In my first two stories, I explained the mind-blowing experience of fisting my boyfriend. The third focused on my taking a first for the first time while in the fourth I recounted our further exploration of ass play and in particular the use of a double-ended dildo. This, the fifth installment, is set a few months down the track when a friend comes to stay.

The usual warnings apply. This story involves sex between consenting adults. If you're not over 18 or it is illegal to read this where you live, then please do not continue any further. You have been warned.

Our good friend Mark was coming to stay with us for a few days and we were busy cleaning up the house and getting the spare bedroom ready for him. As I made up the spare bed, I looked up at the eye bolts in the ceiling. Ed had put them there to create supports for my legs when he first fisted me (see part III).

Since that time we had decided to get a proper sling and so the original two bolts had been joined by two more. Whenever we used the sling, we just pushed the spare bed out of the way. But Mark was our first guest since they had been fitted a few months earlier.

I called out to Ed who was vacuuming in the lounge: "Hey do you think I should remove those eyebolts from the ceiling? Mark might get some funny ideas."

Ed turned off the vacuum cleaner and walked into the spare room. "And what funny ideas would those be? I wouldn't worry. He probably won't even notice them and if he does and he asks, just tell him that they're for a mosquito net for the bed."

He then looked at his watch. "Hey, time's marching on. I'll get cleaned up and head out to the airport to pick Mark up. You'll have lunch ready by the time we get back?"

As I moved into the kitchen and set to preparing lunch, I thought about our friend Mark.

Mark was a mutual friend of both Ed's and mine from university days many years before. I think there had been the possibility for either of us to have had a relationship with him, but one or the other of us was involved with someone else and it never came to pass. Neither of us had had sex with him although I'd heard rumours he was well endowed.

Mark was currently single and like us, he was in his late 30s. When we were at University, he was quite a looker. He used to work out and was very athletic and was always popular at the bars. The exercise combined with his dark Latin good looks (his mother was Italian) meant he never had any trouble scoring, or for that matter finding a boyfriend.

We hadn't seen him in a couple of years. When I last saw him, just before his break up, I could tell there were difficulties. He wasn't exercising and he'd put on a hell of a lot of weight. He was also drinking far too much.

As I finished putting the last of the food on the table, I heard the car pull up and so went to the front door. As I opened it, I got quite a shock. Instead of the overweight blob I remembered, standing in front of me was the hottest hunk you could imagine. What was fat had now become lean muscle.

Mark smiled, put down his bag and put out his arms to greet me. "You're looking well Jimbo. Married life must agree with you," he said as he gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek.

"And single life must agree with you. You look great! You must have lost 30 kilos."

Ed, who followed Marco in the door agreed: "I have to admit I nearly didn't recognise him when I was waiting at the arrivals area at the airport."

Mark got rid of his bags and joined us in the dining room for lunch, where we caught up on old times and discussed his plans for the days ahead.

He was visiting town to see a major musical that was showing at a big theatre in town and we had agreed to join him and then go out for dinner afterwards. After a couple of hours of chatting, Mark asked to take a nap before we headed out for the evening.


Many hours later, we were at a restaurant in town, discussing the spectacular show we had just seen from the special effects to the songs themselves. As the night wore on, and a couple of bottles of wine were consumed, with three gay men together, the conversation inevitably became a little more personal.

I asked: "Hey Mark, do you mind me asking why you and Richard broke up? We thought things weren't too good when we saw you last a few years ago."

"Oh, it was many things. I think we got caught in a rut, career wise, relationship wise and sex wise as well. I wanted to spice things up a little in the bedroom and Richard just wasn't interested. The sex seemed dull and became more infrequent. I suppose we just drifted apart."

"That's a pity," Ed said. "But maybe it's for the better. As Jim says single life has really transformed you."

"I suppose it can happen to anyone. It wasn't Richard's fault. I made lots of mistakes too. But I think it's been for the best. I got back to the gym and started exercising again. I've done a few triathlons.

"And after being in a relationship for so such a long time, I've had some wild times in the last couple of years. So what about you guys, how do you keep things interesting?"

"Oh we've found a few things to keep ourselves occupied," Ed coyly replied.

"Like putting a sling in the spare bedroom," Mark chuckled.

"The hooks are for a mosquito net," I lamely proffered.

"Yeah right!" he exclaimed. "You don't need four eyebolts for a mosquito net and if you needed one, you'd put it in your own bedroom, not the spare bedroom. And hell, it never gets hot enough in this town for a mosquito to even survive," Mark said.

"Ok, ok. So we've got a sling, it's just for a bit of fun," I smiled back.

"So you guys must be into some serious ass play. You don't get a sling just for fucking, you can do that anywhere."

I looked at Ed and he smiled at me as if to say, it was ok. "Yeah, we're into ass play. Dildos and stuff" I said.

