In my first two stories, I explained the mind-blowing experience of fisting my boyfriend while in the third I recounted how I came to take a fist for the first time. In this, the fourth part, I recount our further exploration of ass play.

The usual warnings apply. This story involves sex between consenting adults. If you're not over 18 or it is illegal to read this where you live, then please do not continue any further. You have been warned.

It was winter. It was cold. It was wet. And it was Sunday afternoon and, if you could believe it, I was coming home from work.

I've no-one but myself to blame. It was my suggestion that we release the Minister's latest policy initiative on a Sunday. It was a pretty lame initiative to be quite honest -- but Ministers often have lame ideas although he naturally didn't see it that way. The only way I thought we would ever get some traction was to launch it on a quiet weekend, when the media had little else to report. Given the good media turnout at the launch, and the pretty soft questions from the mainly junior reporters working that weekend, it would certainly make news in that night's 6pm news bulletin and Monday morning's papers.

As I pulled into the drive our home, I could see smoke coming from the chimney. Ed had lit the fire and the house would be warm and cosy. I had sent him an SMS message when I left 30 minutes earlier, so he would be expecting me.

I opened the front door and was greeted by a wave of warm air. I called out to Ed, who replied that he was in the kitchen, making some hot chocolate and asked whether I wanted some.

"Yes please, sweetie," I responded and I headed into the lounge where the fire was raging and the stereo was playing softly. I pulled my jacket off, undid by tie, kicked off my shoes and pretty much collapsed onto the couch.

"How was the launch?" Ed asked as he walked in the lounge door, bearing two mugs of hot chocolate. He was wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants that accentuated his sexy body, and cute arse. He placed the mugs on the lounge table and lent down and kissed me gently on the forehead.

"It went well," I replied, "The coverage I heard on the radio was pretty good, so we should get lots of coverage on TV and in the press."

He sat down next to me and we began drinking our hot chocolates. I felt its warmth radiate within me and I sighed.

"Do you want to do anything tonight?" Ed asked.

"I don't think I could handle going out after today. I'd happily stay right here with you sweetie," I replied as I lent over and kissed him gently on the lips -- I could taste the hot chocolate on this lips. "Mmmm, you taste nice," I said, seductively.

Ed took another mouthful of his hot chocolate, but instead of swallowing it, he kissed me back and I felt the warm liquid enter my mouth, followed by his tongue. We alternated like this a couple of more times, before putting the mugs aside and began passionately kissing and caressing each other.

After a few minutes, I asked Ed whether he wanted to go to the bedroom.

"Let's stay here. It's much warmer. I'll go and get a few things. Why don't you get yourself a bit more comfortable, Jim. You might want to douche; I've got a surprise for you and now is as good a time as any to show you."

Intrigued, I got undressed and headed to the bathroom to clean up. The douching hose was already out -- clearly Ed never had any intention of going out tonight and had already got himself prepared. My cock bounced at the thought of what my sexy lover had in store.

Fifteen minutes later, having douched and had a shower, I returned to the lounge. That Ed was lying on the floor on some towels, some pillows under his head, and a big black dildo in his arse was not surprising -- as you know, we love ass play and using dildos on each other.

But what surprised me was that it was a double-ended dildo. Judging by the foot that was pointing out of Ed's arse, I estimated it was about 18 inches long.

"I picked it up a week ago. What do you think Jim?" Ed asked with a sly grin on his face.

"Fucking hell Ed, that's hot," I said as I sat down next to him on the floor. "You've had this monster to yourself for a whole week and didn't share?" I asked in mocked condemnation.

"I wanted to give it a good test run, in case I needed to return it," he laughed.

"Well it looks as though at least one end of it already has a few miles on the clock," I laughed in response as I took hold of the dildo.

My fingers wouldn't stretch around it, it was so thick. I slowly pulled some of it out of Ed's arse, teasing his hole with my fingers. I loved the way the skin around his hole tried to follow the dildo out.

