“My Little Buddy” Part 2

This is the continuation of My Little Buddy that I submitted about a week ago. As you may remember I am 52 and blind. Elijah is 23 and a twink. I am married to Shawn. Shawn is mostly involved in part 2 and some of this story will be written from descriptions that Shawn gave me of what he and Elijah did together.

Since Shawn is more involved in this part of the story I need to give you his description. He will not be happy about it though I am sure. Shawn is 5’ 7” tall and weighs 300lbs and is hairy all over except for the top of his head and the small of his back. I have always called him my hairy teddy bear. He has a 6” cock and when he cums, he shoots a nice hot big load. His belly is large and does have some man boobs but he is really working hard to lose weight and to take better care of himself. Everyone says he is very handsome and like I said in my first story he is a great actor, has a beautiful singing voice and will do anything for anyone and not expect anything in return. Sexually he is a bottom but I can a few times a year get him to top me but orally he has the most talented mouth I have ever found, and I have had a lot of mouths on my cock. In our adventures I have known him to take as much as a thick 9” inches down his throat and never gag on it. So just remember guys when looking for a life partner it is not always a person’s looks that makes the guy it is what is in their hearts and mind that really makes that man, the looks is just the icing on the cake.



Well Shawn, Elijah and I enjoyed our pizza and sat around talking and having a couple of drinks. After we finished our second or third drink Shawn went out to the kitchen to throw the pizza boxes and paper plates in the trash away. While Shawn was in the kitchen Elijah asked me in a whisper:

“So Dave do you think Shawn would really like to suck my cock?”

“Most definitely Elijah, he thinks you are really hot and it would give him a great thrill if you offered it to him. But it has to be up to you completely. I will not push you to do anything but let me tell you what if you let Shawn suck your cock it will be something you will never forget.”

Just then Shawn walked back into the living room and said he was going to go back to the den and get the pizza receipt deducted from his checkbook register on the computer and I said ok. Elijah and I sat for a minute not saying anything and then Elijah reached over and took my hand and asked if it would be alright if he went back to the den to see Shawn. I told him that that was fine if that is what he wanted to do. He asked me if I wanted to come along and I told him that it was up to him or he could go alone and if he wanted to go alone that it was fine with me.

He told me he would go back alone to start and if things got really hot then maybe the three of us could have some real fun in a little bit.

I told him that was fine and offered him a suggestion that if he walked softly and snuck up on Shawn and came up behind him since his chair faced away from the doorway and reached over the top of the chairr and just started running his hands down Shawn’s chest he would really get Shawn excited. Elijah just giggled and got up and started down the hall.

Like I said Elijah is a little guy so his footsteps are soft and I could not hear him walk down the carpeted hall and did not hear his bare feet on the hardwood floor in the den. But I did hear Shawn gasp when Elijah began running his hands down Shawn’s chest.

From here on this is what was described to me by Shawn:



I got my checkbook deducted and was checking to see if I had any messages on a gay hook-up sight we used but was also thinking about what I had witnessed while watching Dave and Elijah during that hot sex scene in Dave’s massage room. I must have been in a deep daze when suddenly I felt a hand on each side of my covered chest begin to slide all over my chest and across my nipples and my upper abdomen. It startled me and I jumped and said crap as I tilted my head back to look up and see Elijah’s smiling face looking at me. My body just totally relaxed and let Elijah continue to do what he wanted to do.

Elijah: “Dave told me I may have something you may like to have, so I wondered if you might like to have it. If not that’s ok.”

Shawn” “Oh hell yeah, as long as you are alright with it I am definitely alright with it. Is Dave going to join us?”

E: “Not right now unless you want him to?”

S: “Not right away.”

E: “Ok” As Elijah said this he ran his hands down under Shawn’s polo shirt through all the fur on Shawn’s chest and Shawn could almost hear Elijah purr softly.

S: ““You like that hairy chest?”

E: “I have never been with a guy with a lot of hair on his body. Dave told me you were hairy all over though. Will you take your shirt off for me?”

Because he is heavy Shawn is always pretty nervous about taking off his shirt in front of guys but Elijah with his puppy dog eyes Shawn was willing to do so, Elijah walked around to the side of Shawn’s chair as Shawn removed his shirt and then he turned his chair around and Elijah backed up and Elijah was now standing in front of Shawn’s right knee.

Elijah just stared at Shawn’s hairy chest and abdomen in what seemed like amazement and Shawn felt a little self conscious but Elijah realized this and said:

E: “Shawn, All that hairy is amazing and I want to rum my hands all through it if it is alright with you.”