What Mark said next blew us both away. "So am I. Dildos are fun but I find there's nothing better than to be fisted. I love having a fist enter me nice and slow and play me like an instrument. I've also opened a few guys as well. I was first fisted before I met Richard, but when we got together that all went on hold. How about you guys?"

My jaw just about dropped at that revelation. I could feel myself getting quite a hard on. I put my hand in Ed's lap and could feel that he was equally aroused.

Ed looked at me, I smiled and he said to Mark: "Yeah, we're into fisting too although we only got into it a few months back."

With that revelation, Mark leaned forward and with a wink said what was on all our minds: "So you guys wanna play?"

Well before you could say "grease me up" we were paying the bill and in a taxi heading home. The front door had barely closed and we were making out. Ed and I weren't monogamous but we were always safe about play outside the relationship. Even so, those instances were generally pretty infrequent as we generally seemed well able to satisfy each other's needs.

But playing with Mark was a revelation. Ed and I both undressed him to find an amazingly well defined body. Beautiful pecs with nipples that just cried out to be chewed, stunning shoulders and arms and a tapered waist that led to an absolutely enormous dark, uncut cock that must have been at least nine inches long.

We both dropped to our knees to get a closer look. As Ed licked the head of Mark's cock with his tongue, teasing the head which was peaking out from beautifully long foreskin. My tongue was kept busy licking under the shaft and sucking on two of the biggest balls I've ever seen. Mark was groaning with pure delight.

But after a few minutes of this tongue action, Mark rubbed us both on the head and said: "As much as I love this boys, if we're going to get into some serious ass play, we'd better get cleaned up."

So as Mark headed to the bathroom, we undressed and kissed. As I've mentioned, we don't have a monogamous relationship but we don't play around that often and even more rarely did we have threesomes.

"You ok with this scene baby?" I asked Ed.

"Sure. Nothing could undermine my love for you Jim."

"Nor mine for you," I replied. "But if Mark is as experienced in fisting as he says, you never know, we could pick up some tips."

Fifteen minutes later Mark was back, cleaned and showered and Ed headed for the bathroom, his raging hard on wagging ahead of him. We'd spent the time sucking on each other's dicks.

Mark sat down on the couch, stretched out and said: "Well Jimbo, while Ed is getting cleaned up, why not get further acquainted with my cock," he said, wagging his big piece of meat at me.

"With pleasure," I replied and knelt down in front of him and began sucking on his big dick. As Ed also had an uncut cock, I applied the same techniques to Mark, swirling my tongue under the foreskin and drilling the tip of my tongue into the piss head, before swallowing the whole head.

Mark's cock was so big and thick that it was almost impossible to take more than half of the nine inches.

Mark, however, didn't seem to mind, groaning with pleasure. He got louder as I began sucking on his balls again. I held on to his dick with my right hand, rolling my thumb over the big head, which was leaking precum. As his dickhead was so big and my fingers so small, I could even get the tip of my little finger into the end of his piss slit, which he just seemed to love.

Maybe because he wanted a rest on his cock or maybe because he his interest lay elsewhere, he raised his legs up and exposed his hole. It was even darker than his naturally olive coloured skin. My tongue darted in, digging into his hole. I recognised immediately his interest in ass play as I felt his hole push back towards me, creating a delightful mound.

I seemed to lick, kiss, blow and bite his hole for ages, before I saw Ed return to the room. I reluctantly gave up rimming Mark's hole. I firstly headed to spare bedroom, pushed the bed out of the way and quickly retrieved the sling and put it in place. I then headed to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Fifteen minutes later I returned to the lounge, with lube, poppers, condoms and gloves. But Ed was one step ahead of me. Mark had his legs in the air and was being fucked by Ed, his seven inch condom covered dick making easy work of Mark's hole.

Mark looked over to me: "Ed offered to open me up and I wasn't one to refuse."

I couldn't help notice that as my lover's dick slid in and out of Mark's hole, how Mark's cock seemed to have grown. I put the supplies down, opened a condom packet and stretched it over Mark's massive girth and covered it with lube.

"I think I might need a little opening up as well," I added as I straddled Mark's cock and began the long slide to its base.

"Oh man, that fuckin dick is so wide, it's fantastic," I groaned.

Ed was equally entranced. As he fucked one hole, he got a view of Mark's dick gradually sliding into my hole. When I reached Mark's pubes we all gave a collective sigh that quickly turned slutty as I began to ride up and down the pole.

After a few minutes, Mark urged me to stop. "If you keep that going, I'm going to cum and I don't want to do that with just a cock in my arse. I want more than a cock, I want a fist."

So we decamped to spare bedroom and Mark jumped into the sling. With Mark in position, both Ed and I put on gloves and dipped our fingers in the Boy Butter and started to probe Mark's hole.

