Steve was your average guy, well maybe not your average guy.  He was 6'4" 235 ponds blond hair, greens eyes, perfect teeth.  He goes to the gym every other day to work out and it shows in his well defined body.  When his short is off, the soft blond hair is barely visible, but if you were lucky enough to touch his chest, you'd feel it for sure.  Women love to look at him. But as much as he want to chat with them, his wife would go thru the roof with jealously, main because of the emotions and ups and downs of being pregnant.  And the guys at the gym are jealous too.  His looks, bis body and his cock.  His cock was very impressive, when he was soft, it looked like the a small can of redbull, with at least 1/2 of foreskin hanging over the tip.  The other guys wondered how big his cock got when he was hard.

Steve hard worked a long hard day and walked in the door and his wife started bitching about everything.  He just couldn't take her complaining anymore.  She bitched he'd about everything, especially about her body being fat.  It was just the usual baby weight that all women get.

"Diane, I know we weren't planning on having a baby just yet, but It's not my fault.  I can't help it that my cock is huge and you don't want to have sex with me in any way because its big and because I'm intact.  All we did that night was rub our bodies together and I shot my load all over you.  I didn't know that cum was dripping into your pussy and that you'd end up pregnant.  We done it dozens of times and nothing. We are technically both still virgins.  We've never actually made love. Why are you so pissed at me all the time???"

" it's just the hormones that are making me crazy.  I'm sorry."" but it's all the time and I can take it anymore.  I'm going out to get a drink, I'll be back later.

He grabbed his keys and left, slamming the door.

He got into his car and sat in the silence for just a minute, enjoying the silence.  He started up his car and drive off.  He drive to the closest bar, which happened to be a gay bar.  He didn't care if it was a gay bar or a dive bar, he just wanted a drink or two to calm his nerves.  

He walked into the bar and sat an empty table. 

" so what ya drinking sexy?" mike the waiter asked him."I'll just have a rum & coke, extra rum please. "" good choice, my favorite."

Mike turned and got him his drink and brought it back to the table.  It was a slow night, so mike sat down at Steve's table.

" so what has you so down sexy."" I don't want to talk about it."" I'm a great set of deaf ears and pretty good at helping people"" we'll, let's start at the of my problems.  My wife is pregnant, she doesnt want to be and we are technically both virgins and i am the father,  she is always bitching and I can't take it any more!!!"

" I'm gonna ask a dumb question, how is she pregnant and your both virgins and your the father?"

We we're gonna have some fun, and I was rubbing my cock on the outside of her pussy and I was so horny,  i shot my load and some of my cum made its way in her pussy and thats how she's pregnant.

" you didn't even get to fuck her properly ?

Nope, never have and we've been together for six years.

Six years and no pussy, I'd be going crazy if I didn't get properly laid for six years.

Well, I'm the real problem for that

How's it your fault ?

Well, it's embarrassing to actually say, but I'm pretty well hung, and intact a and extra skin even.

Well so you have a big uncut dick, that should stop her from having sex with you.

It's not big, it's huge.  When I'm soft it's as big ass the small can of redbull.  And hard, well it's 9.5" by 7" and the skin still hangs over the head of my cock.  And thats the other thing, she hates foreskins and wants me to be circumcised.  And there is no way that's happening.

What's your name sexy ?

I'm Steve , and yours ?"I'm mike , hello Steve 

Well Steve, I for one am with you on being cut.  It just shouldn't happen.  I thank your mom and dad for not cutting you at birth like so many boys are every day.  If people knew of the pleasure do a natural cock, either with oral sex, anal or vaginal sex, boys would be cut in the states anymore."

I agree with you Mike, just jerking off is a huge pleasure to every part of my body when I do it when she's not home.  If we have a son, he's going to stay intact.  I'm not going to let my son be mutilated.

Good man Steve !!  And far as the size of your cock, WOW, that's huge.  I haven't had one that big in years.

You mean, you played with guys as hung as me?

Yep, stroked them , sucked them, deepthroated them and they even fucked me.It was incredible!!

Steve's cock started to grow at the thought of what it would feel like to be sucked or even fuck a hot hole of any kind . Just the thought of a 9" cock in this guys throat, made his cock drip.

Wow, I didn't think anyone could take a cock like mine, but some barnyard animal.

Well Steve , I happen to be an connisure of cock and I do love big natural cock.

