From Part 2.......

I buried myself in my work, although Brent was always there in my thoughts.  About two months later, I had a call from a new client, wanting to meet.  He was a captain in the Air Force and was nearing retirement and was looking for a retirement home close to the water for he and his wife.

Part 3.........

I made  an appointment to meet with Clay Miller, a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force.  At our initial meeting in his hotel room, I found that he was forty-eight and had entered the Air Force when he was eighteen.  He was married with two grown children, a son and a daughter. 

When I began questioning him about what type home he was looking for he quickly said' "Something not too big.  I want something that, if necessary, I can take care of by myself."

When I glanced at him questioningly, he said calmly "Yes, I'm married, but in the last few years she has become distant and I don't love her anymore.  I feel sure a divorce in in the future."

"I understand," I said casually.

"Mark, I'd like something near the bay if possible.  I drove out to the north end the bay and saw some homes that backed up to the water.  I'd love something like that if possible."

"Let me do some checking and I'll give you a call," I replied.  "I've got your cell number."

"Great, I'll be waiting for your call."

I stood to leave and hoped beyond belief that he wouldn't notice the semi-boner in my pants.  Although he was forty-eight , he looked to be in his early thirties.  His hair was jet black and the V in his pullover revealed an extremely hairy chest.  His eyes were an emerald green and his physique was muscular. His face was extremely chiseled and handsome. I made an extremely quick exit.

Two days later, I called Clay and said that I had a few properties to show him and that I'd pick him up at his hotel.   I pulled into the drive to find him waiting outside.  His shirt was partially unbuttoned, revealing more of his hairy muscular chest and his slacks were extremely snug. A slight bulge down his right leg was clearly visible.

After climbing in he asked, "What you got to show me?"

I said to myself, 'I know what I'd like to show you and what you could show me.'  Instead, I said, "I found a few places on the water, each with their own small beach."

"They sound perfect," he said, as he spread his legs and lay one hand over his slight bulge.

We went to the first home which was older and needed some work.  It was three bedrooms and one bath.  He wasn't happy with it.  He wanted something smaller and updated.

The next two were closer to what he wanted with one really catching his eye,  The master bedroom had it's own private patio overlooking the beach .  It was two bedroom and two bath, with an open floor plan encompassing the kitchen, dining area, and great room.  The view was spectacular. And what he loved best was that there were no neighbors close by.

"Mark, I really love that third one," he said, "but the price is kind of high.  Do you think they will come down any?"

"I can try.  The lady that owned it passed away and her daughter is wanting a quick sale.  She just might come down."

We returned to his hotel and he insisted that I join him in his suite for a drink.  I didn't resist very hard.  After entering his suite, he headed for the bar and soon returned with two beers.  As he approached me, it was obvious that the bulge was bigger.  It was then that I began to wonder if he played. 

I was seated on the sofa and he sat  just a foot or so from me. I did what I could to hide my growing bulge.  We talked about the house that interested him and after a moment he pulled out his laptop and placed it on the coffee table and said, "Can you bring up that last house for me to look at again?"

"Sure," I replied and began logging in.  Once I had the house on the screen, I started to slide the laptop over to him but before I could, he moved over to me so that our thighs were pressed together. 

As he began looking through the photos of the house, at one point he casually placed his hand on my knee.  I decided to see just exactly how far he would go.  I leaned back and casually spread my legs a little more.

It didn't take him long to react.  After just a moment or two, he began gently rubbing his hand back and forth on my thigh.  MY cock immediately began to stiffen.  After a short while his hand was gently laying over my totally erect cock.  Then it happened.

He gently squeezed my hard cock and said, "Very nice."

"Thanks," I replied.  "Your hand feels good, by the way."

He smiled as he looked into my face.  I smiled back.  He quickly brought his other hand over and began unbuckling my pants.  I didn't resist.  He soon had my pants unzipped and as he tried to slide them down, I raised my hips to make it easier for him.  Seconds later, my pants and boxers were around my ankles and he was slowly stroking my hard cock and as a drop of clear precum appeared at the slit he would use a finger to clean it off and take it to his mouth. 

He continued to cast his gaze on my hard leaking cock and without any warning, he quickly leaned over and swallowed the entire shaft.  Of course, I let out a soft moan of pleasure.  As he sucked my cock, I reached over him and after slipping my hand under his shirt, I began to rub his super hairy chest and play with his nipples.

Before long, my cock exploded and filled his hot mouth with my thick load.  He eagerly devoured every drop and after he had swallowed it all, I couldn't contain myself any longer.  As he raised up off my cock, I grabbed his head and immediately began tongue kissing him aggressively.   We kissed passionately and as the kiss ended I said, "Let's get out of these clothes."

We immediately stripped and after pushing him back down onto the sofa, I dropped to the floor between his legs and swallowed his beautiful cock and sucked him dry.  After another kiss, he looked at me and said, "I wanted to suck you the minute we met.  Then when you left, and I saw your bulge, I thought I might have a chance."

I stayed with him the rest of the evening .  Later I had my cock buried in this hot airman's ass before he buried his in mine. 

Later, as we cuddled on the bed, I asked if his wife had any idea that he also liked men.  He said that she had no idea.  He said that he was gay before he married and married just to hide his sexual preference from the military.  He added that after his kids were born, he was glad that he had married.

"Do they know anything?" I asked.

