The bell rang, it was time for 5th period I had been waiting all day to see Mr Reyes when I got to class, I opened the door nobody had got there yet It was just me and mr Reyes, He was sitting at his desk he looked so fucking hot, I was staring at him, hey mark he said oh shit had he see me staring at him, I melted when I herd his voice and managed to choke up hey back. mr Reyes was 31 years old about 5.9' and he was a mixture of Latin and caucasian he had a cute face and was the sexiest teacher on campus. Which is why I'm always staring at him or thinking about him. I'm not to bad myself I'm Mark Hinton I'm 17 and a junior, light blonde hair, blue eyes 5.7' ,muscular ,nice abs, 8 in cock and a virgin, but my dream was that mr, Reyes would change that. The period went on like all of the others except I kept my eyes on mr Reyes at all times By the end of class I realized I had a 8 inch hard on, as soon as the bell rang I felt a hand tap my shoulder 'can I see at my desk mark?' mr reyes asked after everyone left I went up to his desk, he looked up at me with a serious look 'mark your failing both of my classes and if you keep it up your going to have to retake my class next year' I thought in my mind well that's not such a bad I dea but I said, I know I replied I'm having a problem concentrating (it really because I'm just focused on you) was what I was thinking. Well your going on the trip next week right? Mr. Reyes asked , I shook my head and nodded , well I think since I'm going we should share the hotel room and I can tutor you. Really! I said alittle to excited, yes I think it will help you he said. Thank you mr Reyes is that all you needed? Yeah you may go I'll see you 8th period I walked out suddenly really excited for next's week trip be continued!




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