"This Is my First story ever written. Please read my biography to get some detail about myself before reading because this is the only way you will understand some of the things in my story. "

“My Little Buddy”


This is the story of my buddy Elijah that I didn't get to know until about 3 months ago when he was 22. I am 52 and my husband is 46. What happens in this story I never expected to happen in a thousand years. Not that I hadn't thought about it but I was shocked when it did. One more thing I should tell you about myself is I am blind. I lost my sight 20 years ago from complications of diabetes. But life has to go on and I do not let my diabetes or blindness stop me. My husband has been a great support to me and has been my rock through many health crisis. So thank you Shawn, I love you.

My Husband of nearly 2 years and I have been together for 17 years and for the past 16 years he has been involved in volunteer community theater. He is a great actor, singer and occasionally has directed a few shows also. We have both made a lot of new friends and he has worked with several of the same people through the years so we have made some lasting friendships.

About ten years ago he was in the production of "Some Enchanted Evening" which was a large musical production and the cast was a great bunch of people of all age ranges from very young to older folks. My husband at the time was about 35 years old. He was really intrigue by one young lad in the show named Elijah. My partner now husband told me all about him and said if Elijah kept up with acting he bet Elijah could really go far with an acting or stage performance career. He also said he really thought that Elijah was gay. I asked how he could tell, he told me it was just by his mannerism and actions and that I should know how fine tuned his gaydar was.

I only met Elijah at the cast party because I always attended the cast parties with my husband and we always had a great time at them. When Elijah got older and Facebook became popular my husband Shawn and Elijah became friends on Facebook. By now Elijah had finished high school and was going to Illinois State University, ISU, pursuing his college career.

Well about 3 years passed and Shawn and Elijah got into a private message conversation on Facebook one day and Elijah admitted that he was gay to Shawn. They talked about dating and the experiences Elijah had had while in school and how hard it was to find a steady boyfriend when going to school studying all the time especially when he would be transferring schools the end of the next semester. Elijah was not coming on to Shawn at all he was just wanting another gay person to talk with who had been in the dating world a lot longer and had found that special person in their life. Shawn told Elijah that we were very happy together but that we had opened our relationship up and played around with others occasionally either together or separately but if we did it separately we always told each other everything. Elijah thought that that was really neat that we could love each other so much and could trust each other so much to do that.

I never knew of the conversations Shawn and Elijah had been having about sex or about us having an open relationship. Shawn had told me Elijah was gay but that was as far as it had gone except that Shawn had said how he sure would like to mess around with him sexually. He also told me that Elijah was definitely a twink.

Now to be honest I honestly didn't know what a true twink was because I did not come out of the closet until I was 35 years old and I had always dated guys my own age or older. I am 5’ 9" and 150lbs and very slender so I figured I was pretty much a twink. But Shawn explained a twink was a guy who was young guy who was very skinny with hardly any muscle tone at all and basically skinny as a rail as the old saying goes. He also told me if I ever got the chance to ever hug Elijah I would know what a real twink was then we both just laughed.

Shawn also learned that Elijah's course of study was to work with visually impaired people because he knew people with vision problems did not get proper training were so often over looked and not given proper training in schools, how to live independently, or trained for the workforce. So he was determined to make a difference in the world.

So about nine months later we met up with him when he had come home from school when he came home to see his sister in a high school play in the fall. He talked about how he would like to sit down with me over his Christmas break and talk about what I could and couldn't do for myself and maybe see some of the equipment I use in my home to make my life easier. When he learned I also owned and operated my own business he was totally shocked and was interested in learning more about that. I told him I would be happy to talk with him and told him when he knew his Christmas break schedule to let me know and we would schedule and evening for him to come over and hangout with us and we could talk have dinner and I would answer any questions he may have for me. I told him he could ask me anything he wanted because I had nothing to hide at all.

Elijah and I became friends on Facebook and we chatted through private messages off and on while he finished up the last few weeks of school and finals and set up a date to get together for dinner and have our discussion.

