Hello! I am Bill, I am sixteen and it happens that... I was in Malibu the

past summer. How I would tell you about it? It was not so much... like 'I

passed the last summer in the beach of Malibu' and full stop. It was not

like that.

I had passed many summers in my life, and many of them were passed in this

beach. But none of those summers were... such unforgettable.

So, the main quality of this summer was not caused by the sun, or the sand,

the heat, the surf, the waves... or the wide blue sea.

I am not negating all those natural wonders, of course. All those had

contributed to enhance the pleasure of my memories, like a good music on a

movie. This story is about... the emotional upheaval I had this summer.

All those natural accidents of the summer in the beach had been previously

in my life; and they were fun, of course. What made this summer such

unforgettable? Those were other circumstances. They were natural, but

more humane, more... more a question of the flesh, the emotions, the heart

thumping wild in my chest.

This summer, I was not yet in Malibu, I was feeling a weird. So

weird... that I felt a fascination with boys a few years older than me. I

watched them from a distance. I was looking at their lovely faces and

strong tanned bodies. But this was only a mild thrilling. I was admired

at how strong they were, how powerful their muscles were... and, well, I

got a fascination... farther down, for some of them showed a weird bulging

in their... pants. It was not the bulge that produces a box of cigarettes

in their pockets. It was mostly in the the front, where the flies of their

jeans were. It had never happened to me before. But... as I said, it was

nothing but a mild interest. Cause, they were not my friends. I was

watching them from a distance. I mean, I did not dare... I was afraid to

look at them if I was near them, like at five or ten feet distance. I

neither I approached to them, for I was too shy and feared a rejection

or... being despised for I was... I was much younger.

It was perhaps in this very summer that some of the sassier boys, the ones

that looked like a gang of thugs, were throwing glances at me at me. They

uttered lewd comments and teasing words because... well, I had a little

long blond hair. It was like they thought, 'he looks like a girl. I would

like to fuck him,' or something like this. Well, I should accept that I

looked like a girl or something. So, mostly, I was frightened hearing the

obscene comments thrown at me as I passed and walked out faster.

So, I have to confess I was shitless scared and did not dare to watch any

of the sassier boys at less of twenty or thirty feet. Most of all, I was

afraid because they were like a small gang. If I were alone with only one

of them, I mean alone in a field, or an abandoned house, I would not be

scared, but not so much. I would be interested in what he was saying to

me. I would ask him 'let me touch the bulge of your biceps, or let me

touch your thick thighs' and so on. For I had keen curiosity about how a

grown up boy was made. I would love to touch his body with my fingers, to

see how it feels. I had a envy of them for being so strong. I was

impatient to grow up to become stronger like they were.

The real adventure of this summer started in the house of my aunt Susan

near the beach of Malibu. I was there on a sunny and hot Friday doing

nothing, when I saw someone new in the house. He looked older, like he was

eighteen and it was... well, it was... a black boy.

His was a very cute boy, in spite of being a black one. I mean... you got

me wrong, it is otherwise. He was a very cute boy because... he

was... well, he was stunning. I was watching him... first from a

distance... and he had... he had it all. All the things that made him so

utterly cute.

He was young and taller, not too much tall, really. And he was black but

not very black. I would be scared if he were too black or had a

threatening or thuggish look. He had a beautiful sparkling skin that

looked like... yummy chocolate milk. But the most of all... the best thing

he had was... his smile. He had a engaging smile, like... like he were

shouting to the world around, 'look and watch me, what a pretty black boy I


And he was really that much cute and that much yummy. He had not any

fault. He was even sporting a permanent nice bulge in his shorts. I was

at once fascinated by his sporting allure.

So, my first reaction was to approach of him with my best smile. I stopped

at less than two feet of him.

'Hi! I'm Bill. Nice to meet you.'

I dared to touch him and patted on his shoulder.

'Hey! So, you are Bill, eh? Well, nobody is presenting us. So, name's

Jim.' He said smiling and patted on my left arm. Then he grabbed and

pressed on it.

I loved the smell of his body. So, I tried to be nice.

'Do you want something to drink? Some refreshments or something?'

'No. Thanks. I had some already.'

'What a pity. I wanted to be nice to you.'

'You are already being nice. Who are you?'

'I told you. I'm Bill. I'm staying here.'

'Here? Then, it's like me. I am also staying here.'

'Who are you, then?' I asked him.

