In my first two stories about my fisting experiences, I explained the mind-blowing experience of fisting my boyfriend. In this, the third part, I recount how I came to take a fist for the first time.

The usual warnings apply. This story involves sex between consenting adults. If you're not over 18 or it is illegal to read this where you live, then please do not continue any further. You have been warned.

After opening my boyfriend Ed's hole to the joys of handball, he had tried a couple of times to return the favour. But the combination of Ed's much bigger hand and an element of nervousness on my part meant that just before he reached the widest part, I just had to get him to stop. The sensations were just too intense. I sensed that Ed was a little disappointed although he didn't say anything. Several times, in the days following our last attempt, I found him intently browsing pages on the internet, but when I asked what he was looking at, he said it was nothing much.

I didn't think much more about it until about a week after our last attempt, when I was working away on a press release for the Minister on his latest hopeless initiative to improve public hospitals, when I received a cryptic card in the mail.

The card -- which I assumed was from Ed -- was headed up "pleasure pass" and it promised great pleasure if I agreed to do everything that was asked of me. It said that I was to be home no later than 6pm and I had to go directly to the bathroom, douche thoroughly, have a shower and wait till I was called. It also said that when I was summoned, which would be indicated by a knock on the bathroom door, I had to put on a blind fold that would be left for me. When I was ready, I had to say "I'm ready to be pleasured" out loud and wait to be led. My dick started twitching in anticipation.

The hours seemed to tick by slowly. My dick was leaking so much pre-cum that I had to go to the toilet a couple of times to dry it off, worried that my trousers would get a distinctive wet spot. Dead on 5.30pm, I headed out the door and rushed home following all the instructions to the letter. If Ed was around, he wasn't immediately visible or within ear shot, so I headed to the bathroom and began getting prepared. I douched and had a shower and dried off and then just waited. About 10 minutes after turning off the shower, came a knock on the door. I put the blind fold on a said out loud "I'm ready to be pleasured." The door opened and I heard Ed walk in.

I felt his warm body get close to mine and his lips soon touched mine. His arms encircled me as we kissed deeply. Stepping away he said: "You are so handsome Jim. I love you dearly. Tonight is all about you and giving you pleasure. You need to let go, enjoy yourself and most important of all trust me. Do you trust Jim?"

"Yes, Ed, I trust you more than anyone in the world," I replied

He then led me from the bathroom, but instead of going to our bedroom, he carefully directed me to one of the spare rooms. Entering the bedroom, I could smell the beautiful scent of incense candles. There was soft music playing in the background. He directed me on to the bed and he got me to lie face down. I could tell that I was lying not on sheets, but towels, which from what I could feel, appeared to cover the bed.

I felt something being poured on my back and I realised that it was massage oil. Ed began rubbing in the oil, kneading my muscles. I have a very sensitive back and what to others would just be a pleasurable experience was always highly erotic for me. (When I once went to a professional massage therapist for a sore back, I embarrassed myself mightily when I got a hell of boner.) I groaned from the beautiful sensations all over my back. He then moved to massage my shoulders, arms and legs.

By the time, he started massage my ass cheeks, I had a mighty erection and was leaking copious quantities of pre-cum. He kneaded my backside, moving ever so slowly towards my crack. When one of his fingers rubbed over my hole, I let out massive sigh. His oily fingers began stroking around and over my hole. I arched my arse upwards, urging him to enter me, which he obligingly did. He gently fucked me with a finger, feeling inside my arse, before placing another finger in and began to stretch my hole.

I was groaning even more, urging him to fuck me with him fingers, when he suddenly withdrew them.

"Patience Jim. I'm going to slowly open you up with a dildo or two. They've all been sitting in a bucket of warm water so they're not cold. When you need them, there's a bottle of fresh poppers under the pillow to your right. If you want to, you can get up on your hands and knees or you can stay lying down or get on your back, whatever suits. But promise me that you won't remove the blind fold and you won't touch your cock. Do you agree to that?"

"Yes, baby, I agree. But please, I need my hole stretched."

