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I'm pretty darn excited to be giving you guys Part Three of My First Trainer. Trust me I'm finally getting to the good stuff which is why this chapter's gonna be a bit longer than my other ones so bare with me (again). Hope you guys like it and once again I appreciate any comments you guys leave. Let me know what you guys think about this one.


I pull the door open to the NY Gentlemen's Gym of Queens and immediately the cool air hits my face and it feels amazing seeing as how I had built up a sweat jogging from my apartment to here in less than 15 minutes.

I walk up to the registers booth and the gentlemen there tells me to go ahead and go into Office D, Chase is already expecting me.

Great, I think. It's time to get this over with.

I've never really been much of the outdoors or even athlete type of guy. I'm more the artistic type. Now don't get me wrong, I've never been called a nerd once in my life, but I'm more recognized for being the creative kind of guy. Anyways this would be my first time going to a gym regularly, I've gone in the past but was never inspired to do anything more than just a few workouts and then go home. But I'm really anxious and ready to have the body I've always dreamed of.

As I'm walking to Chase's office something out of the corner of my eye catches my attention. Now I can always tell when I'm being watched or when someone is just staring at me. When I turn I see this big, definitely steroid abuser type bulky kind of guy just eyeing me down like I'm some sort of piece of meat. It really creeps me out and automatically his nickname becomes Beefy, but I quickly forget about it when all of sudden I feel like I've walked into a solid wall.

"Whoa! You okay there?," is all I hear as I'm knocked down to the ground.

I look up and see Chase and realize that I must've bumped into him while I was looking behind me.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I say. Even though I know my arm will probably bruise in the morning. Wow this guy is seriously ripped. It literally felt like I walked into a wall when we "bumped" into each other.

"I'm so sorry Tyler. I didn't even see you there I guess I was too busy looking at these files from other clients. Gosh here let me help you up."

In one quick pull Chase has me up on my two feet again. Jeez that didn't take much effort on his part.

"No its okay," I say laughing. "I wasn't watching where I was going."

"Well as long as you're okay, how about you sit down in my office and we can get started on talking about the meals I have planned out for you, the types of workouts I'll have you get started with and we can also go ahead and get your weight, height and body fat in," he states.

So I go in and sit in his office while he excuses himself to go get a file he's already gotten started for me. While he's gone I quickly scan the office to see if theres anything interesting I can pick up on this guy. His desk is pretty bare expect for a computer, a calendar from the gym and few picture frames. I get up to take a closer look a them and the first one I see is of him in a yellow tank top squatting next to the cutest German Shephard puppy I think I've ever seen. It makes me smile. I love dogs and was really upset when I found out I couldn't bring my girl Roxy with me because the campus had a strict no pets policy.

I take a look at the next one and it shows Chase proudly drinking a beer as he stands in a boat by the pier. Wow he owns a boat? I'd only been on a boat once as a kid and I truly loved the experience.

By the time I catch a glimpse at the last picture Chase walks in and I barely have enough time to sit down and make it look like I wasn't snooping around. I only got to see a bit of the picture, I know I saw Chase in it but he was with a woman it seemed. A blonde one yet I didn't get to see her face. I wondered if that was his girlfriend.

"So I got your file. Why don't you follow me so I can gets those stats?," he asked.

I agree and he goes about his job telling to stand on the scale which comes up as 130. The same its been for a couple of years now. The same goes for my weight, I stand up as tall as I can and it turns out I actually grew an inch since the last time I checked a year ago. I now stand at 5'9. Secretly I'm pretty excited, but don't show it at all.

Next he explains how the Body Fat Meter works. I have to squeeze the handles hard for a good 15 seconds and 17% pops up on the little screen. He tells me that thats pretty average for my build, but that we can work on that a bit.

We head back into his office and he explains the whole process of which foods he wants me eating. We go over breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks. Looks like I'm gonna have to do some shopping later. He then tells me about the workout we'll be doing today and about all the different types of workouts I'll be doing later on during the week.

As he's talking I can't help but notice the dimples he shows when he smiles or the way he randomly runs his fingers through his hair when he's talking, but I also can't keep my mind off of that picture on his desk.

Why does that bother me so much? So what if he has a girlfriend? Why should that concern me? But I just can't shake it.


While he's got me holding the push up position for what seems like an eternity I breathe out, "So Chase tell me about yourself. I mean you are my trainer now."

He laughs as he sees I'm sort of struggling with the position I'm in. "Just 10 more seconds man. You got this. Alright you're right. Well let's see. I grew up in Maryland went to elementary there, but soon my parents decided to move us to South Carolina where I just honestly felt trapped. I went to middle and high school there and when I got a scholarship to The University of California I couldn't be more excited. It was like an answer to my prayers. You can rest now by the way. Um I graduated after 4 years, got my degree and became a certified physical trainer. Then I got offered a job in upstate New York, worked at a gym up there for about 3 years and when I heard of this place I couldn't pass it up and I've been here for the past 2 years."

"That's a lot of moving around," I say.