"First up boys, if you're going to really enjoy a fisting session, lubing is not just about your fingers and fists, but is also about my butt. Lube on your fingers isn't enough. You need to put the lube inside my butt. Get a good amount and push it into my hole with lube."

We did as we were told and Mark sighed as lube was pushed into him. We were soon alternating pushing one or two fingers into and out of Mark's cute hole.

"Oh that's good boys. But remember fisting is more than just fucking on a bigger scale. Don't just push those fingers in and out, swirl them around inside me; really make my ass sing."

I smiled at Ed and we did as we were told, with Mark alternating between groaning and sighing as we strummed his arse. We both had raging hard ons. This lesson in fisting from a real pro had my mind spinning with ideas for play with my man.

Soon I had four fingers in Mark and was about to add my thumb, when Mark proffered more advice. "Why don't you both put two fingers in me, either side, and gently pull my hole open. It makes it much easier to take a fist."

Following our master's instructions Mark's hole seemed to open wider almost immediately. At one point I placed my left palm on Ed's right palm, almost as if we were praying, and we both pushed in and then pulled them apart, widening his hole even more.

"Oh yeah boys, now you're getting it. Stretch my hole; get it nice and wide and ready for your fists."

Ed smiled at me and winked, as if almost saying "you go first" as he pulled his fingers out of Mark. I added my thumb to the four fingers inside Mark and began slowly swirling my hand around and deeper into him.

Mark clearly had a lot of experience. He took a long draw of poppers, slowly exhaled, and my hand just easily plopped inside. All three of us groaned, Mark from the sensations he was feeling and Ed and I from seeing his hole blossom and take my fist.

I moved my fingers inside Mark, searching for his prostate. He groaned some more as I rubbed his nut, his dick leaking precum like a tap.

"Oh that's great Ed. But why don't you vibrate your fist and arm inside me."

Like a good pupil, I followed the teacher's suggestion and Mark was groaning some more.

After a few minutes, Mark suggested Ed play with his hole. I easily removed my fist from Mark's butt and Ed began to slowly push his fist in. Despite Ed's fist being much larger than mine, within a few minutes he was soon wrist deep in Mark's hole.

Mark was groaning loudly. "Oh yeah, what a fucking big fist, go on fuck me."

Not to disappoint, Ed slowly began moving his fist in fucking motion. But what surprised me was that as he pulled back, he was easily approaching the knuckles. Even so, Mark just kept on urging him on. It wasn't long before Ed's fist came right out of Mark's hole and he pushed it right back in.

"Oh yeah Ed, punch fist my fucking hole," Mark half said and half groaned.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Mark's hole was getting bigger and bigger and he was just taking Ed's fist. Ed looked over at me, smiled and said: "Join in the fun Jim; we can both share his hole."

I took the hint and we began to alternate pushing our hands in and out of Mark's hole. . Mark wasn't giving instructions anymore; he was too lost in the sensations from the assault on his hole.

After a few minutes, Ed pulled back and let me set the pace, moving to the side of the sling so Mark could suck on his cock. Soon I wasn't coning my fists, but just pushing the clenched fist right in, which Mark seemed to love.

Between sucking on lover's cock, Mark looked up at me when I slowed for a minute: "Go on stud, I need more, give me more."

I pushed my left fist into his hole and then slid my right alongside it but I couldn't get both in.

Between groans and moans, Mark barely managed to say: "You're doing ok Jimbo... Ahhh.. Just keep alternating those fists."

I did what I was told. As I removed the left fist I pushed the right on in and then pushed the left back. Each time, I got further and further in. I just couldn't believe it and then, with a big draw on the poppers from Mark, suddenly I had both fists in him.

Mark was panting and I didn't dare move for fear that I might hurt him. Both Ed, who had moved next to me to watch the action, and I were gobsmacked. We just couldn't believe what we were seeing.

"I'm ok. Ed, put a bit more lube on Jim's wrists."

Ed did as he was told but he was as amazed as I was at how Mark could take so much up his arse.

"Now Jimbo, just slowly start to move them."

I began rotating my hands, backwards and forwards. Mark began groaning so loud I wondered if the neighbours could hear what was going on but he was so clearly enjoying himself.

Then I started moving my hands in a fucking motion, pulling them out a bit and then back in.

Ed was really getting into the scene. He was wanking his cock and urging me on. "Yeah, go on Jim, double punch this fuckin fist slut. Stretch that fuckin hole, make it real sloppy."

I kept the action up for a few minutes, before Mark called a halt. "Whoa! Jimbo, I think my hole needs a rest. That was one of the best fucks I have ever had. It's not often I can or even let anyone try to double fist me."