'I'm a nephew of Aunt Susan.'

'Aunt Susan? She is also my aunt.' I said.

'Then, we are relatives. Probably, we are cousins.'


'Yeah. What is the problem?' He asked.

'Problem? None!' I patted him on his chest. 'I never heard about having

a black cousin.'

'Then, now you know.'

'Who's your mom?'

'I'm not sure if you know her. It's called Anne Smith. She is a cousin of


'No. I do not know her. Where is your room?' I asked him.

'Come. I will show you.' He said.

He went directly to a door... and it was my room.

'This is my room!' I told him amazed.

'It seems we are too many people in the house. So, aunt Susan, told me to

put my bag in this room.'

'Oh! Then... it seems... we have to share the bed.'

'Do you mind?'

'Oh, not at all! I'm glad... to be sharing the bed with you.'

'This is my bag.' Said Jim.

'And this is mine.'

Then, I wanted to play with him and watch him clothed in his bathing


'What about go swimming? I wanted to see him in his trunks.


'Yeah. You're a good swimmer?'

'Yeah. I bet I can swim faster than you.'

'I can bet you don't.'

'Ok. Lets go.'

He pulled down his shorts and I was thrilled. Then, he pulled down his

underwear and... wow! I could not believe it. It watched it only for two

seconds. For he pulled up his light blue Speedos on.

Oh, my god! He was incredible an incredible bulging boy in those Speedos!

He had a wonderful size. Something incredible. I was mesmerized.

'You don't put on your trunks?' He asked to me.

'Eh! Well, I am... a little embarrassed.

'Embarred... what?'

'Well, I think I had lost my bet.'

'What bet?'

'I cannot swim faster than you. You are more...'

'Never mind! I would let you win with me at swimming.'

'No. I would not go out.'


'Well... I'm much smaller, you know?'

'What do you mean?'

'You are not going to laugh?'

'I'm not. What happens?'

'I cannot go... 'cause...' I was hiding my crotch with a hand.

'You mean you're small? It doesn't mind. Everybody is small!' he said.

'What you mean, everybody?'

'Almost everybody. Put on your Speedos.' He said.

'You mean?'

'Forget about sizes. Nobody looks there!'

I pulled down my shorts and underwear taking care of hiding to him how

small I was. I put my Speedos and had my hand in the front.

'Oh, Bill. You are not going to the beach like this, will you?'

'Like what?'

'With a hand down there.'

'I'm ashamed, Jim.'

'Forget this shit. Most boys are smaller compared to blacks.

'Is it?'

'Yeah. But you are younger. So, it will grow bigger in a year or two.'

'In a year or two?'

'Yeah. Forget all this shit.'

'I have to forget.'

'Yeah. Not all of us are made equal.'

'No equal.'

'No. You are white and I'm black. Even if my mom is white.'

'You mom is white.'

'Yeah. But I love your white skin, and feel envy... of your blond hair.'

I was delighted he said that.

'You love blond hair?' I passed a hand on my head to feel it.

'Of course. You are very cute.'

'You mean...'

'Yeah. Cute. I envy your white skin. This skin would open a lot of doors

to you in life.'


'I don't know. Everybody likes blonds.'


'Yes. Me too. I am glad you are my cousin.'

'You're glad?'

'Of course. I know you will help me a lot.'

'I will?'

'Of course. And you will be glad to help me, won't you?'

'Oh, yes. I would be glad to help you.'

'Anything I would ask you?'

I was glad he had asked this, about helping him.

'Of course. Anything. I would not say no to you.'

'Thanks. We are relatives, aren't we?'

'Oh! Yeah!' I said.

'Then, later in the future... when you would be situated in life. Then you

would remember me and lend a hand. You would not forget you got a black


'You mean in the future?' I asked him.

'Not only in the future. We can start to help each other from now.'

'Of course, we will. I am glad we are cousins.'

'Then, let's go to the beach.'

We both went to the beach. I was not hiding any anything with my hand. I

was very proud to on his side, for my cousin was hung enough for both of


We were jumping on the sand, for it was too hot to step on. So we had to

run to the water. I saw some girls glancing at my cousin, and I was proud

to be basking at his side.

Then, we were bathing in the surf and I help myself to watch him at

leisure. He did not seem to mind of my watching. Sometimes, I brushed his

body many times with mine, I touched his shoulders, his chest, thighs, his

belly. I even was able to touch his bulge a few times with a swift

movement of my hands. It had a sort of electrical shock. I felt like a

mild current through my hand to my heart that thumped wild. My mind was a

little stunned, so I was not sure of what I was doing.