I, I can't believe I'm gonna ask this , but would you suck my cock??"Steve , I'd love to suck your beastly cock.  I am a bit of a cum pig, so I hope you have a big load saved up.

I haven't shot a load in 2 weeks, I'm always with someone and I'm never alone.  It sucks, no privacy at all.

Well, it's almost 7 and I'm off at 7.  If you like we can go to my place a few blocks away and we can get you off there.

Mike, that's the best thing I've heard all week.

Ok, finish your drink and I'll come by when I'm off and then we can walk to my place.

From Steve's view.The next few minutes seemed to drag by.  I just want to get out of this bar and finally get my dick sucked. I didn't even care that it was a guy that was gonna do it.

Soon mike came by.Ok, let's get out of here.

But I have to pay for the drink first.No you don't, on the house.  I told the boss you're a buddy of mine.  Ok, lets get going.

We walked three blocks to mikes place.  I figured it would be some over the top super gay place.  I was very surprised.  It was a little messy, but very nice.  Like, a regular guy lives here.

so mike, do you often take customers home ?Nope, your the first.Are you dating anyone ?  Nope, single as the number 1.And just to make sure, you have no stds and are negative?Yes, in fact here's my last test, to prove it.

Awesome, nothing to worry about then.So, are you comfortable ? I don't want to you be nervous , it doesn't make a good time, if you know what I mean.

Even tho we just met, I feel like I've known you for years.

Good, now, you want to,watch some porn while I show you what you've been missing your whole adult life.

I don't think I'll need any porn, just the thought of someone sucking m cock already has me semi hard and dripping.

Mmmmm, another satisfied guest. Mike said with a wink

As we stood in his front room, he came up to me and gently kissed my lips.  It was soft but passionate.  He kissed my cheeks, my chin and made his way to my neck.

No marks please, that would be difficult to explain to the bitch at home.

Got it.  

He continued to kiss my neck, turning me on like no one else has.He pulled my shirt out of my pants and unbuttoned the front and slowly ran his hand all over my chest.  His hands were soft for being a guys hands.  He slowly made his way to my pecs.  He grabbed them like they were women's breasts and it felt so fucking good.  His finger tips found my already rock hard nips.  He gently rubbed the eraser hard tip and they got even harder.  Then he grabbed them and squeezed them as hard as he could.  It hurt like hell, but felt fucking fantastic.  It felt so good, my cock jumped and started to drip precum, I felt it oozing under my foreskin.He pulled my shirt off pulling it half way down trapping my arms so I couldn't move them too much.  Then he attacked my nipples, kissing them, licking them, gently biting them.  I felt like I was in heaven.  All this pleasure just for me, when I thought I was just gonna get my cock sucked.  he slowly kissed his was down my chest, kissing and licking around my navel.  It made me squirm and giggle, I'm a little ticklish.  He went a little lower and started mouth my cock thru my pants.  

Take my pants off, less things for the wife to be suspicious about. 

He slowly undid my belt and under the button and zipper.  My pants fell to the floor. His eyes lit up when he saw my semi hard cock in my briefs, they're the only thing that can keep my cock hidden during the day.

Again he started to mouth my cock, getting the fabric wet.  The veins of my cock started to show thru the wet fabric.  I've never seen anyone do so much just to pleasure another person, and I was that person for him.  He licked up and gently grabbed the elastic of the briefs and removed them with just his teeth.  First the front, then back and forth, left side, right side.  Soon they were on the floor with my pants.  My cock hung in front of his face.  He just started at it.  Not totally hard or soft.  Maybe at about 7" and still growing. He seamed to be teasing my, licking  here, blowing there, making my wish he would just suck my dick already.He started licking my balls, getting one in his mouth.  He tried for both, but they are just too big.  He made sure both of my balls got the attention they should get.  My cock still rising, started to drip so much precum.  He saw that I was dripping and stuck his tongue out, to catch the juice dripping from the pouted foreskin and sucked it all up and didn't even touch my cock, I was getting to the point of thinking he was never gonna suck me.  It was starting to be real torture.  Seeing him worshipping my cock made crazy.  He finally licked at the base of my cock and that's all it took to get me fully hard.  As he slowly tongued the base of my cock and looked up at me.  He slowly licked up my throbbing shaft, then got to the tip of my cock.  Precum was dripping from the spout of my skin.  He used the very tip of his tongue to circle around the very edge of my foreskin, tasting more honey as it oozed out.  Going around and around, was making me crazy with lust.  He gently stuck his tongue into the tiny opening and then went digging for more precum.  He got some of it, but I knew there was more inside.  He finally used his hand to pull back my skin.  The head of my cock was covered in my precum.  It looked shiny and super slick.  He licked around the head getting every possible drop of the precious fluid. He opened his mouth and slowly engulfed my cock head and part of the shaft.  Slowly closed his lips and pulled back to the head, pulling my skin over the head.  Back and forth, he did this for a while.  If felt so good to finally have my cock in someone's mouth.  At this point, I didn't care that it was a guys mouth.  Then as he went down on my cock, I felt the back of his mouth, back to the head, and back to the back of his mouth.  He was slowly fucking my cock with his mouth.  I was in heaven. I just let my cock enjoy the pleasure it was getting.  It was fantastic.  then he kicked a spot that made my mind go crazy, it was like my cocks g-spot, that little spot, where my skin attaches to the head of my cock.  He flicked and beat that little spot with his tongue.