Elijah came over for dinner about a week before Christmas and the three of us had a nice dinner and chatted and after dinner while Shawn cleaned up the kitchen Elijah and I went back to our home office so he could see my computer and other things I used that had speech programs that I used to help in my daily life and with my business.

I had assumed Shawn would join us when he finished with the kitchen but he did not. So I demonstrated to Elijah my computer speech program how it read everything on the screen to me and told me where the headings were and where the links, lists, check boxes and edit boxes and all that fun stuff was. But I explained that I did all my own typing and I used keyboard commands to maneuver around the screen instead of using the mouse. I demonstrated this all for him and he was totally surprised at how fast I could type and do these things.

I showed him other items I used for many things I do in everyday life. He said he had heard of a lot of the items but had not actually seen anyone use them. After I finished the demonstrations we just sat in the office, me in my desk chair and Elijah in Shawn's desk chair about 3 or 4 feet away from me. I asked if he had any questions for me and reminded him he was welcome to ask me anything he wanted.

He began to ask about how I was treated outside my home by people and how massage clients felt about having a blind massage therapist the first time they met me and how I dealt with cruel people. I told him most people treated me fine and most of my clients didn't have a problem with my blindness since I knew how to do massage and could take care of getting them relaxed and tension worked out of their bodies. I told him cruel people I just ignored because they were not worth wasting my time with and I did not let them bother me.

Elijah then asked me about dating and wondered if that was hard. I explained in the beginning it was complicated but in time it became easier. I explained when I first started dating I used yahoo personals because at the time that was the only website I knew about. I figured that way I could chat with guys and get to know them and learn about them and they could learn about me instead of just meeting them someplace and having a lousy time.

I also told him I feel really lucky when it comes to dating that I do not have my sight and he asked me why. I explained that because I do not have my sight I do not judge a person by appearance but by their attitude and what is inside. I get to know them as a person and not by their looks.

Elijah said he had never thought of it that way at all and was amazed that I had learned to use the other senses like that. He then hesitated and asked if sex was different for me since I had lost my sight?

I just gave him a big grin and told him it was actually better without sight. I could almost feel him smile as he asked me how it was better. So I explained that with no sight you get to explore the entire body with your hands, mouth and tongue and can actually feel the person’s body react to your touch. Not only do you feel the penis and balls react you feel the muscles react you can feel the muscles, the breathing change, the hairs move on the body and the moans are actually louder. You can feel the slightest twinge of a muscle as you touch it erotically or feel the goose bumps rise on the body as you caress the body with your fingers, lips or tongue.

As I am explaining this all to Elijah I could tell he was shifting in his chair and I could hear changes in his breathing getting shallower and heavier like he was beginning to become excited. But I just kept talking and explained honestly about the first time I gave a blow job to a guy after I lost my sight the first time I got a blow job and the first time I fucked and got fucked after I lost my sight and how more intense the sensations were. At one point Elijah I was sure I could hear Elijah running his hand along his cock through his jeans and I definitely knew he was breathing pretty hard. This was making my cock harden up also.

But I figured I had better stop because I really didn't want to take things further because there was such a huge age difference and I didn't know if he would really be interested in an older man. I have always been nervous of making the move on a young guy especially when we had only really had only been chatting for a couple of months on Facebook and never anything sexually until just the last half hour. But if during this talk if he had moved his leg over against mine or given any hint at all you bet I would have made a move to have some fun with this little twink.

So we finished our talk and we went back to the living room where Shawn was sitting and Elijah said he had to get going because he had a couple of things to do but had hoped to see us again before he headed back to school January 3. We said goodnight and Shawn and I both gave him a hug and out the door Elijah went.

Shawn asked me how the conversation went with Elijah went and I told him fine and then told him about Elijah asking about sex and me being blind. I told him I was blunt with him about it and how I was sure Elijah had gotten excited. Shawn said he was sure of it because Elijah was flushed and he could tell that he had at least half of an erection when we came out of the office.

I told Shawn I felt kind of guilty about being so blunt about being so honest with Elijah but thought it was kind of hot also and actually wished I could have had some fun with him. Shawn then told me that he and Elijah had had the conversation about he and I having an open relationship and wondered if maybe if that is why Elijah had asked about sex. I told him I wish I had known that because then maybe I would have made a move on him and seen if maybe there could have been some one on one or three-way fun tonight.


