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So this is my first story to something that hopefully you guys can enjoy. I want to make this more of a romance with sex included duh, but that might take a little while. So bare with me but until then I give you Part One of My First Trainer.


My names Tyler Coulks and I'm an 18 year old caucasian guy. I stand at 5'8 and weigh about 130 lbs. I'm pretty skinny for my age but that's just always how it's been for me. I have long dark blond hair and brown eyes. I had just moved into the area and didn't know a single soul. I was fresh out of high school and would be starting my first year at college in the fall. I moved in a little earlier than usual because honestly I was just desperate to get out. I came from a little town in the middle of no where and was ready for the big city of New York. Anyways when I was walking around the city I came across this local gym and I thought why not? I could use some bulking up, it was about time.

When I entered I almost immediately got greeted by a guy who I swear just stepped out of a magazine. Now, I'm completely straight, but wow he even had me looking at him more than once. He probably stood at about 6'4 and I guessed weighed around 180 lbs of pure muscle and looked to be about 26. The guy was ripped and not in the nasty steroid type way. He had short kept dark brown hair and green eyes that made a decent contrast with his tanned skin. I guess I had zoned out for a while there because suddenly I heard him say louder this time, "Sir, are you looking to join the gym?"

I cleared my throat before I spoke fearing my inner thirteen year old voice cracking self would come out.

"Uh y-yeah I think I am. I'm new here and was just passing through and I think I'd like to sign up", I barely got out.

"Great! If you want I can give you a tour here of our facility. Show you the ups and downs of this gym and then we can get cracking on those numbers. Sound good? Oh and by the way my name is Chase Ronter. I'm a personal trainer here."

"Sounds good to me and I'm Tyler Coulks. It's nice to meet you", I said as we shook hands. He had a firm grip and large hands which made my groin stir a little. Why did just a hand shake make me horny? And from a guy?? I like girls. Maybe its because I just haven't jerked off in almost a week, with the move and all. Yeah that must be it.

He took me around the gym and I learned that it was like any standard gym. Weights of all types and sizes, machines that could make you break a sweat any day, a pool, a sauna but what I found the most weird was that I wasn't seeing any women around. I had to say something.

"Hey Chase I hope its not just me, but I'm not really seeing any women around. Is that normal here?", I asked.

"Glad you asked," he started laughing because of the look on my face. "The gym here is for men only. We like to see it as more of a gentlemen's club for men, but for working out. We have a bar towards the back here next to the pool and sauna and downstairs on the lower floor are the locker rooms for the men. We also know that since it's just us guys around here working out, clothes can sometimes get in the way so on weekend nights after 8 there's a 'go nude' policy that we have. If you want to work out naked its up to you at that point. At least that's how I like working out and we've seen that a lot of our members like it as well".

Wow I thought. I never thought I'd stumble across a place like this. Didn't even know gyms like these even existed.

"Well that's definitely interesting but hell why not? At least here I can work out in peace. No pressure from the ladies to try and show off," is what finally came out of my mouth.

"Great! Well lets get started on that paper work then."

In less than 20 minutes I now had a membership to the NY Gentlemen's Gym of Queens. I never saw the sign outside but I'm glad that I came in either way.

Before I left Chase said that he had forgotten to ask me something. "Do you think you're gonna need a personal trainer? I'm not trying to get more money out of you I swear! I just feel like maybe you'd want some extra pointers and it'll be on the house since you told me you just moved and you're starting college. I know that's not cheap."

"Thanks and yeah I'd definitely be interested. You look like you'd be of great help to me. You sure you don't want me to pay? I don't mind honestly."

"No, no. Like I said on the house. Just give me a call at my cell about an hour before you come in and I'll make some time for you," he said while scribbling his number on a piece of paper. "Theres my number. I'm usually always here so it shouldn't be a problem no matter what the time is."

"Thank you Chase. I'll be calling you soon then."

Why was I getting so happy and nervous about getting his number? Whatever, I brushed the feeling off and left the gym looking forward to my first workout session.




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