"Only my son," he replied.

"Damn, how did he find out?"

"One weekend a couple of years ago, my wife and daughter were away on a shopping trip and Tim and I were home.  He was eighteen then and had plans to go camping with a bud of his.  He left and I called another officer that I had found out was gay also.  He came over and later we were going at a hot sixty-nine on the floor then Tim suddenly walked in to get something he had forgotten."

"Holy shit, man, what happened?"

"Nothing.  Before I could say anything, he grabbed what he came after and left.  However when he returned at the end of the weekend, He said he could understand why I did it, after the way he had seen his mom treat me.  He said he was cool with it."

I contacted the seller and after telling them I had a buyer and what he was offering, they accepted the offer.  I called Clay with the news.  Needless to say he was thrilled.  I asked when he wanted to sign the papers and he said as soon as possible.  He insisted on buying me dinner that evening.  It was a Friday and the rest of the weekend was spent in his hotel suite having sex.

Then, mid afternoon on Sunday, his wife called.  immediately, I could hear her screaming at him about several things.  He tried to tell her about the house but she wouldn't give him a chance.  After hanging up, he looked at me and said, "I want that house, but not until I have filed for divorce and we are legally separated.  By waiting, she cannot claim it as community property."

I arranged things with the seller and they agreed to postpone the closing.  Clay left and filed for divorce.  The agreed ahead of time that she would buy his half of their present home as settlement. 

Eventually, the closing came to a reality and Clay was the proud owner of a waterfront home.  With no homes being close to it on either side, he was able to enjoy his back yard and beach in the nude.  After he had purchased furniture and moved in, I visited him often, enjoying being nude on the beach.  Of course, both oral and anal sex were always part of out gathering.

After Clay had been in the house for a few months, he called and invited me to dinner.  I quickly agreed and he said that when I arrived to go in and he would be on the patio.  I did, and as expected, he was nude.  As I smiled, I quickly stripped and joined him on the patio.  We seemed more jovial that normal and he quickly took me in his arms and began passionately kissing me.  Moments later, as we kissed, we began fondling each others rapidly stiffening cocks.

Then, suddenly, I heard, "Dad, are you going to introduce me to your friend?"

I quickly pulled back to see a gorgeous stud in his early twenties standing with us, his huge cock as hard as stone.  Clay introduced me to Tim.  needless to say before the evening ended Tim and I were very familiar with each other and the three of us were in  a hot three way sexual adventure.  I never dreamed how hot it would be to see a father and son suck and fuck each other. 

Tim was visiting for a week and we al got together several times during that period.  Plus Tim and I had one on one sex a couple of times.  Within a month, Tim had moved in with his dad.

A few months later, I got an e-mail from Brent saying he would be in port in three weeks and had something to discuss with me. I eagerly waited.

He arrived a day early and as I watched TV one evening I heard a key in the door.  It was Brent.  After stepping in, he dropped his bags and we kissed passionately.  he immediately stripped and took me to the bedroom for wild sex.  We tried our best to make up for our time apart. 

The next morning as we sipped coffee on the balcony I asked what he wanted to discuss.

'Mark, I have missed you so much.  I realize that I have fallen deeply in love with you. I confess that I have had sex with others and I hope you have also.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm going to get out of the Navy in a couple of months and want you to be my life partner.  I want to get my realtor's license and go into business with you.  Mark, I love you with all my heart."

"Brent, I must confess that I have also had sex with others, but I never stopped thinking of you.  Your declaration of love has made me the happiest man on earth.  I deeply love you also and would be honored to have you as my life partner."

After another hot round of sex I asked if he would like to meet some friends of mine.  he said definitely. I told him about Clay and Tim and that they were father and son.  He thought it was hot. I called Clay and told him that Brent had arrived and would he and Tim like to get together for dinner.  He said yes and we agreed to meet at the restaurant at seven.  At dinner, Clay and Tim insisted that we go back to their place afterward. 

Once there, as per house rules, we all stripped and went out to the beach in the bright moonlight.  I looked at Brent and said privately, "Feel free to have sex with either one if you want to."  Clay soon looked at me and said, Mark, I have never seen you so glowing and happy."

"Well, there is a reason for that," I replied. "Brent has decided to leave the Navy and get his realtors license and go into partnership with me, not just professionally but in life as well."

He smiled and said, "You mean you two..."

"Yes, we're lovers," I replied.

The were both thrilled for us and after the congratulations, lay smiled and said, "Well, I know it's a bit unusual, but Tim has asked me to be his lover and I said yes."  We congratulated them and I asked, "Is it okay with you two that whenever the four of us are together, each of us will be permitted to have sex with whom ever they want?"

"Hell man, we were going to suggest the same to you., and the answer is definitely."  Before long Brent and clay were making out as Tim and I kissed and fondled.  Moments later Clay and Brent began an sixty-nine on the beach and Tim and I joined them in doing the same.

We spent the night with them and the next day, as Clay and I had sex, Brent and Tim went at it.  I so loved watching either Clay or Tim fuck Brent.  I got enjoyment in telling them how we met and Brent found his sexual preference.

Two years have passed and Brent and I started out own business.  We get with Clay and Tim a couple of times a month.  If Brent or I find a client that is into men, we always share. and to my surprise it happens more often that you would think.  Most of the clients that play are married.  I guess male sex is the best sex there is.

THE END......



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