The next day I decided to drop Elijah a private message on Facebook and tell him that I had enjoyed the night before and hoped I had given him a lot of good information about equipment that I use. I also said I hope I had not been to forward when he asked me about sex and that I had not embarrassed him in any way and if I had I wanted to apologize.

Later that day I got a private message back from Elijah saying he had enjoyed last night also and had greatly enjoyed our conversation and our talk about sex didn't bother him in the least and he had greatly enjoyed it. The sentence ended with an exclamation point and a wink. This made me smile and I told him that was great and if he had time before he went back to school if he would like to come over and experience a massage from a blind man since he had never had a massage I would be happy to give him one. Plus it would be my way to thank him for being so willing to study to learn to help people with visual impairments to make their lives better. He responded that he would love to come for a massage but his schedule was really tight but if he got time before he returned to school on January 3 he would contact me and set something up. I told him that would be fine and I gave him my phone number in case he could not reach me through Facebook.

On January 2 I got a message on Facebook from Elijah asking if I would be able to give him a massage around 1pm. I answered and said I sure could and told him to just come on over and I would be waiting for him. It was about 10am so I got the massage room already, jumped in the shower and wondered if maybe if things would go any further than just a massage. But I promised myself Elijah would have to make the first move even though I really wanted to have some fun with this guy.

Now let me tell you about Elijah. He is very soft spoken. Stands 5'6" tall weighs 125lbs with a 27" waist and have brown hair and hazel eyes and a killer smile. This description is given to me by my husband Shawn.

Elijah arrived at my house about 1pm and we talked about 10 minutes before we headed for the massage room.

I explained to Elijah in my professional manner that he was to undress to his level of comfort and then lay under the top sheet on his back and while he was getting undressed I was going to go wash my hands and that I would knock on the door and ask if he was ready before I re-entered the room. Then I turned and exited the room.

A couple of minutes later I knocked softly on the door and asked if he was ready and he said yes. So I entered the room and placed a bolster under his knees to take pressure off his low back and then wrapped my lotion holder belt around my waist and hooked it. Then I started a relaxation CD and sat at the head of the table. I folded the sheet down so Elijah's shoulders and upper pecs were exposed and then lightly placed my hands on his shoulders and applied light pressure and told him to take a couple deep breaths and let them out slowly. Then I began by massaging his forehead, down his face, scalp and towards his neck and towards his shoulders. Of course anyone who has had a massage knows how the whole routine goes. You work down one arm then the other. Elijah's arms are very thin with small muscles. I am not saying he doesn't have any muscle tone just very small muscles. His hands are very tiny but very strong fingers. Then I moved to his left leg. I uncovered the left leg and worked the

thigh muscles and then the lower leg muscles and then his foot. Then recovered the leg and did the same to the right leg. During the work on the thighs I could feel the sheet start to tent up in his crotch area when working the inner thigh muscle. But from my massage training I knew to just ignore it. But let me tell you what it was driving me crazy.

Finally I asked Elijah to rollover onto his stomach so I could work the back of his legs, the butt muscles and his back. He did so and I began the work on these muscles. So once Elijah was rolled over I uncovered his right leg and massaged the ham strings and the calf and the bottom of the foot and then worked my way back of the leg working slowly and tenderly towards the right butt which I massaged gently. I heard a subtle intake of breath from Elijah when I did this. I left the leg uncovered and moved to the left leg and got the same reaction when I tenderly massaged the covered left butt muscle.

It was now time to massage his back and instead of covering his legs which I usually do I just carefully folded the sheet in small sections as I turned it back off his back and laid it gently on his ass. Then I began working on the left side of his back with long gentle strokes slowly increasing pressure to work all the muscles like I do with anyone as I give a massage. Elijah seemed quite relaxed as I did this and I asked if he was enjoying the massage and he told me he was definitely enjoying the massage and he sighed softly and I smiled to myself. I continued working more around the shoulder blade area and then more towards the lower back and towards the just above the ass as I do with all clients but I would let my fingers just slightly slip under the sheet to slide across the upper part of his bare ass. When this happened I would hear a beautiful sigh or a soft moan.