I began pushing it back in and Ed just groaned with pleasure. Each time, it went in a bit further and Ed groaned with delight, especially when I changed the angle of entry or corkscrewed it into his arse. I was amazed that he could take it and take so much of it.

"Ed this is so fucking thick, how the hell am I going to get on the other end?"

"You can do it," he replied. "Remember you took my big fist and that's wider than this. Hop on something smaller to warm up while you play with my hole."

I looked at the dildos Ed had arranged on the floor, and chose a mid-sized dildo, about 8 inches long such a suction cup base and two big balls. I lubed it up and slowly sat down on it, gasping as it entered me. I raised myself up and down on it a few times, enjoying the feeling of it stretching my hole and rubbing against my prostate.

"Hey, don't forget about me," Ed said. I'd momentarily stopped fucking him with the double ender as I got used to the dildo up my arse. I began to fuck him again as I raised and lowered myself on the dildo up my arse -- we were soon moving in beautiful synchronised motion.

Ed was soon taking more of the double ender and was close to approaching the half-way point -- I could sense that it was starting to push open his inner hole, when he called for a breather.

"Hey, Jim, why don't you come around here and give me control of that dildo up your sweet arse."

So I stood up and straddled Ed on all fours, with my arse facing his face. It was a great change of perspective. Not only could Ed control the dildo going into my arse, but I could now either suck on his cock or push the massive dildo in and out of his rear.

I'll admit I loved Ed's cock - seven inches long, uncut and thick. I loved peeling back the foreskin and licking the glistening red head or pushing the foreskin forward and running my tongue around inside the hood. I was soon sucking the big tool to the base, his pubes tickling my nose.

Behind me, Ed was getting more aggressive with the dildo, often pulling it completely out before shoving it back into my hole. The sensation was so amazing, I had to stop sucking his cock. Ed was loving it too.

"Oh Jim, you're hole looks so fucking fantastic. I'd swear it's winking at me. But I think you're ready for something bigger."

He pulled the dildo out and grabbed a much bigger one -- the same one he used the night he first put his fist inside me. "You might want to use some poppers," Ed said, pointing to the nearby bottle, "And give me some while you're at it."

We both took a good draw and as Ed pushed the big dildo into my arse, I resumed the action on his hole with the double ender. We both groaned with pleasure as we continued the assault on each other's arse.

After what seemed an eternity of pleasure, I decided it was now or never to tackle the double ender. "Ed, I think I'm open enough to the take the double ender."

I gingerly stood up and the dildo left my arse with a plop sound. Ed chucked: "Oh, you're open alright sweetie, I could almost see your tonsils."

I laughed and then I turned around, lent down and kissed him. "I love you so much Ed."

He smiled. "I love you too sweetie, but right now I want to see you ride the other end of that dildo."

"Your wish is my command," I responded as I lay down, with my arse facing his. I propped a pillow under my head and took another draw on the poppers. Ed took hold of his end of the dildo, if only to stop it driving even deeper into his hot hole as I began to push the other end of the dildo into my rear.

I was glad I had warmed up on the other dildos, as it was much easier than I had anticipated taking the first few inches. I quickly grew accustomed to the invader in my backside and quickly had six inches inside me before I felt it run into the other end of my rectum.

"Feel good, sweetie?" Ed asked.

"Fucking fantastic," I replied as both gently began to push against each other, Ed having pulled off the dildo a little to give himself room to manoeuvre. Each time Ed pushed back at me, I could feel the head of the dildo nudging my inner hole, opening it up and pushing it into virgin territory.

After a few minutes, I felt it was time for a change of pace. "Let's roll over and get on all fours," I suggested.

We both gingerly mauoeuvred ourselves -- it is not that easy moving with a dildo in your arse that is connected to another. But we were soon in position and resumed our fucking motion, the big cock sliding in and out of our holes as we moved closer together. At one point, I took a big draw on the poppers and really pushed myself towards Ed.

We both let out an almost simultaneous "Fuck!" as the dildo penetrated both our inner holes at the same time.

