John slipped me a folder as we brushed by each other in the hallway. “Boss says it’s your new mission, have fun!” He said before taking off to deliver all of the missions to the rest of the team.

I opened the folder to see several pictures and a description. Crocodile Man: 8ft tall; 500lbs of pure muscle; 2.5ft penis size; likes it dirty; lives in sewer; will impregnate; team has to be called right away: once impregnated, fertilized eggs are laid several minutes later; good luck.

-Chief Commander of the MHU

Great. Crocodile Men are literally the dirtiest monsters on the planet and it’s basically pig BDSM (got nothing against it; I even find it hot). But I guess I could get a into it. I walked to dispatch, suited up, and set out in a hovercraft to the destination.

It was in some city I’d never heard of in the sewers. I parked the hovercraft, made sure there were several ways to call the team through my suit, and got ready to be a literally cum dumpster.

I crept down into the dark through a manhole and turned on the bioluminescence of my skin suit. I’d already stripped of all my clothes, save for the skin suit as always. This was going to be one big fucking cock.

I slowly sloshed through the sewage that was almost up to my calves and tried to cool myself off from the stinking (literally) heat. I heard a low growl and heard movement to my left. My head spun in that direction, but something from the opposite side swiped my legs out from underneath me. Fuck, I forgot about the tail. I said in my head before trying to recover, but I stopped. There was no way I was going to be able to even try to subdue this thing.

Instead of getting up, I got on all fours in the sewage and puffed out my ass to the putrid air. I wiggled my hips which made my ass practically irresistible. Within seconds the beast was towering over my small frame. I slowly turned my head to see an reptilian, yet human head. Although it did look more like a reptile head with a scaly human body times three.

Something as thick as a tree trunk slithered around my waist and hoisted me into the air. The creature began to run through the tunnels at incredible speeds, dragging me along with it. I tried not to panic or scream as I knew reptiles were easily spooked and prone to violence.

The Croc Man carried me to a small room in the sewer systems. This must be its breeding den. I said to myself. Half of the small stinking room was covered with old blankets and towels while the other half was covered with a massive heating pad that fit its body size, which was hard to believe in general.

The support of its tail that was holding me in the air vanished and I thudded to the soft, but old and sketchy, blankets. Suddenly it was atop me, turning me onto my back so I had to face it. I watched as its cock slowly emerged from its own den. The entire two and a half feet snaked its way toward me. The entirety of it was impressive. I held it in my hands and I could see the lustful gleam in the Croc Man’s eyes. 

The cock wasn’t shaped like a humans, but rather looked more like a horses. It was said Crocodile Men could inflate their cocks like balloons, but it was just a myth. The beast grabbed my head and pushed his cock head against my lips. I let it in hesitantly, since I wasn’t used to sucking cock.

I choked and gagged but the beast didn’t care. He was too strong for me to resist. He pulled my head closer and closer to the base of his cock, forcing the massive thing deeper and deeper down my throat and into my stomach. I felt the huge bulge going down my throat and tears poured from my eyes.

Once I was at the base the Croc Man began face fucking me, I tried to time my breathing but the beast was so erratic that my vision eventually faded to darkness and I passed out…


I awoke to pain. Something was prodding the ground beneath me through my stomach. The bulge pushed in and pulled out with incredible force. I realized the beast began fucking me even though I’d passed out. Fuck! I’ve gotta call the team. I said to myself but something was wrong. I felt my skin and it was mine. I looked next to me to see my skin suit torn to pieces. Holy shit this thing is going to impregnate me and I can’t even call the team for help.

I cried out and tried to reach the suit to see if I could try and press one of the buttons but the Croc Man grabbed my head and smothered it in the blankets beneath me. I tried to squirm, to flee, to get away, but I was powerless to the powerful beast. He had me on my stomach and he was pounding away inside me.

I had no lubricant, no pain relievers, no pain to pleasure chemicals, nothing because I didn’t have my suit. Suddenly, more pain grew inside me. I shouted out but the Croc Man didn’t care. I felt his cock expanding inside me. I looked down to my stomach to confirm that it was in fact growing inside me. It continued until I was screaming and writhing around underneath it.

“Please!” I shouted. “Please let me put that suit back on!” I pleaded with the beast.

But the beast wouldn’t listen to my cries. Well I’m fucked. I thought as the breath left me as he pounding deep into my again and again. Suddenly, his cock began a different form of swelling. A form of swelling that you see in cartoons when they turn the garden hose on and it pumps water in bulges through it. I felt that in my ass.

The first hot blast of cum made me scream. It was burning hot and filled every part of me. But it couldn’t prepare me for what came next. Massive balls flooded my insides with the buckets of cum and filled my stomach until I looked pregnant times three.

Cum kept pumping into me and pouring almost everywhere. Cum was pouring from every orifice. I started choking as cum began pouring out of my mouth like a small waterfall. The Crocodile Man pulled out of me and brought his cock to my lips and slammed it in. I began drinking as cum poured from his cock like milk out of a milk carton. 

I gulped and gulped down the hot spunk until I was full and then he forced me to drink more. I watched his basketball sized balls slowly deflate until they were back to its normal soccer balls size. My stomach was swollen as though I would pop.

Small bulges showed up inside me and I felt them move when I tried to. The Croc Man had impregnated me with his eggs. I passed out from pain and the realisation that I was stuck down in the middle of a sewer den with a beast who wants to use me as his bitch, which actually didn’t sound all too displeasing to me…


I awoke to something pressing against my lips. As I came to, the Croc Man shoved his entire half flaccid length down my throat which reached into my stomach it was so long. I tried to cry out, but it was already hard enough to breath.

He wasn’t fully erect, but his cock reached into the pool of cum where the eggs sat. But I couldn’t feel the eggs anymore. Instead, I felt living creatures inside me. At least six of them.

The Crocodile Man was slowly becoming erect as I felt the little Crocodile Men attaching and suckling on his cock head. Within seconds he was cumming and my stomach started swelling again. Cum poured from my ass and with the cum came the small creatures. 

I knew from studying that they grow rapidly and within a few hours I would be the bitch to eight different Crocodile Men, constantly being fucked and bred until the sewer system couldn’t hold them anymore. 

The little monsters angrily ran around and kept sucking their father’s cock for more sustaining cum. I really hoped the team was trying to locate me. Suddenly, sparks starting flying from stone ceiling.

Something was cutting a circle shaped hole in the ceiling. The little Crocodile Men and their father stared at the mesmerizing sparks until the circle was finished and dropped down onto the floor. A black roped fell down and MHU soldiers slid down, knock-out darts blazing.

I cheered as the team knocked out all the little Crocodile Men and their father. One of the guards incinerated my second skin that was torn to shreds and grabbed me, hauling through the opening and into a helicopter.

“Good work, Agent Jack.” was all that was said as we made our way back to the MHU.


I didn’t feel traumatized, as the therapist said I would. In fact, the experience just added fuel to the fire of my lust to be submissive. It made me love my job even more.



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