The next morning I had awakened feeling stressed about returning to school that day. I sat up in my bed and grabbed my cellphone to check the time, I clicked it on and it read 7:00am exactly. which was normal for my morning schedule. I walked over to my window to look outside,the sky was clear so I figured it'd be a good day to wear shorts. I then looked over towards the house's driveway and notice that my mom's car was gone, which means she had already left out for work.

My mom had a nine to five office daytime job. It wasn't nothing special but filing papers all day was enough to get us a nice suburban home with a pool in the back, so I couldn't complain. It was just the two of us though, I had no siblings and my dad died before I was born he was a vietnam vet; and other than me getting most of his looks I dont know too much about him. I only wish my mom didn't have to travel so far to work. Sometimes I worried about her, but I knew she'd be alright.

I began to get ready for school. I took out some clothes brushed my teeth and ran the water in the shower so it could get hot first. Once I got in the water it was nice and hot, I began to wash up. While I showered I found myself thinking about seeing Mr.Sowards today, and then I reflected on our interaction yesterday. At first I thought of how it irritated me, but then I dwelled more on how I felt when he was holding me. Unintentionally I closed my eyes and envisioned the scene. I remembered how his strong grip drew me into his long arms and pressed me against his muscle carved chest and abdomen. I could recall every event in that moment perfectly and without labelling it then I was lusting on Mr.Sowards in the shower. I began to journey even deeper into the daydream.

I remember exactly how his lips were the soft entrance to his expert tongue. How his hold on my body was so overpowering it made me arch my back; and even better how that arch made it so my left leg and his manhood could meet. Without realizing it I had been reenacting the events as well. I wraped my hands around my body in attempt to immitate his grasp. as I stood there rubbing my hands over my soaked skin, I began to return to reality and regather my thoughts. And I remembered that if I didn't hurry I could miss my bus. I looked out the shower at the bathroom's clock and it was already 7:30, my bus would be here in ten minutes.

I returned under the running water to rinse off the rest of the suds. As I rubbed and rinsed off the remaining suds I slipped into yet another daydream. Closing my eyes while I ran my hands over my chest and belly. At this point it was wishful thinking, I caressed parts of my body where I wanted Mr.Sowards to touch me. My left hand began to make its way up to my neck and my right hand slowly ventured down to my private area. Before I knew it i was jerking myself off. I knew my bus was coming in about eight more minutes but this felt like a long time coming; and I had to do it. Atleast thats what my mentality was during the shower.

I began slowly caressing it going up and down its shaft. All while I imagined Mr.Sowards standing behind me in the shower holding me. In my mind Mr.Sowards was kissing me on my neck and also grasping it with his left hand; and meanwhile his right hand was feeling on my inner thighs causing me to ball up my toes. While these thoughts became more and more creative the speed of the masturbation became faster and more intense. My breathing became increasingly heavier by the second until I could hear my voice seep through until it was full on moaning. Eventually one moan reached its highest pitch and my hand made one last stroke up the shaft. I had climaxed, at the time I hadn't known what just happened but it felt like my body was in heaven and my mind was in the most erotic depths of hell.

I couldn't feel any better, well because this was actually my first time masturbating. At last I finished washing up and got out of the shower with three minutes to spare and a unbendable smile on my face. I swiftly got dressed and ran downstairs to catch my bus. Before I opened the house door I looked out the window to check if it had arrived yet. And luckily for me the bus was just pulling up. I reached my hand out towards the doorknob and grabbed it but before I opened it I stopped and watched the students as they begin to climb aboard. As I stared at the bus waiting there for it's students I couldn't help but think "this is a one-way ticket back to Mr.Sowards" and I knew I didn't want to get caught up feeling guilty about making out with a school teacher again. I stood there debating whether or not I should get on the bus. Conflicted between thoughts and unable to decide I watched as the remaining students got on.