"Are you ok, Ed?" I asked, concerned that I might have hurt him.

"I'm fine. That was awesome. Keep pushing, but let me have some poppers too."

I took another draw and passed the vial to Ed who did the same and we soon began riding the dildo again. We were both getting off on fucking our inner holes, taking the dildo deeper inside each other.

After a few minutes, I suddenly felt I could go no further -- my arse had met Ed's backside. Our holes were almost touching. I'm pretty sure there was more of the dildo in Ed than me, but I suddenly shuddered, the whole of my body began tingling.

"O, o, o, oh, wow," I stuttered as waves of sensation went over my body.

"You ok Jim?" Ed asked.

"Oh yeah," I panted in reply as I calmed down. "I think I had an all over body orgasm. My body just felt as amazing. I was tingling all over."

"Man alive, that's fantastic. How about we really fuck?"

"Oh yeah, that's what I need," I said.

We resumed our fucking motion, but now each time our rears were hitting each other. My body soon went into orgasm again and this time, I began cumming as well, my six inch cut cock shooting wads of cum onto the towels beneath me. Ed slowed down before stopping, sensing that my body -- and my hole -- had had enough. He slowly removed the dildo from my arse, before taking it from his.

He swiveled around and kissed me as I lay on the towels, as I came down from an amazing high.

"You were amazing Jim," he said.

"And so were you Ed. You're the hottest man alive," I said, "But you haven't cum."

"I'll be alright," he said.

"No, no," I said. "What's good for the goose is good for the gander. I think you're arse could do with a bit more stretching."

I winked at him and Ed quickly picked up on what I was suggesting and pulled the tub of Boy Butter over. He began greasing up my fingers and hand before lying back down. He put a towel over some of the pillows and placed them under his lower back, to give his arse greater elevation.

I put some more Boy Butter on my hand, and pushed it into Ed's hole and used a finger to work it in. I could feel that after the dildo action he was quite loose, but I went carefully, knowing that his arse had already taken a beating.

Soon I had two, then three fingers inside Ed. He loved the feeling and urged me to put more in. Not one to disappoint, I added the small finger and thumb and began pushing. Ed sensed when I was getting near the widest point and took a draw on the poppers. More easily than ever before, my hand slipped into his arse, with Ed letting out a sigh full of both pleasure and relief.

I gently moved my hand around inside him, feeling the beautiful texture and tenderness of the folds inside his arse. Each movement caused him to groan, especially when I rubbed his prostate.

I then began to gently fuck Ed's arse, pulling my hand out towards the widest point before letting it slip back in. This was clearly what Ed needed. "Oh yeah, Jim, fuck my hole with your hand, fuck me deep."

And I did just that. Each time I slipped back into his arse, I moved just a little deeper. Soon my fingers were finding his inner hole and I had to put more Boy Butter on my arm as my wrist was now well within him.

I moved slowly but intently. Ed just loved the feeling, groaning with pleasure as I moved deeper and deeper inside him. So not only had my small hands been a bonus to fisting, but I found my relatively small arms were an added plus as well.

When my hand moved through his inner hole, Ed started babbling and stuttering with joy. "Oh, oh, oh, Jim, that's j-j-just ffffucking amazing. How deep are you?"

"You won't believe this sweetie, but you're almost at my elbow. It's so amazing; I can feel your heart beating."

I slowly resumed a gentle fucking motion, deep inside my lover's body. He began wanking his cock and it didn't take long before it erupted, with spurt after spurt of cum shooting from his thick cock. I could feel his hole gripping my lower arm. When Ed calmed down, I slowly removed my arm from him, my hand easily plopping from his hole.

I was about to wipe my arm with a towel when Ed spoke urgently: "Let me see it. Let me see how far the most beautiful and sexy man in the world put his hand up my arse."

I held up my arm -- the ring of Boy Butter was nearly at my elbow. Ed smiled and after I removed the grease, I lay down next to him. We both began gently kissing and caressing each other, dozing in each other's arms as the fire kept us warm.


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