I always knew I was gay and never really intended to hide it. I would lie to most people who would ask me but I never change my attitude nor tried to show interest in girls. So even though my homosexuality is not obvious, those who know me for a couple of years know that I'm gay. I'm tall with green eyes, a nice little built a cute bubble butt. Also since most of my friends (all girls) are pretty popular and also because I kinda am too, I never been teased and I've been accepted by almost everyone but unfortunately at 16 and almost 17 I was still virgin.

I actually owe my first time to my history teacher who teamed me for a project with the gorgeous Allan. Allan is the super jock of our program, he is the star of all the team he is on and has this awesome muscled body that he shows off in his tight, revealing sportswear. Allan is also the sweetest guy I know. He would always kindly pass the ball to the dumbest player of the team just to let him touch the ball from time to time. Allan had a couple of girlfriends at school and is always very manly but I don't know why, I always felt like he was gay or at least curious about it. I have those feeling every time he would look or talk to me; it was like he was troubled or confused by something but the kind of confuse you thrive for. Anyway, after discussing the project together we agreed to meet at my house on Sunday.

My mother recently found herself a boyfriend so she would always be out on the weekend and my brother and sister were at my father's place that Sunday. So Allan and I would be alone. That being said I never expected something to happen I was only prepared for working on our project. When I opened the door to Allan, he gave a greeting smile and walked in. It was a hot day and Allan had a little sweat veil on his forehead. He was wearing a light and tight white t shirt and rather short black shorts.

We both went to my room in the basement where it was a little cooler. In my room I only have one computer chair, so to be able to both works on my computer I had moved the small two place sofa in my room. When we sat we both felt a little uncomfortable because of the proximity, our tights and shoulders were touching. We worked on our project for some time and we reached the end of it I fall back on the sofa to take larger look and by doing so, I accidently tossed my hand on Allan's inner thigh. I immediately apologized and went back to the project. We tuned a couple of thing on our work but I noticed that he was always moving and replacing his bulge and I couldn't help but wish that I triggered that. Once we finished, we both fall back on the sofa and talked of a million things and one point, after a hilarious joke, we found ourselves closer than before, so close that I feeling his breath on me. For the first time in my life I fell for an impulsion and kissed him.

At first he leaned back but I followed him and he finally surrendered to what he probably wanted. We liplocked for minutes but he would be able to feel comfortable especially when I grabbed his hard crotch. I moved on the floor and kissed my way to his waist. He almost reluctantly removed his shorts hand his boxers to reveal his medium size hard dick. I grabbed it and started my first ever blowjob. His dick tasted like sweat and surprises myself to be able to deep throat him so fast. I never realised that sucking such a piece of meat could be so exciting and my dick was aching for attention. With his hand caressing my head I reached for my cock I slowly jacked myself at the sounds of his moaning. He warned me of his cumming but I preferred to treat him to the end and swallowed his hot load way more easily than planned. I sat next to him was surprised that he took on the masturbation of my dick. We kissed slowly was I caressed every part of his nice body covered in sweat. We both knew what was coming when I stopped kissing him to breathe more heavily but he continue to kiss me in the neck and I came in his manly hands.

After that, we barely talked at school and it took a whole month before we found the courage to settle a new meeting, this time at his house.

Before going to his place I carefully completely shaved myself because I wanted to feel comfortable to go further, something I wished for. But after we went in his room we simply stared at each other until he proposed to play to a video game. I surprised myself to be better than usually to a first-person shooter but tired of litteraly playing around, I discarded my controller and laid on his large bed. Without exchanging any word, he quickly closed the console and jumped on me. Our kisses were more luscious than last time and we made out rolling on his bed while removing our clothes. Down to our underwear simply kissed while rubbing every part of each other's body and paid more than enough attention to my ass. On his back, he removed his boxers and politely ask for me to suck him again. I ate him for a while, enjoying his thick shaft, I played with his ball while licking the head of it. He groaned, moaned and swore all the time up until he grabbed me and bring me up so we could kiss again. This time he only grabbed and squeezed my ass while running his tongue in my mouth. He eventually stopped the kissing and turned me on my belly. He came over me and slid his cock between my asscheek for some time before finally penetrating me. It actually hurt a lot more than I thought I don't think that he ever realised that he needed to let me some time to adjust, he was too lost in his frenetic pounding. While he constantly changed position between completely laying on me or holding my butt, I finally started to enjoy the fucking. He fucked me a lot fiercely than I would have expected from his personality and when he exploded in my ass he crashed beside me end thanked me and... god. I turned back on my back and before I had the time to reach to my dick his hand was wrapped around it while he kissed me. I worshiped his athletic behind but the memory of his fucking was what had me cumming.

After that we would meet frequently but he never went further than to suck me. An experience that, even if pleasing, felt more awkward than anything. He eventually found himself a girlfriend which ended our relationship but I would out others who could please my sexual appetite...


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