I was watching the lovely lips of Jim, so thick and salient. I was amazed

with my reactions for in a moment I wanted to kiss his lips. This idea

came to my mind several times.

We were playing in the water for two or three hours, and we were very

hungry. We went back to aunt Susan's house to eat something. I was very

excited and I was smiling and giggling all the time as well as Jim.

It occurred that it was almost time for the lunch and they were a little

like waiting for us. I had a moment and went to the kitchen to talk about

Jim with aunt Susan.

My aunt said he was a distant cousin of mine. She smiled to me and


'He is an offshoot of the family'.

'And offshoot? What is that, aunt Susan?'

'An offshoot is... well, it seems you are very happy... with this offshoot,

aren't you?'

'So he is a offshoot?' I was impressed with this word.

'Well, I think he's... he's more... an up-shoot, isn't it, honey?'

I loved this word, an up-shoot. I was impressed with her cleverness of my

aunt and went out of the kitchen.

Jim was sporting a permanent bulge in his Speedos and I was very

excited. But he entered his room and changed into his shorts. I did the

same myself, to be near him.

We were playing for a while around the dinning table till it was the real

time for lunch.

All the crowd in the house sat at the table. I sat in front of Jim, at the

opposite side of the table to watch him better. Jim and I were discreetly

exchanging glances and smiling. I do not know if the rest of people at the

table were aware of our glances. Perhaps some of the girls were aware of

the interest between us and forgot about Jim.

We were talking nonsense words across the table, while eating. I was very


I got the idea I would take a nap after lunch. Many people used to have a

nap after eating during their vacations on the beach. That would give us

enough time to go walking in the evening, after dinner. So I planned to go

to my bed for a nap. I was not sure that Jim would go also to nap on the


So I stood up and said,

'I'm going to have a nap.' I watched at Jim to see if he was for a nap at

this moment.

I went to my room, closed the door and threw myself on the bed.

I was hoping that after some five or ten minutes, Jim would come also to

sleep. I had been all morning running around Jim, touching him now and

there in a discreet manner. I was asking myself why I felt so attracted to

Jim. I had read recently something about the theory of the yin and the

yang, so I was sure the opposite poles attract each other.

So, I reasoned, 'I feel attracted to Jim because he is a cute black boy'.

So, even if I was also cute, I was white and had blond hair. My hair was a

little long and his was black and was cut short. Then, he had a big bulge

and I had none. My thing was little and his was big. This point was

clearly remarked in his bulging Speedos. He looked like a man, a young

man. And I had a little girlish face. I looked more like a girl who had

yet not boobs. So, we were sort of opposites, and opposite poles of a

magnet feel an attraction to each other.

The window of the bedroom was not totally closed and a little light was

illuminating the the ceiling and walls.

After being like some ten minutes in bed, I heard the door opening softly

and I feigned to be sleeping. Jim came in and I heard he passed the latch

on the door.

Then he lay in the bed on his back by my side. I turned to him with my

eyes shut. I opened a fine slit on my eyes, and watched the wonderful

bulge that so much had dazzled me.

I moved my hand in short steps with the intention of reaching his lovely


He feigned also to be sleeping. After a minute or two my hand have landed

over the mound of his crotch. I touched there very softly as not to awake

him. It is supposed he was sleeping. After a while of my hand resting

over his bulge I was feeling a stirring on it. I also felt the heat that

was coming out from Jim. Then my fingers grabbed the thing that it began

to swell and grow bigger. This was a wonderful experience.

Then, Jim turned towards my side and I got back my hand.

I recalled some hearsay about gays. Something about taking a dick up their

asses. I heard that developed boys had a great need to fuck. And as far I

as know, they cannot do it with the chicks for the girls are afraid of

becoming pregnant or of getting a reputation for being a cheap lay.

So, for what I presently know, grown up boys were always horny, for very

few chicks let them to fuck on their pussies. So, my idea was... that

horny boys had to use the ass of another helpful boy to get a relief.

There was only a caption to ought to take, they cannot brag tell anybody

about this way of fucking, for this would soil their reputation.

So, as I had heard a little talk, grownup boys are always bullshiting about

the many chicks they had been fucking in the week.

I better go back to my story of the bed.

