That night I couldn't get to sleep at all. I just lied there thinking about that kiss, thinking about seeing him tomorrow, and worst of all thinking about what would he do if we ever were alone again. I found myself blushing at the thought of ever kissing again, but on the same token I found myself banging my head into my mattress feeling crazy for thinking such things. I felt even more crazy for having conflicting thoughts over a mere kiss. Eventually I put myself to sleep from all the thoughs.

That morning I unintentionally awakened an hour early. I took an extra long shower, brushed and flossed my teeth,straightened up my hair a little, and I even used some of my expensive cologne that I only wear when I'm in a tux. After all that I was ready to go.

For some weird reason I was excited to get to school. When I got on the school bus I seemed to take forever to arrive and when I got in school it felt like the my first period bell would never ring. "RIIIIIIIIIIING", and there it finally was the first period bell had rung. I dashed up the school stairs and towards room 126. When I got there the door was open, and I walked in and saw Mr.Sowards writting on the chalkboard; I was the first one to class. He hadn't noticed me yet, and I stood there and watched him, more like admired him. He then turned his head towards the classroom door and spoke.

Oh, HEY Anthony!

Hey, Mr.Sowards, I sort of mummbled.

He began to walk swiftly at me with his long legs. All I could think was "HOLY SHIT, is he about to kiss me again". When he finally approached me he was standing one inch away, he was always standing so close; it made me feel so damn nervous. "Your just the person I was hoping to see", oh crap why was he hoping to see me? He reached in his pocket and said "you droped this yesterday when you rushed outta here" ; he then handed me my wallet. I couldn't believe I didn't miss it, probably because I was too busy thinking of him. "Wow, thanks Mr.Sowards", I was happy he found it I probably would have never gotten it back from anyone else.

"Sure, now go find a seat, class is about to begin today I'm assigning everyone to do a essay that they'll have to present orally on friday"; he was acting as if yesterday had never happened. I made my way to my seat as the other students had just arrived to fill the others. He began his lecture as usual. Today I tried hard not to lust over his body, I felt like he would mention it again and to me that was embarassing.

Class had ended and I tried to be the first one out of class, but before I could reach the door Mr.Sowards called my name. "Hold on for a sec, Anthony". I froze at the door as the students passed me to make their exit. After all the students left I made my way towards his desk. I was very nervous so I tried to avoid eye contact. "My classroom, 3:30 after school today" ; Mr.Sowards instructed as he pointed at me. A bit shocked I mumbled in response "uh, ok". He had a serious look on his face, and instead of asking me to come to his class it was more like he demanded it and I felt required to do so.

For the rest of the school day I couldn't keep my eyes of the clock, trying to anticipate what was going to happen at 3:30. It had reached my last period of the day and after this class I'm suppose to go to Mr.Sowards for who knows what. The bell had rung signaling the end of fourth period. I made my way to room 126, but before I entered I waited and thought more about it. Why all of the sudden did I feel like I was following orders? Who is Mr.Sowards to summon me whenever he feels like it? Ever since that kiss I've felt like I had no control over my decisions. All this coming from a man who probably didn't think twice about what he did. I mean, why am I even standing here right now? As if I'm reporting for duty, should I just turn around and leave?

And then out of no where I heard a voice "Oh, hey Anthony c'mon in" , Mr.Sowards stood in his doorway , smiling and waving his hand at me. I was frozen and as much as I didn't want to feel controled I couldn't help but fall victim to his dominant voice. Even worse that smile always got me. My feet begin to move on their own into his classroom.

The angel on my right shoulder began to yell at me "ARE YOU SERIOUS ANTHONY, GET CONTROL OF YOURSELF, DON'T LET HIM DO THIS TO YOU!". While the devil on my left shoulder kept saying "Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot; good job Anthony your almost there". I had no choice at this point, I wanted him so bad. I desired his body, his lips, his height, his everything and he knew it.

Once I had entered his classroom I felt like I was in his domain. "Hey thanks for coming anthony, I just needed ask you a few questions".

"Sure thing Mr.S". I thought to myself "wait, what are you doing? Since when did you ever call him Mr.S, calm down and stop trying to act cool". I tried to focus on finishing up here and getting out his class before he DESTROYS me with another kiss.

"Here look at this" , Mr.Sowards said. I walked over to his desk where he stood. "Your the only student in my class that signed up for my tutoring program, if only I can get more students like you to be more enthusiastic about learning". I had forgotten about that program. "I called you here to tell you that I can tutor from 12:00 to 2pm on weekends at my house".

All I could think was "HOLY CRAP, did he just invite me to his house, why does he care about this stupid tutoring thing if nobody signed up, and why is he acting oblivious to the fact that he kiss me yesterday".

"Hello, Anthony did you hear me". I had gotten lost in my thoughts while he was still talking. "HUH?" I said.

"I said it starts this Saturday, can I be expecting you?" Mr.Sowards asked. There was a long pause and I bagan to become irritated. And finally I blurted it out "YOU KISSED ME YESTERDAY?!". There was another awkward silent moment and then I started again. "AND EVEN WORSE YOU TALK LIKE IT NEVER HAPPENED!". He just stared at me as if he was clueless to what I was talking about.

"Oh, the kiss"; Mr.Sowards said as if he had just remembered.

I continued on "YES! THE KISS! You won't bring it up and its driving me crazy!" I was so irritated that I began waving my arms everywhere and talking with my hands. "I mean why would person kiss someone they hardly know?" I began to raise my voice again "AND HOW DID YOU KNOW IF I WANTED TO BE KISSED OR NOT". "OH AND ALSO..."

Out of no where Mr.Sowards cut me off by grabbing my flying hands and pulling me into his arms. I was in shock. I couldn't even talk anymore because I was so choked up by his strong grasp. His left arm crossed my back with his left hand on the back of my head, and his right arm ran down my lower back with his right hand covering my buttom. And next thingi knew his tongue was once again in my mouth. This time the kiss lasted much longer than the first, it was much more intense too. He he began to hold me harder and it made me arch my back, he was caressing my back and gripping harder on my buttom everytime his tongue stroked mine.

I got so lost in the pleasure I forgot I was upset. It felt so wrong and so good at the same time. The kiss went on for almost 15 seconds it wasn't until I felt a hard on coming that I finally pushed him off, but he was still holding me in his arms. He stared into my eyes while I just stayed in shock. The hard on continued to stiffen until it fully bloomed into a rock hard stoner. It was poking him right in his right leg, it was a nightmare. When he felt it he chuckled a little, and I was so embarassed.

I finally snatched out of his arms. And immediately I did what I knew how to do best, I tried to make a run for it. Still in shock I turned away and began to dash for the door. But before I could get away he grabbed my wrist. "Anthony, wait!". I turned my head towards him. "What?!", I said impatiently. "Am I gonna see you on Saturday?". I gave a look like "are you crazy!". He stared at me patiently, and as always with a cheerful grin on his face, waiting for an answer. He had a tight grip on my wrist, with his strong manly hands, but I manage to get them off. Without answering his question I quickly exited his classroom and made my way home.

In my head something kept telling me to stop now before I'm in too deep. I mean this is my teacher, we shouldn't be doing this. But at the same time I continuously told myself "how can I say no?". I had no idea of what I was getting myself into. I knew one thing, if I showed up on Saturday there was no turning back.

To Be Continued...



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