I stood stiff like a statue and by not making a decision I actually made a decison. I stared blankly at the school bus as it's doors closed and drove away down the street. What had I just done? Never in my life had I missed my school bus and I've never even considered ditching school before. I remained standing at the door as if I could still catch my bus. My mom would kill me if she found out I ditched a day of school. She had always had strict rules against things like this, one she knew all too well that other students were ditching school almost everyday, and two she took my education very seriously. Holy crap, what was I going to do?

Especially when my mother gets home, what was she going to do. I tried to calm myself down by focusing instead of freaking out. "Ok, I can handle this, its only one day of school, people do make mistakes, and mom gets here around 6:30pm and im usually here before her anyway". I had managed to calm myself down with these thoughts.

I made my way towards the living room, and dropped my jacket and backpack down. Then flopped down on the couch to watch some tv. Daytime tv proved to be so boring so I clicked it off and went to grab a bite to eat. I fixed myself a sandwhich and sat down to eat. While I sat there eating my peanutbutter n' jelly I couldn't help but think, "all this just to avoid Mr.Sowards?".

For the rest of that day I felt ashamed because even though I managed to avoid another encounter with Mr.Sowards I spent the whole day thinking of him. This wasn't the first time it had happen like this, it seemed whenever I was away from him I couldn't get him off my mind. I didnt make sense to me at all and I hated it, becuase even when he wasn't phisically around I felt like he was with me. Watching me, preying on me, and ready to take what he wanted. The thought of it made me hold myself as if I was shivering in the cold.

For the rest of the day I sat around doing mostly nothing. I watched a bit more tv played my xbox and slept a little. Before I knew it my day had swept passed me and it was already 6pm, my mom would be here in thirty minutes. And all of a sudden I felt fucked again. I was nervous about what I would tell her about my day.

Six-thirty had arrived and right on time here's my mom walking through the door. I stayed in my room as she entered, "Anthony, im home", my mom yelled up the stairs to me. "Goodevening mom, how was work?" I responded. "Work was fine, how was your school today?". "Uum, school?", "yeah, how'd it go",she asked again. "Well you know, uum just the same as everday". "Ok, dinner will be ready in thirty".

I was upstairs freaking out as quietly as possibles. I made out with my english teacher TWICE, masturbated in the shower, skipped school, and then lied about it to my mom. For me this was full on corrupt, I was a good kid I didn't get into situations like this; EVER! On top of it all it was Friday, Mr.Sowards was expecting me to come over his place tomorrow to be tutored. I had to stop this here and now, so I made my final decision. I wasn't going to show up tomorrow, NO MATTER WHAT! I kept repeating that thought in my head, while I was pacing back and forth, as if I was trying to convince myself.

"Anthony, dinners ready", mom yelled up to me. I had spent the whole thirty minutes stressing over what happened today and what I wasn't going to let happen tomorrow. I made my way downstairs to the dining room and sat at the table where my plate had already been prepared for me. We where having baked chicken, corn, and string beans and I was ready to dig in. Mom was still in the kitchen fixing her plate. then she came in the dining room and sat across from me. She was still wearing her business clothes with her brunette hair tied up in a bun. As where I was wearing nornmal around-the-house, to make it appear as a normal day for me. While we dined we talked and laughed with each other. As usual me and my mother enjoyed each others company.

While we continued to talk and eat we heard a knock at our door around about seven thirty pm. I look over towards the front door as did my mom. "I'll get it", I said while I had risen out of my seat. "No, you sit down and enjoy your dinner, let me answer the door", she responded while she got out her seat; so I sat back down and listened as my mom answered the door. My mom looked through the peep hole and opened the door. "Can I help you?", my mom said to whomever was there. I heard a man's voice at the door "Hello, Ms.Simmons". "Hi, and you are?", my mom responded. "Oh, my apologies, you can call me Adam but my students know me as Mr.Sowards". If I didn't hear myself I wouldn't have believed it. I almost choked on a string bean that I was chewing. Oringinally I was attempting to catch a glimps of who was at the door but now I was ducking my head out of sight as much as possible. I couldn't believe it and was panicing out of control, all I could think was "holy shit Mr.Sowards is at my door, holy shit Mr.Sowards is at my door".