I was eager to know how it would feel that big thing of Jim inside me.

So, I turned on my side presenting him my back. It passed half a minute

and he moved closer to me. Then my hand went to my rear and reached for

his bulge. It was caressing his bulge there, and the thing was most


Then, I began to unfasten his belt but it was very difficult, so he opened

his helped me without saying a word. He opened his flies and let my hand

explore there.

It was difficult to explore with my hands back, so I turned again facing

him and checked his white bulging underwear. It was the most amazing thing

I had observed in my life. The bulge was like hard and swelled and I was

quite curious to watch it. He then pulled down his trousers and underwear

and I was stunned at his big beauty.

I do not know why, but the idea that came to my mind was beauty. His dick

was so big and so hard... It was a the most amazing dick I have ever

watched. Well, it was the first had dick I had watched. I have an amazing

memory of it.

I was also impressed with the head of the thing. It was the biggest I ever

had seen in my life. Well, I have not seen other hard dick than mine, and

a few soft dicks in the urinals in high school.

The head had a pinkish color, while the trunk of the dick was much darker

than the skin of his body.

My mind was not prepared to watch such a powerful tool. So, I was a little

scared and mesmerized at the same time. I could not believe my eyes. I

was delighted and touched it with my fingers for a while. I touched a

bulging vein I could felt the noisy thumping of his heart. If I would put

my ear on his vein, I would be hearing his heart bitting, thump, pum,

thump, pum, thump, pum, and so on.

I approached my face to his dick to watch it at short distance I sensed his

potent male scent. It was quite inebriating. The scent was... it was male

odor, like one day I sensed when... I remember a time when I was near a

football player all drench in sweat. It was this male odor and his

personal scent. The same personal scent I got when I met him at mid

morning. But now he was also smelling of seaweeds and iodine, for he had

not showered after the bathing in the sea.

I was studying how was his dick. I think it was a wonder of nature and the

mushroom head... was a real big thing. Felt the impulse of sucking this

big head, but held myself at. What would think of me my cousin if I take

his thing into my mouth? Then I contented myself in wrapping my fingers

around the hard flesh and jerked it up and down. It was more seemly.

Then, I looked at this balls, out of curiosity. I had never watched the

balls of another boy, and being my black cousin, it was more interesting.

Well, they looked huge and hairy. I caressed them in my hand. It was a

wonderful feeling to see how big they were. So far, in my hands I had only

felt my own balls, and they were not any match to compare. I caressed

softly his balls and he Jim was groaning with pleasure.

Then, I went back for his dick. It was an incredible tool of hard flesh.

I wrapped my fingers around the thick flesh and jerked it up and down.

Then a drop of cream appeared on the head's slit. So I bent my neck and

sucked. It was delicious and sweet. I was not prepared for the idea of

being so sweet, but it was. I was for a time sucking that big thing. I

was delighted sucking on the sweet giving head of his dick.

After while, Jim put a hand on the back of my head and was pushing me down

on his dick. I was a little stoned to see how deep his dick had entered

into my mouth. So, I was sucking for a while but the best part of sucking

was on the head. And Jim was pressing my head down to go deeper. Then I

was gagging with such a big dick deep down into my mouth. I could not

swallow down the whole instrument and let it past than my tonsils. I was

gagging. I felt badly.

So, thought I would be much better to have him on my ass. I had heard the

words 'he put it up in his ass', but I have never, 'he sucked it up whole'.

So, I took out his hand from the back of my head and straightened it, then

I turn on the bed and pulled down my trousers and underwear.

Then I presented my naked ass to Jim. I pushed my ass back a little to

show him what I wanted to try.

His huge dick was for a while sliding between my legs and it was a

delicious feeling. It was so slippery and so big between my thighs! Then,

he began to rub it on my crack, stopping some seconds there to press on my

rear hole.

I moaned softly of pleasure and he started to push in this precise spot.

He pushed and pushed but he could not enter.

Then he put saliva on my ass and pressed again; but he could not get in.

Then, he turned on my body to make me lie on my belly. He began to pull

off my shorts and briefs off my feet. Later, he spread out my legs and

raised up my ass. Then he put a pillow bellow me. I heard him to spit on

my rear hole and was spreading the saliva on my hole with his fingers. He

pushed a finger in.

I felt a little sting when he entered his finger in my hole. My heart was

thumping faster, I could hear its beating in my chest. Then, Jim probably

was wetting his dick with saliva to enter my tight ass. He pointed his

hard thing in my rear hole and pushed, but it only nested the head before

the hole. Later he gripped on my waist with both hands and began to push.

