The holiday is great down here in Florida in the Key's. I had just got back from my Jet ski trip and began to sit at the bar when Mr. Soucy spotted me. " Hi Troy what are you doing down here " ?

" I am here on a weeks vacation Cecil " I then watch him sat down on the barstool beside me as we had a good long chat and have a few beers.  " Like to have more fun like we did last time Troy " ? It took me a good minute before I told him yes, As he gave me a huge smile from his face, I then follow him back to his hotel on my motor scooter  that I rented for a few day's. I began to watch him undress before he came over to the bed wearing his nice blue jockey briefs. What is up now my friend ? " How about we 69 for a few minuted Cec " !  It felt real great having his wide bearded mouth wrap around my 7 inch cock. " Fuck it feels good Cec " ! I was moaning with pleasure at the same time his nice cock was pouring out lot's of pre cum all down my dry throat. " I  am getting real close  Troy "  Shortly after that he shot a nice load of his juice as I was swallowing down my throat  fairly fast. " Fuck Mr Soucy your cum always taste so sweet " Before  I was licking up every last drip of his cum.  

We then had a few more beers before I went over to lay down on his bed. He then came over very slowly and spread my legs open and began eating out my tight hairy hole for a few minutes. " Fuck Mr Soucy it feels great dude " As my ass juice was pouring out of it onto his lips and mouth. I then slowly turn over as he was getting ready to blow me right off. " More, More, More " ! I was yelling before I shot a huge load of my cum all down his mouth.  He then got up from the bed and began to walk over to his rum & coke that was sitting on the table. I then watch him wash my cum down from his drink. " Well that was real nice Troy " He told me as he was getting his clothes back on.

" Hey Mr CEC " How about a good fuck now dude ?  " My God Troy " As he gave me a very sexy smile from his dark brown eyes. He was now fucking my tight ass once again as I was having onto his waist band from his briefs for dear life, Each long stroke felt great as his balls is slapping against my tight hole. " Fuck me Cec, Fuck, me Cec " I scream as he was breathing and moaning of pleasure that he was giving me. " Fuck Troy I am close " He was telling me several times before he exploded into my ass, I watch his whole hairy body shook and his head tilted forwards as his huge load of cum was now being dump into my ass. He then rested for a minute or more as he began to pull out of me nice and easy. " My God that was great Troy " He told me as he was now walking into the washroom to get all clean up.  The time was now showing around 4 as the both of us got dress once again before I headed back onto my Scooter to go back to my Hotel.

The end !




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