I was awakening to pleasant expectations, but I feigned to be sleeping.

For a moment, I imagined that we were sleeping in the same bed innocently,

as totally unaware of the pleasant possibilities of our bodies meeting. I

was thinking this was the first time we ere sleeping together. I was too

shy to tell him how much I loved his wonderful bulge. My glances were

totally innocent, while watching his body. My sissy nature was not so

evident to common people, but I hoped my horny black cousin would guess

otherwise. He would think I had an asshole starving for a hard piece of

hot flesh. That is, my ass has in earnests to be filled with his oversize

black dick. In my fantasy I was hoping my black cousin would be burning in

a hell of lust. I imagined his balls were in the verge of exploding, full

of desire. My black cousin had an urgent need to inject the fire of his

lust in a feminine body. I was badly in need to get all this hard meat

inside me. My black cousin Jim had to be full of lust. It had to be a

lust as great as his bulge was extraordinary. He would had guess rightly

his sissy white cousin won't mind if he used his ass to fill it with his

hot black dick.

Jim had been guessing right if he said, 'my white cousin is a little bit

girlish. A boy so cute and so sweet has been made by mother nature to be

fucked. He would not mind if I put my dick between his rear cheeks.'

Then, Jim began to pull down my underwear while I feigned to be sound

sleep. He persisted slowly till he pulled my underwear well below my ass.

Then he put the head of his dick to the furrow of my ass cheeks. He hid

his dick there, while I feigned to be sleeping. I was delighted feeling

his heat. It was full of heat. I loved to sense it was rubbing there, in

my rear ass furrow.

The dick of Jimmy began to push harder. The heat of his dick and on rear

made it wet with sweat or precum. His dick was getting inside about half

an inch every time he thrust a little forward. It felt so good to feel a

hot black dick in there. But I wanted to continue with my fantasy of

playing to be like a sleeping beauty. Jim was very patient pushing to

enter his big dick in my hole, but there is always a moment that patience

gets exhausted. Perhaps, he thought rightly that his white cousin would no

mind if he entered a little rough. So, he grabbed me by the waist and

pushed my all his strength.

I felt like a sudden sting in my ass.

'Ooouuuch!' I cried.

'Sorry, cousin. I did not want to awaken you.'

'What happened?' I asked innocently.

'Er... nothing. You see. I was sleeping when... I heard you cried and I


'I have something hard inside my ass, Jim.'

'Inside... your ass? Well, er... this is me, Ben.'

'Is it you?'

'Well, I awoke and felt my hard thing was... was like prisoner inside you.'

'Oh! Well, it hurts as hell, Jim.'

'What do you mean?'

'I think this thing of yours is too big.'

'No, it is not. It has the right size.'

'You are going to bust my ass, Jim.'

'You are too tight. Your ass is strangling my dick, cousin. You have to


'What you mean?'

'Relax, that is... you have to push out... like you got a hard turd.'

'I had to push out?'

'Yeah. Push out. I want to recover my dick.'

'You're sure?'


I began to push, while Jim grabbed tightly on my waist. As I push out, Jim

pushed his dick in, and it slid deeper inside me. I felt a great bulging

inside me. It was like... I could not believe the extreme feeling of

stretching on my ass. His dick could had burst my ass.

'Ouch!! What happened?' I asked.

'You got it all in.'

'What do you mean?'

'It's all in. You got it all.'

'You said you were going to take it out.'

'I changed my mind.'

'Why?' I asked naively.

'Did you heard something about fucking?'


'Yeah. It gives a lot of pleasure.'


'In the dick. I got a lot of pleasure in my dick, so tightly wrapped in

your ass.'

'But I got pain. This dick is going to kill me.'

'You wouldn't be arguing so much, if the pain were that great.'

'Well, it is not a big pain, but...'

'It's a favor you are doing to your black cousin.'

'A favor?'

'Yeah. I'm horny as hell, and chicks are scared of my dick. They don't

let me fuck them.'

'Girls don't let you fuck?'

'They don't like to fuck. Now, how is it your pain.'

'My pain? It's gone. But I felt you huge inside me.'

'Ok. Now we have to work out a little our fucking.'

'Work out?'

'Yeah. It is a lot of work.'

