Stu became our new head coach for our Rugby team, He came over from another College with a reputation of being fairly strict and hot temper. I remember my first time seeing his temper during a game practise last week when he threw the ball wish struct me hard at the side of my head, He had no apology at all when he saw and spoke to me back in his office.

Mr Shea came from a rough part of Dublin were he spend most of the time being in gangs before he became somewhat successful in Rugby. Stu was just over 55 and had a body of a 25 year old jock, He was around 6'1 weigh a good solid 220 with short buzz greyish blonde hair and Irish smile that well knock you right over. He was divorce with 2 grown kids and treat women like shit most of the time.

I was walking home just after practise when he pull up beside me in his jeep and ask me if I would like a lift home, I smile and jump right into the passenger seat quickly. We had a nice chat when we both decided to drive on down to the new Irish Pub that just open.  Stu told the waitress to get us the largest Pitcher of Guinness that they have on tab. The beer went down real good before we both order some Bangers and Mash for dinner. The night turn out to be very interesting as the drink began to hit us both. 

" Hey Matt how do feel you Mate " I gave him one of my sexy smile and took a few more gulps of my beer. The time was going onto 8 pm by now when we both left the bar. He left his Jeep in the parking lot since he could not drive before he ask me if I like to go back to his place. He only had a 10 minute walk from the bar to where is Condo was located, It was a huge place on the 7 floor over looking a soccer and baseball field. The night became real fun when he wanted to know if I would like to wrestling with him ? I was a little scare because of me being only 5'9 and weigh around 150 to his size, But it fucking felt great feeling his sweaty body on me trying so hard pinning down on the floor.

He was amazed how fast I was by throwing him right off of me as I climb on him this time. I then laugh and told him that I had my Black Belt in Judo and use to wrestle in High School. He became more adware and timid by my experience that I had. It was time for me to go before he made a pass at me as I was getting my school jacket on. He began trying putting me into some form of a bear hug and squeeze my butt real hard. I then put a Spoke move on his shoulder and he then drop onto the floor fairly quickly. 

I then got up and show him a Judo move which put him down onto the carpet real hard and good, Then I straddle him and began to put my tongue down his hot throat. We begin kissing deeply with each other before we ended up on his bed. I just lay back with enjoyment as he started to work his way down to my dick. His goatee mouth felt great on my cock, I began to moan when he started to deep throat me. It only took me 5 minutes to shoot my huge load off all over his hairy nibble and chest. 

Then it was his turn to do his wonders, He first ate out my hairy hole with his mouth before he fuck me over the side of the baseboard at the bottom of the bed. It felt great feeling his 7 uncut dick sliding in and out me hard. 

" Fuck me Coach"

" Fuck  me Coach "

" I love you ass Mat "

" Fuck your ass feel good "

" I love your dick sir "

" Fuck me hard , real hard  Sir "

I can feel his massive cock deep into my hole rubbing my male G spot. Before he was about to cum.

" Fuck I am close Matt "

" Fuck I am close dude "

" Cuuuuuuuum Sir "

" Please give your juice "

" Here it comes Matt '

" Holy fucking shit ! "

Stu started to scream out fairy loud as he was orgasming into my whole. I watch his whole large body shake with eruption as the cum started rushing through his ball and shaft as it made it all the way up shooting all over my smooth chest and naval. He slowly got off of me and let me lick the rest of his hot load that was still hanging on his cock before we headed off to take a shower.

The next few days in school I only run into him a few times until the next team Rugby practise. After when that was finished he once again called me into his office for another meeting. The meeting was disappointing when he told me that he had to cut me from the team because of my size and my bad grades that I was getting.  The only that good came out of it all was that he was going to start to touter me 3 times at week back in his office.

I got to his office just around 4 pm as he was sitting there in his red speedo before his Water Polo practise. I could not keep my mind on my books at all as I felt him rub the side of me a few times. It was late Thursday when he ask me if I would like to help him out with the Water Polo team that he was Coaching and plays on. My job for the team is to keep scores and write out stats reports for each player of the team.  It was the first weekend in December that the Water Polo team had to drive  up to Buffalo for a tournament. 

Part 2  To Follow




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