My Sisters Lover… #3

By : A. Williams

     With my cock still in Jack’s pulsing ass, I started to laugh. I slapped his perfect ass and said, “You’re the best I’ve ever had Baby. You were amazing.”

     He squeezed my softening cock with his ass muscles, “I’ve never gotten off so hard. You were amazing too Lover,” he said chuckling.

     With me holding him tight to my body, we lay there in the golden afterglow of great sex.  God he felt great in my arms and he smelled so wonderful.

      “Thank you for being my first… you were so sweet and caring to me Ridge… It was just perfect,” he said full of emotion.

     “How about I cook us some breakfast and then we can sleep in each other’s arms. I’m starving, how about you?” I asked.

“Very hungry…I can help, let’s go.”

     We walked to the kitchen naked and hand in hand smiling wide. We tore through the refrigerator foraging for what we could find. Bacon, sausage and cheese omelets were soon on our plates with fresh coffee. We held hands the whole time we ate and laughed about stupid stuff, bonding us further and deeper together.

      I could see myself with Jack for a long time… And I wanted that… a relationship with one special man, to build a life with him…for him… and for us. I felt in my heart it could be Jack. Us sharing a life together, but how did he feel? I had no idea and didn’t want to push it too soon. After all, he was new to man love and man sex.

     After breakfast we climbed back in bed, wrapped our bodies together tightly, face to face. I stroked his soft beard and gazed into his eyes. I could fall in love with this man… my sister’s lover. He turned on all my buttons. His looks, his smell, his taste, it was all so sweet and damn sexy.

     Jack ran his hands through my hair as we stared at each another. “Ridge I’m feeling some crazy shit right now,” he announced out of the blue.

“Like what baby?” I asked intrigued as we continued to pet each other.

“Like I’m falling for you… Like you know, I love you,” he said in a whisper.

     “Baby I’m feeling the same things. Let’s let it happen…let’s both let go and love each other.” With that said, the make out session ensued. Hot, wet sloppy man kissing…deep and passionate.

     Soon we were rubbing our hard aching cocks together and moaning full of lust and desire for each other. It wasn’t long and we were in a wonderful 69, with me on bottom and Jack on top, sucking and slurping each other’s tasty juicy cocks and licking each other’s boiling balls.

     For a new cock-sucker, Jack was doing a fantastic job on my thick 9 inch cock. His wanting to please me made it all the better.

     Just as we were both building to an intense satisfying climax, there was a loud knock on the bedroom door. Then without waiting for a response the door flew open. Both startled we looked up expecting to see Pam again.

     But it wasn’t Pam, instead framed in the doorway like some avenging angel was my Dad. Mr. Peter Coffey with his smart phone in his hand and the other in a white knuckled fist. His look of surprise ran the gambit from shocked to anger…red faced vein bulging anger.

     Equally shocked, face crimson with embarrassment, Jack jumped off of me and scrambled off the bed.

     “Jack you son-of-a-bitch. You’re supposed to be my daughter’s boyfriend and I catch you like this,” screamed Dad. As Jack scurried around on the floor gathering up his clothes, Dad screamed with rage, “Get out of my house you bastard.”

     When Jack paused to put his clothes on Dad snatched up my baseball bat left over from little league and advanced on Jack. As he approached Jack menacingly, he clutched his clothes to his chest. “Mr. Coffey, you don’t want to do this.” Jack said backing out the door. “I’m leaving,” he said as his footsteps could be heard fading as he ran down the hall terrified.

     Still seething, Dad turned back toward me. Too angry to speak he held up the phone letting me see the pictures Pam had taken. Taking deep breaths, he forced himself to calm down.

     When he could finally speak without screaming he said, “Ridge when you came out we accepted your homosexuality without reservation and backed you 100%. Is this the thanks we get? What did anyone in the family ever do to you to merit this kind of disrespect from you?”

     Not letting me answer he went on, “We’ve let you bring your boyfriends in to this house and sit at our table eating with us like family. Just like Pam brought her boyfriend’s here too. We tried to extend our friendship to them the same as her boyfriends…and this is the thanks we get? Is there so few gay men in the world that you have to go after your sister’s boyfriends? And too make it worse you did it right here in your mother and I’s house.”

     When I tried to speak, father cut me off. “Don’t bother there’s nothing you can say that’ll make it any better.”

     Tears clouding Dads eyes, as he murmured, “Do you have so little family pride…hate us so much, your family, your blood that you could do this to us?”

     I babbled some nonsense for a couple of minutes, then saw the futility of what I was saying and shut up.

     In obvious mental pain, Dad almost whispered, “I don't think you can live under this roof under these circumstances. You need to pack and leave now. It would be better if you didn't try to contact your mother. I’ll explain your sudden departure to her,” he said. Shoulders slumped in defeat he exited the door and walked away.

     Not believing what had just happened, I quickly packed. Hopping that Dad would reappear and reconsider my punishment. With my suitcases in hand, I moved slowly down the hall and through the house towards the front door.

     Realizing the depth of my transgression tears started to run down my cheeks as I got in my car. As the motor warmed up I asked myself where I could go…at least for the night. If I ever wanted to make amends with my family, I can’t go to Jack’s.

     I pulled over a couple of blacks away in a convenience store parking lot. There with the aid of my smart phone I found a friend whose roommate was out of town for a few days. While I was crashing with my friend, James, I located another friend, Kevin. His roommate was getting a job transfer. It was strictly platonic because Kevin was straight but I found a place to live.

      Time passed and although I was still steering clear of Jack, I felt like I was coming to terms with being without a family. But days like this, Thanksgiving, reawakened the pain. Kevin my roommate and everyone else I knew were spending the day with their family.

     Some fucking Thanksgiving Holiday I was having.. Instead of being at my parents’ house with all my relatives eating melt in your mouth turkey, yams with little marshmallows on top, pea salad, deviled eggs, homemade buttermilk biscuits, and who knows what else. Oohh… and let’s not forget the banana pudding and too many different cakes and pies to even name. I was sitting alone in front of the TV watching football and eating a frozen turkey TV dinner that I’d heated in the microwave.

      As I sat there on the couch alone I thought about the upcoming Christmas Holiday and being alone then. My eyes slowly clouded up and tears and they were soon running down my cheeks. “Oh god,” I thought, “Why did I do it? No piece of ass was worth losing my family.”

     I knew why I was feeling sorry for myself, just a week before I’d seen my parents at the mall. When my mother saw me she took a step in my direction. Before she could take a second step Dad had taken her arm and led her in the other direction. The last I saw of her was her back as she disappeared into the crowd.

     It had been 3 years and I’d finally come to terms with being alone. Oh I had a lot of boyfriends over the years but a man with no family was truly alone. I would give anything if I could go back and never give into the temptation of having sex with Jack. It was bad enough that Jack had been my sister’s boyfriend but the indiscretion had taken place in my parent’s home making it all the worse.

      Again I was feeling sorry for myself because another Thanksgiving was coming up and all I had to look forward to was another frozen TV dinner alone.

      My cell phone rang and to my surprise Dad said, “Hello Son. Would you like to meet me somewhere for coffee? Maybe we can talk.”

  Not the end...a new beginning...

Thank you for following this series……and writing comments….A….


A. Williams


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