Still from steves point of view

As I walked out of mikes place, I still couldn't believe what just happened.  Someone actually sucked my cock because they wanted to, and it was a guy.  I can't believe I did this.  I feel like, I don't know what or how I feel, it's just, I feel great.  But now back to a sexless marriage with my wife.

I walked to the bar and got  into my car, sat down and didn't do anything. 

I decided I should get home, the wife will be pissed that I've been out any amount of time. I pulled up to the house and carefully went in the house.

There she was sound asleep for a change.  I just let her sleep on the sofa, I didn't want to wake the beast.

I went in to the bedroom, got out of my clothes and decided to soak in the tub just to relax more.  I made the water nice and hot, to relax me completely and let me think.As I sat in the tub, my mind started to wander and think.   There was no way diane would ever have sex with me from the size of my cock and absolutely no way she would ever suck my cock because I was lucky enough to still have my foreskin and lots of it.  Then my cock started to think for me and was getting hard.  It was thinking of mikes mouth and the pleasure he brought to it.  Then I started thinking, what if I talked to Diane about an open relationship, where I should actually have sex with someone that would want my cock in their body.  Nah, she'd never go for it.  It'd be cheating.  Maybe if I made up something like going to the gym, I could find someone and she'd never know.  But if friends see me with someone , they'd tell her and I'd be up shits creek.  My cock was totally hard, wanting more, wanting to cum again.  I couldnt help but grab my thick cock and stroke my skin up and down.  Fuck is feels good, I could do this all day now.  I wonder what mike would say if I wanted to fuck his ass.  Wait, I'm straight, why am I thinking about sex with a guy ?  It's sex, something I've never had.  Damn.  Well maybe if I get out and go to mikes place, I can fuck him and see what it's like.  Maybe I wont like it.  What am I thinking, I'd loved getting my cock sucked, why wouldn't I love stick my cock in someone's ass, male or female.

After thoughts running thru my head, I just relaxed and let the hot water relax me.  I sat not thinking and relaxing.  My cock had gone down half way.  I'd bee in the tub for an hour.  Time to get out, i started to prune up. Dried myself off, pulled my skin back to dry my head, pulled the skin forward and damn, I started to get hard again.  I wrapped the towel around my body and went to the bedroom.  Diane was awake reading a book.

Hi mike, you feel better after a drive and a soak in the tub?  

Yes, I do, much better. I answered her.

While you were out driving, I was thinking.  I'm not crazy about what I was thinking, but it's something that will work, I hope.

 Ok, what's your idea?

A sex surrogate. Basically an open marriage.  You can find a woman, that will suck you and that you can fuck with no strings. Just make sure that she's disease free. I love you with all my heart, but your cock is too big, and that foreskin.  I just can't do it and I want you to be happy .  And I don't want to know who she is, I'm gonna try my best not to be jealous, but it's part of being human.

Wow, she broke the ice for me.  But how do I ask if it can be a guy.

Diane, that's a great idea.  I have a question tho..........

What ?

Well since being with a woman, it's technically cheating , even tho it's an open marriage, could I find a guy maybe ?  I wouldn't be with another woman, wouldn't have to worry about getting her pregnant.  And if it's a guy that I get along with we can be friends as well, something I have few of.  Besides, I've heard that gay guys love big dicked straight guys.

I never thought of that, that's a great idea.  And like you said cheating would be with a woman, not a guy.  Just make sure his disease free please.  I want you around as long as possible. 

"That's in the top three of things I will be looking for." I assured her.

Now to try to figure out the best way to find the right guy.  Maybe it would be mike.  I'd need to talk with him.  He is acne guy and knows how to suck me dry, that's for sure.  Well I can be sure, it's the only blowjob I've ever had.

" now I've got a task, to figure out what I really am wanting as far as this guy.  I'd like to find someone that I could have come here for dinner, go out for drinks with.  Maybe help my with projects around here with." I told Diane 

" well, you'll find the right guy.  Let's go to sleep now.

Ok, I kissed her goodnight and went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up and got ready for work and headed out the door.When I got to work, I Forgot that mike gave me his cell number.  And I texted her saying we needed to talk.

