We crept through the jungle, listening for any noises. Several reports of a tree monster terrorizing its village had surfaced and the MHU (Monster Hunters Unit) was called to action. We were trying to be quiet but I’d stepped on several twigs.

Alex lifted his hand to signal for me to stop. I almost missed the signal and bumped into him, but I caught myself. “You ready for the best fuck of your life?” Alex whispered to me and I smiled and nodded my head yes.

“Then let’s go get fucked!” Alex shouted and we jumped over the log we were crouching behind. I was mystified. In the middle of the clearing was a massive tree but its limbs were swinging around wildly, almost searching.

Alex and I landed and we immediately stripped to our skin suits. “Now you may want to crank up the lube on your suit because the second we turn our asses to it, we’ll be penetrated.” I nodded my head in understanding and cranked the lube to high. I could feel it building in my ass.

“Let’s fucking do this!” Alex shouted and charged toward the tree. I followed him shouting and then the tree nymph seemed to acknowledge us. All of the wild swinging limbs turned toward us. Alex turned around and waggled his ass. I copied him.

Suddenly, hundreds of vines shot out of the ground and quickly wrapped around our legs and bodies, lifting us into the air and holding us steady. The vines had my legs spread apart and I hung there, all hot and heavy. Without warning several thick vines shot out of the ground and slammed against my asshole. I shouted out in pain.

“Don’t fight it, Jack, it’ll get much better if you don’t.” I relaxed my muscles and let the vines slither into me. I moaned and I turned to see the vines doing the same to Alex. The vines must’ve seen the way I was getting hot when I saw what was happening to Alex since it began to bring us closer.

Eventually our chests met and the vines tied our dicks to each other. Our eyes met and our lips crashed together. I loved the sweet taste of his lips on mine but we were abruptly pulled apart by the vines. Alex had a big ol’ smile on his face.

“That was hot!” He shouted to me as the vines drew us closer to the main tree. I was also smiling, having the time of my life. I saw one of the bigger tree limbs arch upward to penetrate me and I went to reach for the pain to pleasure button on my suit.

But the vines were holding my arms tight and they wouldn’t budge. “Alex! I can’t reach the P to P button!” I shouted out to him. “Neither can I! Just try to take it, we don’t really have any other choice! Just do what they trained us to do! And don’t be alarmed but it will impregnate us for real!” I shuddered.

The tree limb pushed against my asshole and I tried to resist. But the vines already in my ass pulled open my hole and allowed the rough tree limb to enter me. I screamed out and focused on the pleasure. I felt the rough bark sliding against my enflamed prostate and my head fell back in pleasure. 

Faster and faster the tree fucked me and deeper and deeper I took it. I still wasn’t able to reach any of the buttons on my suit, but I took it all with great pleasure.

The massive tree limbs roughly fucked out asses until I felt them swell. I knew from training that the Tree Nymphs would reproduce inside humans, leaving small golf ball like eggs inside their victims, until they hatch.

I felt the tree limb inside me swell and I came, shouting at the top of my lungs from the burning the pleasure. I heard Alex doing the same and soon I felt the eggs pouring into my body like a torrent. My stomach swelled and I felt filled to my brim. My body was lowered to the ground and the giant tree limb responsible for impregnating me slid out of my body like a retracting snake.

Alex and I pushed until we had rid our bodies of all eggs and we called the MHU. The spirit was extracted and the Tree Nymph was caught. All in a day's work, I guess.

After I was sent to the infirmary I headed to the showers. Alex was already in there, and I could hear him jacking off. When I entered, he was just about done. His shower stopped as I turned mine on. He leaned toward me and kissed my lips. His lips were softer than cotton.

We started getting heated and began passionately making out under the hot stream of water. His body melded to mine and eventually he pulled away, leaving my lips and body wanting more. He winked and said, “Maybe next time.” And then he was gone.

I stood, still shocked for several more minutes before I finished my shower and headed to my room.



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