comes.  most women want no sex because of the baby.  But with it being stretched now and then, poppin the kid out should be better.

Well, I'm gonna keep using this thing.  But you guys will have to go to mikes pace to let me rest.  Live porn is gonna burn me up alive.  It's too hot !!

Ok, we can do that .  But I'd love for you to be around when I fuck mike.  And maybe, if he fucks me.  Now I'm curious.  Maybe I'm bi and never knew it.

If you're bi, I'm gonna die from too many orgasms. But I'm fine with it, this is hot.

Well kids, it's late and I need to work in the morning. Mike told us

Ok, mike.  Drive safe and talk to you later. Diane told him.

I walked mike to the door, grabbed him and gave him a very passionate kiss.  Mmmmm that was nice.  Thanks for dinner and the bj.  That was one I'll remember for a while.

Thanks, talk later mike

To be continued ??  I think so !!



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