My Little Buddy Part 3 Conclusion

Well I hope you all enjoyed Part 2 of My Little Buddy. This is the final part of the Story and I hope it will make all of you shoot a few more loads of cum from your cocks. Depending on comments will determine if I write any further stories. I have other stories but like I said it will depend if readers want to hear what I have to tell about me being blind and the experiences I have had.

Part 3

Well I waited to see what Shawn’s response would be to Elijah’s last comment would be but Shawn said nothing. Then I heard Elijah call out to me:

“Dave, can you come here?”

I hesitated for a minute and then walked into the bedroom just standing a couple of steps past the doorway. Shawn half laughed and said:

“You were standing outside the door weren’t you?”

D: “Well with all the noise the two of you were making I had to get closer so I could get a better picture in my mind and smell the testosterone and hopefully some hot cum.”, and then I laughed.

E: “Then you should have come and joined us then”

D: “No, I know how Shawn thinks and I knew he would want you for himself.”

Shawn didn’t say anything but I knew I was right. Then Elijah spoke up.

E: “Well Shawn has a pretty good hard-on going on here and I see you have one also Dave so I think we need to do something about them.”

D: “Well you better take care of Shawn since he hasn’t gotten off yet today then because I am sure that talented mouth of yours can take care of him or that sweet ass of yours can whichever way you want him to do it.”

E: “What about you Dave, don’t you want to get off again with us?”

D: Don’t worry about me, when Shawn and I get with others I always make sure it is him that gets the pleasure instead of me. If I get the chance to get off also fine but if not it is no big deal.”

During this time Shawn didn’t say anything but I told Shawn to lay back and let Elijah work him over. Shawn lay back on his back and Elijah took Shawn’s cock into his hand and began to slowly stroke him and I walked over and began to slowly stroke Shawn’s chest making his nipples get erect. Elijah lowered his mouth to Shawn’s erection and began swirling his tongue around the head of Shawn’s cock and Shawn gasped and took a deep breath and this told me Shawn was enjoying what Elijah was doing greatly.

I was stroking Shawn’s hairy chest and Elijah kept sucking on Shawn’s hard cock. I took my left hand and began running it through Elijah’s hair and along his shoulder and across his back as he continued sucking on Shawn’s cock. I then took my hand from Shawn’s chest and began stroking his face lightly and realized he had his eyes closed and a smile on his face. I tapped Elijah lightly on the shoulder so he would look up at me and nodded my head towards Shawn’s head so he would notice Shawn had a smile on his face and his eyes closed in total pleasure.

When Elijah saw this He slowly got up and slid up over Shawn. When this happened Shawn began to raise his head and open his eyes. I just gently pressed on his forehead signaling him to lie down and whispered a “ssshhhhh” to him.

Elijah straddled Shawn’s large frame with some effort and lowered his sweet little ass onto Shawn’s hard cock until he was completely planted on it and Shawn was completely buried inside of him. Shawn then opened his eyes and he raised his head and looked at Elijah and the two of them smiled at each other.


I knew this was an uncomfortable position for Elijah because I am such a big guy and he is such a little guy but Elijah didn’t say a word. I asked him if he would rather do this in another position or not do this but he just smiled and shook his head no.

So I began to thrust my hips upwards into Elijah and enjoyed the feeling of my cock sliding in and out of his tight young ass and seeing the pleasure that was on Elijah’s face. But I also knew from the stimulation from watching him and Dave earlier, then Elijah and I making out heavily and me sucking him off and that amazing orgasm he had and the total pleasure of him sucking my cock while Dave stroked my chest I was not going to last long myself.

I reached out and began to slowly stroke on Elijah’s hard cock and I saw Dave running his hand up and down Elijah’s back and right down to my balls and to my hole. So I reached over with my other hand and started to play with Daves cock also. So now I had a cock in each hand and my cock up a sweet young ass. I knew with the boiling going on in my balls it wasn’t going to be long before my balls exploded and I would fill Elijah’s ass with my load of cum.

My breathing began to increase and this made Dave and Elijah begin to kiss passionately and touch and rub each other’s chests as I continued to slide in and out of Elijah and stroke the two hard cocks in my hands.


The three of us were in total pleasure. As Shawn stroked Elijah and my cocks. I was actually in total shock to be perfectly honest because as I had told Elijah earlier when we usually had three ways Shawn never paid any attention to me. So maybe when I said this it made him think about it.

But right now touching Elijah and kissing him while Shawn was stroking our cocks and running my left hand over Elijah’s lower back and ass and feeling Shawn’s cock sliding in out of Elijah I knew I was approaching my orgasm.

I could tell by Shawn’s and Elijah’s gasps that they were very, very close also. Then without hardly any warning the three of us all moaned almost simultaneously and as Shawn shot his cum into Elijah’s hot tight ass Elijah and I shot our hot creamy loads all over Shawn’s stomach and chest.

When our orgasms ended we all just trembled for a minute and then started laughing. Elijah fell forward and lay on top of Shawn and I fell onto the bed lying on my side and wrapped my arm around Elijah and Shawn as much as I could. We laid there just breathing hard and just waiting for our breathing to slow down and we actually fell asleep for about an hour.

When we woke up we realized we were all a sticky mess of dried cum and sweat. We let Elijah go into the bathroom to use the shower while Shawn and I stripped the bed and changed the sheets.

When Elijah came back into the bedroom Shawn went and showered and Elijah dressed and he and I went to the living room and got something to drink. When Shawn finished I got my shower and then rejoined the two of them in the living room.

The three of us had a drink and just talked a little about our evening together. Elijah admitted he was a little worried that this may change our friendship and Shawn and I assured him that this was in no way going to affect our friendship. What happened today happened and if it never happened again that was fine. But if it happened again that was fine also. I also told him he was our friend first and that was how it would stay no matter what.

It was now almost midnight and the three of us were getting tired. Elijah said he needed to go home and get some rest and Shawn and I agreed we needed to sleep also. So we walked Elijah to the door, hugged and kissed him goodnight and said goodbye.


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