My Sisters Lover… #2

By : A. Williams

From Part #1 : He grabbed both sides of my head and held me down on his cock. Just as he started to erupt, shooting cum in my eager mouth, we heard a knock at the door. “Jack are you in there?” Pam’s voice asked turning the door knob…….

      Fuck…Fuck! My mind screamed as my tongue tasted the first shot of Jacks thick cum. There was no stopping his orgasm and no stopping Pam from coming in, so I stayed on his cock and drank his sweet juices.

       The door opened and we heard an ear piercing scream and then the real shit hit the fan. “Jack I knew it….I knew you were a faggot! You fucking liar! And you…you…call yourself MY brother you son of a bitch… You fucking queer! You both make me sick! Damn you…Damn both of you to hell,” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

      Then shit started flying through the air. My cell phone hit me in the back, so I came off Jack’s cock and stood. My hairdryer barely missed my head and she totally missed me with the lamp as it crashed to a thousand pieces on the floor.

     Jack jumped up and as he pulled on his on his briefs, he yelled at her, “Pam calm the fuck down! You crazy bitch!” He walked toward her and grabbed her hand stopping her from throwing my Laptop at me. He took it out of her hands and was promptly slapped hard across the face. Then Pam spit in his face and screamed “You fucking Bastard… I will get you both for this.”

Then she focused on me. “You just wait till Dad hears about this Ridge. You are so out of here!”

“Ooohhh really Pam Darling. Let’s not forget about all the nights Jack has stayed over in your bed… and let’s not forget about Bruce and Steve! You cheating slut!”

“What? You fucking lying cheating scrawny bitch. Look who’s just been caught!” Jack screamed at her.

     Knowing she had no leg to stand on, Pam spun on her heels and out of my bedroom. We heard the front door slam, then her car door and then her driving away from the house. Thank God.

“Hell fire… what a way to kill the mood!” I said sitting down on the bed and running my hands through my hair. Jack laughed and joined me on the bed.

“How about a beer? I for one, need a drink,” he said.

“I got some gin… how about a shot of that?” I asked.

“Sounds great,” he said smiling and making my cock twitch.

     I went to the kitchen and got us two small glasses with ice and the club soda. Back in the bedroom, I retrieved the gin from deep in my dresser draw. I mixed two drinks…heavy on the gin and handed one to Jack.

“Thanks man,” he said taking it from my hand. “Let’s toast,”

“Here’s to a life with no women,” I said raising my glass.

“Here…Here!” Jack countered raising his glass and drinking it all down.

     I made us another drink and joined Jack on the bed, sitting close. Our hot skin was touching each other’s, our thighs pressed together. Fuck, my cock was once again on the rise and so was Jack’s.

“Are we ready to get back to where we were… before we were interrupted Jack? I still have so much to show you Baby.”

“Yes Ridge… please show me… I want you so bad. That blow job was off the fucking charts,” he said low almost mumbling. 

     My thick 9 inch cock was so ready for him. I took his drink from his hand, “Get naked and get on all fours. I want to eat your sweet ass. Baby there is more to life than we have known, us together…my body inside of yours will lock us together forever. Are you ready for that? ” I asked.

“Yes…Hell yes…Take me please my lover,” he moaned on all fours his perfect ass high in the air.

     God he was so damn beautiful, he had me feeling things I had never felt before. I pressed my face between his full cheeks and smelled him… I almost shot a load….he smelt divine. So manly and musky… his smell had my balls boiling.

     I had to have a taste… my tongue darted out and licked his crack from the front to back and over his red hole… he tasted even better than he smelled.

     My tongue entered his hole and he groaned, “Fuck yes, feels so good… don’t stop.” I never wanted to stop…I keep eating his sweet virgin ass, getting it wet and ready for my pulsing cock.

     He was moaning “Yes…Yes…” over and over and then, “Please lover I need your cock now in me …deep in me …Take my virgin ass….Please,” he begged. That was my signal to go all the way, I grabbed the lube and put some on my fingers and on his sweet hole. I had to open him up, get him ready and stretch him some.

    As I slid in one finger and then two. He was so ready that he rammed his ass back on my fingers, fucking himself and yelling “More Ridge…. Give it to me …fuck yes…feels amazing.”

    I had three fingers in and I couldn’t take it any longer, I had to feel his insides with my pulsing shaft…so slick and velvety smooth. I lubed my leaking cock and slowly pressed against his hot hole.

      When I popped through his sphincter he moaned, “Ooooh,” in some pain so I held still, paused, giving him time to adjust. Damn he was so fucking tight… all I wanted was to ram in deep in one thrust but I waited. I caressed his smooth ass cheeks and muscular back.

     “Baby take your time … I don’t want to hurt you, push back when you’re ready,” I said softly trying to get him to relax his death grip on my cock. It had been a while since I’d had a virgin and I was trying to remember to be patience and gentle.

     I felt him relax and then he stared to push back on my rock hard cock ever so slowly…Ooooh my God the pleasure I was feeling was mind blowing. “Ridge… man your cock feels amazing…Aaaahhhh…YES!” Jack moaned.

     He kept pushing back engulfing my whole cock in his ass and we both grunted in deep satisfaction as my balls rested on his ass. I rotated my hips… round and round, “Yes…take me….do me…Ridge make me cum,” he begged. “I have never felt such intense feelings all over my body… Damn.”

    YES…YES ….he was ready….I grabbed his hips hard, digging in my nails and pulled all the way out…and all the way back in. I could feel his ass muscles quiver on my cock, giving me even more pleasure.

      Damn, this was turning out to be the best fuck of my life. He was moaning non-stop under me which turned me on even more. I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer, this was way too damn good.

      The door flew open and there was a bright light…a flash. I saw Pam with her smart phone taking pictures of us. I screamed “Get the fuck out bitch!”

“Got you… you fucking ass holes Bastards,” she said laughing out loud and leaving.

    Even with the interruption, I continued my strokes in Jack’s sweet tight ass and I felt his ass tightened as he screamed, “Fuck I’m cumming…fuck …fuck…yes fuck me!”

    I erupted deep in his ass over and over as I continued my strokes…Shit…so fucking good.

    After I stopped shooting, I collapsed down onto his strong back and pulled us over on our sides my cock still in his pulsing ass……….


          Part 3 soon……Thanks for reading and writing comments on my story…A.


A. Williams

[email protected]


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