"Yeah but you get used to it after a while. I like traveling. I'm always looking out for some new place to visit so it wasn't that bad. But what about you? I know you told me you're just starting college but that's pretty much all I know about you. Now its your turn," he says while lightly punching me in the arm.

"I did just start college! I'm planning on getting my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. I love art and designing and all of that good stuff. People tell me I'm pretty good at it but people's opinions are all different. I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. Lived there all my life so I'm just getting settled in and I still haven't gotten used to this much city life. I stayed in North Carolina with my mom instead of with my dad after the divorce. He moved down to Florida but things ended pretty badly with the two of them and my mom got full custody of me. I've seen my dad here and there over the years but it just wasn't the same as had it used to be you know?"

"Yeah I understand. Must've been tough on you but like I always say Life is life and you just gotta make do with what you've got. Well that's what my mom's always said anyways," he says chuckling.

"Well your mom sounds like a wise woman," I say.

"She is. She's great I really miss her too. I haven't seen her in almost two years when she came up to help me move down from upstate. I think you guys would get along great. You have a lot in common actually. She loves to paint and you've even got the same blond hair as hers," he says while playfully rubbing my hair.

Blonde hair? Oh thats probably the woman in the picture on his desk! At least I hope that's her...

We get back to working out, or should I say my sad attempt to working out with Chase just telling me what I'm doing right and wrong and encouraging me the whole time. By the end of the hour and I'm soaked in sweat and beat.

"For a first timer you did pretty well Tyler. Trust me I've seen worse come in and out of here so don't get so down on yourself if you feel like you didn't perform as well as you would've liked to. Also if you're feeling like you hate this or you feel like its not for you, you aren't the first. I was the same way. When I first started man I felt like giving up on more than one occasion. But if you want results you gotta keep it going, keep working out, keep eating healthy and you'll see that in a few months you'll actually come to love working out and you'll feel like you can't go throughout the day without doing it. Don't give me that look it's gonna happen you'll see," he says smiling.

I laugh and say, "Alright I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Especially coming from someone your size."

It makes him laugh and I find myself smiling at the fact that I could make him laugh.

"Well its 3:30. I have another appointment that ends at 5 and then I'm done for the day. How about you stick around, maybe take a few laps at the pool and we can maybe head out to my place for some beer and a movie? You seem pretty cool I'm guessing you don't have too much friends since you just moved here right?"

"You're right I don't but thanks for the offer. That sounds great I'll do just that then. I'll take a few laps and meet you back here at 5."


As I'm walking towards the pool at the back at the gym I'm feeling tired but sort of satisfied. Even though I can't feel my arms, or my legs, or my whole body for that matter I'm happy that I have someone that'll be there to push me when I won't be able to. And now that we're going out later to chill like a couple of buds I feel like I finally have a friend here. Maybe the Big City isn't that bad of a place after all.

I go to the locker rooms that are connected to the pool and set my bag down on the bench and open the nearest free locker. It's mid day so I'm guessing most of the men that come here to work out come after 5 when they get out from work because it's almost a ghost town in here.

I'm the only one in here apart from someone I hear taking a shower down the hall. Feeling sure that no one is going to walk in I open my bag, take out my swimming trunks (which now I'm glad I packed) and start stripping my tank top off along with my shorts. I slip on my trunks, pack my bag, stuff it in a locker, drape my towel over my shoulders and head out to the pool.

Theres a few men out in the pool already. Some just chilling by the pool reading a book, others doing laps and a few wading in the water. I realize all of the lanes for swimming laps are occupied so as I'm walking back I spot a jacuzzi that I had almost missed because it's in the far corner of the room along with the steam room.

Mmmm a jacuzzi would be great right about now especially after all the strain my body's gone through in the past hour, I think.

I set my towel down on a chair, kick off my flip flops and slip into the hot water. It feels amazing and soon I'm neck deep into the water of the jacuzzi which is surprisingly deep. I sit on one of the ledges in the water and rest my head back on the tile and just close my eyes and relax.

I think an hour has passed before I feel a sudden shift in the water. It's actually a huge shift. Damn, I'm kind of curious as to see who's the giant who made the water move so much. I open an eye and see that I'm two feet away from Beefy. The steroid junky from earlier this afternoon. I'm a little shocked to see him sitting so close to me especially after the creepy vibe he was giving off earlier. I close my eye and pretend like I don't notice he's there.

After a few minutes that same feeling from earlier hits me. I'm being watched and I know it. I open my eyes again and see that once again he's staring at me with the same eyes as before. I don't know how else to describe it, he's looking at me like I'm a piece of meat that he's just ready to devour.

What the hell is this guy's problem? Do I just look like Ribeye covered in A1 sauce to him or what? I give him back a stare like What? You got a problem?

The creepiest part is that he just smirks at me like I just made his day or something and says, "See you around." Thankfully he gets out of the water and walks back into the locker rooms.

God what a creep. Even his voice just sent chills up my spine. I think to myself I hope today is the last day that I ever see that man again.

After about 15 minutes I feel like it's time to head back in to take a shower so I can be ready in time for when Chase gets done at 5. I dry myself off the best I can and head back into the locker room. Once again its ghost town central in here which I don't mind at all. I head back to my locker and strip off my wet trunks and briefs and wrap my towel around my waist. I grab my body wash and shampoo and and clean pair of briefs and head to the showers.

