Hello My Little Demons,

Its time for Part Two of My First Trainer. Hopefully you guys liked Part One (I saw a few positive comments, thank you for that) and if you did well enjoy this one. Im planning on making this a series so expect many more chapters. Thanks for reading and rating. Without further a do i give you Part Two.


The next couple of days were absolutely crazy. My first day of class was Monday at 8 AM sharp. Great I thought, I'll definitely enjoy Monday morning classes... Anyways I was really looking forward to calling Chase after my class and seeing if he was free later on for our first training session.

After the 4 long hours of the History of Art and Its Politics (I wanted to literally shoot myself 15 mins in) class was let out and I called Chase as I made my way back home.

After 2 short rings I heard the manliest voice I'd ever hear say, "Hi this is Chase."

It took me a few seconds to think of what I wanted to say. "Yeah hi Chase its Tyler from the gym the other day..."

"Oh yeah, yeah! I remember now. How are you? Haven't heard from you since that Friday."

"Yeah I know, I'm really sorry about that too, but I swamped. Today was actually my first class and you can just imagine how that goes."

"Of course. I remember those days," he laughed. "So were you calling to set up an appointment with me soon?"

"Actually yes I was. I'm on my way home now and well I was wondering if I could head out there afterwards to get in my first session with you. Are you free?

"Sounds great! Let me see...Yeah I have an opening from 2 to 3:30. Hows that sound? That way you can get a chance to go home, get something to eat and come on down."

"I was thinking the same thing. 2 o'clock is good I'll be there. Thanks."

"No problem I'll see you then."

An hour and a half with Chase. Why the hell was I getting so excited for? I think I'm gonna have to rub one out before I go down to the gym. Don't wanna pop a boner in front of Chase. God how embarrassing would that be?

I had time so as soon as I got home I rushed to my laptop that my parents had gotten me for college. It was a brand new Mac Book Pro and surprisingly had pretty good quality when it came to porn. I went to my favorite site and clicked on the most popular video of the day.

The scene starts off with a smoking hot babe tanning naked outside by her swimming pool. Her tits are amazing and she's slowly rubbing tanning oil all over her body when the pool boy walks in. As much as I didn't want it to happen, the pool boy caught my attention more than she did. He wasn't as tall but his size definitely made up for it. He clearly spent time in the gym and it was paying off.

He walks in view of the camera and stares wide eyed at the woman tanning. I guess he wasn't expecting anyone to be there much less a hot woman naked. She looks up at him and tells him that he should get started right away and to mind her. He smiles and gets right to work. She can't stop staring at him and his muscles while he brushes the pool walls, at his ass when he bends down to pick up stray leaves and at his amazing body when he rips his shirt off cause its just too damn hot.

By this time I have my shorts around my ankles and my 7 and half inch dick is starting to get hard already.

The woman is shocked when in comes another pool boy. The first pool boy explains that he's his brother and that he's his assistant for the time being, the older brother is showing him the ropes of the business. She is surprised at how good looking the younger man is, the two could pass for twins and she's desperate for them both now.

The two get back to work but all of a sudden the younger brother trips over the hose and lands in the pool hard causing the water to splash over the woman. The older brother concerned about losing his job rushes over to the woman and sees if she's okay and offers to dry her with the towel. She says she's fine and gives the pool boy a flirtatious smile as he wipes the water from her legs. He dares to travel farther up her legs until his hand is just below her wet pussy. He looks up at her to see if its alright and she simply nods and closes her eyes.

He moves the towel and starts massaging her pussy and clit while she starts moaning. By the time the younger pool boy has stripped and is standing behind his brother still dripping wet. The woman opens her eyes and sees him standing there shocked in his briefs and she clearly sees he's horny by what he's seeing. She motions him to come over and stand next to her. He does what he's told and and the woman pulls his briefs off and out pops an impressive thick uncut 8 inch cock.

I'm already jerking off to what I'm seeing especially after seeing his cock which is pretty damn impressive. She goes to work on his cock sucking and moaning while the older brother is eating her out and stroking his cock through his shorts. She tells the older one to strip too and when he does I almost die from what I see. This porn star has the biggest white cock I have ever laid eyes on. He's also uncut but the girth of it reminds me of a soda can and the length can't be smaller than a good 10 inches. She stares hungrily at his dick and says she wants that in her now.

Both brothers take up a different hole. The younger one is fucking her mouth proudly while the older one fucks her like a madman from behind. Now I'm really getting worked up stroking my dick like I haven't in a while. Then both brothers do something that just throws me over the edge. They look up at each other and watch each other as they both fuck this woman like a bitch. The older one winks at his younger brother and the younger one closes the distance on each other an gives his brother the hottest kiss I've ever seen in porn.

Now i don't know if these guys are actually brothers in real life but I don't really care right now cause what I'm seeing is hot as hell. They keep making out and the woman is kinda shocked but goes with it. It actually turns her on even more. They're close to cumming and so am I. The younger brother pulls out of the woman's mouth goes behind his brother and shoves his wet hard dick right up his older brothers ass making the older one scream out in pleasure. They keep a steady pace, younger brother fucking older brother and the older brother fucking the woman. The woman is sent over the edge but what she sees and cums around the pool boys cock. Her tight pussy causes him to cum too and his tight ass muscles squeeze around his younger brothers cock which makes him cum too,

I cum hard. I shoot one, two, three, seven shot of jizz all over myself. My hand, my stomach, my chest and even my face are covered in my jizz. Wow no wonder this video was the most popular.

While I shower I think of the video I just saw and how it wasn't the woman who turned me on as much, it was the two brothers. I brush it aside thinking, I'm not gay. It was just porn and porn is porn. I put on my gym clothes and head out. Its 1:45 and I cant be late to my own appointment. I rush to gym and make it just in time. Chase is already waiting for me and I'm ready to get started.


Hey sorry about mainly focusing on the porn but I had to plant that little question into Tyler's head of "Can I be gay?" I thought what better way to do it then with a nice porno? Hopefully you guys liked that I included some sex but I promise the next part will focus on Tyler and Chase. I'll also give you guys my email in the next chapter so you guys can email me if you have any suggestions, comments or questions. Id love to hear from you guys. Until then,

Stay Horny My Little Demons. (;



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