I felt the pressure but the thing could not enter. I began to think, this

thing is too big to enter in me.

Then, he was resting for a second and pushed again. He was repeating the

poking on my rear with the head of his strong dick. The thing had to be

very thick for it do nor entered. So, he was playing like this for a

while, poking and resting for a second, then repeating the poking action.

He was playing like this for a minute or less. I was feeling the sweet

pokes in my rear, and I began to love the feeling.

It seemed that Jim got tired of this play and his strong hands gripped hard

on both sides of my hips. Then, I felt a powerful bolt that shook my head.

After a second or two, I felt like a sharp sting in my ass and I thought,

'Oh! My god! He had burst my ass!'

'Ouch!' I cried aloud. I felt some tears coming out from my eyes.

'Shush!' Said Jim. 'Don't shout or aunt Susan would hear us.' He

whispered to me.

'You've burst my ass!' I said scared.

'Don't be silly. Your ass is all right.'

'Is not busted?'

'No.ยท But, it is pretty tight. It is the 'best cunt' I had ever.'

I did not like to hear that my ass was a cunt. I had some a nasty feeling

of female cunts. I was a little disappointed. Nevertheless, I was not

angry with Jim.

'The said the best... the best cunt?' I said sadly.

'Yeah. It's smashing one. Very tight. It's the best.'

'Your thing hurts a lot, Jim!' I whined.

'Wait for ten seconds and the pain will wear off.'

'Will wear off?'

'Yes. You must be feeling better now.'

'Yeah. It hurts, but I feel better.'

'At this moment, your hole is stretching.'


'Yeah. Once the stretching is finished, you will begin to feel all


It was true. My ass was now feeling better.

Jim resumed his moving inside me. He was going in and out slowly. My as

was too full with his dick. I felt like inflated with his big dick. But

he going in. He went back and pushed black in. He was entering an inch

deeper each time. I loved the feeling, when suddenly, I felt a new sting

in my ass.

'Ouch!' I nearly cried out.

'Shush. Shut up!' He whispered in my ear. 'You got now the whole whopper


'The whole what?'

'The whopper. My wonderful black dick.'

'Oh!!' I said in awe.

'How do you feel?' Asked me Jim worried.

'How do I feel? It's like bursting.'

'Don't be scared. It needs a little adjusting.'


'Your ass.'

'Oh, I see.'

We were in silence for a while. Then Jim asked me,

'Do you feel better now?'


'Then, I'm going to fuck you.'

He began to go in and out inside my ass. I was amazed at the feeling. It

was not... hurting. Well, I felt a little pain, but it was also a pleasant


Jim was moaning softly on my ear and telling me nice sweet things.

'Oh, Ben. How sweet it's.'


'How tight it is.'


'Oh! Sweet!' he moaned.

I was delighted as his dick was coming and going inside me.

'How good you are, Bill.'


'It's the best sweet ass.'


'You're the best cunt of my life.'


Now I remember that I do not liked to hear I was a cunt.

He was then fucking me sweetly.

He was pouring sweet words on my ear. He sucked the lob of my ear, and

kissed me on the neck. He even bit on my love ear softly.

'Oh! My sweet little slut!' He said.

I was amazed and a little shocked with these words.

'My lil' sweet slut!'

I remember I thought, 'these are words from the black hood'.

'Oh, how tight and hot is your pussy.' He said.

'You like it?' I asked him.

'The best fuck ever.' he said. 'You have to become my bitch.'


Then, he went to move much faster, He barely could to tell me sweet things

on the ear. I heard him was groaning single words.

I began to hear some slaps on my ass as he went mad fucking me. Then

perhaps he was aware he would be making too much noise and he changed to a

less vigorous pumping.

He was again telling me nice words on my ear. I was delighted, not only

with the words, but each time his might dick entered my ass it poked some

spot inside, and I was getting mad with the pleasure.

I was proud of me, for I had such a big thing inside.

In a way, I felt like I had conquered my potent black cousin. I was sort

of proud. I have had him before the four of five chicks that were lusting

for him. 'It was all mine now', I was repeating to myself.

I was happy that my wonderful black cousin was now fucking me. I felt like

in heaven. I had all his huge dick inside me. I mean, the most important

thing of his life was now all mine. I have it inside and it was giving me

a lot of pleasure.