Shawn just smiled at him and dropped his arms down to his sides. Elijah straddled Shawn’s right thigh and slowly sat down and began to gently caress Shawn’s chest and abdomen running his fingers all through all the hair on him. As he was doing this Elijah was getting an erection and Shawn definitely noticed Elijah’s erection as it grew in his boxers.

Shawn slowly reached out softly until he came in contact with Elijah’s right knee and stroked it softly and began to softly rub the part of the thigh that was exposed. He ran his fingers under the legs of Elijah’s boxers further up Elijah’s thigh as far as he could go and watched as Elijah’s cock got bigger and bigger.

Elijah never stopped his exploration of Shawn’s hairy chest and abdomen. Then Elijah bent forward and used his right thumb to slide the hair from Shawn’s right nipple and then began to lick and flick his tongue across Shawn’s nipple. At the same time Shawn worked his right hand into the fly opening of Elijah’s boxers and began to softly slide his fingers along Elijah’s hard cock. Both of them were moaning in pleasure at this point.

Elijah lifted his mouth from Shawn’s nipple and looked at Shawn with a big grin on his face and this made Shawn grin right back at Elijah.

E: “Man I have never had the experience of licking a nipple with so much hair around it or that much hair on a guy’s body, it is really hot.”

S: “So what do you think?”

E: “Can’t you tell by the hardness in your hand how it makes me feel?” he said as he blushed slightly.

S: “Would you like to take this into the bedroom where we have a little more room?” Elijah just kept smiling and nodded as he stood up.

Shawn stood up also and they walked towards the den door and turned left and Shawn opened the bedroom door and they stepped inside but did not shut the door.

They both stood at the side of the bed and shyly Elijah removed his boxers and tossed them towards the wall and out of the way. Shawn just stood there admiring Elijah’s sweet little body and his large erection that had a glistening drop of pre-cum on the tip of the head.

E: “Aren’t you going to take off your basketball shorts?”

S: “Are you sure? I am embarrassed to take off my clothes because of my size Elijah.”, then Shawn just hung his head.

Elijah walked to Shawn and wrapped his little arms around Shawn and nuzzled his face into Shawn’s neck and whispered,

“Shawn, look at me, if anyone should be embarrassed it should be me I am a skinny little runt and most guys barely look at me and the ones who usually want to have sex with me just are perverted because they want to have sex with a twink. I know you and Dave think I am a twink but the two of you treat me like a person and Dave showed me things today that I have never felt before and I want to feel new things with you. Honestly you are a big guy and a hairy guy and Dave is right you are like a big hairy teddy bear and it is an experience I want to have also. So please completely undress for me without embarrassment and lets have some fun.”

Then Elijah stepped back and Shawn looked at Elijah and a tear ran down Shawn’s face which he wiped away. Then he took a deep breath and sslowly lowered his basketball shorts, let them fall to the floor, stepped out of them and kicked them towards the wall.

Elijah looked at Shawn and smiled and then raised his hand in a soft fist and then pointed his index finger straight up and made a circular motion slowly signaling Shawn to turn around slowly so he could get a good look at his body. Shawn shook his head in a negative motion and Elijah just grinned bigger and nodded yes. So Shawn turned slowly and after turning around twice and stopped so he was facing Elijah once again Elijah was grinning broader than he was earlier.

E: “Man Dave was definitely right you are a big hairy bear and I bet that body will feel really good when I put my skinny mostly smooth body against it.”

S: “That is what Dave always says when he is against my body.” He said as he softly laughed.

The two of them walked towards each other and wrapped their arms around each other and their bodies nuzzled into each other’s and Shawn could feel Elijah’s leaking cock pushing into his belly button. They stood this way for a minute or two and then they laid on the bed facing each other each running a hand along the others face, arm and chest and stomach and looking into each other’s eyes.

Finally Shawn looked at Elijah and spoke, “Can I taste that hot cock of yours?”

E: “It is all yours Shawn”, he said as he rolled onto his back.

Shawn slid down on the bed and Elijah separated his legs wide and Shawn slid his body between Elijah’s legs and he nuzzled his face in Elijah’s crotch. Shawn began licking up and down the hard 7.5” shaft and it jumped with each stroke of Shawn’s tongue. Elijah was moaning during the entire time.

Then Shawn wrapped his first two fingers and thumb around the base and pulled Elijah’s cock away from his abdomen and towards his mouth. Shawn could see a long string of pre-cum hanging from his cock head to his belly until it finally broke. The head of Elijah’s cock glistened with more pre-cum and when Shawn had Elijah’s cock in the right position he ran his tongue all over and around it until he had lapped up every last drop of the pre-cum.