Finally I moved to work the right side of his back and once again did the same as I had done to the right side. But this time when my fingers slid under the sheet I let them linger just a little longer and he actually started to raise his sweet little ass up like he was telling me he wanted more. So to tease him I slid my fingers out and just started doing slow tender strokes up both sides of his back. When I did this I knew it was driving him crazy because he kept raising his body up to meet where my hands were touching him.

So I began to move my hands lower and lower with each down stroke on his back and to my surprise on my next down stroke the sheet was no longer covering his body. He must have somehow used his left hand that was resting at his left side to pull it off and let it slide off him and onto the floor.

When I realized the sheet was gone I figured that he wanted me to take things further so I just let my hands run down across his ass and all the way down both his legs to his feet and slowly back up his body tenderly massaging all the way up to his neck. When my hands slowly massaged his bare ass cheeks he moaned and I heard a soft "Yes" escape his lips. So after getting to his neck I slowly slid my hands back to his ass and began to just slowly rubbing and caressing his sweet little ass cheeks. He again started raising his towards my hands but I did not increase the pressure at all but just kept up the slow gentle caress. I let my fingers slowly slide down along his hips and back up to his little cheeks and barely touched the edge of his crack. On my next hand sliding along his hips I discovered he had slipped his right hand into his crotch and was now playing with his cock.

Knowing he had his cock in hand made me smile and I asked if he had a problem and he told me it was not a problem at all. I asked if there was anything I could do to help him out and he said he had always wondered what it would be like to have sex with an older man and wondered if I was interested would I be the one to show him what it was really like to show him what it was like to have sex with someone who was more experienced. I told him I would be honored but he would have to be absolutely sure that this is what he wanted and if he did then he would have to let me take the lead but if I did something he didn't like then all he would have to do was say stop and I would stop with no questions asked. He agreed and said that is what he wanted also so I told him to take his hand off his cock which he did do immediately and I began removing my clothes also.


I undressed and began just running my hands all over Elijah’s backside of his body. His breathing was erratic off and on with many sighs and some groans. I told him to just relax and enjoy because what we were going to do was not going to be some quick wham bam thank you man like he was probably used to getting. It was going to be slow and tender like sex should be when two people really do like each other. I also explained the fast and furious sex can be great but slow sensual sex is the best of all if time allows. Then I asked if he had ever experienced slow sensual sex? He said the longest sex session he had ever had was 15 minutes. So I told him he was in for more than that.

I stopped massaging his body and started running my fingers up and down the crack of his ass. He really seemed to like this and I loved the soft smooth feeling of that soft crack. I began moving my fingers lower and lower and I think he sensed where I was going and he separated his legs a few inches to give me more access. When my fingers brushed across his little pucker there was a sharp intake of breath but I just kept moving down until my fingers touched his balls. I wiggled my fingers just slightly and then moved back up his crack until I came to his tight little pucker again. I let my finger rest there and began to slightly tap on it and move my finger around it just giving it a little more pressure and soon he was moving his hips in a slight circular motion or at the best he could do when lying on his stomach. I did this for a couple of minutes and then just suddenly stopped when his moans got louder.

I think it shocked him and he started to raise like he was going to get up but I placed my hand on the small of his back and whispered "Shhhhh", and he lay back down. I climbed onto the massage table between his legs and began licking the back of his thighs and the inner thighs up to his ass and the moans started again. I licked the outline of his ass cheeks where they met his legs and then my tongue traveled into his crack. I let my slobber run down his crack as I licked his crack from top to bottom and I could feel him wiggle and keep raise and lower his ass continually. When I began licking that hot spot between his balls and opening I thought he was going to fly off the table but I put my hand on the small of his back and just kept going. When I nipped at it gently with my teeth he moaned widely. After a couple of minutes of that I went for the big prize and started licking and sucking on the tight little hole of his.