He replied very quickly, " ok what's up, anything to worry about?"" had a talk with the wife and she came up with an idea, that may work for me." oh, what's that?"" she basically said we are now in an open marriage.  First she say I can fFind a woman to fuck, then I asked about a guy.  She loved that idea."

That awesome, now to find a guy to be your fuck buddy.

Well, actually I'd prefer a friend with benefits.  I don't have many guys that I hang out with. Was wondering of we could talk and figure out if we could be friends as well?

Sure, when you want to talk. I'm free later today, maybe at the bar, after you get off of work.

Perfect, see you there at 7? Perfect, see you then.

Later in the day, I talked with Diane and told her, I posted an ad, on the local Craigslist to find a guy to have as my fwb.  And he was local and seemed pretty nice. And that three was a bar that he worked at, and was gonna meet him there.  She was amazed at how fast I started looking for a guy.

Finally work was over and I met mike at the bar.  I have so many questions, and didn't want to over ask my questions.  

I parked at the bar as walked in.  The bartender and all the guys inside looked at me and their jaws dropped.  A tall good looking guy, waking in a suit, is not something they see often.

I saw mike at a booth and sat with him.  I think the other guys were now jealous of mike

"hey Steve, how's your day been ? Been good, just a long day. They're always long, no matter what ya do.I have so many questions To ask and not sure where to start. Just be thing at a time.Ok, first, just to get it in the open, are you disease free ?  That's something me & Diane want to make sure who ever I'm with is healthy.

Yes, I'm totally disease free and HIV-, in fact I have the proof at home that I can show yup and I'm on prep as well.What's prep ?It's a med that helps keep the HIV virus from actually becoming HIV and me becoming HIV+.Oh, I guess being straight and married, never heard of it. I think if I'm gonna play with guys, or anyone, I should do the same.  I want to be healthy formats long as I can in every way.Well, that sounds like a good plan.  So what are the other questions.Well, I'd like to find a friend and a fuck buddy.  A guy I could hang with and the fuck around with. Someone to help with projects at the house with.  I'm handy, but sometimes, there is something that needs two people and Diane is not handy at all.

Well, actually, I'm very handy, I've taken architectural classes in the past, was a carpenter for a while, and I'm good at hanging shelves, he laughed .

That's awesome, there is so much stuff at the house that I need to do and would like to change but don't have the huge bucks that contractors want. What kind of music do you like ?

80's puck /goth & club music & 80's rap and most female rappers.

Sweet, me too.  Ok, I think we will get along well. Ok, here's the big question. Would you want to be my friend, fuck buddy , friend with benefits, what ever in the hell you call it.

Well, let's see..... You're tall , sexy, a nice guy, very well hung and uncut and straight, why would I pass all that up ??  Yes, absolutely yes.  But do you thi k you're wife will like me ? 

She gets along with everyone, shes gonna love you because youre giving me what she can and won't.  She will be thankful. In fact let's go tell her the news.  

We went to the house and Diane was upstairs.  I showed mike around and showed him into the family room.  He looked around in thought.

What ya thinking about ?

This room doesn't work like this, it needs help.

Like what ?  Remodel , repaint ?

No, rearrange !!  Wanna move stuff around right now?Sure, what the hell!

So we moved a few things around and in a few minutes we were done.

Holy shit !!  I can believe how good this looks now !!  How did you know what to do ?

It's a gift I have, I can rearrange things in my head and see what it'll look like.  Ad this is what I saw with lots of new found space.

Diane is gonna love this, it always looked cramped before, now it's amazing.

Diane finally came into the family room.

Holy shit, what happened to all our stuff ??

It's still here, mike rearranged things and it's all here, but looks bigger.

Who's mike ?

Oh, Diane this is mike, mike this is my wife Diane.

Hi Diane, nice to meet you, Steve has told me a lot about you, nice to finally meet you.

Hi mike, nice to meet you as well and thank you for doing this magic.  I always hated this room and now, I think I might live in it for a while.  I can't believe what you did.

Well, Steve helped move things, I just came up with a better layout.

Well, thank you both. Come one, let's sit and relax.  Mike, can you get us some drinks.Ok, not a problem.

So mike, where did you guys meet ?

I think I'll wait for Steve to answer that one. Don't worry, it's a good thing.

So Steve, where did you and mike meet?