"Coming right up," he replied as I felt the warm end of our smallest dildo, a basic 6 inch model, touch my hole. I sighed deeply as it slowly and easily entered my hole. Ed gentled fucked me with the dildo for a few minutes, before withdrawing it and replacing it with another. This was a bigger, black 8 inch dildo, which I usually found took a bit of getting used to. But with the massage and previous stretching, it seemed to slip in much easier. "Aaargh, baby, that feels so fine," I cooed as soon Ed began to fuck me with it. He slid it in at various angles, making my hole and insides tingle. I would groan loudly when it grazed my prostate.

"You like that black dildo fucking baby"? Ed asked in a sexy voice.

"Oh yes, that's fucking fantastic. Yeah, fuck me with that fucking big black cock."

"So you want a bigger black dildo up your arse then?"

That took me slightly by surprise. The 8 inch dildo was our largest, so Ed had obviously been shopping.

I felt the 8 inch dildo being removed from my arse and then another touched my hole. I sensed immediately that the head was much bigger and instinctively tensed. Ed noticed and gently cooed in my ear "relax baby, I'm not going to hurt you. Now might be a good time to use those poppers."

I reached under the pillow next to me where, as Ed had promised, the poppers were waiting. I took a sniff in each nostril and as the feeling hit me I relaxed and felt the dildo enter me. I moved myself up on to all fours to give Ed better access. It was definitely much bigger than what I was used to.

"Oh man, how fucking big is that dildo?" I groaned as more of it slowly entered me.

"Don't you worry about its size, baby. Just concentrate on relaxing your hole and enjoying the ride."

Ed was slowly fucking me with the well lubed big dildo, pulling out a bit and then slowly pushing back in a bit deeper. After a few minutes, of this gentle pushing and pulling I felt bang against my balls and I realised that the fake balls of the dildo were touching mine. I reached around to feel it and was amazed to find that my fingers couldn't reach all the way around its girth.

"Feel good baby?" Ed asked.

"Oh fuck, that's amazing. That dong is stretching my hole like never before," I groaned.

"Well I think you're ready," he said and he began to slowly remove the dildo. "Roll over on to your back sweetie and put your legs in the air. "

I thought I knew what was coming next but was surprised when I heard the sound of gangling chains and then felt my feet being placed in leather rings. Still blind folded, I asked what was going on.

"It's just something I put together, so you can rest your legs baby. Now just raise your sweet arse a little bit." With that, I felt a thick pillow being placed under me, pushing my arse away from the bed and exposing my pink hole. "I think it's time we removed the blind fold so you can see what's going on."

I squinted at first as Ed came into focus. I also noticed the chains supporting my legs hanging from two eye bolts in the ceiling. There was also a wooden bar between, ensuring they would stay evening apart. I could also see the dildo Ed had just been using on my hole. It was not that long, but it was mighty thick and black.

What happened next also surprised me. Instead of a wet finger on my arse, I felt as though Ed was putting soft butter on my arse and slowly pushed it inside me.

"What's this?" I asked again.

"Sweetie, water-based lube might have been ok to get your small hand inside me, but if you're going to take my big paw, we need professional lubrication. It's called Boy Butter. It doesn't dry out and it's much, much greasier than water-based lube. I've been doing a bit of research on the internet."

"So that's what you've been looking at on the computer," I said, as I pulled him towards me and we kissed again.

With lots of lube inside my hole, Ed easily pushed in a second and third finger inside me. Ed kept talking to me, telling me how handsome I was and how beautiful my hole looked as he played with it.

I couldn't help but smile, I loved him so much. To the three fingers inside me, he soon added a fourth as he kept up a slow but steady rhythm of circling motions while always pushing slightly deeper.

When he added his thumb to the mix, I took another couple of long draws from the bottle of poppers and felt my arse relax. My body started tingling all over.

But when Ed reached the widest point, I began to tense. "Breath deeply and slowly Jim. Trust me. I will be intense but just let it happen" Ed said softly.

Ed slowed down, occasionally backing off a little, but also slowly edging in a bit deeper.

"Now baby, we're really close. Now I want you to take a really deep draw on the poppers into each nostril and then slowly breathe out."

