I quietly crept through the forest, making sure to look behind me every few seconds. The beast was in here somewhere. I moved his way around a tree to hear a shriek of terror. A woman was screaming.

“Bastard.” I said under my breath before taking off in that direction. Eventually a half naked woman running through the woods came into view. And low and behold, the werewolf was only twenty feet behind her and closing the distance quickly. Even from my distance I was able to see its massive cock oozing a continuous stream of precum and pulsing.

I quickly pulled out the launchable bear traps and shot one in front of the werewolf. It landed and caught the werewolf by the foot, making the beast shriek in pain. 

“What the fuck is that thing?” The woman asked me, pointing at the monstrous werewolf I just trapped temporarily. “That was nothing, and you will remember none of this.” I said plainly. “What’s that supposed to mean--” She started before I pulled out a small device and plugged my ears. The device let out a piercing sound and she fainted.

I knew she wouldn’t remember anything when she woke up. I turned to face the beast. It had just gotten the bear trap off and the blood flow eventually ebbed away and then stopped all together. These things heal fast.

I began stripping myself of all weapons and armour and the werewolf cocked its head, looking at me strangely. I took everything off until I was left with a skin colored, skin thin sheet of flexible fiber armour. It covered everything except for my face, my dick, and my ass.

Once the beast saw that I was buck naked, its foot and a half long cock protruded and began to leak and pulse once more. I carefully approached the monster. Once I was only a few feet away, I turned my back to it and got onto my hands and knees. I seductively puffed out my ass, welcoming the werewolf’s monster cock. This one was going to hurt.

Not only was it bigger than normal, but it was also barbed. But this is what we trained our bodies for. You see, the world is filled with monsters that we write off as fiction but they aren’t. The werewolf is a classic example. While it isn’t human and humans can’t become them, they still exist as bloodthirsty monsters. Okay, well not always bloodthirsty. 90% of the time the monsters just want to fuck. They don’t really have a weakness so we have sex to tire them out instead. We use the natural to our advantage.

So, we were prepared to do so. Through training, we have been taught how to take even the largest of cocks up the ass and how to buy time before capturing these beasts. There’s no other way. Most the the monsters don’t even have weaknesses and we have to rely on our irresistibility to survive.

Once I was in position I clicked the “call team” button on my skin suit and then pressed another button I’d memorised as “werewolf pheromones.” Once the pheromones began to release, there was no stopping the werewolf from ravaging my ass.

I heard a hiss and watched as the werewolf stuck its snout into the air, taking long drags that made its cock pulse and grow. I closed my eyes tight and waited for the initial pain. It was my fault I forgot to restock the skin suit’s lube storage.

Within seconds the werewolf was on top of me, its claws digging into the skin suit which lessened the pain. But not the other pain. I felt something massive prodding my irresistible man pussy and then the pressure increased tenfold. 

I moaned as the beast slowly slid into me. My breathing turned ragged and the beast grew frantic. Once it was all inside me I was able to see the bulge where its cock pushed against the inside of my stomach, as it was the full foot and a half inside of me. Well, minus its thick cock knot. But that wouldn’t push into me until it was ready to cum.

The push in was easy, but the pull out was going to be painful since its penis was barbed like a cats. I ground my teeth together as I felt the pain of the sharp barbs scraping my insides and I pressed the button to release chemicals into my brain to turn pain into pleasure. The second it happened, I was overcome with pleasure.

My cock was instantly hard and leaking precum. I moaned at the intense pleasure of the beast’s barbs going over my prostate. But I knew that werewolf was done being gentle. Claws dug into my sides and the beast stood up like a human.

I was lifted into the air, its cock still buried inside me, and then we were both standing upright. Well, I was being held upright, but whatever. The werewolf then let me go, and gravity took over, pulling me to the base of the cock, right where his knot was.

Then the werewolf walked over to the nearest tree and held my body against it. Now he could use every last bit of his strength to fuck my brains out and impregnate me.

Once in the right position, the werewolf pulled out fast, making me shout in sudden pleasure, and then thrust back into me, knocking the wind from my lungs and scraping my torso against the tree.

I pressed the final button on my suit to tighten my insides to make it the most pleasurable for the werewolf. I felt my muscles tighten around the great cock of the werewolf. The beast screamed in pleasure and began thrusting restlessly into my body, fully impaling me each time.

And then I felt the werewolf’s cock swell. I held back  my shout of pain from the immense pressure inside me as it swelled up. And then I shouted out as the werewolf knotted me. My asshole stretched to accommodate the bulge of it and then, with a loud pop, it was also buried in my ass.

I braced against the tree as the werewolf’s cock swelled even larger. Suddenly, blast after blast of hot werewolf cum poured into my body, defying gravity. I inhaled sharply as pain lanced through my body as gallons of hot spunk made my stomach swell, making me look pregnant.

Several minutes later my normally muscular torso was now swollen with cum that was still pouring out of my ass. The werewolf had passed out, its cock still dripping, and I waited for the copter to come pick me up.


Alex walked into my room and slapped me on the ass. “How was getting fucked by a werewolf? I heard it had a massive, barbed cock. Did it feel nice?” He asked. “Yeah, I’m still a bit sore, but it was pretty fucking awesome.” I responded.

He nodded while smiling and groping my ass. “You know what you need?” he asked. “What’s that?” I asked back. “You need some nice human loving. A small cock to soothe that hot hole of yours and some nice lips that’ll never harm you.” He whispered into my ear.

“Sucks that you can’t be that for me.” I said and we both laughed. We always joked about sex, but Alex liked it rough. Like really rough. We send him on the missions that the others, including myself, are hesitant to take. Missions like sea monsters or other high risk things. His favorite beasts of all to get fucked by is tree nymphs. They embody trees and the actually branches fuck your brains out. I don’t know how he likes it so much. 

“So any mission assigned to you recently?” I asked him since I saw that his ass was also a little red and swollen. “Oh fuck yes! I had a mission for a leviathan! I was epic! Its cock was like two feet long and felt like a rock. I took that whole damn thing right up my ass. And when he came I was almost rocketed off it was so powerful!” By now Alex was beyond excited and animatedly used his hands to express his excitement.

“Well it sounds like you’ve had a lot of fun. I have to go get my first surgery now that I have enough money.” I said. “Oh sick, dude! Maybe now you can fuck with the big guys like me!” Alex responded even more excited. “That’s what I’m hoping for, big guy.” I said before slapping his ass on the way out. I loved Alex so much it wasn’t even funny. And we had the best two things in common: we both loved getting fucked.

The “surgery” I was referring to was one that a Monster Hunter like myself tries to get to. It essentially rids your body of all organs, except for a few essential ones, and makes it so that your body can take a cock the width and lenght of yourself as well as swell when a monster cums inside you. It was every Monster Hunter’s dream.


The surgery was successfully completed and I was a little too excited to try myself out. I was debating on missions to take when Alex ran into the room, grabbed me into his arms, and planted a big old sloppy wet kiss on my lips.

“I just heard that the surgery was complete and that you’re able to go back into the field!” He said and handed me a folder. I opened it to see the beast I’ve always wanted to get fucked by: the tree nymph.

“I thought that maybe we could get fucked by it together since it is a tree and has many many vines and shit. I should know.” He said before giggling. “So what do ya say?” He asked. I had a growing smile on my face. “I say let’s go get fucked by a monster!” A massive smile split his face and we suited up.



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