Mr.Sowards continued to talk "I here because I was concerned about your son Anthony, I'm his AP English teacher". "Why? is he failing his class?", my mom responded.

"No, actually he's doing great one of my best students"

"Then what is your concern?"

"Well I looked over his transcript and he has never missed a day school unexused, I was just wondering was he ok".

I sat there listening to my mom and Mr.Sowards talk. "Hold on for a sec, ANTHONY MATTHEW SIMMONS COME HERE RIGHT NOW!" my mom summoned me like a drill sergeant. My heart dropped and exploded like a bomb to the sound of her voice. As I got up and slowly walked over to the front door. I could now see her and Mr.Sowards standing at the door, and I felt like a most wanted criminal finally being caught. "Oh, hey Anthony, why weren't you..." my mom cut Mr.Sowards off. "This man, YOUR ENGLISH TEACHER, is concerned because he DIDN'T SEE YOU IN SCHOOL TODAY. Now let me ask you again, how was school today Anthony?" I was nervous out of my mind, and I looked over to Mr. Sowards and he had his signature cheerful grin face. In my mind I turned into a wild tiger and knocked Mr.Sowards out of our doorway by jumping on him and ripped his head off with my sharp teeth. But in reality I spoke hesitantly, "Sorry mom I missed my bus this morning and didn't know what to do". I wasn't much of a liar. "Well why didn't you just call me", she said in a much calmer and empathetic voice.

"Well I'd hate to disturb you at your job, I know you work really hard everyday".

"If it makes you guys feel any better, I've bought the work that Anthony missed for my class today with me", Mr.Sowards said trying to ease his way back into the conversation. "Oh, how kind of you, Anthony will get right on that later", said my mom. Mr.Sowards unziped a bag he was carrying on his left shoulder and pulled out some papers. "Here it is", he handed me three sheets of paper. "Ok then, that's all, good to see your okay Anthony, oh and nice to meet you Ms.Sim..." My mom once again cut him off why he was speaking "Oh non-sense, you came all this way, why don't you join we were just having supper".

"Sure, if you two don't mind"

My mom looked over at me to get my ok. I looked at her with my eyes wide with panic and I slightly shook my head no. There was no way I was going to have dinner ruined by Mr.Sowards upbeat atittude and happy smiling faces. She looked at me like I was crazy and turn back towards Mr.Sowards. "C'mon in we're having baked chicken", my said. She led him in the house and into the dining room. As they walked passed me I died a little more inside, I couldn't believe he was here and I just wanted to be awakened from this terrible dream.

As we sat there and ate Mr.Sowards and my mom conversated and laughed with each other. "Oh, did Anthony tell you", Mr.Sowards said out of no where. "Tell me what?", my mom replied.

"You haven't mentioned what your doing tomorrow to your mom yet?"

"No, because I've changed my mind I'm not coming any more, sorry", I responded.

"Where is it your suppose to be going Anthony?" My mom asked me.

There was a long awkward pause until Mr.Sowards opened his big mouth again. "Tomorrow I was going to tutor Anthony in hopes of him scoring really high on his AP Exam, but I guess he changed his mind". This time in my mind I imagined I turned into a dangerous dungeon dragon who blew flames across the table. And toasted Mr.Sowards to ashes. But once in again in reality I spoke in a timid voice, "its not that serious, or big of a deal".

"Well why not? The fact that MY SON has a chance to score high on a VERY important test and get into a good college is A VERY BIG DEAL".

While my mom continued to ramble on I looked over at Mr.Sowards, who was still cheerfully smiling, with the eyes of the devil. My mom begin to talk to Mr.Sowards "you can expect my son to be there no later than twelve tomorrow". "Great", Mr.Sowards replied in a satisfied voice. I dropped my head down with an ashamed face expression. "Oh, don't worry Anthony, I won't bite... at first". Him and my mother burst into laughter as if it was the best joke ever told, I sat there nodding my head. If only my mom knew what he really meant.