Then Shawn took just the head of Elijah’s cock into his mouth and swirled his tongue all around it and began to take inch by inch further into his mouth while his tongue traveled all around Elijah’s hardness. Elijah was moaning and kept trying to raise his hips to push more of his cock into Shawn’s mouth but Shawn placed one of his palms on Elijah’s stomach lightly signaling him to stop.

So Elijah just laid there moaning and enjoying the feeling Shawn’s hot mouth and tongue was giving his cock. When Shawn had every inch of Elijah’s cock into his mouth and his pubic hair was tickling his nose and his balls were resting on his chin Shawn created a strong vacuum with his mouth and throat and Elijah gasped quite loudly and bucked his hips up wildly.

Shawn backed off slowly and when just the head of Elijah’s head was in his mouth he lunged down quickly again on his cock with that strong vacuum suction to the base and right back again. He did this about 5 times and then just started a slow up and down gentle sucking of Elijah’s cock while he enjoyed all the pre-cum that kept spurting out of Elijah’s cock on each upward suck.

Shawn took one of his hands and began fondling Elijah’s balls that were stirring in their sac and this made Elijah moan even louder. Shawn also let one of his fingers slide down to Elijah’s pucker and he slowly stroked it with the pad of his finger. When he did this he could feel small amounts of Dave’s slippery cum ooze out onto his finger so he slowly started to push just the very tip into Elijah’s opening hole while he kept sucking on Elijah’s cock.

By this time Elijah was moaning like crazy and Shawn knew that Dave could definitely hear all the sounds in the living room and he wondered if Dave may get curious and come back to join them. Part of him wanted Dave to come back and join them but part of him wanted Elijah all to himself for a little longer.

Elijah moved his hands to Shawn’s head and began caressing his smooth scalp and running his fingers through the hair that surround the sides of his head. He was begging Shawn to let him cum and kept telling Shawn that what he was doing was absolutely amazing and that he didn’t know how much longer he could hold off before he shot his load.

Shawn just kept sucking gently as if he did not hear what Elijah had said but after a couple of minutes he looked at the clock on the night stand and realized he had been sucking Elijah for more than 15 minutes so it was probably time to let the boy shoot his creamy load..

S: “Ok Elijah, you wanna cum for this big teddy bear?”

E: Panting heavily as he spoke, “Oh man yes, I need to shoot my load; I can’t hold it any longer!”

Shawn smiled broadly at Elijah and softly wrapped his right hand around Elijah’s cock and began to gently stroke it up and down and at the same time kept licking and sucking on the head that was swollen and had a continuous flow of pre-cum flowing and shooting out of it.

Suddenly Elijah moaned loudly and his cock became even harder and swelled even more then his whole body became stiff and the piss slit opened up wider. Shawn engulfed just the head and the first shot of very warm cum shot into Shawn’s mouth and hit the back of his throat followed by a second shot. Shawn pulled off Elijah’s cock and continued to stroke Elijah’s cock pointing it straight into the air and both Shawn and Elijah were amazed at the distance the shots of cum were shooting. If Shawn had to guess he bet some of the shots were firing 4 or more feet into the air and then landing on his arms or hands or Elijah’s cock or stomach.

When Elijah’s orgasm ended both Shawn and Elijah took deep breaths and gasps and both started to laugh softly.

E: “Man Shawn I have never in my life had an orgasm that strong. I don’t know what you did to me but that mouth of yours needs to be in the Guinness Book of World Records as the best cock sucking mouth in the world.”

S: “I don’t know about that but that cock of yours should be in the same book for the longest orgasm and the farthest shooter that I have ever seen.”

They both laughed. Then Shawn sat up because he was tired of laying on his belly for almost a half hour while he was taking care of that hot cock of Elijah’s. When Shawn sat up Elijah noticed Shawn had a hard-on of his own.

E: “Well it looks like we need to take care of you now Shawn.”

S: “You don’t have to worry about me; I am totally satisfied so it is no problem.”

E: “Hey you made me feel great and you are big and hard now and I wouldn’t feel right if I left you that way.”


Little did Shawn and Elijah know I had heard all the moaning and gasping and my curiosity got the best of me. So I had gone down the hall and stood outside the bedroom door so I could listen better to what was happening. Even though I could not see what was happening I knew by the sounds of the slurping, moans, groans and gasping that there was definitely hot action going on. I had my hand on my cock and was slowly stroking myself but was determined not to cum in case the three of us decided to have some fun. But that was yet to be determined.

Ok, guys sorry about the delay, work got busy. This is the end of part 2. But, part 3; the conclusion will follow as soon as I get it finished. Hope you have enjoyed this part.


Sex In The Dark

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