Actually, we met online.  I posted looking for a friend with benefits and he replied, along with dozens of creepy guys.  We emailed for a bit, we seemed to get along and we met at a bar that he works at. And then came here.  This is mike, my fuck buddy. And he's good with handyman crap too.

Wow, that was fast.  Didn't expect you to find someone This fast.

It just happened.  Diane, he already asked me the important question about being disease free and I am, I'm on prep as well.  And even tho we will play safe , I suggested Steve go on prep as well. 

Great, I don't have to worry about his health then.  If your clean, you don't have to worry about playing safe if your both on prep then.  Not a problem for me.  I know that sex with condoms kills the sensation.  Besides, I'm not sure there is anything that will fit Steve.  Dd you guys discuss that ?

No we didn't, why ? Should I worry ?

Well mike, his cock is like a babies arm and he's got a huge overhanging foreskin.  He's too big and thick for me, we've tried and I hate foreskins. But if you like big dicks and foreskin, you can have all you want, any time he needs to get off or you need to get it.  

Wow, I'm still amazed at how you are dealing with this Diane.  It's like a get sex free card.  I hope this doesn't change us in any way, Steve told Diane.

So far, I think I'm okay with it, once the baby is here, don't know, but we can work on it.  

Well, I for one, am happy I can help, mike told us both, Steve, youre for sure a hottie and I'm gonna do my best to make sure you're sexually happy.  

I'm sure you'll be able to do it. This is why I reached out to the gay guys in the area.  You appear to be a normal guy that just likes guys.  You're not feminine or super masculine.  You're just the average guy like me.

Well, if you want me to be one of the girls, I can do that too, mike said in a feminine girly voice.  But it's too much work for me to do, I'll just be one of the guys.

Yeah, you with a girly voice doesn't do it for me.

Mike, Steve, I've have always wanted to see this, I've always been curious about it and the thought is very hot and sexy, but mike would you suck Steve's cock.

Mike answered , I plan it when he wants it or I want it.

No, right now, I want to see you suck my husbands cock.  Diane told mike.

Are you sure Diane ?  I'm not sure I'd feel good about you watching , Steve told her.

I'm sure once your cock is in his mouth, you'll forget all about me.

What do you think mike ? Want an audience ?

Sure, I'll try anything once.

Hot, I'll be right back, Diane said. And she dashed off upstairs.She was back down in a few minutes with her favorite vibrating dildo.

While you suck his cock mike, I'm gonna watch and fuck myself with my dildo.  I have always wanted to see two guys going at it.  Fuck, I'm horny and I need to get off bad.  Damn these hormones !!  Get to it guys !!

Ok, keep you pants on, oh wait, take them off, you'll need to have them off for easy access, mike told Diane.

"Steve, stand up" mike told me and I stood up.  He walked to me and started unbuttoning my shirt.Diane, just for the record, I don't just blo n go, I like to take my time and enjoy the guy I'm with.Ok, thats better for me, i enjoy taking my time as well. Mike returned his attention to me.  Pulling my shirt off, showing my chest to the two of them.  My nips, we're hard as rock from the excitement of getting a blowjob from a guy while my wife watched and fucked herself with her dildo.Mike attacked my nips, licking, sucking, biting them, to make me squirm.While he teased me to no end, he was working on my pants, undoing my belt, my pants button and my zipper.  He slowly kissed his way down my chest, down my treasure trail, tonguing my navel.  As he did that, he pulled my pants over my ass and they fell to the floor.

As mike was turning me on, Diane was rubbing her pussy, getting it so wet, I could see it glistening.  

Ready Diane ? mike asked " yes, do it, suck his cock, she replied " yes ma'am" mike answered l,e a slave would answer.

He slowly pulled down my underwear and my cock was half hard and already dripping.  I still can't believe I'm getting this turned on by a guy.  Mike grabbed my thickening cock and started to move the skin back and forth, marking me harder.He started chewing on my foreskin, and tonguing inside the pucker of skin, making me gasp with pleasure.  Soon I was rock hard and felt that feeling of wanting to cum.

I looked at Diane to see what she was doing.  The dildo was on high and sliding in and out of her wet pussy.  I stood watching , wishing it was my cock and not the didlo.