Then he finally spoke, " you're gonna need to lay down for my next trick"" what ever you want, I'm yours right now."He helped me lay down, and he started on my cock once I was totally on the floor.Sucking up and down, twisting my skin with his hand.  My mind was starting to go blank.  Just up and down, twisting and sucking.  I thought to myself, if this is what a guy can do with his mouth, I can't imagine what a guys ass feels like.

I just wanted to cum so badly.  That's all I wanted to do.  Then for some reason, he turned around, so his cock was near my head.  He started going up and down on my cock, tasting every inch of it.  Then, he went up and then down on my cock, my cock head felt the back of his mouth, then it was something else, I don't know what it was, but soon, his nose was poking my balls and his chin buried in my pubes.  It was indescribable.  He came back up and then back down, he did that a few times.He stopped to catch his breath." how was that ?"" what was that, besides extasy ???"That my beauty was you getting deepthroated !!"Do me a favor, never stop doing that !!"Ok, buy first I need to make you shoot your load.  Then once you are back on earth, we can talk from there." ok, fine, just let me cum, please, " I begged him.He started sucking my head, stroking my cock, flicking that g-spot again, tightening his grip, sucking harder and harder.  His other hand disappeared and I felt his finger poking my asshole.  What the fuck is he doing ??  I don't care, I'm getting the only blowjob I've ever had.  I relaxed and let his finger into my hole.  He slowly pushed his finger all the way inside.  Then as he sucked me, he fingered something inside me and slowly pushed on it, the massaged it and tapped a tune on it almost.  I started to feel the sensation of cumming.  He kept going and soon, what ever he was tapping, he was pushing on it with more pressure.  Then i finally hit the edge, I started to cum, and cum.  I didn't get to say that. Was cumming, I just did it.  His mouth was filling with my creamy thick load.  He didn't take his mouth off my cock, he just let it sit in his mouth.  As the spurts of cum slowed down, he pulled his finger out of my ass and milked my shaft for the last few drops of cum, that were slowly rising.  Then once he was happy that I was cum free, he sat up and swallowed my load.  I couldn't believe my eyes, he swallowed my cum, millions of sperm and and the thick goo that it was in.  A future child, went down his throat and I didn't care. I finally had gotten a blowjob.

He looked at me and said " mmmm that was was tasty load of cum..  I could suck you all the time.

That was the most intense thing I have ever experienced in my whole life.  Do women suck cocks like that ? 

No, women do. It suck dick like that and most women can't stand uncut cocks.  That's where us gay guys come in.  We love sucking cock, and we are good at it because we know what we like when we get sucked, so naturally we give better blowjobs"

Well, I'd sold !!!  Right now I don't think I want to get up.  I just want to lay here and coast on this high !!

Well, I'm glad I could provide you first blowjob.

Well, I'm gonna want to see you again for another one.  And you say you like getting fucked by guys too.  

Yep, it's amazing , at least to me.  I'd love to try to get that monster in my ass.

Well, I just need to figure out how I can get away for the wife.

I'm sure your cock will figure out something.

I'm sure it will.  Sadly I have to get back to the wife.  

Ok, here's my number when you want to meet up again.

Sweet, I'll save this for sure.

To be continued ???  Your comments / vote will get this to continue.




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