I have just run into my past best friend father Mr. Cecil Soucey  while I was on my business trip, He notice me right away as he came over to shake my hand and to see what I was doing with my life these days' It has been well over 15 years plus since the last time I saw him. I ask him how his son David is doing ?Before he told me about his trouble Son who is now in jail for the next 12 years. He also told me that his wife pass away a year ago and he is enjoying the single life for now. 

We had a nice meal and catch up on some old times together before he ask me back up to his room for a drink, I told him about my personal life after the 4 glass of wine as my head is now starting to spin a bit. I alway did have a thing for Cecil I like the mature looking Daddy Bear type. I remember staying at his place my last year in high school when I saw him come into the kitchen with know clothes on with a nice semi hard on cock getting a glass of milk.

The time on the clock was showing  9 pm now as we started to get into the topic about sex, I ask him if he ever screw around on his wife ? He smile and didn't give me a yes or no answer. His question to me was if I ever had any bi curious  thoughts ? I smile and said ' YES JUST A FEW " He then ask me if he can suck my cock ? I then give him the okay before he came over to me. His wide hairy mouth felt so great on my cock, This man really knows how to suck a dick with every lick from his tongue going all over my dick and balls, I then roll on my belly before he started to eat my ass out, I can feel his tongue going into my hole as I began to moan with pleasure as he was eating out all of my ass juice.

" My God I was telling him " As he even went in further with his tongue. This lasted for a good 10 minutes or more  as he got my hole good and ready for his cock. I then saw walk over to his suit case to get some lube he brought with him along with the bottle of poppers, Wow I said when I saw the poppers ! I help him pour the new KY HEAT ACTIVE LUBE over the head of his nice 6 inch semi cut cock. He then bend me over the bed and enter me very slowly doggy style as I felt his cock go right up my hole. The poppers felt great as he was now in full motion pumping my tight ass, I heard him take a deep snort of them now as he became more aggressive and started to fuck me real good and hard for about 15 mins, He then pull out of me very slow as he wanted to fuck me a different way. 

I was now on my back in the missionary permission  as he grab both of my hairy legs and ass before he slide my body right up to his hard cock, I took a good snort of the poppers as he gave me a sexy smile as his cock was going into my ass, Fuck he scream out loud ! Has he was all the way end, He told me to hang onto his waist good and tight as he began to fuck me much harder now. I was watching his wet slimming shaft go in and out of me very fast as his sweat starting to pour out of him like a water falls, I can see his mouth was wide open and his eyes were roll back during the sexual encounter of the fuck. It took Mr Soucey a good 15 mins before he dump his load inside of me. All I heard from him was FUCK TOM I AM CUMIN ! FUCK TOM I AM CUMIN ! Then Bang as his body started to vibrated before I felt his huge load pouring out from his cock filling up my hole full of his nice spray of seamen now.  He quick pull out of my ass after the orgasm we both had. We rested for a bit before I headed of to the shower to get clean up from all his body order and sweat.

I slept with Mr Soucey for the rest of the night, We were both in the spoon position for most of the sleep. The alarm went off at 7 am as we are both laying there now with a semi hard on showing through our white underwear that we were both wearing. I saw him take another shot of poppers as he pass the bottle to me to take a snort. My god as I felt him go down on my cock again with his lips and mouth deep throating me real good now. It was not soon long after that we begin to 60 each other. We both shot off at the same time as our mouths both fill up with our cum. I really enjoy Cecil cum because it tasted very sweet and not the raw cum tasted that most men have. It was now time to get dress and head out for my business meeting at 10 am.

I really love watching Mr.Soucey get dress first thing he put on was a very sexy pair of tight Black Spandex briefs and then his sock, white T-shirt, Polo Dress shirt and finally his tight Black Doggers pants as he then walk over to the mirror to tied his Burgundy silk tie Wow !  We gave each other one more long last deep kiss as I touch his huge bugle before we walk out the door together.

We then waited for a good minute as the elevator door open. My new Boss told me that I have to stay 1 more night before I can hit home. I decided to head down to the steam room to get a some steam. I was now in my new 70's speedo style swim suit as I open the door up and saw My Soucey there with a another dude sitting close by him. " Hey Tom come in  "  This is my good friend Don who is now retire from being a NHL referee over the last 25 years. I shook Don hands as the 3 of us were now getting all sweaty from the steam. I then saw Mr Socuey grab some poppers from under his towel as he now pass the bottle to Don for a snort. I was now watching Don suck Cecil cock real good before I got up to started to go down on Don, Don was a short guy around 5'9 about 155 with a nice moustache with a huge 7 plus cock. The 3 of us are enjoying each other as I was now sitting on the top bench. Don came over and started to deep throat me good and hard as his Moustache felt great on my tool. Now it was Cecil turn to go down on me as he moan with pleasure after I was pre cumin into his mouth now. Don was the first one to cum as he shot his load off all over myself and Cecil mouths, Then I took Cecil load all down my throat again before I was shooting off now in Don's mouth and Moustache. The 3 of us now left the steam room all cover with sweet smelly body sweat. I was now showering and drying off as my eyes were glue to watching Cecil and Don get dress mmmmmmmmmmm !

The 3 of us meet later on that night for a nice steak dinner before we headed back up to Don's room for a night cap and what ever ?

The End 




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