His hole was so tight I actually wondered if he had actually ever had a cock up his ass. But he claimed to be a bottom so I just kept licking and trying to probe with my tongue and after about 3or 4 minutes his hole began to relax and my tongue began to gain access. The sweetness of Elijah's hole was so wonderful I had to get my tongue deep inside of him and I went totally wild with my efforts. I slobbered all over one of my fingers and slowly slide it easily into Elijah's hole so I added a second finger asking if he was alright. When I got a positive response I began adding a third finger but he tensed slightly so I entered very slowly with it until he could take them.

After a couple of minutes of my three fingers inside of him I pulled them out and once again lunged my face back onto his hole and pushed every inch of my tongue into that sweet hole that I could. I made sure to get as much spit and drool into him that I could possibly could into him. Once I had him as full as I thought I could get him I pulled back and let a lot of drool run out of my mouth down his entire crack from the top to his balls. Then I placed my hands under him and slowly lowered myself on top of him until my cock was resting in the crack of his ass. I did not want in his hole but just wanted to be sliding back and forth in the sweet wet crack. As I licked and kissed his ears and neck and slid my cock on him I asked if he was alright and between pants and deep breaths he said, “Most Definitely"

I took my hands and began massaging his chest and playing with his small nipples while I kept sliding my cock up and down his tight crack slowly for a couple of minutes and he kept raising his ass up to meet my cock more and more. So I decided on his next raise of his hips to slide my right hand down to finally get a feel of his cock.

When my hand slid down and grasped his cock Elijah gasped loudly but so did I. Him from the pleasure from me grasping his cock and me from the shock of the size of his cock. With him being such a little guy I was not expecting to find him to have such a large cock. !

To my amazement Elijah had a cock of about 7 or 7.5" long and of average thickness. To be honest with as little of a guy he was I didn't expect any more than a very slender cock of maybe 5.5-6" at the very most. Hell this little guy had a cock longer than my 6.5" but I was still determined I was going to make him feel fantastic.

So I slowly eased myself off his body and pulled him so he was now resting on his elbows but never let go of that big cock of his. I pulled my hips back slightly so the head of my cock slid down his crack and the head of my cock was at the entrance to that sweet hole of his. I slid forward just slightly so just the tip of the head slid in and he began to move back towards me but I stopped him by using my other hand and pushing it against the small of his back. When I did this he just whimpered and I chuckled to myself. I very slowly began to little by little to slide my cock into this sweet little twink's wet and sloppy hole listening to his moans of pleasure as I did so. At one point he gasped a little and I stopped and told him to take a deep breath and let it out slowly which he did and when I felt his inner ass walls relax I continued to slide in until my balls were touching his low hanging balls. When I was all the way in I asked if he was alright and with a sigh he said he was so I stroked his cock slowly a few times and then began slowly sliding my cock in and out of him stroking his cock at the same pace I was sliding in and out of him.

I kept this up for only three or four minutes because I knew we were both so excited and I didn't want either of us to cum too quickly. So I released his cock and slowly pulled my cock from his ass. As I did this I could hear him whimper the entire time. Once I had pulled out I told him to roll over onto his back on the table which he did and then like a man on the prowl I climbed onto the table from the foot end up and over on top of him and gently laid on top of him and we wrapped ourselves around each other and made out passionately while our hard cocks rubbed against each other leaking pre-cum all over each other.

After about ten minutes of exploring each other’s bodies and kissing I looked into Elijah’s eyes and smiled and asked if he was ready for something a little more adventurous? He grinned broadly at me and told me he was ready for anything I was ready to give him. So I slid off his body down towards his feet licking his body as I slid off. When my mouth reached his cock I licked the head and all the way down to his balls and down his inner leg and foot of his right leg. I stood up at the foot end of the massage table and took hold of his legs under the knees and gentle began pulling his body down the table towards me. Once I had his little ass at the edge of the table I stopped and took his raised legs and placed them against my chest and shoulders and bent over and kissed him. I felt my cock searching for his opening once again and as we kissed Elijah was softly moaning.