We cleaned him up and helped him out of the sling and on to the bed, where he drank some Gatorade and rested.

While he rested, Ed and I were making out, putting on a little show for Mark. Kissing and fondling each other, with Ed lying on top on me, face to face. It didn't take long before the show tweaked Mark's interest and he was wanking his mammoth cock.

"You guys make a really sweet couple and that's given me an idea. I think you both need a bit of loving."

We both looked a little puzzled until Mark got up, put a condom on his now reinvigorated cock and positioned himself behind us. Ed was the first to feel Mark's mammoth cock invade his hole. Ed couldn't rise up because my legs were wrapped around him. The look on his face as Mark penetrated him was amazing, his eyes almost popping out of his head. But he soon got into the rhythm and was passionately kissing me as he rode back to meet Mark's thrusts.

When I felt a slight change in Mark's rhythm, I knew what was coming next. Even though I had ridden on Mark's cock earlier, I was quickly reminded of its girth as it entered my hole. There were no preliminaries as Mark's rapidly pushed his cock into my hole. "Oh fuck," I exclaimed as he pushed into the hilt and my head arched back.

When I regained my composure, I looked up to see Ed smiling back at me. Our tongues met and we began kissing again. Mark alternated backwards and forwards between our holes for what seemed like ages, fucking us from various angles. After a while, he said: "Well, now that the preliminaries are over, I think you boys are ready for the main event."

"Mark do you want us to get up?" I asked. "Who are you going to open first?" I added.

"No, just stay right where you are. Two holes, two hands, something about the mathematics of that seems quite appropriate."

When Mark put gloves on both hands and began lubing up both our holes it became clear he was going to open us at the same time. "Ed, reach over and grab the poppers. As you're on top you're going to have to control them for both you."

Mark was a real fisting pro. He recognised we were relative novices and worked us both slowly. Despite having to concentrate on two holes at the same time, he treated us with equal measure.

The feelings were amazing. Fingers swirled around our holes. We were both groaning with pleasure, barely registering that every few minutes an extra finger was being added to the mix and that our holes were getting wider and wider.

When Mark placed his thumbs on each palm, Ed offered me some poppers. I greedily snorted on them before Ed took a big huff himself. Even so, we were so relaxed and so enjoying the sensations that we were constantly kissing, our tongues dancing inside each other's mouths that the growing pressure on our holes was so easily accepted.

After a couple more minutes, Mark urged us to both take another big snort. We both did and then, almost effortlessly, his fists slid into our holes. We both let out the loudest groan, not of pain, but sensational pleasure.

And so it began, the most amazing fisting I had ever had. Having been fisted by Ed a few times, I thought there was little more to experience. How wrong I was. His fingers expertly explored inside our asses, rubbing our prostates, and teasing our second holes.

Ed nibbled on my ear lobe, one of my favourite tender spots, and licked the side of my neck. The sensations radiating over my body left me speechless.

Ed whispered in my ear: "I love you Jim. I love you more than anything else in the world."

When he looked back down at me, I told him to bring his ear to my lips and I whispered back: "You are the most beautiful man in the world. I couldn't think of anyone else I would want to be experiencing this with."

Mark had obviously noticed we were whispering to each other. "Well you two lovebirds, I think the time for the lovey-dovey stuff is over. How about I really fuck you both?"

Ed and I both looked into each other's eyes and in unison responded: "Yeah, fuck that hole."

And fuck our holes Mark did. Slowly but surely he began moving his fists in a fucking motion, gradually picking up the pace. We were far too new to fisting to be punch fisted, but Mark certainly stretched our holes, pulling back to the knuckles on several occasions.

He quickly developed an alternating pattern, as he pushed into one hole, he pulled out on the other. And it wasn't just an in and out movement, he swirled his fists and wrists in a way no cock could ever do.

Alternating between groaning and kissing and urging Mark on, our cocks, wedged between our stomachs, were soon hard as rocks. Ed was the first to blow, I could feel gallons of his hot cum squirting between us. Looking up at Ed as he came, the grimaces of pleasure and pain and outright joy was too much and I starting cumming as well.

Mark could feel our holes clamping on his wrists, despite the fucking he had given them and slowed down but he never stopped moving his hands inside us. What neither Ed nor I realised that he was slowly withdrawing and very gently removed his fists, so much so that we both let out a small grunt as they withdrew.

Ed rolled off me and we looked up at Mark, who had taken off the gloves and was wanking his cock. We both stood up and began sucking and nibbling on Mark's nipples. Mark urged us on and when we began biting down on them, it sent him over the edge, spraying a hot load of cum both Ed and myself.

We abandoned his nipples and began a passionate three-way tongue-fest before heading to the shower and getting cleaned up.

As Mark said to us as we bade him farewell at the airport: "Boys that was a night to remember."


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