He was coming and going inside my ass. I was getting more and more

excited. My ass muscles began to have involuntary contractions and Jim's

dick began also to have jerks inside me. His dick was swelling now,

suffered powerful jerks.

Jim began now to groan, like a beast. I got pretty excited.

'I'm cumming.' He said in my ear.

I began to feel the shuts of his hot milk busting in my ass. This was the

most amazing thing. I was feeling the spurts full of energy busting,

filling my bowels. All his wonderful black energy, stored in his balls for

weeks, was now being downloaded inside me. He was giving all his manly

energy to me.

The energy of the bursts were now weaker. He was still pumping some drops

in my ass, but much slowly.

I realized my small dick had also spew some drops of my own cream. So

powerful was the explosion of Jim in my ass that he made me cum. And I had

wetted the sheets of the bed.

The dick of Jim was sliding slippery. I felt my rear hole was now very

wet. Then, Jim collapsed over my back. I felt his sweaty chest glued to

my back. And his body was like a fire. His dick still hard and buried

deep in my ass.

Jim's mouth were telling me sweet words of appreciation for the sweetness

of my ass. He repeated again that I was the best cunt he had ever fucked.

Then, he sucked my ear lobe and blew there. He then bit on my neck softly

and he said,

'You wanna be my bitch?'

'Eh? What... what's a bitch?'

'A bitch... a bitch is... like a... like a lover.'

'You mean... a lover?'

'Yeah. Like in the movies. You and me, lovers.'

'Oh! How sweet!' I said enthralled.

'So... you want to be my bit... I mean, lover?'

I was having some doubts.

'You really need it that much?'

'Oh, yeah. Of course. I usually had a lot of energy stored in my

balls... is causing me a lot of troubles.'

'A lot of troubles? Why?'

'Well, I suffer of a permanent horniness.'

'What is that?'

'That is... I got all day my dick hard. And it hurts.'

'It hurts?'

'Yeah. Moreover. I could not concentrate on my studies.'

'You could not concentrate?'

'No. How could you be studying all this shit of the Maths and all

that... when your balls are full of energy, you need to bust off?'

'Do you not jerk off often?'

'I do it every day. Two or three times a day. But is sucks.'

'You mean... is not fun?'

'Not fun. It's not natural. The best is to have a bitch and feed her all

this cream full of energy.'

'You mean... you need a relief?'

'Yeah. That's the word. I would like to have you near me.'

'What for?'

'To feed you all the rich cream my balls are producing.'


'It makes me sick... to have all that cream stored in my balls.'

He was still resting on my back. I was feeling all the weight of his body

over mine. I loved the feeling of having him over me with his dick still

buried in my ass.

'Would you wish to help me?'

'You mean... to help you?'

'Yeah. You got a pretty tight ass.'

'You liked it?'

'Of course. I had fallen mad in love with you.'

'Oh, how sweet you are!' I said.

'Be prepared for this night. I will need your ass again.'

'Oh, Jim. I love you.'

'Me too.'

Then my ass pushed his soft dick out. I felt sad this dick was pushed out.

Then I recalled that Jim said, 'be prepared for this night.'

I felt fulfilled and happy. I was in a way a bigger boy now.

Then, we peacefully fall into sleep.

When I awoke, he had left. I felt a little disappointed. But soon, I felt

happy again. The memory of this black dick moving inside me, made me feel

greater. A part of his strength and beauty and all the happiness of this

young man, was in a way injected into me. I had a powerful injection of

self-esteem and joy in my mind and body.

I looked for him and I found him playing ball in a big yard with some guys.

But my black cousin Jim was the best of all. He had the most sparkling and

shine on his brown chocolate skin.

All the afternoon I was feeling Jim inside me. I got like a little sore

feeling in my ass. But I was not disturbed by that, I felt like I had

wined the lottery.

I had a heat and something working inside my ass. It was a reminder that

Jim was still inside. Every twenty minutes or so, I was conscious of him,

and I recalled his words, 'be prepared for this night.'

Then I met him for a light meal in the dinning room of aunt Susan. Then we

went for a stroll along the beach together. The sun was now setting and we

were walking side by side. Sometimes I grabbed his hand. But he was

afraid that someone would see him on the hand of a white blond boy. I

understood him. He was a little afraid of his reputation.

end of part 1


ANDREW (bigtool4u89)

[email protected]


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