It was a long drive up to Buffalo for the tournament as the weather outside started to get nasty a bit. We got to the Holiday Inn just after 1 pm to check our team in. Stu made sure that I will be his room mate for the 2 nights stay. I was impress how good this team was before our first game at 4 pm. Stu began to help me with his my bags until we got too our 12 floor room. Stu told every one on the team to meet us down at the lobby at 3 pm. 

" Hey Matt you like to see my new speedo that I bought "

" Sure Coach Stu, That will be nice "

I was now sitting quietly and watching the snow that was falling waiting for Stu to come out of the washroom. I heard the door open as he started to come around the corner, " Fuck Coach, You look fucking hot " You can see Stu just grin as he began to rub himself a few times. I was so amazed that you can see the outline of the cock very well. I then got up and drop on my knees and started to lick the outline of the dick, He slowly pull the speedo just pass his balls as I started to deep throat him. He thrust me good and hard until he shot a load that tasted like piss all down my Bear Cub throat.

We lost the first 2 games by only one goal as the team got knock down to the consolation round. We had a team meeting back in our room before we all went over to the Olive Garden for dinner and some drinks. Coach Stu made a 10 o'clock curfew on everyone for tomorrow game. It was late when Stu got back from the bar along with Mr. Smith who live 8 houses down from were I lived, They both open a few cans of Miller before he threw one over at me to drink. " Thank Coach Stu  , I can sure use one of those now " I was Mr Smith Paper boy for a few years and this man had a great body in those day's He was a short fucker just around my height of 5'9 and build like a boxer with huge muscles and biceps. I remember one morning he came out to me with a huge semi on wearing his white Hanes Briefs. 

The 3 of us chatted for bit as I began to notice Mr Smith getting a huge hard on in his tight grey track pants. Mr Smith told me to just called him Bill form now on. It was shortly after that 3 some began to happen as the 3 of us were 69ing each other in many different position all over the king size bed. It was great having Bill cock in my mouth while Stu lips were wrap tightly around my dick. I then got up from the bed and just sat on the leather chair watching Bill and Stu go right at it good and hard. 

" Fuck Stu, I am Close "

" Give it to me "

" Let Matt take It "

" Get the fuck over here Matt'

" Yes Coach Stu"

I got up pretty fast from the chair and got down on my knees.

" Hey Bill, Give it to him now "

" Fuck, I am close "

" Fuck guys here it coooooommmmeeeees "

I open my mouth as his load flew out like cannon ball as it splatter all over my lips and face, This turn Stu on so much that he shot his load off fairly fast all over Bills hairy hard nibbles and belly. " My God guy's that was fucking hot " As the 3 of us just lay there still for a few minutes before we all got up from the bed to clean ourselves all off. 

Bill got dress , And ask Stu and myself if we can do it again tomorrow night ? I just look back at Stu and shrug my shoulders. Our team won the Silver Metal in the Consolation round before we all went out to the Long Horn Steak House to celebrate the victory. The alarm clock was showing 9 pm now as Bill started to knock on the door. I walk over to the door to open it up for him to come on in. I was so stun to see Bill just standing there wearing his powder blue speedo with his pre cum seeping through it. It made  me so fucking hard that I got down on my knees right away and began to lick it as it was dripping and seeping out like a river.

I was standing right behind Coach Stu playing with his sweaty tits as he was pounding the shit out Bills hot juicy ass. I got down on my knees and spread Stu legs apart a bit before I began to lick his  juicy hairy balls. I deep enjoys tasting the balls as the pre cum was flying out of Stu cock like a waterfall. 

" Fuck Bill, I am almost there "

" Fuck, I am Close "

" Give it Stu "

" Give it Stu '

" Oh Fuuuuuuuuccccck "

I felt Stu hairy balls releasing his load of hot cum as it made it way up into Bill's sore ass by now. It was very nice watching his cock full of his white cum pulling out of Bill's hot juicy hole. " Fuck that was fucking hot guy's as he stand there totally exhausted from the fuck. Bill then order me to come over, So he can suck me some more. I lasted a very short time until  I shot 2 loads at once all over his beard and face. We all slept in the same bed that night after we all took a hot shower together.

The alarm went off just pass 8 am as we all got up to get dress. I had to lean Bill a pair of my underwear and track pants so he has something to walk back to his room in. He then gave me his speedo for me to keep for a special souvenir gift from him. " Fuck Bill you know he is going to enjoy that my friend "  The whole team  meet around 11 am to catch the bus back for the long  journey home to Pittsburgh.





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