Slowly I let my cock once again slide into Elijah’s sweet opening. I did not need any lube at all because his hole was still so wet from my drool and saliva and all the pre-cum we had produced between the two of us while making out. I began a slow steady fucking of him as we kissed and my hands roamed up and down his arms and legs as we kissed and his hands began to touch my chest and wrap around my shoulders and rubbing my back as I kept sliding in and out of him.

I finally stood up but never stopped my slow fucking of Elijah and began to slowly stroke his cock which put a big grin on his face and he was whimpering at the same time as large drops of pre-cum flowed out of his cock. I used my other hand to scoop a little of the pre-cum up onto my index finger and brought it to my mouth to taste it as Elijah watched me. Then I scooped up another drop and fed it to Elijah who eagerly sucked it off my finger.

I released his finger and once again leaned down towards his face and looked into his eyes and asked if he was ready for a big send off and he smiled and just nodded his head wildly. So I took his legs and wrapped his legs around my waist and told him to lock his ankles together and then I bent over again and told him to wrap his arms around my neck. I slowly raised him from the table and wrapped my arms around his back making sure I had him securely so we did not tumble to the floor. He was firmly planted on my cock and once I knew I had my footing and balance I asked how he felt he smiled broadly again. I asked if he trusted me and his smile never left his face and he softly said yes. So I told him to just hang on and I lowered my hands to his ass until I was cupping one ass cheek in each hand.

I slowly turned around so my ass was just barely touching the edge of the massage table and my hands spread his ass cheeks slightly. Then with my arms I began to slowly lift Elijah up and down slowly so my cock would slide in and out of his ass. The feeling was amazing for me and I know it was for Elijah also because the moans of pleasure coming from Elijah were amazing. He had tightened his grip around my neck a little more but he was not choking me and this made his cock slide against our stomachs and the pre-cum was making it slide easier and easier between us.

This position continued for I don’t know how long but I don’t think it was anymore than maybe 3 minutes but I know I was really close to cumming. I told Elijah that I didn’t think I would last much longer and while he was panting he told me he wasn’t going to last much longer either. So I told him that we should come together and he just half laughed and smiled and I really started raising and lowering him as fast as I could and suddenly we both cried out and both our bodies stiffened and our cocks got rock hard. I pushed Elijah’s body down hard onto my cock and he pushed his body tight against mine and our cocks exploded together.

This was the hardest I had cum in a long time and it felt like it was never going to stop. Elijah’s orgasm was strong and I actually felt it hit the body of my chin a couple of times. When our orgasms ended we both just laughed and I felt so weak in the legs and I whispered to Elijah that you said you trusted me so please just hold on and I fell back onto the massage table. Thank god I had had the sense to turn around and lean my ass against the massage when we started or I am afraid we would have fallen onto the hardwood floor. Luckily as I fell back Elijah had realized what was happening he released his legs from around my waist so here were two sexually worn-out guys half laying on a massage table with their legs dangling off the end of the table.

We just laid there not saying a word just catching our breath for a couple of minutes. Finally Elijah raised his head from my shoulder and looked at me. He didn’t say anything but just continued looking at me with no expression on his face. This started to concern me so after a minute I asked if he was alright. Elijah closed his eyes for a few seconds and when he opened them I saw there were tears in them and this terrified me then he spoke.

“Dave, Thank you for what you showed me today. I never knew sex could be so much fun or intimate and fun instead of just a quickie so you didn’t get caught.”

“I told you I would not hurt you Elijah and that we could stop anytime you wanted. But like I said quick sex can be hot too. But like we did here we went slow and end it quickly in the end, but look at the time from start to finish including the massage we have been at it for over 2 hours.”, and I smiled at him.

“Holy CRAP!” Elijah said and we both started laughing.

Then a third laughter could be heard in the massage room with us. It startled both Elijah and I even though I knew it was my husband Shawn. Elijah’s head swung around quick and he saw Shawn standing in the alcove where the door is and he jumped up off me and the table and began apologizing and crying immediately. I got up off the table and tried to wrap my arms around Elijah but he kept trying to wiggle away from me.

“Elijah, it’s alright don’t worry it’s only Shawn and you know we have an open relationship. Shawn told me that the two of you had a talk about it several months ago. If we didn’t have an open relationship I would have never let happen what happen today.”