He began to move his dick in and out inside my ass. As he was working his

dick began t grow bigger in my ass. I could not believe that something so

big could become bigger. As his dick growing up, the feeling I had of

being full was also growing. But I got used at the huge dick I got inside

me, and was feeling some pleasure. Then, as Jim was feeling more sure, he

began to take almost his dick out, the he pushed it inward. As he pushed

it forward, I felt a mild pleasant bolt inside my ass. Jim was moving then

faster, in and out, and each time he pushed it in, I felt a mild discharge

of pleasure. I began to moan with those thrust forward, and Jim heard me.

'You like it?'

I feigned ignorance and said,


'Are you... feeling... the pleasure?'

'What pleasure?'

'The pleasure... of fucking.'

'It's... like this?' I was feigning to be naive.

'Yes, it's.... like this. I am not... the only one... that gets

pleasure... at fucking.'

He was fucking me a little slower now, because of the talking. Then he


'You like... to have me... inside?'


Jim began to move faster for a while. I had a nice feeling, and felt not

any pain at all.

I loved to feel again the waves of pleasure in my ass.

'Oh, Bill... Your pussy... is wonderful.'


'It's del... delicious. So hot... and tight!'

'You mean... my ass?'

'Yes. ... It's... a wonder... of nature.'

I was felt a little awkward. I never thought my ass was a pussy. Well, it

was so recently I had the dick of Jim in my ass that... well, it never

occurred to me. I never thought my body would have a nasty thing as... as

a pussy. I never had any thoughts about girl's pussies. All my fantasies

were about the bulging crotches of older boys. I liked to peep on them, in

the urinaries of high school, to see how big they were. I heard also some

boys talking heatedly about pussies. They seemed most hungry for pussies,

but I did not like girls, and it sounded a nasty word to me. It made me

recall my mum's had one of this also. But since he pushed me out of her

body into life, he seem to hate me. So, she looked mad at me when I

watched her naked, or while I saw her in her underwear or just showering.

She hated to be seen naked, as if it were something shameful. So, I learn

to abhor thinking about naked females or girls. These were shameful

horrible images. I could not see any female naked bodies. It all happened

like my mum hated to be naked. All her status in life was based on being

watched wearing costly cloths and jewels. Her face could not be seen at

their natural but totally covered by coats of paint. And the very short

moments she would be naked in the morning, was something unnatural and



Now, Jim was enthusiastic fucking my ass. I loved most the instants when

his dick was pushed forward into my ass. It was giving me pulses of

pleasure, as the head of dick was hitting some holy spot I had in my ass.

I was glad to have such a big black dick doing these tricks in my ass. I

was fortunate to have a sweet and horny black cousin.

As Jim was pumping his dick inside me, Jim was moaning his pleasure aloud.

I loved to hear him moaning, for it seemed that my ass was giving him a lot

of pleasure. I loved that my ass was giving him pleasure.

'Oh, my! ... Oh, my god!' Jim was saying, between pants.

'You ... you liked it?'

I wanted to hear him saying how much pleasure was giving him my ass.

'Yeah! ... It's fant ... tastic.'

I was delighted hearing his words.

I had always felt a little awkward for nobody seemed happy with me. My

mum, was not very impressed with my studies. She wanted me to work a lot

harder with my home work. He had little patience to hear me, for she was

always worried with his work. My parents had divorced when I was young.

But my father seemed also aloof with to me; he wanted to me to be

aggressive and a winner, but I was a shy boy and this was a disappointment

to him. I would like he could take care of me, but he was always distant.

It seemed he was always frustrated, as he was hungry with love. I would be

glad to compensate him for his lack of love. I would give him all the love

my mum was not willing to give him. I would sleep gladly with him to serve

him in place of my mum. I would have taken charge of all his needs. I

heard someone older saying that men had urgent needs with their sexuality.

They need to put their big dicks in some fleshy tight hot hole like that

the females have. Even if my dad was an utter angry bastard, I would serve

him gladly in all his needs, if he would asked me. But he disliked me, in

spite of all the signs of submission and desire to love him I was showing.


Coming back to my black horny cousin fucking my ass... Jim looked relaxed

now. He was not hasty to have an orgasm. It seemed he was trying to

retard his ejaculation. He was now doing the thing... a little slower.