I looked down at mike and he winked at me with the eye Diane couldn't see.  I think he liked putti g on a show for Diane.  

Diane, watch this trick, mike told her.

She slowed down and watched him as he took all that he could in his mouth. Then he relaxed and swallowed all of my cock down his throat.  I was in heaven again, I couldn't believe how good it felt and that I wanted more.

Oh baby , that's so fucking hot, your whole cock is in his mouth and throat.  Oh, fuck, between you tow and this dildo, oh fuck, I'm cumming , fuuucccckkkk.  Diane was having an orgasm and she was in heaven.

I looked at mike and he was sucking away, playing with my balls.  I hadn't cum in 24 hours and wanted to cum again.  Mike pulled my balls up and tickled between my legs, rubbing that sensitive spot.  He pulled off my shaft and started tonguing and sucking my cock head.  Then he hit a spot on my head, that made me see stars.  Not sure what he did , but it was awesome.

Diane, you want him to cum yet, you had one orgasm, maybe you'll have another with this, mike told her.

I was wondering what he was thinking.  

Yes, make him cum, I'm getting close to cummimg again.

Ok, here we go, mike said.

He started sucking my head again, flicking that spot again.  I need to k him what that spot is, but that will have to wait.  As I was lost in him sucking  me, he must have slicked up his finger and stuck it in my ass again and pushed hard on my prostrate.  And then he flicked his tongue and as his finger pushed and tapped my prostrate, i started to cum.  Uuuugggghhhhnnnnn, i shot it in his mouth, he was swallowing my cum, all of it. I looked down and some of my load was dripping out of his mouth, a show for Diane to see ?, not sure, I didn't care, my second blow job and it was just as good as the first.  A lot faster, maybe I was too turned on with Diane and her dildo fucking her pussy.  Diane screamed again as she had cum again.  Damn, she really did want to see two guys going at it.

After mike had drained my nuts, he looked at Diane, how was covered in sweat for two good orgasms, and he had cum dripping from his mouth and asked " how was that show for ya?" 

Diane seeing him with my cum on her face, made her cum yet again.  Damn, this guy is incredible, he sucks my cock to please me and my wife gets a show and she has three orgasms.

Fuck, mike you can suck him any time you want.  Just make sure you give me a show now now and then.  I've never cum so hard ever.  Steve knows how to eat my pussy, and make me cum, but that was intense.  I think I need a shower and I'm off to bed. Diane told us.  With weak legs, she got up, came over to me and kissed my on the lips, crouched down and gave mike a kiss on the cheek. Thanks guys, I needed that, I feel so much better,

Mike and I replied at the same time," your welcome "

She went upstairs and took a shower to rinse off. 

Damn, I didn't expect that.  I didn't even know she wanted to what two guys. I told mike.

Well, you did pretty good and she enjoyed it with her twat toy.  Mike said 

Mike,  stand up.  He stood up, I looked Into his beautiful hazel green eyes and kissed him.  I think I surprised him with that.  I slowly pulled away from my first kiss with a guy.  Then I leaned in again and licked my cum off his face."Wow, pretty damn tasty and the kiss was tasty too."

Well, that was a surprise.  Didn't think you'd want to kiss.  But it's better that you do. And you just ate your own cum, most straight guys think it's vile just to touch it, much less eat their own cum.

Well it's not bad, I can see why you like to swallow.  Maybe next time you can save a bigger taste for me.

We can snowball if you want to try that, mike asked me.

Snowball ?? I asked mike with a puzzled look on my face.

That's were I suck your cock, you cum in my mouth.  I hold the cum in my kith, without swallowing and kiss you, giving you your cum while we kiss or if we are laying down, I let it slowly ooze into your mouth and then you can swallow it if you want to.

Fuck, you guys come up with all the fun stuff to do as far as sex goes.

We, we have limited holes, so we have to do other things to get us off.

Damn. I think I'm ginna a enjoy our fun together.

I think we both will and of Diane had fun, she can watch anytime she wants.  In fact, she still in the shower, why don't I get going and you join her in the shower while you both are in an afterglow of sex.  Trust me she'll love it.  Now hurry on up there.

He kissed me on the lips and smacked my ass.  I ran upstairs to shower with Diane and he let himself out.

I can only imagine what next time will bring.



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