My Sisters Lover… #1

     I’m Ridge Coffey, 25 years old and down on my luck. I ended up back home for a short while to regroup and get my shit together. I’m gay and love it, the family knows and they have no problem with it. But right now I have a problem with my 19 year old sister’s, 21 year old boyfriend, Jack. God, he is my type, I want him, dream of him and am embarrassed to say, many nights I have beat off to his gorgeous image.

     I woke early on Tuesday morning around 6 AM thinking I was alone in the house. The parents away for the week and Pam, my sister, would be off at work. So I came out of my bedroom in just my boxers. I walked to the kitchen still half asleep for a much needed cup of coffee. I happily found the pot full and hot. I poured myself a big cup and began to drink before I saw Jack, sitting at the table with a cup of his own.

     I almost choked on my coffee when I realized he was only wearing his briefs. Finally I could see the body I had only fantasized about for months. I had to give credit to Pam, Jack was indeed stunning.

     He had a nicely trimmed full black beard and mustache, his body was covered with a nice layer of black body hair and he was sporting a very large package. My nine inch fat cock was instantly rock hard. Thank God my lower half was hidden by the kitchen island.

      “Jack what are you doing here, really, almost naked and all? You don’t live here man! What’s up?” I said firmly.

     “I came over to spend the night with Pam but we ended up fighting the whole night. Your sister broke up with me and took my car, so I am stuck here with you,” he said angrily.

     “Fuck man, how was I supposed to know?” I said walking and sitting down at the table across from him. “What happened between you two?” I asked softly.

     He laughed hard and long. Finally gaining control of himself he said “She thinks I want you, not her….. She thinks I’m gay … Fuck up big time, right Ridge?”

    I sat silent, not knowing what to say. I wanted him badly… every inch of him in every way. I could only hope he wanted me, I hoped my sister’s suspicions were true. I drank my coffee staring into his blue eyes not saying a word.

He drank his coffee and stared into my brown eyes, holding his tongue.

     It was so weird, both of us almost naked and this big revelation hanging in the thick air with both us not saying anything. Like a stand-off, who would speak first?

     I wanted him for sex… I wanted to fuck him in the worse way. So it was me who spoke first.

“Jack you know I’m gay. I’m attracted to guys. I make love to men… not women right?”

“Yes.” he said.

     “I would love to make sweet love to you… all day…God you are so lovely. I would be slow and gentle and trust me YOU would love it. IF and I mean IF that’s what you want too.” I said slowly, my cock getting even harder and pulsing in my black boxers.

     “I’m so embarrassed Ridge to say this out loud… fuck... I can’t believe I’m telling you this but I have wanted you this whole time. I only dated your sister to get close to you. I am very attracted to you… not her. I’ve never been with a man… never wanted a man until you. Please take me … show me how good man sex can be, right here, right now on the floor,” he said standing up suddenly and knocking the chair on the floor behind him with his hard cock sticking out of his briefs.

     I stood “No Jack, calm down… not here. Let’s do this right, take my hand and come with me to my bedroom. We have all day, no need to rush. Let me love you… Let’s not have sex but make love to each other. Please Baby come with me now.” I said slow and quiet extending my hand.

Jack took my hand and I slowly lead him to my bedroom. I lay down on my side patting the bed for him to join me. I could tell he was nervous but he crawled in beside me and lay on his back. I wrapped my legs around his and stroked his hairy chest.

     “Don’t be nervous Jack, I will only do what you want to do. Can I kiss you?” I asked not wanting to do anything without his permission.

“Yes,” he answered breathing heavily.

     I turned his face to mine and pressed our lips softly together. God he smelled fantastic…all man. I pressed my tongue to his lips and he opened. I slipped it in his hot mouth and we swirled tongues both of us moaning with satisfaction.

     He tasted like coffee and mint, soon our kissing started to get sloppy and hard. Yes … spit dripping, sucking of tongues and biting of lips. Full on make out session and my cock was on fire. I reached down and felt Jack’s hard pulsing dick. He moaned “Uuuugh,” deep in my mouth.

“Can I suck you…Please,” I asked.

“God yes Ridge, suck me,” he groaned.

     I got out of bed and stood at the foot admiring this man in my bed. Good God a mighty, he was sexy. I took his ankles and pulled his body down the bed so his feet were on the floor and his ass was on the edge.

     I hooked my fingers in the waist band of his briefs and as he raised his hips off the mattress; I pulled his briefs down his legs and off. As I pushed his legs wide apart I got down on my knees between them. With a contented sigh, I rubbed his hairy thighs and ran my fingers through his thick curly black pubic hair.  I could feel him shiver beneath my hands.

     “You are a gorgeous Jack,” I said softly, almost a whisper. “I want you to cum in my mouth, I need to taste you, the very essence of you.”

     I placed my hand around his thick hard shaft and brought my watering mouth to the reddish/purple head of his perfect cock. I’d dreamed of this for months and I wanted to worship his cock and make it last.

    My tongue darted out and I began licking his swollen head and all over his shaft, covering it with my spit. As his pre-cum started to flow and I was in heaven. My lips closed tightly around his head and I started to slowly bob my head up and down on his cock.

“Ooooh fuck yes… That feels so good. Yes…yes suck that dick.” Jack whispered.

     I gently rolled his cum heavy balls around in my hand as I swallowed his cock further and further down my throat. He began to push his hips up to meet my down thrust while grabbing handfuls of the bed sheets.

     With my nose finally buried in his piss smelling bush, he screamed out, “Oooohhh fuck…UUuuugh.”

     He grabbed both sides of my head and held me down on his cock. Just as he started to erupt, shooting cum in my eager mouth, we heard a knock at the door.

‘Jack are you in there?” Pam’s voice asked turning the door knob…….

Part #2 soon……Thank you all for reading and writing comments…..A.


A. Williams

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