So, I asked him,

'Do you like my ass?'


I loved to hear him saying that. Then he seemed energized by my question

and began to fuck my ass stronger and faster.

'So... is it... good?... It is giving... you... much pleasure?'

Due to the pushes he was giving my body as he fucked, I was talking in

chopped pulses of words.

'Yeah! ... It's fant... tastic!'

His words delighted me.

'You said... it's fant... tastic?'

'Yeah. It's the best... the pussy... I'd ever... fucked.'

'You said pussy?'

'Yeah. Pussy.'

'Well... I thought... only girls... had a... pussy.'

I could not believe I was repeating such a dirty word.

'Girls had... two... pussies. One is... very close... to the other.'

'Oh, my! How lucky there are to have two pussies!'

He was happily fucking my ass, while I was concentrating in the pleasant

pulses his dick was causing in my ass. My mind was inebriated.

He was pumping slower now and wanted to talk.

'You like... my dick... don't you?'


'So, you want... to have... my dick in... property?'

'Er.. what... do you... mean?'

'I mean... if you want... my dick... forever.'

It never had occurred to me such a thing before.

'Forever?... You mean... forever?'


'Like we were... married... or something?'

'Yeah... Like you were... my bitch.'

'I don't like... this word... It is dem... demeaning.'

'Some of my... my friends... brag... they got... a bitch.'

'They... say that?'

'Yeah. I think it's... bullshit.'

'Bull... shit?'

'They are... showing off... they are... very macho.'

'But you... do not belie... believe them.'


He dick had become a little soft of so much chatting, and he began to pump

faster now.

'Tight a little more your asshole.' He said.

I was aware that he needed to pump more power into his dick. So I

tightened my ass as much as I could. I began a series of tightenings on my

anal sphincter.

So, his dick retook his powerful glory. I was trying to continue milking

his dick with my anal muscles, but I could not do it, for my ass was

utterly stretched to make room for his huge dick.

After a while, he took his dick out and he said,

'We have to change.'


'We are going to do it in another manner.'

He stood up and got out of bed.

'Get out of bed.' He said.

I came out and stood up.

'We are going to do it, in doggy style.'

I never heard of that thing. Bu I has seen a couple of dogs fucking.

'Put on your fours. On your hands and knees, like a dog.'

I put myself in this manner, and he knelt behind me. He entered a finger

in my ass, then two fingers. Then he jerked his dick a little to pump

strength into it and pushed it in my ass.

He was fucking me from behind, like we were a couple of horny dogs. I felt

his hot chest laying on my back. I felt his breath on my neck. He even

sucked the lobe of my left ear. He later bit it a little on my ear, while

he moved in and out his dick in my ass.

'You... like it... doggy style?'

'It's Ok.'

'It's only... OK?'

'Well, I have... not much... experience... I don't know... what to say.'

He was for a while fucking me dog style, but I was not much impressed.

'Do you like... it this way?' I asked him.

'It is not... the best way... to do it.'

'It's not?'

'We can try... missionary... position.'

'Which is that?'

He took out his dick and made me lay on my back on the carpet beside the

bed. He raised my legs up, then took a pillow from the bed and put it

under my ass. He put my legs over his shoulders, and began to point his

dick over my ass hole.

'This is the missionary position. It's the most conservative way of


I thought it was funny to hear him saying this.

'I see.' I said.

'Are you... comfortable?'


It was weird for me to be seen in this position. It looked like I was a

girl prepared to be fucked. And Jim was older than me. It was obvious

that he knew a lot about how to fuck a girl.

He entered his dick in my ass that slid easily. Now, I was watching this

face as he moved over me, pumping his dick in and out.

I felt awkward to be in such position, with my raised legs up, over Jim's


Then he said,

'This way... it looks more... like a male... to female... fucking.'

I thought he needed to think of me like I was a girl. So, he was thinking

of my ass as a pussy and I understood him. He was a horny young-man. And

he could not consider himself as a gay. He was playing the male role and I

was his girl, obviously.

It never occurred to me that I would playing like this, a girl's role. But

it was clear to me, that I was lately been keenly interested in dicks of

boys showing a boner, or a bulge in their trousers.