I opened the poppers and did as Ed said. As the sensation from the poppers washed over me, I slowly breathed out and I felt Ed push even more. The sensation suddenly became more intense than anything I'd ever felt before.

"Ed I don't think I can take it." I was starting to panic.

Ed smiled at me and slightly backed off. "Ok, baby, don't worry, we're almost there. I know it feels intense but when it is inside you, it will be like nothing you have felt before. Remember you did this to me. Just relax and breathe slowly. Take a couple more hits and this time, I want you to push like you're having an almighty big crap. Can you do that for me?"

His soothing voice calmed me and I nodded and did as he said. He eased off for a second as the poppers hit. When he felt me try to take a big dump, he pushed back again. I let out a loud cry as his hand slipped inside of me. "Oh FUCK, I yelled," as the intense sensation disappeared and was followed by an amazing feeling of fullness.

"Oh sweetie, I, I, I, I, don't believe it," I stuttered.

"Believe it baby, my hand is inside you," Ed replied as he grinned from ear to ear. He then took my hand and moved it down to my arse. "Feel that baby, that's your beautiful hole around my wrist. You feel so warm and soft inside, it's so beautiful."

I felt his wrist and my hole and felt so utterly happy. The feelings cascading over my body were fantastic. I shot him the widest smile possible. "Yeah, the man of my life, my beautiful lover, has his hand inside me."

Ed smiled back. "Now baby, I'm going to stroke your prostate. How does that feel?"

"Oh man, Ed, that's amazing." My head rocked from side to side I was enjoying the sensations so much.

"Now I'm going to slowly form a fist inside you. This may be a little intense."

"Aaaargh, that's fucking amazing," I said as my eyes almost popped out of my head.

With that, Ed started vibrating his fist inside my arse. Again, it set off yet another wave of sensations that travelled from my hole to way inside me. "Oh yeah, I love that. I love you fisting my hole," I said with a piggish grin on my face and tone in my voice.

"So the little piggy likes getting fisted now," Ed said back to me with an equally sluttish voice.

Ed then started to fuck my arse, slowly and slightly pulling his hand in and out.

"Yeah, go on, fist my fucking hole," I said after taking another big draw on the poppers.

Ed did just as I asked. Not only did he gradually pick up the pace but he also pulled out more each time. "Yeah, pig boy. Take that fucking enormous fist up your arse. Go on, wank your dick and enjoy the ride," Ed said.

The feeling was out of this world. Wanking my cock, made my hole tighten as I rocked back and forth to meet Ed's thrusts. "Oh fuck," Ed cried. "It's fucking amazing watching you ride my wrist and fist. I can feel your sweet hole squeezing my arm."

When his hand twice went beyond the widest point and back in, the sensations were just too much and I started cumming. For the first time in my life, the first shot hit me on the forehead with the second and third shots landing on my neck. The orgasm seemed to go on and on.

When I calmed down, Ed leaned forward, his fist still buried in my hole and kissed me passionately. "You are one hot fucking lover," he said to me in the sweetest voice.

"And I wouldn't have wanted anyone but you to take my cherry," I replied as we kissed again.

Ed then gently removed his fist from my arse, which plopped out far easier than I expected.

While he cleaned all the Boy Butter from his hand, I noticed then that Ed hadn't cum, but his thick uncut was still standing at attention, drooling pre-cum.

"Ed, I want you to fuck me now."

"Are you sure you're not too sore?" he asked.

"After taking your enormous fist, it will feel like a finger tickling at my hole," I said as I smiled back at him.

Ed then lowered my legs from the supports hanging from the ceiling, and then moved his body over me and effortlessly slid his seven inch cock into my hole. My hole formed around his dick, the sensations for both of us were beautiful.

We both sighed loudly and began to tenderly kiss each other again as he slowly fucked me. After the sweetest of times, in which he slowly worked up to his orgasm, Ed shot load after load of his cum inside me and collapsed on top of me.

"I love you Jim," he said after a few minutes. "I love you too, Ed," I replied. I felt his softening dick slide from my hole as he rolled off. He lay next to me, his right arm over my chest and I drifted off into the most serene and deep sleep I have ever had.


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