I met Tyler and Cory in front of the school 'hey guys what's up we greeted each other' so were all sharing a room on the trip Saturday right? Tyler asked 'yeah I guess' I replied so mark I heard that Mr. Reyes is going to be chaperoning the trip maybe you two can get some alone time Cory said 'shut the fuck up I said back laughing they were the only two people on earth that knew I was gay and had a thing for my history teacher. The bell rang for the day to start we all said bye and went to our first class the day went on until finally it was time to go to 5th period my favorite part of the day, AP history with Mr. Reyes I had been wanting to see him all day, I walked fast to get to his class when I opened the door I saw that I was the only one in the class besides him, he was sitting at his desk I was in a daze staring at him 'hey mark' he said as I walked to my desk ,oh shit did he catch me staring at him 'Hey Mr. Reyes' I replied I melted when I heard his voice he was like a god, he was 31 years old about 5.9' slim but muscular, he had a cute smile and was definitely the hottest piece of ass on campus. I was not bad myself I'm 17 a junior 5.7' athletic body, 8 inch cock and I was a virgin but hoping that Mr. Reyes could change that. When class started he got up to teach I didn't take my eyes of him, I didn't know what he was teaching all I know was that he looked really good in blue. Ok mark, snap out of it pay attention I finally figured out what he was talking about then the bell rang, what the hell I really just went all period thinking about him. I felt a hand tap my shoulder I turned it was Mr. Reyes 'hey mark can you come over to my desk real quick' the room was empty now just like it was when I first walked in. he was typing on his computer then turned to me with a serious look on his face 'mark your failing both of my classes and if you continue you won't have enough credits to graduate next year'. I know Mr. Reyes it just I have a problem concentrating in your class I said but I was because I was concentrated on him I thought to myself, well look I know my class isn't that interesting but you have to try, now you're going on the weeklong trip Saturday right? He asked I shook my head yes 'ok well if you want to you can stay in my room and I can give you some one on one tutoring' really sure that sounds great I said with an excited look on my face ok well I see you then you can go' he told me, thank you Mr. Reyes ill see on Saturday I was in a hurry to get out of his class to Tyler and Cory, they were waiting by my locker 'what the fuck took you so long? Asked Cory, sorry Mr. Reyes needed to see me after class. Ohhh did you have a quickie behind his desk? Tyler asked haha funny I said with a smart ass tone 'no he asked if I wanted to stay in his room next week so he can tutor me. Well you said no right? They both said in unison. Actually I said yes I need a better grade. Do you need a grade or his cock Cory joked, 'what the fuck dude we were supposed to all spend that time together, not you and your teacher fucking all week' Tyler said pissed off, hey don't worry I'll still see you guys ,it will be fine you'll see........To be continued.....



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