It was finally the nught before the trip that I had been looking forward to all week. I was excited by the fact that mr Reyes and I would share the same room, which also ment we would share the same bed, our cocks would literly be a few inches away from each other, I couldn't help but just to smile thinking about that I began stroking my cock thinking about mr Reyes . I left my house late the next afternoon since they weren't letting anybody drive themselves we had to be at the school and on the bus at 5 in the afternoon We made it to our hotel at 9 in the night After I got off the bus I found Mr Reyes, 'hey mark are you ready to go up to the room' yeah sure I answered , I walked in after him the room was big with one king size bed which was my favorite part my teacher went over to the window and looked out oh this is nice he said I went over to look it was the whole Los Angeles skyline out side our window it was buetiful I wanted him to take me right then and there. The rest of the night we were kind of distant but I wasn't trying to be he was on the bed grading papers and I was just doing what ever it was now midnight I decided to go to bed he was still sitting on the bed grading,'mr Reyes I'm going to bed do you mind I sleep in boxers and a shirt? I asked, 'oh now that's fine mark whatever you want' so I slowly slid off my pants hoping he would watch but when I looked over he was just looking at papers didn't even sneak on peek, I sighed and gave up turned the covers back and got it 'night mark' mr Reyes said in a soft voice night Mr. Reyes il see you in the morning I replied 'I'm almost done so the light will be off in a few minutes sorry. 'no problem it's ok' i pulled the covers over and closed my eyes. It was about an hour before he turned out the light he got up from the bed and went out on the balcony he stayed out there for about half an hour them came in and laid down on top of the comforter, he didn't know I was awake to make sure I was asleep he tapped me on the shoulder I didn't move or speak, after thinking I was asleep he took his hand and placed it on my lower stomach his hand was warm and his touch sent a shock through my body and made my dick rise , his hand sank under my shirt now he was gliding it across my abs I didn't know what to do so I touched the top of his hand and said mr Reyes he quickly jerked his hand back and with a shocked and surprised look on his face he said, ' I'm so sorry mark I didn't mean to I.... I stoped him 'it's ok Mr. Reyes I liked it' really? He asked, yes I've wanted that to happen for a while, he didn't speak so I shut my eyes, then he leaned over pulled my sleeve up and kissed the top of my arm, I looked over we both stared into each others eyes, I leaned in and kissed him on the lips he pushed me down and was now half on me and half on the bed we were full on making out as he was moving his hand all over my body my dick was growing fast under him, and he realized it, he went it to touch it but I stopped him, he laid back I got up kissed him and then took of his socks to revil his sexy feet then made my way up to his pants unbuttoned and unzipped them and slid them off he was wearing briefs that were tight and showed his semi hard cock I kissed the end of it through his briefs I looked up at him he was laying there and smiling with his hands behind his head and then it was time for his shirt I unbuttoned his long sleeve shirt one at a time until it was off, under he had gorgeous abs that I licked up and down, after he pulled my boxers off and took my hard cock in his hand and began stroking it then he whispered in my ear cum into my mouth mark and he started kissing and licking my cock up and down, now I was moaning it felt amazing I couldn't believe my teacher was doing this to me then he opened his mouth and put my dick in he was alittle over half way in, I was holding his head and pushing it on more, I couldnt take it anymore I was moaning and breathing harder now I pulled his hair as I exploded into mr. reyes mouth he swallowed every single drop, some landed on his lips and he licked them off then kissed me, we were both tired so he took me in his arms and I laid on his chest until we both fell asleep naked..... To be continued..



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