I stop at a mirror and stare at myself for a while. Even though I'm not ripped like Chase or most of the men here, I am pretty toned because I do enjoy running and jogging and like to spend time in the water when I can. So I'm not out of shape or fat, but so far I do feel comfortable in my body. I would just really like to see some abs, I think.

I walk over to the showers and hang my towel on the rack along with my underwear. I start the water, get in and close the curtain. I'm glad this isn't one of those gyms with the free for all no curtain showers like the ones back in high school.

As I'm rubbing shampoo in my hair I hear someone come into the locker rooms but ignore it thinking its some guy coming in to change for his workout and continue shampooing my hair.

The next thing I know I'm slammed up against the shower wall facing the shower head and I feel two strong hands are wrapped around my neck, so tight that I can barely breathe. I'm clawing at my attacker and try to pull his hands off of me but its no use he's too strong for me and I start to panic.

At this point I have shampoo going down my face and I try to open my eyes to see my attacker but the shampoo causes my eyes to burn and blur so I can't see what going on. He turns me around and loosens his grip on my neck only to put one of his hands over my mouth and the other on my waist.

"Daddy's gonna love shoving this cock up your little bitch ass. You ready to take daddy's cock up your ass? Huh you little bitch?," the bastard whispers in ear.

That voice. I know that voice. Oh no. Its the creepy buff guy from earlier in the jacuzzi. Now I definitely know that I have no chance against this steroid junky and what's worse is that I'm about to get raped.

I try to scream for help but his hand is almost as big as my whole face and he has no problem is muffling my cries for help with his enormous hand.

"Ah, ah, ah. Theres no use in crying for help you little bitch. No ones in here and you're gonna be my little bitch for the next hour and do as I say," he demands.

He pushes my legs apart with his own and brings me down on all fours and I start to cry. I could never imagine being in this situation and I have no idea what else to do. His grip is too hard and I can't move at all.

"Daddies gonna love shocking his cock straight up your tight boy pussy," he breathes into my ear.

I feel his cock brush up against my virgin asshole and just as I'm about to give up hope on everything suddenly a huge weight has been lifted off of my entire body. His hand isn't around my mouth anymore and neither is iron grip on my waist.

I still can't see exactly what's going on because I still have shampoo in my eyes but as soon as I rub my eyes and wipe away the bubbles I see Chase standing over Beefy with the scariest look I've ever seen on anyones face. He's red from how furious he is and I just see him drive kick after kick to his face, stomach and even his crotch. By the time Chase is done with him he looks unrecognizable and I'm honestly terrified but so relived at the same time that he came just in time to save me from years of traumatic memories.

I'm still lying on the floor of the shower naked and cold when he steps closer and shut the water off and wraps me in my towel.

I cry as he holds me and tells me that everything is going to be alright now that he's here. Its a bit awkward since I'm being held by another man, crying and half naked but I'm so shaken that I don't even care and keep sobbing into Chase's shoulder.


"Are you sure you're okay?," Chase asks me after the police have all gone away and I've finished with all of their annoying questions.

"Sort of. I'm still kind of shocked by what happened..."

It was close to 8 pm by now and it had started to get dark. It took three hours for Chase to get someone to call the police, have them take Beefy (which I later found out was Gerald Greer) to a hospital under surveillance, and to question me about every single little detail of exactly what had happened. They also questioned Chase who was more than glad to tell them of how he beat the shit out of Gerald and of what he was about to do had he not showed up when he did.

"I understand. Hey I have an idea," Chase all of a sudden said. "Since you were supposed to come by my place later anyways and since you're so shaken up how about you still come over and maybe crash at my place tonight. I don't think its a good idea to leave you alone tonight. What do you think?"

He read my mind. As much as I didn't want to admit it I wasn't up to spending the night alone in my dorm room especially since my roommate still hadn't shown up yet and moved in. I was alone in my dorm room and it would truly suck if I had to be alone.

"Thank you so much for the offer Chase, but I don't wanna be a bother to you. Maybe you had plans and I'll feel terrible if I was the one who made you cancel them," I said looking down.

"Tyler look at me," he said. Surprised I looked up at him.

"I would be glad to have you over tonight. It wouldn't be a bother at all. I promise. Plus I didn't have any plans tonight at all. I haven't in a while. Its been quite sad and I'd love some company. So you're coming whether you want to or not," he said laughing.

I managed a smile as well and gave in.

As we walked to Chase's apartment I couldn't help but think that I was glad I was going to be spending the night with him. I felt gratitude towards him for basically saving me. I felt safe, I felt protected, I felt...


Sorry for the length on this one guys but I felt it was necessary to get this story moving ahead a bit. Hopefully you guys liked it I spent a lot time, energy and thought into it and I really hope you guys liked it. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion in a comment or even an email. I appreciate any feedback whether it be negative or positive. You guys will be seeing a lot more of Tyler and Chase and maybe even see them get a little closer (:





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