We had finished up eating and my mom gathered our plates and went into the kitchen. I took this oppurtunity to investigate Mr.Sowards. "What do you think your doing?"; he didn't respond. "You think you can get to me through my mom? Well your sadly mistaken" I said while trying to sound intimidating.

"I don't know what your talking about", he finally responded while trying to keep from smiling. He then picked up his glass of tea and drank from it.

"Yeah, play stupid, but I'm teling this stunt your pulling here makes you a complete psycho!", I said.

"Anthony, why do you have be like this? you and me both know that you want..." Mr.Sowards cut his sentence short when my mother entered back into the dining area, and pretended as if he was saying something else. "Anthony, I could help you with those worksheets if you want", he said in a fony voice.

"No, I got it you can just go home now".

"He would love some help with those worksheets, I swear Anthony you could be so rude at times", My mom cut into the conversation. "But...", I tried to speak but she cut me off again. "Uh uh no buts, you sit there and do as I say, you owe me since I overlooked you skipping today". She mad her way upstairs and left me and Mr.Sowards, once again, alone.

I looked over at Mr.Sowards who had the "I win" grin on his face. He began to speak "so let's get started, where are three sheets of paper I got you?" I sluggishly got up and left out of the dining room and came back with the worksheets. Mr.Sowards had pulled his chair close, freakishly close. As I walked back to my chair all of a sudden I began to notice how attractive Mr.Sowards looked again. He looked me in the eyes as I returned to my seat, but all I could see was how tall he was even while he sat, that stunningly charming face and slight grin he always kept on it,and those strong man hands that held me to his body that day. All I could think was "fuck, wrong time be getting aroused Anthony".

I sat down beside him and we began to work on the papers. I sat and listen as he went on about what he wanted done on the homework. We went over the first paper and got through it quickly but I couldn't help but notice somewhere during that time he had rested his right hand on my right knee. He was some what squeezing it a little, and I found myself thinking "it kind of felt nice to have his hands touching me again". He then began to slide his hand up to my right inner thigh and squeezed on it. Eventually I started to feel myself hardening up. In my head I was thinking "fuck this I want him and I want him bad". I grabbed his hand and made him squeeze a little harder, and I was breathing a little harder too. When I move my hand from that spot I closed my legs tightly, to make sure he kept his hand there. He was using his left hand , which rested on the back of my chair, to run it down through the neck whole of my shirt. His hand covered the whole right side of my chest. The only work we was doing now was on each others bodies.

He leaned over to my ear and whispered, "If you ever avoid me again like you did today I'll come hunting you down each time, don't forget it", I heard the dominance in his voice again. I was speechless as his hands continued to have there way with me. At this point his hand had made its way to my private part and he squeezed hard on it as it stiffened itself in my jeans. He was just too good at what he was doing, and I told myself "there's no point in fighting him, because I"ll always lose".

I now reached my head over to place my lips on his. But just before I could, he snatched his hand from inbetween my legs and out of my shirt, grabbed all his things and began to walk to the front door. I heard my mom on her way back downstairs. He must've heard her coming. I sat there frozen and speechless, as they spoke at front door.

"Oh, there you are Ms.Simmons, I was just leaving", Mr.Sowards said to my mom.

"Did Anthony finish up those papers", she replied.

"Oh yeah, he did great, you have a good son with some major potiental Ms.Simmons.

"Thank you, I'm so proud of him"

"I bet you are", bye, bye Anthony". My mom let him out the house as she waved goodbye. I was still too frozen up to say goodbye. My mom looked over to me, "you ok Anthony? you look a little tense". "I'm fine", I managed to mumble a little. "Well come on up and get ready for bed". "Ok" I responded.

That night I had dreams about Mr.Sowards, I just couldn't get him off my mind. I could only imagine what would happen tomorrow when I showed up to his house for "tutoring". I felt like he had me right where he wanted me. And strangely I was happy to be there.

To Be Continued...



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