But those boys were mostly interested in fucking pussies. But girl were

unwilling to lend their pussies to be fucked, most of the times. So manly

boys had a crucial scarcity of pussies. But they were lucky, they have

sissy boys at hand. They only needed to erase the taboo of fucking the ass

of another boy out of his mind. Thanks to nature, sissy boys were glad to

serve the pressing needs of horny boys. Nature was very intelligent.

So, I was now quite aware I was playing the role of a girl. It was news to

me, for I had never imagined myself in this position. I was interested in

dicks and boys bulges, but I did no have connected all the dots.

Till some hours ago, I had not been involved in any sexual activity. It is

not that I ignored some well known words like 'he took it up his ass', or

'John fucked the ass of Tom', 'I would like to fuck this pretty ass of

yours' that one told me long ago. But I was too young to accept his

wishes. Then, I always thought of something behind me, something hard

entering my ass.

Now, Jim was fucking me face to face. I felt his breath in my own face,

and knew that at any moment he could kiss my mouth while he fucked me, or

perhaps when he would have his orgasm.

Jim was for a while fucking me. He began to pant heavily.

'Oh, Bill... This is... a great... fuck!' He exclaimed.

I was relishing his excitation. I loved to hear him moaning his pleasure

alive. It was enhancing my own pleasure.

His dick was now very hard and was poking something inside my ass. I was

feeling the pleasant pokes inside. The place was something a little

inside, after passing my sphincter.

Jim was getting more excited each minute it passed. His dick was pumping

in a frantic pace.

'Oh... what a shit!!' He said enthusiastic.

I was in awe hearing the nasty word. But Jim was truly excited, and I was

having a series of electric discharges that submerged my mind in a pool of

pleasure. My mind was nearly knocked out. Now, I barely was sensing

anything in my ass. Then, Jim's dick began swell. It was now really much

bigger. Now his dick started to give up kicks and jerks inside me. I

could feel his dick prancing like a wild beast inside my ass. Then, I felt

shots of very hot cum blasting inside my body. I was nearly stoned. The

wild black stallion was filling my bowels with me his hot seed. Each time

his dick had a new jerking up, he was giving me a new spurt of his cum.

Then, Jim bend down his neck and kissed my mouth. He sucked my lips that

disappeared inside this rapacious thick lips. I thought he was going to

devour me. I thought he absorbed all the air of my lungs. Then, he let me

breath for some seconds and he sucked my lips again. His dick was still

jerking like wild and spurting hot cream inside my ass.

Then, Jim collapsed on my chest with his mouth still devouring my lips. It

seemed that his orgasm had subsided, but from time to time, his dick had

another jerk and it gave me another glob of his manly seed. My inside was

now slippery and oozing cream out. But I could felt his member still hard

and enormous filling my anal cavity. I was happy feeling him so close to

me. Both our chests were in contact, in spite of my awkward position with

my legs over his shoulders. The huge black dick was still buried in my


Jim chest was radiating a lot of heat and we were soaked in sweat.

'Do you enjoyed it, Bill?'

'Yeah! It was great.'

'Do you want to be my bitch?'

'Oh, Jim. I want to, but... I don't like this nasty word.'

'What word?'

'This one. I do not like to repeat it.'

'You mean bitch?'


'How do you want to be called.'

'Er.. Not sure.'

'You have to think of something.'

'I will be... I will be your... your girlfriend.'

'Ok. Every boy needs to have a girl friend. You will be mine.'

'You like me to be your girl friend?'

'Of course.'

'Then... would present me to your mum?'

'What... you mean... my mum?'

'Yeah. I would like to visit you, go to your home and have an afternoon

snack, or something.'

'To have a snack?'

'I could help cleaning the dishes. I can help you with your home work from


'With the home work?'

'Yeah. I am very good at school. I would like to pass a night at your

home, some weekend. Your mum would not mind, would she?'

'Ok, Ok. You would be my girl friend. But it has to be a secret. You

cannot tell my friends or my mum we are doing any of this.'

'I won't tell. It would be our secret.'

'Sure, it would be fun to pass more time together.'

End of part 3.


ANDREW (bigtool4u89)

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