I remember 12th grade, it was the best year of high shcool a senior could ask for. I wasn't your everyday teenager either during those years, I was a shy kid. I didn't talk much, had little to no friends, and not to mention I was still a virgin. All my other physical traits besides my short height, slim body shape and shaggy brown hair that covered my light brown eyes a little, kept me confident in my appearance. At that time losing your virginity seemed like such a big deal to us teenagers, especially before you turned 18. Well too bad for me I was already 18 and being a virgin was not my choice. I wanted to experince it before college, but I didn't know what girls wanted, I didn't even know what I wanted for that matter.

It was the middle of the school year and everyone was assigned their new class schedule. I got AP English for 1st period and it was the first day of the class. I was about five minutes late, so not great for first impressions but if the teacher did get upset I suppose I could just use the restroom exuse. I had made it to the classroom door, room 126. I took the time to straighten up my polo shirt and fix my hair a little before I entered. I grabbed hold of the classroom doorknob and tried to twist, and just my luck it was locked. So I knocked on the door and waited, about 30 seconds passed and still no answer. Growing more and more impatient I reached up to knock once again, but before I could the door quickly swung open.

Before I knew it there was man standing about 2inches away from me. I heard a voice from above "Hello!", without realizing it I was staring at one the tallest men I had ever seen. I was frozen, the voice spoke again "I'm Mr.Sowards, and you are?", I couldn't even speak, he was standing so close and my head came just below his chest witch I couldn't stop staring at. I finally looked up and coughed up the words "I'm Anthony, Anthony Simmons". I could barely breath while he looked for my name on his roster. He stood so tall compared to me, but there was something more about him than just his height, while I waited for him to find my name I couldn't help to feel overly comfortable standing inches away. I could feel his body heat keeping me warm, I couldn't figure it out but there was something about his presence that was so dominant.

Ok, come on in, Mr.Sowards said motioning his long arm toward in the classroom where the rest of the students sat. Everyone stared at me as I found a seat. I sat in the back of the classroom so Mr.Sowards couldn't see me admiring his long lean and stout body. Now that I got a good look at him, unlike at the door where I was afraid to even give eye contact. He was obviously tall, had a blonde low hair cut and wore glasses. He talked a lot and seemed to be a very confident man, he was the exact opposite of me. Eventually my eyes ventured down where no mans eyes should be, but there it was, as he walked back and forth along the chalkboard. It swung left and right in between his legs, it was huge and not hard to see in his black slacks. I couldn't take it anymore I had a slight hard on just at the sight of him walking.

When the bell rung I fled out of the classroom as quickly as possible, I knew if I looked one more time I'd have rock hard boner in my pants that would be impossible to hide.

I went home that night and meditated about it. And I realized I was lusting on a man, and a man that was at least in his late 30's. I told myself that this was unacceptable and that I should stop this non-sense. But ever since then I made it to Mr.Sowards class on time everyday. I was obsessed, I even signed up for his "out of school tutor" program.

One day while I was in his class he passed out a work assignment and told everyone to complete it before class was over. I had called him over because I had was confused about one of the questions on the worksheet. He made his way over to me as I continued to try and figure it out myself. I hadn't notice but he was standing right beside, he spoke "yes, Anthony" I quickly turned my head to his direction. We were face to face, literally. He had knelt down in front of my desk. Our noses were almost touching, you could imagine how close our lips were. I mumbled a little "oh yeah, I don't understand this one here" he stayed in that position as he explained it to me. But all I noticed was how nice he smelled and he talked in a calming soft voice. He left after explaining it to me but after class he asked me to see him after school, he wanted to make sure I fully understood it.

That day after my last class I rushed immediately to Mr.Sowards class. When I got there his classroom door was open, and there he sat behind his desk. I stood and stared at him for a while, as he sat there and graded papers. He then looked up, "oh Anthony, come on in I was just looking over your work". I approched his desk, "Pull up a chair" Mr.Sowards instructed. Now I sat facing him, as he began to explain why he asked me to come. "Anthony you seem to not understand question four, scoot your chair around the desk so you can see". I hesitated for a moment then I pulled my chair around his desk and sat back down, he pointed to the question he was referring to. I reached my neck over to get a closer look, he had made some corrections on my work. "Here, scoot your chair a liitle closer, so you don't have to strain your eyes" Mr.Sowards instructed once again. I inched my chair over a little, then he quickly grabbed the edge of my seat and pulled me even closer. He then rested his arm on the backside of my chair.

I once again could feel the heat from his body making me warm, this made me feel nervous. As he rambled on about the assignment I couldn't help but admire every inch of his body. "Anthony, are you listening", Mr.Sowards turned his attention to me; I WAS CAUGHT! When Mr.Sowards looked at me my head was facing directly at his crotch. Mr.Sowards asked "Anthony, were you just?". "Uum mmm uuh" was all that could come out my mouth. There was a long pause of awkward silence. Then Mr.Sowards took his rested arm off the chair and and grabbed the back of my head and focused my face to face his. "Don't feel embarrased, its ok" he said with a smile.

"Actually, I've noticed your staring habits since your first day in my class, I enjoy watching you become mesmerized by the sight of me; its quite flattering". He stared into my eyes with a cheerful grin on his face.

At this point I couldn't even breath, my throat was dry and I felt like I could die! "Well, that's enough for today; I'll let you go" Mr.Sowards said, he was always smiling. Without a word I turned in my seat towards the door but before I could get up Mr.Sowards spoke again "uh one more thing Anthony". I slowly turn my back toward him, when I was completely turned to him his face met mine and he was out of his seat and bent over in front of me with his left hand supporting him off the desk and his right hand landing on my left shoulder, his eyes staring piercingly and directly into mine. "Yes" I answered, he bagan to move his face closer. I feared what was about to happen so I tried to retreat a bit, he then grasped the back of my neck and pulled me closer. Our lips finally met, his lips were soft and warm,and his tongue entered my mouth and met my tongue. This continued for about five seconds. After the kiss ended I pulled my head back and covered my mouth with my hand in shock. "That's all", he said. He then released his hand from my neck.

He stared at me with a slight cheerful grin, it felt like he knew everything I was thinking. Not wanting to face what just happened I immediately turned away and dashed for the door.I ran all the way home, rushed to my bedroom and locked the door.

I sat there on my bed thinking about that kiss, it was amazing. I knew my reticence was pretend but it felt like he knew too. I didn't know what to do, how was I even suppose to go to school tomorrow knowing I would have to see his face again. But I was sure two things that day, that kiss was ecstasy and me and Mr.Sowards were having sex before the year was over.

To be continued...



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