Elijah just kept crying and started apologizing again, “Shawn, I am so sorry I should have never done what I did. I was just so curious about sex with a more experienced man and now I have ruined our friendship. I will get dressed and leave and I promise I will never tell anyone and I will never bother you guys again.” Elijah really started to cry harder and he fell to his knees. Since I was still at his side I bent down and wrapped him in my arms and he just convulsed with his cries. I motioned to Shawn with my head to grab a wash cloth and he went and got a cool wash cloth and returned with it and then helped me to lift Elijah up and we sat him on the massage table.

Elijah sat with his head down but I reached down and wiped his face and then handed Shawn the cloth and he wiped Elijah’s back and shoulders. He began to calm down and I stood in front of Elijah and I took my finger and placed it under his chin and raised his face to face me and spoke to him softly.

“Elijah, now I want you to listen to me. First off as you can tell Shawn is not mad at all because if you look over there at him he probably has a big grin on his face and if he has basket ball shorts on he probably has a hard on in them. Second I thought you knew he was working from home today and I should have probably told you he was just to be sure you did. Third, we do not want your friendship to be over with either one of us unless you want it to be over.” Then I turned to Shawn and asked,

“Shawn, do you have anything you want to say to our friend Elijah?”

Shawn I am sure got a big grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye when he spoke to Elijah. He came forward and I knew he placed one of his hands on Elijah’s big hands on Elijah’s shoulders when he spoke.

“Elijah, I am not upset with you. What I saw in here was HOT! I knew something may happen if Dave gave you a massage from conversations you and I had on Facebook the past few months. I have always thought you were a good looking guy and heck I knew you were gay even probably before you did when you were 13. You and Dave had no idea I was even in here, I have been in here since just after the massage. The two of you were so into it you didn’t even realize I was here. Hell I even a couple of times thought about joining in but I didn’t. But if you look at my shorts you will see I will have to put these in the laundry.” Then we all laughed.

Then Shawn just stepped back and let things alone and no one said anything. Elijah didn’t say anything for about 5 minutes. Shawn and I went to the kitchen to get us all some water for the three of us and let Elijah have a few minutes to himself. When we went back into the massage room Elijah had slipped his boxers on but nothing else but was still sitting on the massage table. I handed Elijah the bottle of water and sat on the table by Elijah and asked if he was alright and he said yes. Shawn sat on the other side of Elijah. Elijah drank about half the bottle of water took a deep breath and sighed and asked if the three of us could go into the living room and talk. I told him that that was no problem at all so we all got up and Elijah was going to get dressed but I told him he didn’t have to if he didn’t want to so he just stayed in his boxers and we went to the living room and sat down.

Elijah started the conversation.

“Guys, I don’t want to lose your friendship at all because you are super guys. I have known you for ten years Shawn for ten years and though we don’t talk often when we do talk we can pick up right where we left off. Dave I just met you about 4 months ago but I feel like I have known you for a lot longer and you have taught me so much about blindness and a lot today.. So is it alright if we all stay friends and just take things as they come and just hangout when we can and enjoy each other’s company and stay friends on Facebook like we have been doing and whatever else happens, happens?”

Together Shawn and I replied, “Definitely!!” Then we all laughed.

We all chatted and talked and as dinner time approached we talked about ordering a pizza and asked if Elijah would like to have pizza with us. He said he would enjoy that and he said yes. So Shawn went back to the Den to order it on line.

While Shawn was doing that I told Elijah that I was glad everything was good now but if he was interested I know how he could be sure Shawn was alright with things. He asked me how he could do that and I told him to let him to let Shawn suck his big cock and shoot his big load down Shawn’s throat or all over his face. Elijah just laughed. I told him I was serious but it was up to him and who knows depending on how the mood was maybe the three of us could do even more together.

Ok guys this is the first part of My Little Buddy. Let me know what you think of my first writing and please be honest. If you would like me to write more about my little buddy Elijah or other sexual adventures I have had as a blind guy let me know.


Sex In The Dark

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